5 Best Landing Page Builders For WordPress

So, you are in the market for a landing page builder that suits WordPress.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Best Landing Page Builder for WordPress specifically.

WordPress is typically used by solopreneurs or businesses to create attractive websites and digitize market operations. A Landing Page builder that connects with WordPress, offers a no-code platform and provides several WordPress themes will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best Landing Page Builder for WordPress:

1. Elementor

Elementor offers tons of enhancements to improve your website’s existing capabilities and increase your lead generation through landing pages. It enables you to create rich content websites and customize your online store. Additionally, you can design buttons, leveraging Elementor’s button design capabilities and seamlessly direct your visitors.

Elementor Features

Here are some exclusive features of Elementor:

Custom CSS: With Elementor, you can give your websites a CSS class sticky header and decide its action. Elementor’s Custom CSS enables you; to add new functionalities to your website and make it attractive for your visitors.

Sticky Elements: Elementor allows you to add sticky elements to your landing pages and websites. Additionally, you can add motion effects to your elements and upgrade the outlook of your pages. Elementor enables you to add scrolling and mouse effects to your websites.

Kits Library: Elementor allows you to import complete websites and duplicate them to create multiple versions. Additionally, you can go through the kits library to add new designs and graphics to your websites. Elementor simplifies the content editing and image additions for your website and landing pages.

Dynamic Content: Elementor offers Dynamic Content functionality, allowing you to decide what sections should be displayed: on your webpage and where. With Dynamic Content, you can create the perfect descriptive website and landing pages for your visitors, enticing them to make a purchase. 

Theme Builder: Elementor enables you to build new themes for your WordPress website and add an array of widgets that simplify the browsing experience for your visitors. Moreover, you can customize existing templates to create a completely new outlook for your landing pages.

Elementor Pricing

Elementor offers 1 Cloud website plan and 4 Plugin subscriptions for its landing page builder tools.

The “Cloud Website Plan” is priced at $69/year and offers CMS tools plus Hosting.

The “Essential Plan” is priced at $49/year and offers premium support plus website kits. You get 1 Pro website activation.

The “Advanced Plan” is priced at $89/year and offers 3 Pro website activations.

The “Expert Plan” is priced at $159/year and offers 25 pro website activations.

The “Agency Plan” is priced at $399/year and offers 1000 pro website activations.

2. Visual Composer (now as WP Bakery)

If you have WordPress and do not want to pay much for an external tool I recommend the Visual Composer plugin. With this tool you can quickly create the pages you want. Its system works with drag & drop and allows you to customize everything quickly.

WPBakery Features

WPBakery page builder is a simple and powerful drag and drop page builder plugin that works with any WordPress theme and content, including pages, posts and custom post types. With WPBakery, you can drag and drop ready to use content elements or templates into your page, enabling you to build any layout.

Here are some exclusive features of WPBakery:

Front End Editor: WPBakery offers an intuitive front end editor for WordPress that lets you organize your content and website freely. You can develop the entire front end of your WordPress website without any coding knowledge. Additionally, WPBakery lets you preview your landing pages on several devices to ensure optimization.

Template Library: WPBakery offers quality templates for landing pages without any limitations. You can build your WordPress pages within WPBakery by selecting the page or post type. Moreover, you can preview each template before you start customizing it to ensure the selected template suits your website.

Content Elements: WPBakery allows you to add or remove content elements in your landing page presets. You can include text blocks, pie charts, post sliders, tour sections, widgetized sidebars and text separators on your landing pages.

Skin Builder: WPBakery allows you to add colour themes to your website with its skin builder. You can create skins on WPBakery and combine them with your existing WordPress pages to give a unique outlook; to your website and landing pages.

WPBakery Pricing

WPBakery offers 2 Subscription plans for its landing page builder tools.

The “Regular” plan is priced at $56 and offers free updates. You can use it on a single WordPress site.

The “Extended” plan is priced at $299 and offers theme integration. You get premium support and can use WPBakery in a single SaaS application.

3. Instapage

This tool is also well known and works perfectly with WordPress. It has a free version that will allow you to test the tool and see if you decide to use it at the end. With Instapage you will have access to A/B testing, integrations with various tools and nice templates.

Instapage Features

Instapage is a landing page builder and lead conversion tool popular because of its versatility. It enables businesses to formulate several digital marketing campaigns and maximize the ROI by converting maximum leads. Instapage is ideal for all team sizes and is a scalable platform that grows with your business.

