Cynthia Bailey’s Net Worth And Biography. Net Worth: $3 million

Cynthia is a multi-talented woman who has held positions such as supermodel, entrepreneur, mother, actress, TV personality, and many others. She is most famous for her on-screen presence in the popular Bravo series “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Cynthia Bailey illustrated biography

Cynthia Bailey illustrated biography

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1. Introduction

Cynthia Bailey is a well-known American celebrity who is a model and actress.

She rose to fame as a model and has appeared in films, television shows, and magazines.

She was born in Alabama and moved to New York City to pursue her modeling career.

She has been in movies such as Without You I’m Nothing and For Love or Money, as well as TV shows like The Cosby Show and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

She has been married and divorced from Peter Thomas and values relationships.

Cynthia Bailey is a popular name in the entertainment industry.

Cynthia Bailey on a business meeting

2. Cynthia Bailey’s Early life and career:

Cynthia Denise Bailey was born in Decatur, Alabama, and raised in Tuscumbia.

Her mother, Barbara, worked in the sewing industry, and her father, Elijah, worked in auto manufacturing.

As a child, Bailey looked up to her grandmother, whose persistence and determination inspired her.

Mae Frankie Ford, her grandmother, was a multi-tasking woman who cleaned houses, sold hamburgers and hotdogs, worked in a factory, and cared for an elderly woman.

Bailey was very inspired by her grandmother’s efforts and referred to her as “the first black entrepreneur in her life.”

When Bailey was a child, she attended the University of Alabama in Huntsville (U.A.H.).

She also competed in beauty pageants and was the first African-American homecoming queen at Deshler High School.

Cynthia Bailey in high school as a teenager

Following this accomplishment, she competed in a homecoming queen contest.

Despite her defeat in the competition, a Wilhelmina Models talent scout approached her.

Bailey signed a deal with the agency, relocating to New York as a result. Bailey was on the cover of “Essence” magazine, which became the best-selling cover in the magazine’s history.

The wide variety of television programs and films that the multi-talented star has appeared in may surprise you. Some of them are:

  • The Dark Power as Tammie in 1985
  • Without You I’m Nothing as Roxanne in 1990
  • The Cosby Show as Sheniquah Watkins in 1990
  • For Love or Money as a Model in 1993
  • New York Undercover as Masseuse #2 in 1995
  • Life Twirls On as CeeCee in 2015
  • Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens as Tech Addison in 2016
  • Last Call as Eloise in 2019
  • Star as Tasha Rae in 2019
  • Tales as Salley in 2019
  • Games People Play as Ndasia in 2021
  • The Housewives of the North Pole as herself in 2021
  • Single Drunk Female as Noreen in 2022
  • Cruel Instruction as Karen Adams in 2022
  • The Stepmother as Vanessa in 2022
  • Chibiverse as Chip in 2022
  • Terror Lake Drive as Rose in 2022
  • Blossom as Doris Rowell in 2023
  • Under His Influence as Ashley in 2023

3. Cynthia Bailey’s Rise to fame

Cynthia Bailey was born and raised in Alabama with her sister.

As she grew older, she began to achieve small successes that would eventually provide her with everything that she would need to become a well-known reality television personality.

These include being elected as her high school’s first African American homecoming queen and competing in beauty pageants.

Cynthia started her long-running career as a screen personality when she moved to New York to pursue a career as a fashion model.

She was quickly signed on to a five-year contract with Wihelmina Models, leading her to a successful first book as the cover of Essence Magazine.

Not only was Cynthia’s first cover with Essence one of the highest-selling covers in the magazine’s history, but it was also a personal favorite of then editor-in-chief Susan Taylor.

Soon after that, Cynthia booked her second cover and thus set the mood for her successful career.

Her next stop was Paris and Milan, where she was spotted walking the runways of Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.

After nearly a year overseas, Cynthia came to New York City and was famous for landing campaigns for Maybelline, Oil of Olay, and Macy’s. Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Essence, and Vanity Fair editorials quickly followed.

Cynthia Bailey on a vogue magazine cover

Cynthia was chosen over Naomi Campbell for a co-starring role opposite Sandra Bernhadt in the film “Without You I’m Nothing.”

Her next stop was Milan and Paris, where she walked on the Fashion Week runways with ease.

She eventually went back to New York and landed advertising campaigns for Macy’s, Oil of Olay, and Maybelline. “Elle,” “Glamour,” “Vanity Fair,” “Vogue” — you name it, she was in it!

