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1.15 [VIDEO] Learning Settings in WordPress

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Ibrahim Daahir
11 months ago

hi scottmax
i have some difficult of accessing of into my website.
all other things are working but my website is not reachable

Win Win Htwe
10 months ago

Thanks teacher

Honour Mpata
9 months ago

Thank you very much. I can access it now

Adeshola Paul
8 months ago

i can't access my wordpress page anymore

Kofoworola Jagboro
7 months ago

Good morning Scott
I created Home and Blog pages but found that my posts are under dates. How do I move or make my posts to be under Blog as you suggested viz komolara/blogs/post number 1 etc. Thanks sir.

Kofoworola Jagboro
7 months ago

Hi Scott,
Thanks I have got my answer in Video 1:15. I have set them to read site/ post number viz: "komolara.com/post number 1" . Thanks.

4 months ago

I like you man It is really good lesson.

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