0.9 [Video] Assignment 2

If you haven't already: here is the link to set up your brokerage account with Naga.

For this assignment, save it as: Your name, Investing Assignment 2

And keep it for submission at the end of the module.

See you in the next video!

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oheneba parker
1 year ago

oh Yes investing is good sometimes it turns down so for you to invest, do as much as you can afford to loose not all the money you have to invest.

Shiela Marie Dayao
1 year ago

Investing involves committing money in order to earn a financial return. This essentially means that you invest money to make money and achieve your financial goals.

Joseph Mudikiwanda
11 months ago

True that

Robert Abrantes
11 months ago

This means investing your money to make more money and achieve your financial goals.

Ozioma Eugenia Ubah
11 months ago

Investing is sometimes good
But u have to know which u are doing

Edmond Mohale
11 months ago

You must invest with the money your willing to lose

Hopolang Amelia Molupe
11 months ago

Yes investing is good because it will help you to reach your goal and makes your dreams come true

I am a Nigerian, I used my Gmail account and names to sign up but it is showing email not valid. What should I do? Shud I created another email?

Latoya Amos
9 months ago

Can someone please help me I am not getting to set up my brokerage account

Tamora Panizza
9 months ago

Hi I tried to register, but it says invalid email address

7 months ago

please its telling me that your phone number is invalid

1 month ago

i cant sign up to naga. site blocked

Friday Kamena
1 month ago

The naga account is failing

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