5 Beautiful Carrd Templates for Free

Carrd is an ideal platform for anyone looking to build a fast, simple website without learning to code. Carrd has engaging visuals and an easy-to-use UI, which allows for creating one-page websites for pretty much anything. It is also perfect for those that only want a simple brochure-style website, where they would feature simple products or show off their portfolio with the addition of some images.

This article will list some aesthetic and visually appealing free Carrd templates. So without further ado, let’s get right into it:

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Profile Template

Profile template is ideal for freelancers and solopreneurs to create a visually appealing online business profile that highlights your skills and work experience.

Landing Page Template

Landing page templates are ideal for driving sales by enticing visitors to perform a specific action. Several businesses use landing pages as a part of digital marketing strategies to gather leads.

Form Template

The form template is perfect for creating signup forms and collecting customer information through surveys or polls. Forms help businesses to understand customer behavior better and formulate effective strategies.

Portfolio Template

A portfolio template is best for illustrators, animators, and photographers to showcase their art and gain projects. With a ready-made portfolio template, you can edit the elements and include your work.

Sectioned Template

A sectioned template is best for creating a multi-page website. If your site contains different informative sections, you should definitely go for the sectioned templates.