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Master Digital Marketing & Business

Our highly practical master’s program will turn you into a digital marketing professional capable of:

✔️ Starting and running your own online business
✔️ Getting the digital marketing job you want.

At Max Business School, you set your own hours. You can take the courses and certifications at your own pace.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced marketing student, you will find content that will expand your expertise.

Our professors come from the industry and work in the industry. That’s why we respond to what the industry wants and needs by creating better and more relevant courses and certifications.

Our unique mission enables us to give a top quality education for free. Our aim is to make knowledge accessible so as many people as possible find freedom and empowerment.

Welcome to MAX Business School

MAX Business School is a private instituion specialised in Digital Marketing and Business.

We offer the most complete and updated training with an advanced methodology oriented by “learning by doing”.

Our goal is that during the course students develop a profitable, scalable and automated digital business or the skills needed to get a lucrative, fulfilling and very in-demand job.

We are the first Digital Business School to offer a Master in Digital Marketing and business completely for FREE.

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Module 1: Making Your Website

In this module, we’ll go step-by-step to building your fully functional, professional website.

We will learn about wordpress and get you all setup with your own domain and hosting which is yours to keep.

Module 2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this module, we’ll cover all the SEO basics.

The knowledge you need to know to get your website ranked in google. 

And we will go through implementing everything on your new website.

Module 3: Web Analytics

In this module, we’ll cover how to setup and analyse google analytics. 

You’ll be able to optimize all your marketing efforts after understanding and starting to execute on the insights google analytics will give you.

Module 4: Email Marketing

In this module, we cover the why and the how of email marketing.

We’ll look into strategies as well as setting up an email marketing account for your website. 

Then, we will move into how to start growing your email list and what to do with that list.

Module 5: Search Engine Advertising (SEM)

In this module, we will look at the search engines available to us and how to marketing with them. 

Well cover the fundamentals of PPC marketing as well as some basic tactics to get you beating your competition from day 1.

Module 6: Social Media Marketing

The basics on setting up your social media accounts, how to use them and what business cases apply to certain social media platforms and why.

Module 7: Facebook/Instagram Ads

In this module, we’ll cover the Facebook and Instagram ad platform and learn how to run, scale and optimize ads on these platforms.