Ali Wong’s Net Worth And Biography. Net Worth: Est. $4 million

Ali Wong is a popular actress and comedian known for her work in light-hearted romantic comedies and stand-up comedy shows. She gained attention after appearing in American Housewife and has a dedicated fanbase.

Ali Wong illustrated Biography

Ali Wong illustrated Biography

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1. Introduction

Alexandra Dawn Wong, a stand-up comedian, and actress from the United States, was born on April 19, 1982.

She is known for her Netflix stand-up specials Don Wong, Baby Cobra, and Hard Knock Wife (2022).

Her latest dramedy on Netflix, called BEEF, is also already rating one of the top streaming websites, Netflix. 

Wong has previously been on Inside Amy Schumer, Black Box, and Are You There, Chelsea.

She was also a cast member of the ABC comedy series American Housewife.

Ali wrote the scripts for the first three seasons of the Fresh Off the Boat sitcom.

She provides the voice of Ali in the animated series Big Mouth and the title character Roberta “Bertie” Songthrush in the cartoon Tuca & Bertie.

She was listed in the Time 100. However, things started to turn around for her after she participated as a writer, producer, and actress in the 2019 movie Always Be My Maybe. 

Ali Wong playing in romantic movie, pink dress for a girl, white suit for a guy, flowers around them

2. Ali Wong’s Early Life

The youngest of four children, Alexandra Dawn Wong, was born on April 19, 1982, in the Pacific Heights section of San Francisco, California.

In 1960, Tam “Tammy” Wong, her Vietnamese mother, moved to the United States to work as a social worker.

Adolphus Wong, a Chinese-American anesthesiologist who served Kaiser Permanente for 30 years, passed away in 2011.

Wong served as the student body’s class president and received his high school diploma from San Francisco University High School in 2000.

She enrolled at UCLA, where she studied Asian-American studies and fell in love with acting while performing with the LCC (“Lapu, the Coyote that Cares”) Theatre Company, the most prominent and illustrious Asian-American collegiate theatrical group in the nation.

Ali Wong in high school as a teenager

Ali worked at The Lair of the Golden Bear for the summer, a camp for families run by UC Berkeley alumni. She spent a portion of her junior year in Hanoi.

Ali earned a B.S. in Asian-American studies Summa Cum laude in 2005. Following college, she participated in a Fulbright scholarship to study in Vietnam.

3. Ali Wong’s Career:

Wong initially tried stand-up comedy at the age of 23 after finishing college. She soon relocated to New York City to pursue comedy, where she started to give up to nine performances every night.


She was named one of the “10 Comedians to Watch” by Variety in 2011. She then made subsequent appearances on Dave Attell’s Comedy Underground Show, John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show, and The Tonight Show.

Also, she appeared on Chelsea Lately and was a series regular in the NBC comedy series Are You There, Chelsea?

Ali Wong in the TV series " are you there, chelsea"

She appeared in 2013’s Hello Girl on MTV and Best Week Ever on VH1.

She also played Kate in the movie Dealing with Idiots and co-starred with Benicio Del Toro and Salma Hayek in Oliver Stone’s Savages.


In 2014, Wong co-starred with Kelly Reilly and Vanessa Redgrave in the ABC medical drama Black Box as Dr. Lina Lark.

Since then, she has made multiple guest appearances in Inside Amy Schumer episodes. Since 2014, Wong has contributed writing to Fresh Off the Boat.

The principal cast member Randall Park had recommended Wong for the writing position.

4. Ali Wong’s Rise to Fame and Major Achievements

Baby Cobra, a stand-up special that was recorded in September 2015 at the Neptune Theater in Seattle while Wong was seven months pregnant with her first child, was made available on Netflix on Mother’s Day 2016.

“The special’s release on Netflix is the kind of star-making moment that unites the tastes of the unlikeliest admirers,” claims New York Magazine.

Wong participated in a speech and a runway walk for the Opening Ceremony show on September 11, 2016, as part of New York Fashion Week.

Wong debuted as the lead in the ABC comedy American Housewife in October 2016.

Ali Wong in a movie acting a role of housewife


Hard Knock Wife, Wong’s second Netflix original movie, debuted on May 13, 2018.

As it was filmed in Toronto’s Winter Garden Theatre in late September 2017, she was seven months pregnant with her second child.

She provided the voice for the soda genie Citrus Twisty in an OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes episode in 2018.


In the 2019 Netflix movie Always Be My Maybe, written by Wong, Park, and Michael Golamco and directed by Nahnatchka Khan, Wong co-starred with Randall Park.

