8 Best Wedding Website Examples

Are you a wedding planner or a newlywed couple looking to create a wedding website?

In this guide, we have enlisted the eight best wedding website examples to inspire your creativity and help you understand what elements to insert while creating a website.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Why do you need a Wedding Website?

Wedding websites are a great way to give guests access to your details and can be easily created using a wedding website builder. Your website is a hub for all the vital information about your wedding, from the dress code to transportation and hotel accommodations. You can also include an online registry so guests know exactly what you need for your special day. The website can also send invitations and other important details about the event.

An average wedding website also allows guests to RSVP online and post photos and videos from the event so you can relive every moment of your special day. With social media hashtags becoming more common on wedding websites, sharing moments with other guests and family members who couldn’t make it in person is easy. It’s a great way to show off all of the happy couple’s hard work that went into planning their special day. 

The Best Wedding Website Examples

Here are the 8 best wedding website examples:

1. A Little Wedding Story

(Made with Weebly) 🔥

A little wedding story is the online wedding photography portfolio of Paul Hiller. Paul has over a decade of experience in helping you relive the magical moments of your wedding ceremony with immaculate photography.

Her website features a wedding photography portfolio and contact section.

What we love about this website?

  • Includes a work portfolio.
  • Slick homepage design.

What’s missing?

  • Only includes two sections.
  • Should include a client testimonial and pricing section.

2. Amanda and Ryan

(Made with WordPress) 🔥

Amanda and Ryan are set to tie the knot on October 1, 2023, in Geneva. They started dating around May 2022 and instantly clicked with each other. Ryan asked Amanda out with a marriage proposal on October 1, 2022, and they decided to hold the wedding ceremony precisely a year later.

Amanda and Ryan’s wedding website includes dedicated sections for the wedding party, photos, QnA’s , and registry.

What we love about this website?

  • Nice aesthetic template that matches the wedding style.
  • Shows the couple’s story under the “Our Story” tab.
  • Has information about the wedding party.

What’s missing?

  • Background color should be on the lighter side.

3. Marryjoy and Jhon Mark

(Made with WordPress) 🔥

Marryjoy and Jhon Mark tied the knot on December 22, 2022, and are a married couple from San Diego who has shared the entire relationship journey, from the first meet to the most memorable dates on their wedding website.

Additionally, Marryjoy and John shared travel directions, and wedding invites on their website. You can also find stay recommendations and do a booking.

What we love about this website?

  • Shares wedding venue information.
  • Nice template with a vivid vibe.
  • Includes RSVP and contact details.

What’s missing?

  • Should include the couple’s photographs.

4. Marius and Alina

(Made with Webflow) 🔥

Marius and Alina are a Georgian couple who married on May 18, 2018. Their wedding website includes an invitation card, venue details, and contact details for reference.

What stands out most about Marius and Alina’s wedding website is the subtle use of photographs as background and its thematic look.

What we love about this website?

  • Effortlessly integrates photographs into the website.
  • Nice and simple background.
  • Include wedding venue information.

What’s missing?

  • Should include more sections for navigation.

5. Jayson and Leena

(Made with Webflow) 🔥

Jayson and Leena got hitched on April 9, 2022, and used a website powered by Webflow to ease the guest registration and invitation process.

Their wedding website allows guests to register with their name and phone number.

What we love about this website?

  • Nice background and template matches the theme.
  • Includes RSVP and contact information
  • Includes a slideshow of the couple’s photographs on the homepage.

What’s missing?

  • Should offer venue information.

6. Sarah and Stephen

(Made with Wix) 🔥

Sarah and Stephen have one of the most fun and intriguing wedding websites you’ll ever come across. You can catch up on their love story, see venue details and play a fun quiz based on Sarah and Stephen to assess how much you know them.

Sarah and Stephen got married on August 29, 2020 and hosted an intimate reception for the immediate family due to COVID outbreak.

What we love about this website?

  • Offers fun quizzes.
  • Includes wedding venue information.
  • Background includes a couple’s photograph.

What’s missing?

  • Should include wedding photographs.

7. Sonny

(Made with Squarespace) 🔥

Sonny is a wedding website that features a simplistic design and exciting information about the couple. They also mentioned the wedding date and venue on the website to help guests register.

The website features venue information, RSVP, and registry sections.

What we love about this website?

  • Includes venue details.
  • Uses the couple’s photographs as the background.
  • Includes the couple’s story.

What’s missing?

  • Should offer more insight into the couple’s love story and mention names.

8. Daniela and Moe

(Made with Wix) 🔥

Daniela and Moe have included several sections on their wedding website to provide an insight into the couple’s journey. You can see fun facts about both of them, check event details, and register as guests.

The website is designed beautifully with a vivid background and quirky quizzes to engage the visitors.

What we love about this website?

  • Includes the couple’s story on the website.
  • Allows you to play a fun quiz and know the couple better.
  • Beautiful and vivid background with a fantastic template.

What’s missing?


How to create a perfect Wedding Website?

Creating a wedding website is a great way to share important information with your guests and make your big day even more memorable. Here’s how to create a perfect wedding website.

  1. Choose the right platform: There are several platforms available to create a wedding website, but it’s essential to pick the one that best suits your needs. Some popular options include Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress.
  2. Choose a theme: Your website’s theme should reflect the style of your wedding. Choose a color scheme and design that fits your wedding’s aesthetic.
  3. Include important details: Your website should include important details such as the date, time, and location of your wedding. You can also include details about your bridal party, dress code, and gift registry.
  4. Create a schedule: A schedule of events is essential for a successful wedding website. Include details about the ceremony, reception, and any other activities you have planned for your guests.
  5. Add Photos: Photos are a great way to personalize your website and make it more engaging for your guests. Include photos of you and your partner, your engagement pictures, and any other photos that capture your love story.
  6. RSVP and contact information: Make it easy for your guests to RSVP and contact you with any questions or concerns they may have. Include a contact form or email address on your website.

In conclusion, creating a perfect website is easy with the right platform and a little planning. By including important details, creating a schedule and adding photos, you can create a beautiful and engaging website that will help make your big day even more memorable for you and your guests.

The Best Website Builder for Wedding Websites

When it comes to creating a wedding website, choosing the right website builder is crucial. Wix is a great option for creating a stunning wedding website without any coding experience. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you can easily customize templates and create a unique website that showcases your love story.

Wix also offers a range of features, such as RSVP forms, photo galleries, and gift registries, to make wedding planning a breeze. In addition, the platform provides reliable hosting and robust security to ensure that your website is up and running smoothly. In conclusion, Wix is the best website builder for creating beautiful and functional wedding websites.

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