Bailey has risen through the ranks, despite her rich status, she had humble origins.

Taco Bell was her first job.

She also worked for Wendy’s for a short time. She obtained money for her journey to New York and began her modeling career by working at a mall.

She is a formidable businesswoman, the model-turned-businesswoman is a true role model for any ambitious female entrepreneur.

She is the ambassador for Seagram’s Escapes, in addition to owning an eyeglass business, modeling agency, wine cellar, and bag company.

She also wisely uses her platform to fuel her commercial pursuits. Cynthia not only knows how to make money, but she also knows how to keep the public entertained.

She is socially sensitive; Cynthia founded The Be Better Foundation in 2018 with the intention to pay back. She also contributes to a number of charities and causes.

In addition, she and her husband and daughter participated the Black Lives Matter marches in 2020.

4. Cynthia Bailey’s Net worth:

Currently, she has a net worth of $ 3 million.

She is still working and is associated with various shows. She has a monthly income of more than $25000.

She made a living by modeling.

Cynthia Bailey's net worth, money background

Her modeling career began with the Wilhelmena modeling agency. Her first booking was the cover of Essence Magazine.

The magazine was so delighted that they asked Bailey to produce another cover for them.

She has also walked the runways of Milan and Paris for Fashion Week.

She has modeled for brands such as Maybelline and Oil of Olay. Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Vanity Fair, and a slew of other publications and businesses.

She has become the face of numerous businesses and has even launched her own modeling school.

Cynthia Bailey has a significant automobile collection.

She owns a number of cars that she has acquired during the course of her career. Bailey owns a Range Rover, a Toyota, a Ford, and so on.

5. Cynthia Bailey’s Personal Life:

Bailey dated Jayson Williams in 1996, and he proposed to her at a halftime show for the New Jersey Nets.

She declined the proposal and gave him back the engagement ring. She also declined Russell Simmons’ marriage proposal.

Bailey was in a relationship with Leon Robinson and gave birth to their daughter, Noelle, on November 9, 1999.

leon robinson portrait

Bailey discovered she had a uterine fibroid during her pregnancy, which she characterized as “the size of a grape”;

she chose uterine fibroid embolization over a hysterectomy because she desired the option of having additional children in the future.

She collaborated with USA Fibroids Centres to spread the word about fibroids and treatment alternatives.

Bailey married Peter Thomas on July 24, 2010, at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History; the wedding was shown in an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta during season three.

Bailey and Thomas wrote a book on their relationship called Carry-On Baggage: Our Nonstop Flight, which was published in 2013. Bailey and Thomas divorced in March 2017, after officially announcing their separation in 2016. 

Bailey and her daughter moved to a home they named “Lake Bailey.” She wanted an apartment because she wanted “the New York City sort of lifestyle,” but producers from The Real Housewives of Atlanta persuaded her to buy a house instead.

Bailey made her relationship with Fox Sports correspondent Mike Hill public in August 2018. Hill and Bailey married on October 10, 2020, after being engaged in July 2019.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Bailey claimed, severe measures were created for the wedding, such as required social separation and face masks or face shields to safeguard the 250 guests, as well as a thorough cleaning of the Acworth, Georgia site.

However, Bailey faced backlash on social media after releasing photos and videos of people who were not wearing masks.

She filed for divorce from Hill in October 2022, which was finalized the following year.   

Bailey stated in an interview that she “sucked at math” as a kid and still does — unless she’s counting all the money she now makes. She’s got a tattoo. Bailey has a little cross tattooed on her back.

Bailey enjoys sushi. Her favorite food is sushi. She makes the most delicious potato salad.

She calls herself the “potato salad queen.” She had extensive surgery. Bailey underwent surgery in 2018 for a lymphoma tumor that turned out to be benign.


Cynthia Bailey is a great American personality who has achieved enormous success in her long and successful career. Bailey is still working at the age of 18 and doing incredible things. Bailey has been in numerous television shows and films, achieving recognition all over the world. Because of her hard work and dedication, she is also a role model for many black people.

Cynthia Bailey brown portrait

Cynthia Bailey is a woman who deserves everything that she has. Bailey is on social media, where she advertises new projects and interacts with followers. An internet presence typically provides additional options to produce earnings and remain prominent. You can keep up with what’s going on in her life by following her on Instagram and Twitter.

Cynthia Bailey green and blue portrait