5 Best Webinar Recording Software

by Scott Max
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The Best Webinar Recording Software Specifically

Businesses broadcast webinars to engage with audiences through virtual live events. However, not every registrant is able to tune in on time and might end up missing most of the event. A webinar platform that allows you to record your live events and make them available on your channels will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best webinar recording software specifically:

1. Zoom 

Zoom offers a collaborative ecosystem for businesses and educational institutions to host meetings virtually and do video conferencing. It offers high-quality video and audio, enabling you to bring your team together and share ideas. With Zoom, you can create multiple conference rooms and set limits on invitations to restrict the uninvited members from joining.

Zoom Features

Here are some exclusive features of Zoom:

Webinar Registration: With Zoom, you can promote your brand by customizing the registration page. It allows you to easily attract audiences with branded registration pages and event reminder emails. Moreover, you can build your business by monetizing the webinars through paid registration via PayPal.

Integrations: Many businesses already have an existing setup or workflow in place that's essential for their professional work. Zoom connects with applications like HubSpot and Dropbox, letting you use existing workflows to enable more productive lead generation, payment automation, and data collection processes. Zoom APIs allow developers to request information from Zoom, including user details, meeting reports, dashboard data and action history.

Host Controls: Before the webinar, the host and panellists can go into a practice session to prepare for the webinar. It allows you to get familiar with host controls and do a practice run before attendees join in. As a webinar host, you'll have specific controls only available to you. You can manage panellists and attendees during the live session or assign a co-host to help you manage the webinar.

Audience Engagement: Webinars don't need to be boring and sleep-inducing. With Zoom, you can interact and engage with your audience across all levels. You can involve your webinar attendees by using interactive polling and Q&A with the ability to comment or upvote questions.

Live Streaming: Hosts can promote attendees to panellists and allow them to speak or share the video while in session. You can broadcast to an even larger audience by streaming your webinar to Facebook Live, YouTube or other custom streaming services. Additionally, you can make the webinars on-demand so attendees can watch them later.

Zoom Pricing

Zoom offers 4 Subscription plans for its all-in-one collaborative package Zoom One.

The "Basic" is priced at $0 and allows you to set up meetings of upto 40 minutes. Additionally, you can use 3 Whiteboards and invite 100 attendees.

The "Pro" plan is priced at $14.99/user/month and offers 5 GB of cloud storage per license. Additionally, you can use chats and channels for collaboration and file sharing.

The "Business" plan is priced: at $19.99/month, and you can invite upto 300 attendees. Additionally, it offers unlimited whiteboards and company branding.

The "Enterprise" plan offers on-request pricing and allows you to invite upto 1000 attendees. Additionally, you can use Zoom Phone features and set up single sign-on.

2. WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja is a webinar hosting platform for creators and coaches, helping them interact with the audience, give automated presentations and conduct Q&A sessions. Moreover, you can choose to broadcast live in real-time or pre-record a webinar and host it later. WebinarNinja handles everything that goes into administering a webinar and helps you simplify the registration process for the attendees.

WebinarNinja Features

Here are some exclusive features of WebinarNinja:

Marketing Tools: Marketing your webinar is essential to increase participation, and with WebinarNinja, you can achieve that easily. It offers registration form customization, social sharing, automatic email notifications, Facebook ad tracking and evergreen replays for your new subscribers. With WebinarNinja, you can see how many people connected live, watched replays or registered for the event to gain a clear picture of your webinar.

Studio-Quality Editing and Widgets: WebinarNinja allows you to upload presentation slides, share screens, include comment sections for feedback, create polls or show attractive deals and offers in between the event. Additionally, you can set up conversation channels to help attendees connect with each other and create a lively digital community.

Integrations: WebinarNinja is highly adaptable and connects with leading marketing tools to help you maximize your webinar's exposure. It integrates with MailChimp, Hubspot, Zapier and InfusionSoft. Additionally, you can monetize your webinars by connecting your WebinarNinja account to Stripe.

Landing Page Creation: WebinarNinja allows you to build landing pages with pre-built templates to maximize conversion. Additionally, you can view the analytical details regarding clicks and conversions by connecting your WebinarNinja account with a CRM or marketing software.

Training & Support: WebinarNinja offers round-the-clock support through email or chat. Additionally, you can access the WebinarNinja academy to go through resources and learn all functionalities. WebinarNinja helps you learn and grow by providing monthly coaching sessions where members can get updates or ask for tips.

WebinarNinja Pricing

WebinarNinja offers 3 Pricing options for its webinar hosting and live conferencing platform.

