5 Best Cheap Podcast Hosting Options

by Scott Max

So, you are in the market for podcast hosting. 

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Cheap Podcast Hosting

There are many podcast hosting sites that are readily available in the market. Each one claims to be better than the previous one. 

But, what distinguishes a cheap podcast hosting site from others is that it provides equal, if not better, opportunities of podcasting to its users.


Blubrry is a brilliant podcast hosting website that is serving its purpose with utmost diligence. It is a great platform for publishing, analyzing and growing your podcast business.

In fact, it is playing a major part in connecting podcast to all the leading retailers like Google and many more. It is not doubt making its niche in todays’ world and making it easier for podcasters to publish their content.

Blubrry has a very smooth and streamlined work ethics. This makes the publishing process very efficient. Moreover, it has a live support team that stays in action 24/7. It helps users in getting live feed and help from the team at blubrry. 

Even if you are a regular podcaster and want to switch to blubrry then it is a stress-free process. There are no hidden and complicated settings. Thus, it makes the migrating process easier.

Blubrry is in the business of podcast hosting since 2005. They have several tools and tips that is feasible to use.

They have plans for everyone whether you want to upload a single episode or a series of them. The variety in podcast hosting plans work for everyone. It is more than just a publishing website for podcasts.

Blubrry helps you connect with the audiences and maximizing your monetary value of your podcast. This dedication allows them to serve the users and get the most out of your podcast.

Blubrry is playing a major part in giving its users valuable insights. It helps in analyzing the podcast and providing in-depth details. This is important for users. It gives them insight to better themselves and provide their listeners with exactly what they want to listen.

blubrry Pricing 

Blubrry has various pricing plans that cater to all its users. Rest assured that there is no requirement for credit cards. The membership is not based on contracts. Thus, you can cancel the membership any time you want. 

The Standard plan costs $12 per month or $10 on annual payments. It has 125 MB monthly storage capacity. The Advanced plan is for $20 per month and $17 on annual payments. It has a capacity of 400 MB monthly storage. 

Lastly, the Pro Hosting plan costs $100 per month is ideal for large-scale businesses.  


Podiant is now Castos. Recently, Podiant has joined hands with Castos. The users that have an account with podiant do not need to make a new one. They can simply migrate to Castos by logging in their previous details and that’s it.

The podiant has all the features that Castos is offering. This includes their website facilities. Every podcast gets its own individual website designed by the podiant/castos team. 

Each website has a unique design that has a response time of few seconds.  Users can get their websites customized according to their requirements. This flexible feature makes it worth-while using podiant.  

With podiant/castos you can publish your podcast to YouTube within a matter of seconds. Getting your podcast published on YouTube means reaching millions of listeners and audience in no time. 

It is by far the largest medium for making viral content. In fact, it is considered number one platform for hosting podcasts. Podiant automatically converts your audio podcasts into videos and publishes them online.

It is true fact that transcription is a hassle and can take a lot of your time. In podiant, the users only have to focus on the podcast. Podiant/Castos can transcribe your podcast automatically accounting it word for word. 

The process is completely streamlined and performs seamlessly. It is a source of great relief for the users as well as the listeners.

Podiant is also playing a major role in providing clear-cut statistical analysis to its users. It is very important to keep the users updated with internal insights. It helps them by making betterments in their work and publishes work that is preferred by the audiences.

Podiant Pricing 

The podiant platform is offering 4 plans. The first one is the Starter plan that costs around $19 per month. It is perfect for podcasters who are new in the podcasting business. 

The next plan is the Growth package that costs around $49 per month. This is suitable for podcasters that want to promote their podcast for business purposes. 

The next plan is Pro that is for $99 per month. This is best for podcasters that want to use advanced analytics and produce content for masses. Lastly, they have the Premium package that is for $499 per month. 


Backtracks is the new version of podcast hosting websites that is best for analytical and advertising purposes. More and more people are opting for backtracks for their podcasting needs.

The way backtracks has evolved over the years and serving the purpose of making the most out of your podcasting is commendable. It is very advanced yet not so complicated as to cause confusion amongst its users. 

Backtracks has one of the most advanced team of experts that provide with insights based on analytical data. Thus, it is also serving its purpose of advertising your podcast in the best possible ways. 

With backtracks, the users are able to know what kind of market they are targeting. It is very important to know about the target audience so that you can provide them with what they want to hear. The more you cater to the demands of your audience, the more loyal they will be to you. 

Organically attained audience is always more beneficial and creates the revenue in favorable numbers. At backtracks, you can discover new ways of attracting listeners. It helps you in taking calculated steps that leads to monetizing your podcasts. 

The analytical data provided by backtracks is very detailed and elaborate. It does more than just keeping records of your download for you. It even shows the results of downloads, whether they were played or not. This data is enough to help in tracking if the listener engaged with your podcast and listened to it for how many times.

Backtracks Pricing 

Backtracks is offering four package plans currently. The first one is the Publisher that is for $99 per month. It has all the standard features that are suitable for new users. 

The second plan is the Publisher Plus which costs $199 per month. It is slightly more advanced than the earlier plan. The third plan is the Publisher Premium. It costs $299 per month. 

And lastly, they have the Enterprise plan. It is a flexible plan that is most suitable for large-scale podcasting businesses. 


Soundcloud is the most famous and popular podcast streaming website. You can share your podcast will millions and millions of listeners. Without Soundcloud you can discover, publish and share your podcasts instantly at a global level. 

