5 Best Private Podcast Hosting Sites

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Spreaker is your ultimate destination for seamless, high-quality podcasting and live audio streaming..

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Where music comes to life. Discover, stream, and share your favourite tunes effortlessly.

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Captivate is your podcasts with powerful hosting and analytics. Your voice, amplified worldwide.

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So, you are in the market for a podcast hosting. 

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Private Podcast Hosting

Although podcasting is a globally acclaimed career choice, many like to stay to themselves and keep it for private podcast hosting. 

The reason for choosing the private podcast hosting is due to freedom of speech. Users get to express their view point without being judged. 


Podbean is one of the best podcast hosting and monetizing website. It is very easy to use and is in reality a very influential tool. It helps the user in creation, promotion and monetization of their podcasts. 

Podbean is playing a very successful role in creating world famous podcasts. It allows easy publishing while promoting user’s learning process. Publishing a podcast was never as easy and achievable in just a few clicks. 

Moreover, Podbean allows infinite number of podcast hosting. There are no limits for downloads as well.

Podbean is a professional website. It has a variety of customizable themes and features to suit the nature of user’s podcast. Each brand has its own domain. Users can even choose the publishing time of their podcast as per their convenience.

It is a great podcast hosting website that shows the beautiful side of podcasting in terms of visual appearance. 

Podbean is a great space for podcasting distribution. It makes your podcast available in the best places like Apple, Google, Spotify, and more.

It has the feature of embedded players for your podcast. Furthermore, your Podbean account automatically shares new episodes on all the linked social platforms. This gives more access to the organic audience.

Podbean has its own app that lets you publish podcasts on the go. The app is available for iOS and Androids. They integration with email address happens automatically for your podcast subscribers.

Podbean is a famous for offering useful insights to its users. It updates the user about the latest trends. They give better understanding of what users would like to listen and download.  

The website automatically places the top ten episodes on top. This keeps the trends on the run. 

Podbean Pricing 

The Podbean pricing structure is pretty simple and transparent. They offer 4 kinds of plans. They include the Basic, Unlimited Audio, Unlimited Plus, and Business.

The Basic plan is a starter pack which is absolutely free. This is great for newbies. Next is the Unlimited Audio at $9, which is for Audio podcasting with no limits. 

The Unlimited Plus plan is suitable for video podcasting and monetization of the podcast at $29. The Business package is ideal for podcasting networks. Many use it for business purposes which are available at $99 per month.  


Captivate is breaking the barriers by making things easy and quick.  It is surely a piece of cake for the users. This is in fact, an ideal place to host your podcasts. They play a major role in storing all the audio data by maintaining the significance of your metadata. 

It is of utmost importance that each and every podcast has its own original website. Every separate podcast website relates to some major benefits.

A separate website helps establish a unique link between you and the user. Moreover, they are accessible to users worldwide. 

Website availability allows listeners to access it, even if they start searching through Google. This is quite beneficial if the website pops up on the top searches of the Google list. It helps achieve more audiences organically. 

It gives you the complete control of how you want to introduce your episode. The availability of website is always a simpler approach for the listeners.

Another added benefit is that it allows the posting because you own the website. This way you can control the web traffic on your website and help the listeners if they want to interact.

Podcasting is becoming a norm over the years. We can’t deny its existence because it has gained plenty of audience of its own. A suitable website like Captivate perfect for hosting podcasts.

Captivate is giving users the liberty of making podcasting as their own. It is helping in creating and distributing infinite number of podcasts.

It is surely offering progressive analytical hosting by monetizing and promoting the podcasts with user-friendly dashboard handle.

Captivate has a built-in marketing suite for podcasting. It makes sharing easier universally by creating opportunities like websites, sponsoring kits, private feeds, and much more. 

Hosting websites like Captivate allows a complete flexible podcasting experience for the user. There are no contracts or commitments thus the user can migrate freely from the podcast. 

Moreover, there is no need for an upgrade- EVER! This is because the website has no hidden features, charges, or any such structures. Each and every user gets everything. 

Captivate Pricing 

Using Captivate is absolutely free for 7 days. In this trial period you can fully understand the potentials and features that Captivate has to offer.

Starting your own podcast or migrating on Captivate is super easy and offers three basic plans. You can either buy a personal, professional, or a business plan.

The personal plan costs $17 per month which includes 12,000 downloads with unlimited storage and podcasts plus offering an extensive distribution list.

The professional plan costs $44 per month which includes 60,000 downloads and the business plan costs $90 per month which includes 150,000 downloads. The rest of the features remain same. 


