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1.10 [VIDEO] Learning categories and tags

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Taoufik Ali ELBAZ
1 year ago

Please, what SEO chrome extension you are using ?

Marwa Hamed
1 year ago

Could you please explain more what is the difference between selecting the parent category or not in google search rank? I didn't get the point.

Thanks in advance.

Win Win Htwe
1 year ago

Thanks teacher

1 year ago

It educating

vusi ranyawa
1 year ago

Hi Max
How do you navigate to the Category while on your website, I did not get that, I tried but ended up messing up my Site, and now I having problems reverting back to my initial Theme?
Thank you

1 year ago

Hi, thank you for the invite!

1 year ago

Please when creating the tags and categories on a site am I typing each word differently to get the images? I’m not so clear with it
Thank you!

Danniel Abdul Rahim
1 year ago

I really liked Investopedia's way of streamlining their website (shown in this video). How can I make my website like that? Is there a particular method or theme I need to use?

many thanks

11 months ago

Excellent ! Thank you so much Teacher.

8 months ago

i really want to if you did not you not able to continue with course

8 months ago

Also how long are this course is going last for

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