Wong provided the voice of Bertie in the Netflix animated series Tuca & Bertie from 2019 to 2022.

Wong released a book titled Dear Girls: Intimate Stories, Hidden Secrets, and Advice for Living Your Best Life on October 15, 2019.

As her daughters become adults, she wants them to read it as a life manual. 2019’s Goodreads Choice Award for Humor went to the book.

2022 & 2023

Wong’s third stand-up Netflix special, Don Wong, was available in February 2022.

In the 2023 Netflix drama-comedy series Beef, Wong and Steven Yeun shared the role of co-stars, and Wong was also listed as the show’s executive producer.

5. Ali Wong’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actress, comedian, and writer have an estimated $4 million in net worth.

She makes a successful living as an actress and stand-up comedian, as one might assume.

Baby Cobra, Hard Knock Wife, and Don Wong are three of Wong’s comedy specials made available on the streaming platform.

Ali Wong's net worth, money background

We don’t know how much money she made from her first two specials, but we do know that they were a massive hit because Netflix and HBO engaged in a fierce bidding war for her next project.

The actor reportedly received a bid from HBO for an extraordinary worth of more than $10 million.

Wong ultimately decided to remain with Netflix, and they reached an agreement on an eight-figure contract.

Wong has a list of performing accomplishments that began with her appearance in the Fox sitcom Breaking In in 2011.

Since then, she has contributed to several programs, including Love, Victor, Are You There, Chelsea?, Black Box, Inside Amy Schumer, and American Housewife.

Moreover, the actress appeared in Always Be My Maybe, Birds of Prey, and Onward.

She worked as an actor, a writer, and a producer on Always Be My Maybe, which became a significant hit, but her pay for these endeavors has yet to be made public.

(Netflix reports that 32 million households watched it in the first four weeks.)

On the other hand, Birds of Prey brought in a stunning $205.3 million at the box office, so Wong’s compensation was boosted with plenty of zeroes.

Although Wong’s earnings have once again remained a secret, given her long-term relationship with Netflix, it is reasonable to assume that the actress is bringing in at least six figures from the show.

If you’re unfamiliar, the dark comedy follows two strangers who develop an intense feud after getting into a road rage incident, hence the program’s title.

Ali, keep up the momentum.

6. Ali Wong’s Personal Life

Ali Wong is known to be a family-oriented person.

She often incorporates her personal experiences as a wife and mother in her comedy material and has talked openly about her family life in interviews.

Ali Wong was born in San Francisco, California, to Vietnamese-Chinese-American parents.

To work as a social worker in the United States, Tam “Tammy” Wong, her Vietnamese mother, moved from  Huế in 1960.

Adolphus Wong, her Chinese-American anesthesiologist father who spent 30 years working at Kaiser Permanente, passed away in 2011.

 Ali has two younger sisters.

Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta met in 2010 at the wedding of their joint friend, and they got married in 2014. Justin is of Filipino-Japanese heritage and works in the tech industry.

The couple has two daughters together, Mari and Nikki.

Meri was born in 2015, and Nikki was born in 2018.

In her book “Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Advice for Living Your Best Life and Untold Secrets” Ali Wong shares some insights into motherhood and parenting, including anecdotes about her experiences raising her daughters.

For example, she talks about the challenges of balancing work and family life and the ups and downs of breastfeeding and potty training.

Justin Hakuta porrait

She also shares some hilarious stories about the funny things her daughters have said and done, demonstrating her deep love and affection for her children.

Although Ali Wong is a public figure, she and her husband, Justin Hakuta, have tried to keep their children out of the spotlight as much as possible.

As a result, there is limited information about Meri and Nikki, and the family has yet to share many details about their upbringing or daily lives.

After her Don Wong stand-up special was shown in February 2022, in which she expressed sorrow and dissatisfaction with her marriage, which she compared to being in prison, Wong and Hakuta promptly announced they had filed for divorce.

Hakuta continues to oversee her tour, and they have remained close friends.

Wong also has a large number of real estate assets, including homes in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

It is not well known that Ali Wong owns many vehicles. She still has a few cars, though, and she drives them to work every day. Wong drives a Ford, Toyota, and Land Rover.


Ali Wong’s rise from stand-up comedy sensation to Hollywood star is a testament to her talent and determination. With a net worth of around $4 million, she’s made her mark with Netflix specials and acting success.

ali wong red and blue portrait

Her personal anecdotes about motherhood resonate with her audience, making her a relatable and humorous storyteller.

ali wong green and blue portrait