Amber Rose’s Net Worth And Biography. Net Worth Est. $12 Million

Amber Rose is a renowned model, actor, rapper, and huge supporter of women’s rights.

Amber Rose illustrated biography

Amber Rose illustrated biography

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1. Introduction

Amber Rose is an American actor, model, and rapper known for her high-profile relationships and advocacy for women’s rights.

She gained attention through a music video and went on to work with Ford Models.

She has been open about her experiences with bullying and body shaming and has supported the L.G.B.T.Q. community.

Rose is also a successful businesswoman with endorsement partnerships and a strong social media presence.

Amber Rose filming a video for social media

2. Amber Rose’s Early Life

Amber Rose Levonchuck was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 21, 1983.

Her father is of Irish-Italian descent, and her mother is of Scottish origin.

Her family broke up, and she claims to have started stripping at 15 to support her family.

In The Red Pill podcast, she said she tried selling crack cocaine to make a living but couldn’t succeed. 

3. Amber Rose’s Education

She enrolled in South Philadelphia High School in Philadelphia, where she became interested in arts, specifically music and fashion.

After high school, she joined Pierce College in Philadelphia to pursue her interest in business.

Her broad horizon of business and love for acting inspired her to avail herself of other options. 

Amber Rose in high school library

4. Amber Rose’s Early Career

When Amber Rose was in her late teens and looking for a way to support herself financially, she decided to take out exotic dance.

Photographers and painters were drawn to her because of her striking buzz cut and curvy shape, which gave her a stand-out image.

Her first journey into acting took place in 2007 when she debuted in the television series “A Haunting.”

Her acting career officially began with this, and she then made appearances in a few additional films and television shows like “Better Off Alone” and “Gang of Roses 2: Next Generation.”

5. Amber Rose’s Breakthrough

When she started dating rapper Kanye West in 2008, Rose had her career-changing moment.

She was rapidly catapulted into the spotlight by their connection and the media’s attention, which led to tabloid coverage.

West frequently accompanied her to red-carpet events and public engagements, further enhancing her reputation in the business.

Her distinctive appearance, confidence, and strong ties to well-known personalities all contributed significantly to her ascent.

She is best recognised for her work in modelling and television, although she has also acted in a number of films.

Her distinct look, self-assurance, and prominent connections with notable celebrities also played a vital role in her rise.

She is best known for her modeling and television career, but she appeared in various movies.

Her debut film was “Gang of Roses 2: Next Generation” in 2011. It added more to her fame.

Despite the film’s unfavourable reviews, her performance garnered attention and demonstrated her acting aptitude.

Despite her modelling-focused career, she has been honoured for her contributions to and influence on popular culture.

She hasn’t won any major prizes, but her vocal activism and impact have brought her notice.

6. Amber Rose’s Slut Walk Protest

She has received a lot of praise for supporting movements like the “SlutWalk” that promote body acceptance, gender equality, and women’s rights.

She raises $50,000 through a successful “GoFundMe” campaign to support the walk.

The people close to her in her surroundings supported the campaign through donations, like her manager Nick Cannon ($14,000), and rapper Nicki Minaj ($5000).

nicki minaj portrait

Some business associates like Neyo and blogger Perez Hilton also supported her cause.

They all clarified that Amber wasn’t receiving any compensation funds for the event. The money raised was used to help organize the walk.

Marsha Ambrosius, a soulful singer, delighted the audience with a mini-concert, although she criticized several celebrities for charging her a hefty sum to make an appearance.

With Funny or Die, she filmed “Walk of No Shame with Amber Rose” to promote it. Many people have found resonance in her attempts to question societal conventions and advance self-acceptance, and she has gained the admiration of the activist community.

She became a fashion icon thanks to her charismatic sense of style and clothing choices.

She also gained recognition for her bold and forthright red-carpet looks and has been covered by numerous fashion magazines, consolidating her position in the industry.