Libsyn is a podcast hosting website that can cater to all podcasting needs from A to Z. It is an ideal website for beginners as well as experts. The idea is that it can provide features that are important for all kinds of users. 

Libsyn has a lot to offer for it users. The website offers unlimited bandwidth that increases the reach for its consumers. Apart from their exceptional services, they have commendable customer support. This helps a lot of new users to get out of trouble when they face trouble while creating podcasts in initial stages of their career. 

Moreover, libsyn automatically creates video files based on the audio published by users. It helps gain more audience and doubles the chances of being heard and seen at the same time.

With Libsyn, you can publish your podcast on all the leading apps and platforms. Since libsyn is linked with these apps like Google, Spotify, and more, it allows the coverage of your podcast almost everywhere.

Libsyn offers its users with best monetizing opportunities. Their subscriptions are well-defined and precise with no hidden charges. You are totally in control of what you want out of your podcast publishing.

The website proposes its users with a compatible mobile app. This app has customized website for personal use. Moreover, they suggest deep insights on your podcast and episodes. This helps in improving your podcast for the better.

They also have a team of experts at the backened that are seasoned podcasters. They share their experience and skills with users to make them more accomplished. 

Libsyn Pricing 

Libsyn has very detailed package plans for its users depending on their usage time and storage capacity. The $5 plan is for 3 hours and 162 MB. The $15 plan runs for 6 hours and 324 MB. 

The $20 and $40 plans have a monthly storage capacity of 10 hours/540 MB and 14 hours/ 800 MB respectively. 

If you want to opt for podcasting plans that have more storage then you can choose the Advanced 1500 and Advanced 3000. These are Pro plans that are suitable for experts and big brands.  


As a prominent podcast hosting website, fireside has a team of podcasting of their own. They know the importance of accuracy in statistics and analysis of actual downloaded podcasts. Their marketing strategy entails specialized search engines that report in real-time for making users more informed. 

The entire history of downloads made in fireside is tracked and accounted for. It is very important for the users get important insight son their work performance. But, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds. 

Fireside is pretty simple to use. The dashboard designed on the main web page is easy and optimizes work performance. It keeps the work speed to the maximum so that users are free from any unwanted interruption when doing their work. 

This way the users do not have to pay attention to unnecessary turbulence caused by external matters. All they have to do is to create quality content that fulfills the listener’s criteria. Even if you have a podcast on other platforms, you easily import it on fireside without any restrictions. 

Moreover, you can import your existing podcasts in simple click without paying additional fees. The automated system inbuilt with fireside can import all your headings, explanations, MP3 files and even side notes. 

With fireside, your each podcast gets its own personalized website. It gets all real-time responses from the audience. It also gives you something extra by featuring the detailed description about your podcast on the side. You can also ask them to add some customized details.  

fireside Pricing 

Fireside has three basic plans for its users. They have the Starter, Standard and the Professional plan. The Starter plan is for beginners that costs $9 each month. 

The standard plan has more features than the starter pack and can cost $19 each month. And lastly, the Professional plan costs $49 each month. It is ideal for Pro podcasters. 

It is one of the most reasonable and inexpensive podcast hosting website that offers several features.  


Redcircle is the only podcast hosting website that is conveying their user-made podcasts in simple yet convenient way. It makes the listeners known what the podcasters have created for them.  The simple way in which redcircle conveys the podcasts makes it easier for the listeners to gauge what podcasters want to deliver. 

Even if you are a new user, redcircle has all a detailed guide to get you started. It even has videos that show steps to start podcasting. Their expert tech team makes it even easier for new users to start their endeavors. 

Redcircle is pretty much modest when it comes to user handling. The website is very easy to use thus making it a convenient choice. Now you can publish your podcasts, upload new episodes and get your voice heard in the world in just a matter of seconds. 

If you are already working with another provider and want to migrate to redcircle, then all you need to do is enter all the login and basic information regarding your previous podcasts. It will automatically export your work and make it a part of your new redcircle world. 

Along with providing basic features, redcircle distributes, monetizes and grows your audience. It has links with all the leading websites like Apple, Spotify and Google so that you don’t have to worry about distributing. This way you don’t have to waste time on petty issues and concentrate on the quality of your podcasts. 

Redcircle Pricing 

Redcircle has simply priced plans where they require no contracts or commitments and the user can cancel anytime. Their Core plan is absolutely free and has all the standard features required by new podcasters.

