Kountry Wayne’s Net Worth And Biography. Net Worth: Est. $6 million

American actor, comedian, and Youtube sensation Kountry Wayne.

Kountry Wayne illustrated biography

Kountry Wayne illustrated biography

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1. Introduction

Wayne Colley, more commonly known as Kountry Wayne, is a comedian and social media figure known for his amusing videos and sketches on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Wayne is well-known for his desire to make millions of people laugh. He is a truly inspirational figure. 

In 2014, he posted a video on YouTube which became viral.

He then shared some brief comedic videos on Instagram, which led him to receive some acting recognition later.

He has also been working as a stand-up comedian since 2015.

Kountry Wayne filming a youtube video

You can find out more about Kountry Wayne’s life, profession, and net worth with the help of this article. Check out the whole article to learn a lot more about Kountry Wayne.

2. Kountry Wayne’s Early life and career

Kountry Wayne Colley was born on December 9, 1987, in Waynesboro, Georgia.

Wayne graduated from Jenkins County High School.

He was always interested in music and singing. Therefore, he decided to pursue a career as a rapper.

However, Wayne did not attain the success he had hoped for and instead went to comedy, where he began garnering massive views of his comedy videos on Facebook.

In an interview, he once stated that he had a knack for making people laugh since his childhood.

Wayne has appeared in the BET original Christmas film Holiday Heartbreak and the comedy improv series Wild ‘N Out on MTV.

Wayne had a minor role in the 2016 short film “Brazilian Wavy.” In the 2017 film “The Turnaround,” he portrayed Kevin Evans, and in the 2020 film “Holiday Heartbreak,” he played Will Bill. In 2018, he released his “Help Is On The Way” debut comedy album.

His comedy sets often last 90 minutes.

Kountry Wayne doing a stand-up comedy

Wayne has released numerous comedy records, including “Kountry Wayne: Unreleased & Uncut” and “Kountry Wayne: Part 3,” all of which have gotten positive reviews from audiences.

3. Kountry Wayne’s Rise to fame and significant achievements

Kountry Wayne’s dream was to be a comedian.

Yes, you read that correctly. After failing at music, he became a standup comedian.

He has never looked back and made comedy his full-time career. He is inspired by Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor.

 Kountry Wayne’s entertaining video went viral on social media. Kountry has a massive following on social media.

He has around 7 million Facebook fans, over 3 million Instagram followers, and around four hundred thousand YouTube subscribers. Since uploading his debut video in 2014, his fan base has risen. 

At first, he started performing in small Atlanta clubs and by 2016 has embarked on a 45-city sold-out tour (2016 Child Support Tour).

Wayne has frequently performed year-round, regularly selling out clubs and theatres around the country.

He has a wide-reaching audience because of his distinctive style of high-energy, faith-based, and clean content

Despite not receiving any major prizes or nominations, he has had great success in his career.

Among his significant accomplishments are: Kountry Wayne has a massive social media following, with over 8 million followers on Facebook and 2 million followers on Instagram.

His videos have been viewed millions of times, and he has been called one of the social media’s best-known comedians.

Stand-up comedy tours: Kountry Wayne has performed in sold-out performances around the United States as a stand-up comedian.

He has also opened for famous comedians such as Mike Epps and Rickey Smiley.

mike epps portrait
rickey smiley portrait

His tours and shows are always sold out and packed.

He has made money from TV series, acting, and social networking. His popularity has resulted in numerous deals and endorsements. 

Kountry Wayne has recorded a number of comedy recordings, including “Tears of Joy” and “Child Support.”

His albums have been highly welcomed by audiences and have contributed to the growth of his fan base. 

In his hometown, he manages and owns two thriving enterprises.

The revenues are created by all of those resources.

The actor is at the pinnacle of his career.

He is very hardworking. Many people stated that he is a multi-talented person.

Wayne is writing a book; it will be about his life story.

His book is scheduled to come out in 2023.

4. Kountry Wayne’s net worth

Kountry Wayne is an American media personality.

According to the reports, Kountry Wayne has a net worth of $6 million.

Wayne is regarded as one of the best comedic actors in the realm of social media.

Kountry Wayne makes a monthly salary of about $40,000.

Meanwhile, Wayne makes $5,000 or more income.

He is estimated to earn more than $5 million every year.

Kountry Wayne's net worth, money background

He owns an internet store ‘shopkountrywayne’. in this shop, he sells sweatshirts and T-shirts. He has been able to earn a significant portion of his salary from his business.

His shows are always house full. His gigs are always sold out.

He has made money from TV series, acting, and social networking.

His popularity has resulted in numerous deals and endorsements. In his hometown, he owns and operates two thriving enterprises.

5. Kountry Wayne’s personal life

Wayne Colley is Kountry Wayne’s real name; his admirers often refer to him as King Kountry Wayne.

African American comedian Kountry grew up among his four siblings.

He was raised by his grandmother. His ethnicity is African-American.

He is 36 years old. Coming to his height and weight, Kountry Wayne is 170 cm tall and weighs (154 Lbs) 70 kg. He said that he is a reserved vegan.

He does not smoke and is a huge fan of American fast food. He does not drink alcohol.

He loves to go to the gym and build his lean muscular body with frequent exercise.

As far as his physical appearance is concerned, he mostly keeps his black hair short.

He has black eye color.

 After graduating from Jenkins Country High School in Georgia, Wayne decided not to continue his education in college.

He did not pursue his academic journey further.

In addition to his career accomplishments, Wayne has maintained an active personal life.

At first, he married Gena Colley in 2017. His ex-wife is a model and an actress. 

The couple was unable to reconcile their relationship despite having two children, and they split in 2019.

Their marriage lasted one year. He had his first child at the age of 17 years.

Wayne has a total of ten children, having fathered three sons and seven daughters with five different women.

He became a father at the age of 17 and by the age of 19, he had two more children.

Wayne also became a father at the age of 22.

He provides for his children with the $40,000, he makes each month.

He has a well-furnished home. Wayne loves to share images of her with his children and siblings on his social media platforms.

He is amusing, warm and provides excellent care for his children.

jessica moore portrait

In 2019, he dated Jessica Moore, the star of MTV’s Wet and Wild. The couple parted up quickly for unreported reasons.

In 2022, Kountry Wayne stated that he was dating actress Amber Tai. However, currently, their relationship status is unknown.

6. Conclusion:

In a nutshell, Kountry Wayne is not an ordinary standup comedian.

Kountry Wayne cyan and orange portrait

He has achieved outstanding success in the fields of comedy and social media and has become recognized as one of the industry’s best comedians.

Kountry Wayne green and red portrait