7. Amber Rose’s Earning Sources

Amber Rose has become a well-known character in the entertainment industry, although accolades may not be the best indicator of her success.

These include her influence on pop culture and her work to empower women.

Her net worth increased dramatically over the years due to her successful career in the entertainment industry.

As of 2021, her net worth is estimated to be $12 Million. Throughout her career, Amber Rose has diversified her income sources.

The following are some of the significant factors that have boosted her rising net worth:

  1. She has cooperated with multiple brands and appeared in countless fashion campaigns and magazine covers. She’s made a good living via sponsorship deals and modeling contracts.
  2. She has a burgeoning acting career, even though it may not be as vast as her modeling profession. Her roles in films like “Gang of Roses 2: Next Generation” have helped her to make money. Although she never entirely depended on her film career, it raised her net worth considerably.
  3. She has also been a part of some television shows like “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and the seventh season of “Dancing with the Stars.”
  4. Through these collaborations, she has increased her revenue and impact in the fashion and cosmetics sectors.
  5. Investments and business ventures: She has dabbled with entrepreneurship, establishing her eyewear line, an app called “MuvaMoji”, and a line of self-care items called “Rose & Ono.” Her investments in real estate and other commercial endeavours have also increased her net worth.

10. Amber Rose’s net worth

Amber Rose’s net worth is Est. to be around $12 Million

Amber Rose's net worth, money background

8. Amber Rose’s Career in Music

In 2012, Rose released her debut solo, “Fame,” featuring Wiz Khalifa. In February 2012, she dropped another solo, “Loaded”.

She then participated in Wiz Khalifa’s eleventh track of his album O.N.F.I.C., which included other rappers Tuki Carter and Pharrell Williams. 

9. Amber Rose’s Awards and Accomplishments

The awards she received in her career:

  • In 2011, F.H.M’s Sexiest Woman in the World
  • In 2012, Maxim’s Hot 100
  • In 2014, B.E.T’s Young Stars Award
Amber Rose winning an award

11. Amber Rose’s Personal Life

The public and media have been interested in Amber Rose’s private life. She has children from her past marriages and has been in high-profile relationships.

She has two children from marriages. Rapper Wiz Khalifa, with whom she became engaged in 2012 and wed in July 2013, was the subject of her first union.

Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, their son, was born in February 2013, and they are his parents.

However, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa separated in September 2014, and the divorce was officially finalized in 2016.

Despite getting divorced, they still have a friendly co-parenting relationship.

She dated Machine Gun Kelly for two months in 2015 and N.B.A. player Terrence Ross in 2016.

She dated a junior rapper, 21 Savage, in 2017 and broke up after some time as she found it not working because of her broken heart from her failed marriage. 

She started dating music industry executive Alexander “A.E.” Edwards in 2018up. In October 2019, a son named Slash Electric Alexander Edwards became the couple’s first child. They dated from 2018-2021. 

12. Amber Rose’s Philanthropic Activities and Charitable Donations

She has generated money through the SlutWalk movement for organizations that help sexual assault victims and offer tools for counseling and education.

Amber Rose on the slutwalk protest

Conversations regarding consent, women’s rights, and the significance of encouraging people to accept their sexuality without fear of rejection or shame have been initiated by the movement.

Amber Rose’s engagement and involvement in causes connected to women’s rights and gender equality indicate her commitment to having a beneficial impact on society, even though the specifics of her private philanthropic contributions may not be well known.


Amber Rose has gained recognition for her advocacy activities, particularly in advancing body positivity and gender equality. She has advocated for problems like slut-shaming and has planned activities like the Amber Rose SlutWalk to raise awareness and question conventional perceptions of women.

Amber Rose cyan purple and orange portrait

Rose has also dabbled in entrepreneurship by establishing her line of sunglasses and a beauty parlor in Los Angeles. Amber Rose has, overall, had a significant influence as a model, activist, and businesswoman, using her position to speak out on vital social concerns.

Amber Rose red and green portrait