Here are some exclusive features of Instapage:

On-page Collaboration: Instapage is a collaborative landing page builder platform that allows you to work with your colleagues and speed up your workflows. Instapage accelerates the designing and reviewing process by automating and centralizing all communication.

Image Asset Manager: Instapage enables you; to add and edit photos on your landing page to offer a more personalized view. Additionally, you can arrange the images in folders; to easily locate them. Moreover, Instapage fastens the loading speed of your landing pages with the AMP framework.

Instablocks: Instablocks offers a unique way to build landing pages. It ensures you don’t waste your time recreating content and offers several pre-built Instablock templates. Instapage scales the post-click experience for every ad and provides message-matched landing pages to turn ad clicks into conversions.

Custom Code Editing: With Instapage, you can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript settings to incorporate custom HTML widgets into your landing pages. Instapage’s CSS inline editor allows you to make fine level adjustments and CSS styling to isolate individual page elements.

Optimization: Turning data into information, information into insight and insight into action is the essence of optimization. With Instapage, you can make your data more actionable by adding greater depth to your analytic insights. You can track mouse movements, clicks and scroll depth to identify how your visitors are interacting; with your landing pages.

Instapage Pricing

Instapage offers 2 Subscription plans for its landing page builder tools.

The “Building” plan is priced at $299/month and offers unlimited domains. Additionally, you can use sophisticated A/B testing and get unlimited conversions.

The “Converting” plan is a customizable subscription plan for larger agencies. It offers global blocks, Heatmaps and global Workspace scripts. Click on “Contact Sales” to get a price quotation.

4. Thrive Architect / Thrive Content Builder (WordPress Plugin)

Thrive Architect is the new version of the famous and useful Thrive Content Builder plugin. Thanks to this plugin we will be able to create landings and even design our posts in WordPress with little effort, helping us with the more than 100 pre-designed templates they have, as well as a great amount of components that you will be able to add to your blog simply by dragging and dropping. The price of this tool is very competent compared to other platforms for creating landings and the experience is really pleasant to use.

If you want to see more information about it, you can take a look at this post with all the information about Thrive Content Builder and Thive Architect that you will see in Javi’s Monetized blog.

Thrive Architect Features

Thrive Architect is a WordPress page builder tool that focuses on lead conversion, landing pages and running effective digital campaigns. It enables you to easily monetize your internet traffic and build a reliable clientele base for your business. With Thrive Architect, you can create personalized landing pages for your visitors and prompt them to take urgent actions.

Here are some exclusive features of Thrive Architect:

Pre-made Templates: Thrive Architect offers over 300 pre-made templates for almost every business field. In addition to the beautiful designs compatible with all devices, Thrive Architect’s templates have been designed based on successful landing page blueprints that boost conversions.

Thrive Automator: With Thrive Architect, you can create automation for your WordPress site and integrate it with other platforms that you currently use for digital marketing. Thrive Automator removes the third-party integrations and provides a one-stop solution for connecting your marketing tools with WordPress.

Thrive Ultimatum: Thrive Ultimatum is a unique marketing tool offered by Thrive Architect to create a scarcity campaign and add “Fear of missing out” among your visitors. It boosts your lead conversion rate by adding a sense of urgency to your landing pages, making your visitors perform the required action and converting them.

Optimization: Thrive Architect offers Split A/B testing and lets you analyze different versions of your landing pages with real-time statistics. It ensures you use a fully optimized version of your landing page and provide a quality experience to your visitors.

Theme Builder: Thrive Architect offers a no-code platform to build WordPress themes for your website. Moreover, you can update changes across all locations and devices. With Thrive Architect, preparing the front-end of your WordPress website becomes much easier.

Thrive Architect Pricing

Thrive Architect offers 2 Pre-madePre-made subscription plans for its WordPress website and landing page builder tools. The “Thrive Suite” plan is priced at $99/Quarterly and offers unlimited updates.

Alternatively, you can opt for the “Thrive Suite Agency” plan priced at $588. It lets you build upto 50 client websites and unlimited support.

5. LeadPages

Leadpages is my favourite tool, even though it’s paid and sometimes gets a bit slow it’s the best solution globally for landing page creation. It is the tool designed for marketers and entrepreneurs who have no notions of design or programming. I have it configured with my WordPress and I can publish my pages with just one click. They also have the LeadBox that allows me to offer quickly downloadable content. They also have very easy to use templates and above all very effective. With Leadpages I have created pages to capture leads and pages to sell and I have always achieved great conversion results. The price of leadpages depends on the plan, but they range from $37 per month to $97. I have the PRO plan and I paid for it annually to save.