Soundcloud is changing lives by giving direct access to genuine listeners and even more from other platforms. It allows hosting podcasts without any restrictions. The advanced insights provided by soundcloud are quite intuitive and helpful for its users.  

With soundcloud, users can easily share their podcast. They just have to share it in one space and it automatically gets shared on all the related platforms. Another interesting feature introduced by soundcloud is that it lets you interact with your listeners. 

The idea behind this feature is that podcasters get to relate with the audience on a personal level. They get to know instant feedbacks. This allows them to alter and make necessary changes preferred by the audiences. It also ensures that the content produced after getting the feedback is up to the mark and is according the audiences’ taste. 

Through soundcloud, podcaster can grow their audience. The advanced statistics laid down by soundcloud helps in gaining organic listeners. Moreover, the active platform that lets your listeners express their needs online makes them more loyal and devoted towards the podcast. 

You can monetize your podcast along with engaging in healthy user activities. Soundcloud has its own forum where it lets you connect with other podcasters who are doing similar work. It lets you get inspiration from fellow podcasters. 

Soundcloud Pricing 

Soundcloud is offering two plans for its podcasters. The first is the Basic plan that is absolutely free and lets you share your sound with listeners. Since it is basic in nature, you can avail all the primary features. 

Secondly, they are the offering Pro Unlimited package. You can simply go pro by paying $12 per month. It has all the basic features of the previous plan and more. You get unlimited options with it.

Another unique offer by soundcloud is to repost your episode for $2.50 per month and be heard on a global level. 


Resonate is an ideal, one-stop solution for users who are into podcasting. They started their podcast production company in 2014.  It is an easy way to host your podcasts. They provide podcast hosting and monetizing solutions and more. 

Resonate is not just a podcast hosting platform. It is much more than just a podcast production company. This is a professional podium that makes life for a podcaster much easier.

They fully commit to provide a well curated audio podcasts, integration with top brands, and creative solutions to podcast related issues. Resonate has trained experts in the field who work on podcast related problems on everyday basis.   

These experts are always offering pioneering results so the users can get quality podcast. Even new members can avail the services renders by their professionals. Each podcasts unique in nature thus the solutions suggested fit well with their respective podcasts.

Resonate is always into building a mutual relationship between its podcasters and their listeners. This unique feature makes it all the more special. It urges its user to release the highest quality of content so that the users can establish long term beneficial relationships with their listeners.

Moreover, even new users get to avail all the resources offered by Resonate. They have videos and guiding books that can help you create the podcast that is high in quality content. This will leaves a lasting impression amongst your listeners. 

Resonate is working diligently to combine latest technologies so that it incorporates proficiency with excellence. It is simple yet modern. 

At Resonate they have a full team of producers, writers, audio engineers, software developers, and an at-hand team of experienced podcasters. This makes them stand out for excellency in services. 

Resonate Pricing 

Resonate offers purchase services in the form of episode credits. The pricing page allows the user to choose the Audio Production. It offers standard, premium, enhanced, enterprise and custom audio production at $69, $159, $239, $449, and $750 respectively.

For video production they have two plans basic and advanced for $239 and $359 respectively. For Podcast hosting you can either choose $25 per month for the basic plan or $49 for premium plan. 

Why use Cheap Podcast Hosting?

There are million reasons to choose a cheap podcast hosting site. The major one remains that they let you enjoy all the facilities offered by other podcasting sites in less or even free of charge. The great benefit of using such sites is that they do not compromise over the quality of work produced. 

Since the market is overflowing from abundance in podcasting sites, it might get difficult to opt for a cheaper podcasting option. Hence, the above list might help in making up your mind and choose wisely for the sake of the podcasting career. 

Why choose the Blubrry Cheap Podcast Hosting?

What sets Bluberry apart is its diligence in providing its users with as much facilities as possible so they can avoid any form of hindrance from competitors. Blubrry is playing a major role in providing its user with world-class services in minimal and affordable prices. This is why it is the best cheap podcast hosting site available in the market.

Apart from being reasonable, Blubrry has a lot to offer. It helps the users to publish, analyze, grow and monetize their podcasts. It has distribution deal with all the leading podcast distributors. This includes sites like Google, Apple and more. Since, it already has access to these sites; it makes work easier for its users.

The working at Blubrry is very simple and modernized. They have modernized updated system that keeps users in the loop. The user is always aware of their podcast status 24/7. The team at Blubrry is highly professional and deals with all problems that users might face. They also offer live help with is a quite useful tactic to attract audiences. 

They are in this business since 2005, hence are aware of its rules and requirements. They have very open and transparent pricing system. Along with packages and plans, they offer free trials too. You can contact their live personnel anytime to get more information. 

Another distinguishing feature about blubrry is that it charges its users on both; monthly and yearly basis. If you choose to pay them yearly, you get a great offer and reduced price. Still if users want to opt for monthly payments, they can remain assured that they are getting the best value of their money spent. 

Pod Casting Service for Blubrry Cheap Podcast Hosting, a Summary

It is very important to juggle amongst the podcasting services provided by different sites and choose the one that is cheaper and yet doesn’t compromise over the content quality. Blubrry can play its part as a life savior in this situation. 

It is by far one of the most affordable podcasting sites. It offers as many facilities as any other site that is charging for the similar services. Good quality work doesn’t mean it has to cost an arm and a leg. With Blubrry users can host their sites at minimal cost for longer time periods.