Blac Youngsta’s net worth and biography. Net Worth: Est. $6 million

Blac Youngsta is a well-known character in the hip-hop community and a rising star in the music business. Blac Youngsta has a sizable fan base thanks to his distinctive style, compelling performances, and business efforts.

Blac Youngsta illustrated biography

Blac Youngsta illustrated biograohy

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1. Introduction

Sammie Marquez Benson, also known as Blac Youngsta, was an American rapper born on April 8, 1990. He is a member of Epic Records and Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (CMG) label.

Following several mixtapes when he was first signed, his singles “Hip Hopper” from 2017 and “Booty” from 2018 were the most popular, with the latter reaching number 73 on the Billboard Hot 100.

blac youngsta performing

His first studio album, 223 (2019), which peaked at number 42 on the Billboard 200, contains both tracks.

2. Early Life and Career for Blac Youngsta

Marquez, Sammie Benson was born in 1990, and grew up in the impoverished neighborhood of McMillan Street in South Memphis, Tennessee. The grandparents raised Benson and his younger brothers.

blac youngsta and his brother

Despite working two jobs each, his grandparents struggled to put food on the table and made a pitiful living. After Benson was just seven years old, his grandfather was able to obtain him a job at a nearby grocery shop.

blac youngsta working in a grocery store

However, he was dismissed after the manager saw him sending false orders to the store to bring food home for him and his brothers.

Benson started selling drugs after being fired from the store, and he has since served several prison terms for drug and firearms-related offenses.

blac youngsta in a jail cell

After completing a year in jail, Benson started organizing neighborhood block parties in 2012, which helped him gain local notoriety in South Memphis. He soon started pursuing a music career, and in 2012, he released his debut mixtape, Fast Bricks.

blac youngsta on a pool party

Start of blac’s music career

Benson started taking his music career more seriously in 2012 under the alias Blac Youngsta. He released three mixtapes from that year until 2014 as part of his Fast Bricks series.

The Memphis music scene was where Blac Youngsta first started in the music industry. He started issuing mixtapes on his own, which helped him develop a following and garner industry notice.

Music lovers and business insiders alike were drawn to his raw talent and engaging stage presence.

blac youngsta  as a teenager performing a song

Blac Youngsta immediately established a reputation as an artist to watch thanks to his dynamic performances and engaging demeanor.

His lyrics mirrored his community’s reality while showcasing his Memphis-raised upbringing. His fans flocked to him in droves due to their connection to his music’s sincerity with listeners.

blac youngsta on a stage

3. Rise to Fame and Major Achievements


The 2015 release of Blac Youngsta’s chart-topping song “Heavy” caught Yo Gotti’s attention. He joined the remix as a participant and signed Blac Youngsta to his label, Collective Music Group.

On September 24, 2015, Blac Youngsta released I Swear To God, his first mixtape as a member of CMG, which featured cameo appearances from Yo Gotti and Boosie Badazz.

yo gotti portrait

Young Thug, Quavo, Jacquees, and YFN Lucci appeared on Blac Youngsta’s mixtapes Young & Reckless from March 2016 and Fuck Everybody from September 2016.

young thug portrait
jacquees portrait
YFN lucci portrait


Blac Youngsta’s fourth mixtape as a member of CMG, Illuminati, was released in February 2017 and featured guest appearances from Kodak Black, Lil Yachty, and Slim Jxmmi.

kodak black portrait
lil yachty portrait
slim jxmmi

On May 17, 2017, fellow rapper Young Thug dropped a song with the same name, sparking the start of the grassroots “Free Blac Youngsta” movement.

Blac Youngsta confessed to his involvement in a shooting meant at Yo Gotti’s longtime rival, Young Dolph.

young dolph portrait

After being freed, Blac Youngsta established his label under CMG, Heavy Camp, and in June 2017, he released a mixtape titled I’m Innocent with Slim Jxmmi and Ty Dolla Sign as guests. In December 2017, Blac Youngsta and Epic Records reached an agreement regarding a big label.