The "Basic" plan is priced: at $29/month for 50 live attendees. It allows you to invite 1 Guest presenter and host upto 2 hours long webinars. Additionally, you can monetize your webinars with no extra fees.

The "Pro" plan is priced: at $99/month for 100 live attendees. It allows you to invite 4 Guest presenters and host upto 4 hours long webinars. Additionally, you can automate events, get a custom branded URL and do 1-on-1 onboarding calls.

The "Business" plan is priced: at $199/month for 100 live attendees. It allows you to invite 10 Guest presenters and host upto 8 hours long webinars. Additionally, you can offer paid webinar coupons, send unlimited emails and get priority support.

3. WebinarGeek 

WebinarGeek lets you create webinars and events that reflect your corporate identity. You can visualize your story with slides and go live once you're ready. WebinarGeek helps you step into the spotlight and offer live stream or pre-recorded content to your viewers. Additionally, WebinarGeek lets you invite guests or team members into your webinars to bring more expertise to the table.

WebinarGeek Features

Here are some exclusive features of WebinarGeek:

Integrations: WebinarGeek seamlessly connects with leading business tools like ActiveCampaign, Autorespond, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Facebook Pixel, Stripe, Mailchimp and Pipedrive. It helps you maximize the lead generation from your virtual events or webinars. So you can improve the participation rate for future events. Additionally, WebinarGeek offers REST API, allowing you to design unique integrations.

Interaction Tools: WebinarGeek understands that audience engagement drives the viewership and success rate of webinars. It offers several interaction tools like live chat, polls and quizzes to keep your attendees occupied. You can even create surveys to collect audience data for marketing and use call-to-action buttons during webinars.

Webinar Statistics: WebinarGeek offers more insights into your impact on viewers and audience. You can visualize all webinar statistics and evaluate the attendee's responses to gain extensive information. Moreover, WebinarGeek lets you see who dropped out prematurely from your virtual event and when they joined in.

Marketing Tools: WebinarGeek helps you use the data collected from polls or mid-event activities; to aggressively market your future events. You can send follow-up emails after the event to ask for feedback or provide a discounted deal for the next webinar. With WebinarGeek, you can build meaningful relationships with your viewers by understanding their interests.

Live and Automated Webinars: WebinarGeek lets you broadcast live webinars or pre-recorded clips. You can get your viewers to engage with you on a personal level with WebinarGeek's quality interaction tools. Additionally, WebinarGeek lets you create a channel for your events so your viewers can access content anytime.

WebinarGeek Pricing

WebinarGeek offers 3 Subscription plans for its webinar hosting platform. The pricing quote goes up with the number of viewers.

The "Starter" plan is priced: at $19/month for upto 25 viewers per webinar. Additionally, you can include 2 Presenters and create a webinar channel.

The "Premium" plan is priced: at $69/month for upto 100 viewers per webinar. Additionally, you can include 4 Presenters, do custom branding and use marketing Integrations.

The "Advanced" plan offers a custom pricing option. Additionally, you can include 6 Presenters and unlimited moderators and create multiple workspaces.

4. Demio 

The audience experience is crucial whenever you're hosting a webinar. It ultimately reflects; the success of your marketing efforts and the current exposure level of your events. At the end of the day, a webinar is nothing without its audience. With Demio, you can offer an engaging experience to your attendees and provide high-quality streams.

Demio Features

Here are some exclusive features of Demio:

All-purpose Platform: Demio claims to be the most advanced and diverse webinar hosting platform, and rightly so. It offers an event type for every campaign and allows you to give a standard live presentation with real-time HD streaming. Additionally, it offers advanced automation. So you can put everything on autopilot with simulated elements.

Profile Scaling: Demio is designed to improve your results by tweaking your marketing efforts and driving more authentic traffic to your webinars. It offers your registrants frictionless joining without any additional software downloads. Demio helps you grow your business profile and increase exposure by applying branding or logos across your event materials.

Engagement: Audience engagement defines the true success of your webinars. Building a loyal community from your existing clientele is just as important as directing marketing efforts to bring in new viewers. With Demio, you can give your attendees a truly unique experience through a visually pleasing design. Moreover, you can share recordings directly from Demio, so you don't have to leave the webinar while presenting.

Seamless Promotion: Demio allows you to successfully market your webinars and bring more audience to your events. You can create effective registration pages and collect desirable information from the registrants. Demio notifies the registrants through emails to increase the potential attendance for your live events.

