11 Best Artist Website Examples

Are you an artist looking to create a website for an online presence?

In this guide, we have enlisted the 11 best artist website examples to inspire your creativity and help you understand what elements to insert while creating a website.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Do Artists Need a Website?

A website is crucial for any professional artist, as it gives them the space to showcase their art and establish their brand. A professionally designed website also adds legitimacy and trustworthiness to your work. Setting up your website may seem daunting initially, but it is the swiftest and easiest way to get your art out there on the internet. Even if you consider the initial cost of setting up a website, it is one of the easiest ways to sell your art today.

If you are serious about your business online, you need a great website to showcase your art and build credibility. You can’t rely just on social media accounts because they are not a business hub. A modern, professional artist website allows you to establish yourself as a hobbyist and someone serious about your art business.

The 11 Best Artist Website Examples

Here are the 11 best artist website examples:

1. Camilla Hanney

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Camilla is an Irish artist with a graduation degree from Goldsmiths University in Master of Fine Arts. She moved to London in 2019 and has exhibited her work in several famous art galleries like Dora House and Rosenfield.

Camilla’s website includes work on sculptures and ceramics along with an artist’s statement.

What we love about this website?

  • Includes an artist’s statement.
  • Includes artist’s CV and work portfolio.
  • Has a contact section.

What’s missing?

  • Website aesthetics could be better.

2. Boyana Aleksova

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Boyana Aleksova is an award-winning Bulgarian artist who serves areas between Bulgaria and Birmingham. She dabbles in multiple art forms, including digital graphic designing, painting, and drama performances.

Boyana’s most notable work is Ripple, made with her experimental watercolor practice. Her website features her recent work and an online shop.

What we love about this website?

  • Includes an online store.
  • Nice and appealing background.
  • Amazing art portfolio and includes pricing details.

What’s missing?

  • The homepage should include a short bio or statement.

3. Karolina Draws

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Karolina hails from Bosnia but has spent most of her life in the Netherlands. She holds a professional degree in psychology and maintains an avid interest in portraits and personal illustrations.

You can find most of Karolina’s creative work on her website.Additionally, it also features an online store, blog and about me section.

What we love about this website?

  • Includes an online store.
  • Offers insight into artist’s bio and vision.
  • Nicely designed website with interesting backgrounds elements.

What’s missing?

  • The black font for the menu section is difficult to read.

4. Art By The King

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King is a visionary artist in South Florida who feels creatively inspired by nature, spirituality, and space. He loves drawing artwork that holds a unique conclusion for every different perspective.

The “Divine Commissions” section on King’s website showcases his most popular and successful works. Additional, his website includes a bio and contact section.

What we love about this website?

  • Includes a contact tab and artist bio.
  • Nice aesthetic artworks excellently displayed on a black background.
  • Pricing included in the commissions section.

What’s missing?

  • Website background could have looked better with an image to enhance the aesthetic.

5. Deb Grise Art

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Deb Grise is a self-taught artist who loves working with oils and watercolors. Her art style ranges from traditional to abstract and leaves a lasting impact on the viewer. Deb loves making paintings where viewers have to fill in the spaces with their imagination.

Deb’s website lists her artwork collection, articles, and a contact section.

What we love about this website?

  • Artwork is nicely displayed on a simple background.
  • Amazing art collection.
  • Includes a contact section and “About my art” tab.

What’s missing?

  • Should utilize the homepage more by including a menu bar on top and an online store.

6. Megaronii

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Megaronii belongs to Meg, an expert in creating digital art and craft. Her work primarily revolves around cosplays, emotes, and character reference sheets. She accepts payments via PayPal and Cash App.

Megaronii is a perfect one-page website example for artists looking to drive commissions.

What we love about this website?

  • Simple and clean design.
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Displays artist’s portfolio.

What’s missing?

  • Only good for displaying a portfolio on a one-page website 

7. Worcester Wares

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Worcester Wares belongs to Travis Duda, a graphic designer and mixed media artist. He discovered his zeal for designing and art as a 9 yr old and has been selling his art pieces for the last 15 years. Travis resides in Worcester and has a spontaneous artistic process.

His website includes an online shop to buy customized merchandise and cool clothing.

What we love about this website?

  • Includes an online shop.
  • Homepage includes artist’s introduction and vision.
  • Nice and quirky website design.

What’s missing?

  • Should offer pricing information about commissions.

