5 Best Payroll Software For Accountants

by Scott Max
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The Best Payroll Software Specifically For Accountants

Accounting firms and solo accountants manage several clients, which includes handling payroll, financial transactions and tax filing. They require payroll software to create unique pay runs for every business. A platform that offers tax calculation, all-around accounting, swift onboarding and payroll scheduling will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best payroll software for accountants:

1. Gusto

Gusto provides a modern HR platform for payroll managers and employee onboarding. It offers a smart interface that empowers your teams and pushes your business towards growth. With Gusto, you can pay your employees, check attendance records, do hiring or analyze reports on a centralized platform.

Gusto Features

Here are some exclusive features of Gusto:

Payroll: Gusto lets you run your payroll in minutes, infinite times, without any overcharging. You can set everything on autopilot, and Gusto will sync your team's hours automatically. Additionally, Gusto calculates your taxes and files them with the right government agencies.

Hiring & Onboarding: From hiring your first employee to scaling your ever-growing businesses, Gusto assists you in finding great employees who fit your organization like a glove. You can create custom onboarding checklists for new hires and post job listings. Additionally, Gusto offers integration with leading applicant tracking systems so you can directly import new hires into payroll.

Time Tools: Gusto offers automated time tools that help you manage time off, holidays, workforce costs and team hours. You can verify the billable hours with geolocation and automatically sync them with payroll after the approval. Additionally, Gusto provides project tracking. So you can analyze your productivity and costs.

Employee Benefits: Gusto understands the latest business strategies revolve around employee welfare. A paycheck is not enough to keep your team motivated and productive. With Gusto, you can provide health and financial benefits to support and motivate your team. Additionally, Gusto ensures you protect your team and stay compliant with labour laws.

Gusto Wallet: Gusto provides your employees with a money tracking and saving tool named Gusto Wallet. You can set upto 5 Savings objectives, change contributions and transfer them to your spending account. Additionally, Gusto provides a debit card that processes transactions 2 Days faster.

Gusto Pricing

Gusto offers 4 Pricing options for its payroll and HR management software.

The "Simple" plan is priced: at $40/month plus an additional $6/person. It offers employee financial benefits, basic onboarding tools and payroll reports.

The "Plus" plan is priced: at $80/month plus an additional $12/month. It offers next-day direct deposit, advanced onboarding tools, PTO management and time tracking.

The "Premium" plan offers an exclusive pricing quote. It provides an HR resource centre, compliance alerts, performance reviews and health insurance broker integration.

The "Contractor Only" plan is for businesses without any W-2 employees and is priced: at $6/month/user.

2. Paychex

Paychex simplifies your payroll and HR. So you have more time to focus on business growth. It is an integrated suite of services that manages payroll, reporting and employee data. Paychex is not just for managers and business owners; your employees can also access their pay stubs or put up a holiday request from the self-service portal.

Paychex Features

Here are some exclusive features of Paychex:

Automation and ERTC: Paychex offers employee retention tax credit, helping business owners determine eligibility for tax returns and retroactively claim the credit. Additionally, Paychex automates payroll processing. So your employees get paid automatically once the monthly billing cycle arrives.

Paychex Flex: Paychex Flex is a mobile app from Paychex to help business owners automate payrolls and integrate employee data with the HR department. With Paychex Flex, you can simplify payroll administration and set scheduled payments. Additionally, you can set achievable objectives for your employees and award incentives or bonuses based on them.

Time & Attendance: With Paychex, you can accurately track employees' billable hours, whether they're working onsite or from home. Paychex ensures your payrolls are automatically in sync with the timesheets and attendance reports. Moreover, it automatically updates managers regarding time off requests.

Hiring Services: Paychex helps you find the right employee for your organization by showing the best-fit candidates and uncovering important information about potential employees. Additionally, it reduces the onboarding time by offering your new hires a self-service portal.

Digital Marketing and HR Services: Paychex offers an integrated data-driven lifecycle marketing platform that helps small businesses grow through personalized engagement. Additionally, it's also a total HR solution that helps you comply with state and federal regulations plus makes you aware of potential HR issues.

Paychex Pricing 

Paychex offers an On-demand pricing quote for its all-in-one payroll management system. Click on "Request Pricing" and input the company info to get started with a free quote.

3. ADP

ADP allows businesses to pay employees in minutes with an intuitive payroll experience. It caters both small and large businesses by offering a scalable platform. ADP calculates, deducts and files taxes to ensure you maintain compliance. Additionally, ADP lets you create a professional employee handbook for swift onboarding.

ADP Features

Here are some exclusive features of ADP:

Payroll Module: ADP offers a payroll module that works for small businesses and midsize to enterprise companies. It provides you with an automated payroll system that handles taxes and compliance. Additionally, ADP gives you several payment options like; direct deposit and cheque delivery.

Time & Attendance: The time & attendance module comes with time tracking and workforce management. You can set up time tracking on company devices and point-of-sale tablets. After employees track time, the data integrates with the HCM to automatically calculate payroll and ensure compliance. Additionally, managers can use dashboards to spot trends using analytics.

Benefits Management: The benefits management module lets you administer employee benefits, offer retirement plans, access group health insurance and purchase business insurance like workers comp. Employees can use the self-service portal to compare and select insurance plans during open enrollment periods and submit selections to HR.

Benefits Advisory: ADP also offers benefits advisory services to help management make the best decisions about benefits packages. Moreover, you can outsource some HR administrative tasks to ADP if you're having an extra workload.

SaaS System: ADP is now a software-as-a-service system, making it easily accessible. It makes ADP very flexible and allows your team members to clock in, request time off and view pay stubs. With its intuitive design and clean interface, ADP provides a quality user experience.