Analysis: Demio understands where your registrants are coming from through source tracking and lets you direct your marketing campaigns accordingly. You can know how people watch your webinar, which intervals saw a drop in attendance, and which parts piqued interest.

Demio Pricing

Demio offers 3 Subscription plans for its webinar hosting platform.

The "Starter" plan is priced at $49/month and is limited to one host. It has a 3-Hour session limit and offers standard features.

The "Growth" plan is priced at $99/month/host and is limited to five hosts. It has an 8-Hour session limit and offers registration source tracking, custom branding and automated events.

The "Premium" plan is priced at $250/month/host upon annual billing and has no limits on hosts per account. It offers custom domains, 10-Hour sessions, premium integrations and priority support.

5. EverWebinar 

EverWebinar helps you deliver the perfect webinar presentations without ever being present. It automates your efforts according to your templated pitch and works on autopilot. EverWebinar works seamlessly with any video and helps you generate consistent revenue by increasing the content quality and viewer base.

EverWebinar Features

Here are some exclusive features of EverWebinar:

Flexible Scheduling and On-demand Webinars: EverWebinar offers a unique scheduling experience, letting you customize broadcasting according to time zones and your audience's preferences. Moreover, it minimizes the waiting time for your attendees plus allows them to replay parts of the live stream.

Live Chat Simulator: EverWebinar offers a hybrid webinar feature, allowing you to blend live chat widgets into your presentations. Your attendees can post live comments or questions, and you can address the queries instantly by activating the live chat feature. Additionally, you can import your chat history so the system can simulate conversations accordingly to increase conversions.

Split Testing: Many webinar hosts drive traffic through affiliate campaigns or advertisements. It's crucial that you don't waste any leads and make the maximum conversions. With EverWebinar, you can split-test your landing pages and webinar content to analyze which version enables conversions. Moreover, you can also track the event performance to understand your current audience exposure.

Dynamic Attendance: EverWebinar allows attendees to leave and join at will during a webinar. Moreover, you can mimic live events and predefine attendance peaks during certain intervals. It makes the audience think that many participants are currently watching the event with them, even if they're the only ones. Alternatively, you can hide the attendance levels from your attendees.

Automated Integrations: EverWebinar connects with autoresponders and CRM systems to provide you with advanced automation capabilities. It enables you to configure new rules based on the registrant's behaviour and conversions. Integrating your EverWebinar account with a CRM offers high-level granularity, allowing you to segment prospects thoroughly and craft the perfect follow-up message.

EverWebinar Pricing

EverWebinar offers 2 Periodic subscription plans for its webinar hosting tool.

The "Yearly" plan is priced at $499/year and offers automated webinars, flexible scheduling, a live chat simulator, professional page templates, and A/B split testing.

The "Biennial" plan is priced: at $874 for every 2 Years. Additionally, it offers detailed analytics, easy integrations, dynamic display and registration notifications.

Why use Webinar Software at all?

Nowadays, every successful business incorporates webinars into its digital marketing strategies. Mainly because webinars help you establish a community with your viewers where you can interact and do active branding. Additionally, webinars help you provide descriptive content to your audience and do a product launch virtually.

Webinar software hosts your virtual events and webinars while prioritizing audience engagement. You can include live chat widgets, polls or fun activities to entertain your attendees during breaks and collect meaningful data. You can further integrate your webinar software with a CRM or marketing platform to unify business data.

Why should you use Webinar Recording Software?

Professionals use webinars to provide descriptive content to their audience, boost engagement and host virtual events. However, not every registrant can tune in on time for your event. Webinar recording software allows you and your registrants to screen record the presentation and make it available on-demand.

You can connect your webinar software with social media and create a dedicated channel for your webinar recordings. Your community can view the content on this channel at their convenience, helping you gain more views.

Webinar recording software is crucial for hosts who do not have a large following or community. They often find it difficult to have good attendance for live events. However, by uploading the recorded webinars on your channel, you can invite more plays by promoting your content.

Webinar recording software provides you with analytics that shows which parts of your webinar piqued audience interest and which ones saw low attendance. You can then prepare your next webinar accordingly and improve your conversions.

Webinar Recording Software, A Summary

Webinar software with an inbuilt recording function allows you to provide on-demand availability for your viewers. It enhances your exposure and lets you promote your recorded webinars on social media channels. By using webinar recording software, you can generate more views and leads for your business.

Zoom offers webinar recording within its platform, plus live meetings and conferences, making it perfect for professional and business use. Zoom is our suggested pick for webinar recording software. Visit the website to get started.

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