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1.3 [VIDEO] Installing WordPress with your Hostgator Account

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2 months ago

hello! can't remember my WordPress password can you help me please what can I do how can I uninstall it and reinstall it again, please.

Abdelmoumene CHETTAB
1 month ago

I just installed wordpress but I don"t have the default theme,
Is this normal?

Mosongo Festus Namata
1 month ago

Hello! after installing my wordPress successfully. I can't still access my site please help

Vladimeri Markarov
20 days ago
Reply to  Scott Max

I got same problem, should i wait or?

Angelyn Cortes
1 month ago

hello, i installed it but it says, site cant be reached

Mike kabemba
1 month ago

Hi can I have the link to open or downloads wordpress ...send me the link for that please

Akachukwu Miracle Florence
1 month ago

Hi. I have never done this before... and I'm using my laptop...can I install word press on my laptop? I don't even know what a hostgator is

Kevin Ochieng
1 month ago

How I set up an hostgator account if I dont have one already? and is it free? Thanks

Jose Angel Lopez Gonzalez
17 days ago

Hello, so I installed the wordpress for my domain ""

I recieved the message "Congratulations, the software was insstalled successfully"
but whenever I click on it it appears "Site cannot be reached".

I already checked my email and I dont have any pending confirmation.

Can anyone help me here?

Ahmed atef
12 days ago

I must buy an account on hostgator ??

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