Their most popular plan is the Growth plan that is for $9 per month. It has advanced features that help podcasters grow. The Pro plan is for $30 per month. It has all the premium features for professional podcasting. 

Lastly, they have the Enterprise plan which is suitable for big networks. You can discuss it with their team for further information.


Castos is the only website hosting podcast service that offers everything in need in one place. Podcasting is a great to connect to audience and telling your story in audio format. 

Castos is a complete package that helps the user grow and get the maximum benefit by monetizing it. Creating podcast on Castos is pretty simple because of its user-friendly dashboard. Even a new user can successfully create a podcast because of the automated feature offered by Castos.

Building a podcast was never as simple as this. Castos hosting website is podium that deals with all the aspects of podcast building with automation. It offers all the right kind of tools that allows building a loyal audience by creating a unique connection between the creator and the listener.

With Castos, you can create unlimited number of podcast and their episodes regardless of the package you choose.  After committing to Castos, the users can publish as much content as they like at a price charged o monthly basis.

Moreover, with Castos you have the luxury of experimenting. You can record long episode, try new styles and features. It beckons to the user’s creativity to come on surface and create something exceptional.

Castos is breaking all the old norms and gives you more than contract advertising. It lets you gain direct audience and does not interfere in the revenue collection. This is one of the most unique features that make it stand from the other podcast hosting websites. 

The multiple integrations that Castos has to offer are better at letting the user generate revenue and enjoy their podcasting experience while at it. 

Castos offers a platform that can help the user track their performance. They get to have a look at the insights regarding audience behavior towards the podcasts. It is a great way to improve and add more of what the audience wants to listen.

It is a kind of empowerment in itself. You can attain a better understanding of your listener’s choice. This one-on-one connection shows your dedication and support you have for your listener. 

The integrations that Castos has to offer are helping the users in expanding their outreach. The automated publishing via YouTube feature is escalating your visibility to more listeners.

Castos Pricing 

The pricing at Castos is transparent is pretty flexible. They offer equal opportunities to users when it comes to pricing. Castos can accommodate at whichever stage of podcasting you are at.

They are offering three basic plans and a premium plan. The starter pack costs $19, growth pack costs $49 and the pro pack is for $99 monthly. 

Next is the Castos Premium that has all the feature of Pro plus. This is ideal of large scale organizations. 

Why use the Private Podcast Hosting?

There are many podcast hosting websites that entertain users who want to indulge in private podcast hosting. By private podcast hosting we mean there only limited number of audience can access it. It is made for very private kind of audience who are not here for the sake of popularity but for the expression of their feelings.

It is usually not accessible to public. Since all the users who opt for private podcast hosting want a private space, it is exactly what they get. This space isn’t a part of the hosting site’s feed thus only people who have the URL can access it.

Why choose the Podbean Private Podcast Hosting?

Out of all the leading podcast hosting sites, Podbean is an ideal one that offers a platform for private hosting. There are more sites that offer similar options for private podcast hosting. Podbean proposes equal opportunities to its private and public users.  It helps them in hosting, storing, and publishing of media files whenever they want.

Podbean is efficient in providing servers to its users where they can upload files. Here, the private users can download files to their heart’s content. Moreover, podbean takes all the responsibility in distributing the files and episodes created by the user.

It in fact it takes up the task of distribution with great diligence. It works best when hosting podcasts for its users because it monetizes the podcast and episodes. Podbean is influencing podcasters all over the world due to its exceptional services. It provide several features and services that makes it stand out amongst other podcasting sites. 

Even if the user is private and wants to work privately, podbean indulges them and offers the best services. It is a renowned platform for many reasons. It has successfully provided openings for users where they can express their work through podcasts and limit its showing to general public. 

They have subscription packages for all kinds of users. They even customize plans for their users depending on their needs and requirements. Each user gets their personalized domain and URLs. They also opt for the feasible time to publish their work with their limited audience.  Podbean provides visually beautiful template that the users can use to uplift he quality and content of their work. 

Pod Casting Service for Podbean Private Podcast Hosting, a Summary

Podbean is successfully accommodating all kinds of users with its private and public hosting plans. It is making rounds in the world for providing exceptional services to all kinds of users. It has even surpassed the quality of services provided by other podcasting sites. 

Users can ask for customization and set their monthly plans according to their feasibility. The use of private podcast hosting is becoming very common and many users ask for it specifically. Hence, it is better to use a service provider like podbean that already has experience in this are for better results.

What Podcast Hosting Platform would you recommend?

In short, It’s Spreaker.com

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