French Montana, and Travis Scott appeared on Youngsta’s debut studio album, 223, released through Epic in February 2018.

The album debuted on Billboard 200 chart, peaking at position 42. The successful tune “Booty,” which peaked at number 73 on the Billboard Hot 100, was also a result of the album and was awarded a gold record by the Recording Industry Association of America.

blac youngsta  winning an award

In August 2018, Blac Youngsta’s follow-up to his 2016 mixtape Fuck Everybody, titled Fuck Everybody 2, was made available. Even though Lil Pump just made a cameo appearance, the song peaked at number 63 on the Billboard 200.

Cut Up, Blac Youngsta’s EP was published in May 2019. Blac Youngsta’s second studio album has the title “Church on Sunday,” which he announced on Twitter in August 2019.

blac youngsta on a stage

Blac Youngsta also revealed in October 2019 that he would embark on a similar world tour with the same moniker beginning in November.

blac youngsta on a world tour

After the same month, Church on Sunday was made available.


He appeared in Moneybagg Yo’s song “1 2 3” in January 2020. In April 2020, the song was finally released as a single and became his second to do so, debuting at number one on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Blac Youngsta established Heavy Camp, an imprint of Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (CMG), as a record label in 2017. Julien Anderson is the label’s current president.

4. Blac Youngsta’s net worth

Blac Youngsta’s wealth has consistently increased over time, reflecting his success in the music business. His predicted net worth in 2023 will be $6 million.

blac youngsta's net worth, blac youngsta swimming in the pool full of money

Blac Youngsta’s revenue sources are song sales, live appearances, and business endeavors. His financial situation improved due to the numerous tours and appearances at different music festivals he undertook as his popularity grew.

He has dabbled in entrepreneurship by starting his record label, Heavy Camp.

blac youngsta

Blac Youngsta might not be among the most significant earnings when comparing his net worth to other prominent American celebrities. His monetary success demonstrates his influence and the expanding appreciation of his talent in the music industry.

5. Blac Youngsta’s Personal Life

Samuel Benson, commonly known as Blac Youngsta, has kept his affairs quiet. Although his music and career are a large part of his public image, some information about his personal life and interests has come to light.

Information regarding Blac Youngsta’s family and relationships has been kept private. Not many people know specifics about his parents, siblings, or love relationships because he prefers to keep his personal life private.

In addition to his singing career, Blac Youngsta has demonstrated a taste for high-end automobiles and clothing.

mercedes G class

He frequently displays his opulent lifestyle on social media by posting pictures of expensive cars, high-end apparel, and plentiful activities.

Koenigsegg Agera

These peeks into his private life showcase his career success and the results of his laborious efforts in the music business.

legal problems

The police were summoned to a Wells Fargo location in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, on January 8, 2016, after Blac Youngsta took a $200,000 withdrawal from his bank account to buy a car.

Blac Youngsta was allegedly seen leaving the bank with the money, leading the workers to fear he was robbing the establishment.

blac youngsta being detained in the bank by police

Youngsta and his companions were freed right there on the spot. Youngsta alleged that he was detained because he was “young and black” and afterward accused the police and bank employees of racial profiling.

In connection with the killing of fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph, where Youngsta and his cohorts were accused of firing over 100 shots into Dolph’s SUV, Blac Youngsta turned himself in to police on May 16, 2017.

blac youngsta in the courtroom

Before confessing, Blac Youngsta had maintained his innocence. He was accused of six counts of discharging a weapon into an occupied dwelling or moving vehicle and felony conspiracy but was freed on bond the same day. The accusations were withdrawn in May 2019.

6. Conclusion 

Blac Youngsta’s rise to fame in the music industry has been influenced by his unique style, dynamic performances, and business ventures. Although he has not received public recognition, he has built a dedicated fan base through his sincere music and captivating stage presence.

blac youngsta portrait in brown and black

While his charitable efforts may not be widely known, it is expected for musicians to support organizations. Overall, Blac Youngsta’s accomplishments and personal journey contribute to his success and impact in the hip-hop industry.

blac youngsta portrait in green and red