Course Content

Module 0: Getting Started
Module 1: Building your Website
Module 2: SEO
Module 3: Web Analytics
Module 4: Email Marketing
Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Module 6: Social Media Marketing
Module 7: Facebook and Instagram Ads

0.8 [VIDEO] Your Potential

What can you achieve 4-6 months from now?

  • Earn income through affiliate marketing
  • Creating your own infoproducts
  • Become an effective freelancer/consultant
  • Get hired as a Digital Marketing Expert
  • Get promoted due to your new skills
  • Start your own business
  • Grow your existing business
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Hi Sir . At first thanks for decorating the Training Plan in this website But there is no Up Loaded the Video. If Up Load the learners will be be Benefited.

6 months ago

How much will be the total amount of money will need to cover our expenses domain etc?

Akinleye Rebecca Damilola (@akinleye-rebecca-damilola)
5 months ago

Thanks for putting this up..

Kaweesa Hassan (@kaweesa-hassan)
5 months ago

Hello, kindly enlight me on the entire amount i will have to spend on creating a hosting account which comes with a free domain.

Yufenyuy Evans Nyuydze (@yufenyuy-evans-nyuydze)
3 months ago

wow its really impressing . i really enjoy this course

Blessings Chitedze (@blessings-chitedze)
3 months ago

I want to get promoted

Sherwan Ahmed (@sherwan-ahmed)
2 months ago

Thank you so much

2 months ago

Thank you sir

Mohamed Baba Sheriff (@mohamed-baba-sheriff)
2 months ago

Just perfect, i was looking for such opportunity

EJ Mwakamo (@ej-mwakamo)
2 months ago

Can't wait to start my own business and showcase these amazing fundamentals.

S M Nafiz Al Noman (@s-m-nafiz-al-noman)
1 month ago

Hello, I recently purchased a domain and hosting packages, but did not upload any website. Can i use this domain for this project.

Hussein Mursal Ali (@hussein-mursal-ali)
1 month ago

Thank you for you helping us

Sundus Mohamed Liban Osman (@sundus-mohamed-liban-osman)
1 month ago

Thanks teacher

Hamid Abdullahi Warsame (@hamid-abdullahi-warsame)
1 month ago

realy interested this course thanks scott max

Brandon Tinotenda Nyanzara (@brandon-tinotenda-nyanzara)
1 month ago

Thank you sir. May you upload a video for this

Ritik Gaur (@ritik-gaur)
1 month ago

thank you so much for this valuable course love from india

Otuniya Oghenekome (@otuniya-oghenekome)
1 month ago

The total amount is $50 yes?

1 month ago

Wow this is great. I can't wait to start implementing the skill to be learnt.

Princess Favour Ogeki (@princess-favour-ogeki)
1 month ago

Hello Sir, Please is it possible to submit all the assignments -in the right order- in one month, if a student's target is to finish the course in a month?

Amani zughbar
1 month ago

I got more excited

30 days ago

Hey i cant open the video its says
player.vimeo.com a mis trop de temps à répondre.
any solutions?

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