Course Content

Module 0: Getting Started
Module 1: Building your Website
Module 2: SEO
Module 3: Web Analytics
Module 4: Email Marketing
Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Module 6: Social Media Marketing
Module 7: Facebook and Instagram Ads

0.8 [VIDEO] Your Potential

What can you achieve 4-6 months from now?

  • Earn income through affiliate marketing
  • Creating your own infoproducts
  • Become an effective freelancer/consultant
  • Get hired as a Digital Marketing Expert
  • Get promoted due to your new skills
  • Start your own business
  • Grow your existing business
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Hi Sir . At first thanks for decorating the Training Plan in this website But there is no Up Loaded the Video. If Up Load the learners will be be Benefited.

1 year ago

How much will be the total amount of money will need to cover our expenses domain etc?

Linah Mogotlane
3 months ago
Reply to  Tripunce

How much is 50USD in Rands?

1 month ago

How much is 50 USD in Rupees?

21 days ago
Reply to  Simran

3909 rupees

Stacey-Lee Tyler
11 days ago

Currently it concerts to R801

Akinleye Rebecca Damilola
11 months ago

Thanks for putting this up..

Kaweesa Hassan
10 months ago

Hello, kindly enlight me on the entire amount i will have to spend on creating a hosting account which comes with a free domain.

Yufenyuy Evans Nyuydze
9 months ago

wow its really impressing . i really enjoy this course

Blessings Chitedze
8 months ago

I want to get promoted

Sherwan Ahmed
8 months ago

Thank you so much

8 months ago

Thank you sir

Mohamed Baba Sheriff
8 months ago

Just perfect, i was looking for such opportunity

EJ Mwakamo
7 months ago

Can't wait to start my own business and showcase these amazing fundamentals.

S M Nafiz Al Noman
7 months ago

Hello, I recently purchased a domain and hosting packages, but did not upload any website. Can i use this domain for this project.

Hussein Mursal Ali
7 months ago

Thank you for you helping us

Sundus Mohamed Liban Osman
7 months ago

Thanks teacher

Hamid Abdullahi Warsame
7 months ago

realy interested this course thanks scott max

Brandon Tinotenda Nyanzara
7 months ago

Thank you sir. May you upload a video for this

Keith Munyoro
1 month ago


Ritik Gaur
7 months ago

thank you so much for this valuable course love from india

Otuniya Oghenekome
6 months ago

The total amount is $50 yes?

6 months ago

Wow this is great. I can't wait to start implementing the skill to be learnt.

Princess Favour Ogeki
6 months ago

Hello Sir, Please is it possible to submit all the assignments -in the right order- in one month, if a student's target is to finish the course in a month?

Amani zughbar
6 months ago

I got more excited

6 months ago

Hey i cant open the video its says
player.vimeo.com a mis trop de temps à répondre.
any solutions?

5 months ago


Rachel Gatuguta
5 months ago

Will this course help me create my own e-commerce website?

Rose Wamalwa
5 months ago

Wow... I can't wait to be a Digital marketing expert and consultant

Ebenezer Acauah
4 months ago
Reply to  Rose Wamalwa

Same here

5 months ago


adiam yemane
5 months ago

is this cryptocurrency

Ebenezer Odoom
4 months ago

I love to achieve this results>>>>

Ebenezer Acauah
4 months ago


Sereima Rasuvi
4 months ago

Hello Sir, so these course is totally free?

Rejoice Danielle Godoy
4 months ago

Thank you so much for this opportunity 😊

Mazen Nehme
4 months ago


Muxyadiin Bashiir
4 months ago

To create my own hosting or domain

3 months ago

Hi I am from South Africa, what can I do if I cannot afford the 50USD (R780) for the hosting package? is there a way that I can apply or request funding ?

Michael Iseyen
3 months ago

Hello Scott, how much is require to run this very important course? In terms of purchasing the hosting and domain name . Thank you

Samuel Ibe
3 months ago

Thank you for providing me and everyone here with this comprehensive course at no cost. More awaits as I explore.

3 months ago

Thank you sir

3 months ago

Am very impressed and inspired for this information

Solomon Hassan
3 months ago

Thank you max ! In 4 to 6 months I wanna be whistling and happy!!!

Joshua Adekunle
3 months ago

Thank you so much for putting all this together to help us. I really appreciate andi promise I won't fail your kind gestures

John Muzwiga
3 months ago

The world now switch to use paperless digital money? Now how can we transform our career into that?

Fabian Fanuel
3 months ago

Very good. After 4-6 mornth i will be someone who who many thins in digital marketing and business. Good lesso for money making

Fabian Fanuel
3 months ago


3 months ago


vusi ranyawa
3 months ago

I am inspired, completely

Ibrahim Amanokhai Muhammed
3 months ago

Thank you so much

Victoria Oyedele
2 months ago

Thanks so much for your selflessness

Name Utojuba Joyce
2 months ago


2 months ago

I am a Nigerian, changing my currency to dollar is too much expensive.What do you have in mind for people with low income? Thanks

Daniel Ikpeme
2 months ago

I want to start and my own website

William Sehere
2 months ago

Thats very interesting.

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