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Module 0: Getting Started
Module 1: Building your Website
Module 2: SEO
Module 3: Web Analytics
Module 4: Email Marketing
Module 5: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Module 6: Social Media Marketing
Module 7: Facebook and Instagram Ads

2.4 [VIDEO] Basic SEO tools

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Sagor Hossain
1 year ago

video not play

Abdul Ghaffar buriro
1 year ago

Very well described love it

Sonia Taha
1 year ago

the keyword surfer not works for me,what to do?

Frank Msacky
10 months ago
Reply to  Scott Max

how to change

1 year ago

I like the pace how you're taking your time to explain things clearly

Daevid Joy Zabala
11 months ago

Do I need to sign up in the surfer? I cannot seethe detailsor keyword ideas

Daevid Joy Zabala
11 months ago

DO I have to pay for keyword surfer?

8 months ago

Hi: "surfer seo extension" is one of the basic tools, which adds more information to your search results. For example, we are advised to use Google chrome browser for this course. If you add this extension "surfer seo extension" to chrome on your computer, your search result will include additional details, like the amount of traffic a website gets etc.

10 months ago

I want to change location on keyword surfer but no option for my coutry. can I use a neighbouring country

Ayong Marie Paule
10 months ago

Great tools ...

Thank You

Rejoice Orjiene
9 months ago


Thank you for the classes. Please i think you should create an app for these courses so people can learn on the go. It is really educating and eye opening. Thank you for all you do.

Adeola Ayilara
9 months ago

Does the keyword surfer extension work on phones?

9 months ago

But the extention (keyword surfer didn't show any results for Zimbabwe

8 months ago


Thank you, sir, for the thoughtful class, Please advise on this Basic SEO tool, does it have to be on a chrome browser or any other browser as I currently use brave as my default browser.

8 months ago

Thank you, sir, it has been an interesting class so far, am grateful, I currently use the Brave browser, can it be used in installing the Basic SEO tools, like Keyword Surfer & MOZbar?

Noman Halimi
8 months ago

when I try to open my webpage or word-press dashboard an error page says this site can't be reached. What should I do?

8 months ago

Thank you for the classes.

Tope Olalaye
8 months ago

This class has been very interesting and educating. Thank you

Nicole Naicker
7 months ago

Hi, I do not have the Keyword Surfer block on the side that has keyword brakdowns, the graph and the option to change the country.
Help please

6 months ago

Some countries are missing in the extension. Like my country Rwanda

6 months ago

hello!! this is so amazing . I have some problems with the tool on my Chrome. It doesn't display the different countries i can choose! Help me please

6 months ago

Hello Max. My search is not bringing the option for changing location from my country to USA. Kindly Assist

Mahetab Taha
6 months ago

thanks so mush

Md Nazrul Islam
6 months ago

2.4 video is not clear.

4 months ago

Good morning Mr Scott.
Can enough content increase the rank of a site ?


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