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Module 1: Building your Website
Module 2: SEO
Module 3: Web Analytics
Module 4: Email Marketing
Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
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1.5 [VIDEO] How to create your business email

The video above explains how to set your email up with hostgator. If you have chosen Hostpapa, our preferred host, you may skip this lesson and the following assignment if you wish.

If you would like your business email with Hostpapa, it is available following the same steps as with Hostgator. If in doubt, contact Hostpapa support and they will help you get this setup.

See you in the next video!

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Ann Gichure
11 months ago

Hi Scott
On clicking Email Accounts from the Hostgator dashboard, it loads a completely different page from yours. It is loading with a default email account. Is this a problem? It didn't have the (name) details I wanted. So I opted to create another account with my details.
Question: It being a default, does that mean that my email has less features?

Ozovehe Timothy
5 months ago
Reply to  Ann Gichure

I had the same experience

Danniel Abdul Rahim
1 month ago

same here. just create a new email following the video, and ignore the default for now.

Danniel Abdul Rahim
1 month ago
Reply to  Ann Gichure

i have the same experience. just create a new email following the video, and ignore the default for now.

Kitwana Shebabetsi Ezechiel
10 months ago

Hello Scott,
The default email came to me automatically, seems like the hostgators updated the system. i just took what was suggested to me.

9 months ago

Can I use a different wepsite?

Soukaina Ouharoun
8 months ago

I found that the email was already created by hostgator

7 months ago

Interfaces seems a little bit different. We have a default account already I think 🙂

7 months ago

Comment héberger mon site Web?

Win Win Htwe
5 months ago

Thanks sir.Great class

5 months ago

how do i know if this certificate is globally recognized

Moriah Chibomba
5 months ago

How do I get the HostGator account

Felicia Onyia
5 months ago

Hi Scott,

I just finished installing WordPress from my HostGator dashboard following instructions on the previous video. But on returning to my HostGator homepage, the WordPress is not there. I've refreshed severally and even logged out and logged in again but I still can't find it there. Please advise 🙏🙏

Diana Harutyunyan
4 months ago
Reply to  Felicia Onyia

I have the same problem.Could you please help with this ?

3 months ago

I also have the same problem. Did you solve it?

Tinihinane Beladjine
2 months ago

me too i have the same problem did you solve it ???

Heriarivony Germain Rochel RABETAFIKA
5 months ago

Hello Scott,

Can I use, contact@mydomainename.com instead of my name ?

Heriarivony Germain Rochel RABETAFIKA
5 months ago

Hello Scott

can I use contact@Eniola Odusanya my_domaine_name.com instead of my name ?

4 months ago

Hi, is it possible to change the domain name I registered in Module 0 to a different name? I used my name as the domain name, and now I don't know what to use for my new email address. Kindly assist.

Last edited 4 months ago by Bridget Ndung'u
Abigaele AMADJI
4 months ago

hello scott

My HostGator page is totally different from yours.
I created a email account. But for the raiming i can't continue because my interface is different of yours. I'm in a French country and I'm not a professional of English language .I mostly work with the pictures .

Abigaele AMADJI
4 months ago

after I created the email account it shows me check email; manage ; and connect device.It is totally different from yours ..please answer me so that i can continue

Ruby Marcella
4 months ago

I installed WordPress as per the instructions in the video but I can't see it on my HostGator account. I've logged out and logged in again and it's still not there. I'm not sure what to do. Please help.

3 months ago
Reply to  Ruby Marcella

Hi. I am also experiencing the same problem. Did you solve it?

Raksha Gadhvi
3 months ago

Hi Scott,
.The interface that comes up is different from your video. It's a cPanel email accounts interface and its already set a a default email. Reading comments below I guess Hostgator has updated the system.

Angelo Sangrador
2 months ago

Hi Max and Team,

Am done with my ANGELO SANGRADOR + Assignment 4

2 months ago

While I was trying to follow the video and make my email address, I found there was one already created with the name of (googlate) what is this and there is written against it that it is default and can not be deleted.
Please help

28 days ago

Hello Scott,

How do I locate Hostgator? I can only access hostpapa and wordpress but not able to access hostgator

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