8. Saeta Studio

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Saeta Studio features abstract paintings and interior designs from Leslie Saeta, an artist from South Pasadena. She hosts “Project Runway” annually, where participant artists draw thirty illustrations in as many days.

You can check out Leslie’s abstract collection and place orders on her website.

What we love about this website?

  • Includes an online shop where visitors can buy her artwork.
  • Nicely sectioned paintings.
  • Includes an about me section and contact page.

What’s missing?

  • Should include image elements to enhance the website background.

9. Hiroko Art

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Hiroko Lewis is a Japanese artist residing in Sussex who specializes in semi-abstract paintings. Hiroko is a graduate of Fine Art from Kanazawa College of Art and has exhibited her work at the National Art Centre, Tokyo.

Hiroko’s recently acclaimed work includes “Mother Tree”, “Glimpse”, and Unhurried Moon”. Her website includes an art portfolio, artist bio and contact section.

What we love about this website?

  • Offers adequate information about the artist.
  • Amazing artwork that nicely complements the website design.
  • Offers insight into the artworks.

What’s missing?

  • Should include an online shop and pricing details.

10. Ann Scott Painting

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Ann Scott resides in New York and is a grant recipient from Martha Boschen Porter Fund and NY State Council on the Arts. Her work revolves around nature, as visible by her astonishing collection of Clouds and landscape paintings. Ann recently won the people’s choice award in Plein Air Magazine.

Ann’s website includes her art portfolio, contact section and a resume of her exhibits.

What we love about this website?

  • Simplistic website design.
  • Easy to browse through artworks.
  • Includes pricing details for commissioned work.

What’s missing?

  • Should include more sections and an online shop.

11. MellarkBoxers Art

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MellarkBoxers Art’s owner introduces himself as V and is an exceptional illustrator and 2d digital artist from Argentina. She has been freelancing for several years, and her work expands from fantasy characters to illustrations.

What stands out most about MellarkBoxers art website is its simplistic interface and stunning digital artwork from the artist.

What we love about this website?

  • Nicely designed with a clean template.
  • Showcases commissioned work and pricing options.
  • Includes a contact section.

What’s missing?

  • Should include more image elements on the homepage.

How to create a perfect Artist Website?

In today’s digital age, having a professional and well-designed artist website is crucial for artists who want to showcase their work and reach a wider audience. Here’s how to create a perfect artist website.

  1. Choose a clean and simple design: Your website design should be clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Choose a design that complements your artwork without overpowering it.
  2. Showcase your best work: Your website should showcase your best work. Choose high-quality images that represent your style and showcase your skill.
  3. Include an artist statement: An artist statement is a crucial aspect of your website. It provides insight into your work and helps visitors understand your artistic approach and inspiration.
  4. Provide details about your artwork: Make sure to include important details about your artwork, such as title, medium, size, and price. This information helps potential buyers make informed decisions about purchasing your work.
  5. Make your website mobile-friendly: With more and more people accessing the internet on their mobile devices, it’s necessary to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Choose a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes.
  6. Include a contact page: Make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you by including a contact page with your email address and social media links.
  7. Use social media channels to promote your website: Promote your artwork through social media by sharing your latest work, exhibitions, and news with your followers to keep them engaged.

With the above-mentioned tips, you can create a perfect artist website that showcases your talent, professionalism, and artistic vision. Remember, your website is your online portfolio, so make sure to keep it up to date and regularly share your latest work with your followers.

The Best Website Builder for Artists

A website builder for artists should offer various tools and features to help artists showcase their work in a visually appealing and professional way. Here are some crucial features that a website builder for artists should offer:

  • Customizable templates: A website builder should offer a range of visually appealing and customizable templates to allow artists to showcase their work in the best possible way.
  • Image galleries: A website builder should allow artists to easily create and manage image galleries, with features like zoom and lightbox functionality.
  • E-commerce integration: For artists who want to sell their artwork online, a website builder should offer e-commerce integration, with features such as shopping carts, payment gateways, and inventory management.
  • Blogging functionality: Many artists use blogs to share their creative process and connect with their audience. A website builder should offer easy-to-use blogging functionality, with features such as comments, social media sharing, and RSS feeds.
  • SEO optimization: A website builder should provide SEO optimization tools to help artists improve their website’s visibility in search engines.

Squarespace offers sleek and modern templates along with the aforementioned features to help artists create a converting website. It is our suggested pick for the best website builder that suits artists.

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