ADP Pricing

ADP offers on-demand pricing for its subscription plans.

Businesses with less than 50 employees can select between "Essential", "Enhanced", "Complete", and "HR Pro" subscriptions.

Enterprises can select between "Payroll Essentials", "HR Plus", "Hiring Advantage", and "Performance Plus" subscription plans.

4. OnPay

OnPay is a precise HR and payroll management platform that keeps accurate records and ensures tax compliance. OnPay strives to increase your team's productivity levels and makes onboarding easier with minimal paperwork. OnPay lets you focus on business expansion while it manages your payroll.

OnPay Features

Here are some exclusive features of OnPay:

Full-service Payroll: OnPay is a fast platform and does all the heavy lifting. You can run multiple payroll schedules for different employees, withhold all payroll taxes, deduct garnishments and get detailed payroll reports within OnPay. Additionally, OnPay lets you save custom views with its report designer.

Special Payroll Services: OnPay caters every small business's specific requirements without extra charges. Restaurants can calculate tipped wages, nonprofits can get exemptions from federal unemployment tax, and farms can process separate tax filings for agricultural workers and non-farm employees.

Accountant Dashboard: OnPay offers an accountant dashboard where you can view your clients and stay on top of all payroll-related tasks. Moreover, OnPay supports integration with Xero and QuickBooks, helping you precisely keep records and manage accounts. With OnPay, you can maintain a profitable wage structure and organize all transactions.

Employee Self-service: OnPay provides your employer with a self-service portal where they can do self-onboarding, access pay stubs or personal tax documents and pull employment data from the records. OnPay ensures your employees have the access to intrinsic information and can choose their benefit plans.

Essential HR Tools: OnPay lets you create automated onboarding workflows and kick off the process with a customizable offer letter. It automatically reports new hires to the state and lets you delegate non-HR tasks. With OnPay, you can review custom personnel checklists and use built-in document templates.

OnPay Pricing

OnPay charges $40/month as a base fee plus an additional $6/month per person. OnPay offers one simple price for its payroll management platform and unlocks all functionalities.

5. Zoho Payroll

Zoho Payroll is designed to help your business maintain federal and state tax compliance. It is an end-to-end platform that does everything for you, whether it's onboarding employees, or streamlining your payroll administration. Additionally, it is tightly integrated with the Zoho ecosystem and imports your payroll data automatically.

Zoho Payroll Features

Here are some exclusive features of Zoho Payroll:

Employees Management: Zoho Payroll ensures you chart the right course for managing your workforce from the day you hire your first employee. It offers fast employee onboarding and tax form generation plus manages exits efficiently. Moreover, your employees can view their personal details and access pay stubs on the Zoho Payroll platform.

Payroll Processing: Zoho Payroll offers intuitive features that help you prepare your pay runs and validate payroll input. You can generate gross to net pay stubs, personalize pay schedules, do online salary payments and reward employees with bonuses. Zoho Payroll ensures swift processing and efficient management to maintain your wage structure.

Payroll Benefits & Accounting: Zoho Payroll lets you associate non-wage benefits like retirement plans, health insurance and taxable benefits with employees. You can reward diligent employees for disciplined attendance by paying out unused leaves. Additionally, Zoho Payroll lets you choose expense liability accounts to track benefits automatically and prevent last-minute reconciliations.

Payroll Metrics: With Zoho Payroll, you can generate single-click reports that reflect your payroll. It lets you analyze your organization's payroll expenses with a summary report that classifies all financial contributions. Additionally, you can export the reports in multiple formats for deeper analysis.

Payroll Administration: Zoho Payroll ensures you make light work of time-intensive admin tasks and organize your wage structure efficiently. You can personalize the email templates by adding a human touch to your automated messages and turning on notifications for upcoming pay runs and tax filings.

Zoho Payroll Pricing

Zoho Payroll offers 1 Subscription plan for its Payroll management software. It is priced at $19/month plus an additional $3 for every employee and offers automatic payroll calculation, digital pay stubs, a self-service portal and direct deposit of salaries via Forte.

Why use Payroll Software at all?

Every business has to deal with tax filings, employee regulations and financial transactions. As your organization scales, your demands get bigger, and so does your workforce. At one point, it becomes troublesome to depend on manual entry from your accounting team. You must cross-check every detail and still can not be certain about missing out on errors.

Payroll software helps you manage employee onboarding and payroll, plus file accurate tax returns. You can schedule payments and recurring deductions to keep your payroll running even when you're unavailable. Additionally, you can offer employee benefits like retirement and insurance plans to your workforce.

Why should Accountants use Payroll Software?

As an accountant, you regularly have to manage finances for several clients. Sometimes, it includes organizing a company's payroll and maintaining tax compliance. You require a dedicated platform to help you calculate accurate returns automatically so you can serve multiple businesses.

Payroll software provides accountants with highly profitable payroll services without any compliance headaches. It puts your system on autopilot, so you never have to worry about doing direct deposits, paying garnishments and filing returns.

Payroll software handles everything automatically, electronically and on time with 100% accuracy and industrial-strength batch processing. It eliminates payroll data entry and paychecks printing by automatically syncing data.

Additionally, payroll software offers reporting and financial tools to help manage a busy accounting practice. You can do bank reconciliations, organize assets and provide employee benefits to your workforce.

Payroll Software for Accountants, A Summary

Accountants have to keep books for clients and manage their financial affairs. However, depending on the speciality, many accountants also organize payrolls for clients. With payroll software, accountants can automate mundane manual tasks and gain valuable insights through reporting.

Gusto offers an advanced payroll cum accounting platform that enables you to do financial reporting, file accurate taxes and organize your pay runs. It is our suggested pick for payroll software that suits accountants. Visit the website to get started.

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