LeadPages Features

LeadPages enables you; to create and maintain landing pages for your business. It allows you to prompt the visitors to take a specific action. You can determine the action based on your business requirements. With LeadPages, you can capture leads for future marketing opportunities or drive sales of a specific product or service.

Here are some exclusive features of LeadPages:

Lead Routing: Landing Pages are essentially created to entice potential clients toward performing an action. However, it’s not necessary that the visitors will actually perform the action. LeadPages integrates with your third-party channels like CRM or other tools and routes the leads instantaneously. It ensures your leads aren’t wasted, and you can contact the unconverted leads in the future.

Page Optimization: LeadPages offers unlimited A/B testing for landing pages and provides quality optimization. Additionally, you can gain real-time optimization tips with Leadmeter and build better performing landing pages. You can also use third-party analytics by simply pasting the tracking code.

Design & Templates: LeadPages offers several templated designs to build your landing pages. You can add countdown timers to automatically redirect visitors to a new page once time runs out. In case you don’t want to use a template, you can design your landing page from scratch and include your favourite widgets.

Publishing: LeadPages provides a free domain where you can host your website. Additionally, you can integrate LeadPages with WordPress or other website building tools; to directly publish your content. LeadPages offers a highly secured hosting domain with SSL encryption.

Site Builder: Apart from Landing Pages, LeadPages offers a website builder that requires no coding skills. You can preview your website on several devices to optimize it and provide a smooth browsing experience. Moreover, it offers built-in SEO tools that enable you to create title tags and meta descriptions.

LeadPages Pricing

LeadPages currently offers 3 Pricing options for its landing pages and website builder tools.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $99/month and allows you to host upto 3 Sites on the LeadPages domain. Additionally, it offers online sales & payments plus unlimited A/B testing.

The “Standard” plan is priced at $49/month and allows you to host 1 Site on the LeadPages domain. It offers tech support, unlimited Traffic and leads, a landing page builder and mobile-responsive site templates.

The “Advanced” plan offers a customizable package where you can choose your tools and features. Contact the sales team to get a pricing quotation for this subscription.

Why use a Landing Page Builder at all?

Landing Pages serve a completely different purpose than your main website pages. They entice your visitors towards performing a specific action. This action might be related to doing a sign-up or making enrollment, or completing a purchase.

Landing page builders provide a no-code platform that lets you create high-quality landing pages with a drag and drop builder. Additionally, you can use several themes or templates to create a landing page and customize it by adding the elements or widgets that you require.

Why should you use a Landing Page Builder for WordPress?

Landing page plugins offer multiple content elements. So you can create an attractive page that encourages your visitor to take action.

Additionally, landing page builders provide easy customization, helping you add call-to-action elements and collect leads easily.

With a Landing Page Builder, you can use pre-built templates created by experts; to swiftly build landing pages for your WordPress websites.

It reduces the complications of using CSS or HTML to create a landing page and helps you handle every aspect of your landing page creation.

Landing Page Builders allow you to live preview your pages before; you publish them on desktop or mobile. Moreover, all the pages that you design are mobile responsive.

Landing Page Builders ensure you don’t waste your internet traffic and help you maximize the results from your digital campaigns.

WordPress integration with Landing Page Builder tools helps you optimize your web pages and improve their outlook by adding custom elements or widgets that may not be provided by WordPress.

Landing Page Builder for WordPress, A Summary

Landing pages are essential for building your online business and improving the internet traffic for your WordPress website. Landing Page Builders help you build; custom themes for your pages and direct your visitors to the WordPress website.

Elementor offers a WordPress plugin and a quality theme builder for your landing pages. It is our suggested pick for a landing page builder that supports WordPress. Visit the website to get started.

What Landing Page Builder would you recommend?

In short, It’s Leadpages.com

It simplifies online marketing with its intuitive platform. Create high-converting landing pages, websites, and pop-ups effortlessly. Drive more leads, sales, and engagement with powerful tools and customizable templates, making your digital marketing efforts seamless and effective.

“🚀Try Leadpages.com For Free, It’s my favorite Landing Page Builder to use and recommend.” -Scott Max

LeadPages empowers businesses with its intuitive platform, enabling effortless creation of high-converting landing pages. With a plethora of customizable templates and powerful tools, it drives increased leads, sales, and engagement, making it a vital tool for effective online marketing campaigns.

For more details, read our Leadpages.com Review.