5 Best WordPress Podcast Hosting Solutions

by Scott Max

So, you are in the market for podcast hosting. 

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

WordPress Podcast Hosting, Top Options

People who are using WordPress direly need podcast hosting sites that are suitable for the nature of their work. Podcasting isn’t limited to podcasters only. 

Each and every field can use wordpress podcast hosting for their personal or professional reasons. Many podcasting sites source out facilities to make life easier for podcasters. 


Nowadays, podcasters are choosing bcast for hosting their podcasts. This is because it is highly recommended for a better growth for your podcasting businesses. 

Many are switching to bcast for engaging more audiences and growing organically. Bcast automatically channels listeners towards your podcasts depending on their nature. It also helps in generating revenue. 

There are several core features of bcast. It allows audio inserts. It gives the level of flexibility that a user demands. You can easily insert the desired audio in the start, middle or beginning of the episode. It gives you the facility to avoid editing which can take hours of work. 

Bcast gives you the facility of offering full transcription of your episodes. It generates an index that let your listeners find and locate their desired podcasts almost immediately. This way many leading websites like Google can enlist your audio episodes easily.

At bcast you are just a click away from submitting your podcasts on podcasting directories. This helps in optimizing the search engines and their work in finding the episodes for you. It also helps in regulating internet traffic in related to your podcast successfully. 

The bcast team is here to understand that brands need to remain consistent. This is why the bcast users can publish their websites on a domain or subdomain based on their choice. It helps in directing listeners to your original podcast hosting website.

All in all, bcast is a complete package for making and hosting your podcast. It is very desirable amongst user due to its hands-on features. They are practical and offer concrete results.

bcast Pricing 

At bcast, you can choose the pricing plan that fulfills all your hosting needs. They have plans for monthly as well as yearly payments. They offer three kinds of packages.

The starter pack is for the beginners that has monthly payment of $15 and yearly payment of $144. It has all the standard setting that are a requirement for new users.

The next pack is the Growth package. Its monthly cost is $35 and annual cost is $336. It has all the standard settings and more. Lastly, they have the Legendary pack for $75 monthly and $720 per year.


Podiant is now Castos. Recently, Podiant has joined hands with Castos. The users that have an account with podiant do not need to make a new one. They can simply migrate to Castos by logging in their previous details and that’s it.

The podiant has all the features that Castos is offering. This includes their website facilities. Every podcast gets its own individual website designed by the podiant/castos team. 

Each website has a unique design that has a response time of few seconds.  Users can get their websites customized according to their requirements. This flexible feature makes it worth-while using podiant.  

With podiant/castos you can publish your podcast to YouTube within a matter of seconds. Getting your podcast published on YouTube means reaching millions of listeners and audience in no time. 

It is by far the largest medium for making viral content. In fact, it is considered number one platform for hosting podcasts. Podiant automatically converts your audio podcasts into videos and publishes them online.

It is true fact that transcription is a hassle and can take a lot of your time. In podiant, the users only have to focus on the podcast. Podiant/Castos can transcribe your podcast automatically accounting it word for word. 

The process is completely streamlined and performs seamlessly. It is a source of great relief for the users as well as the listeners.

Podiant is also playing a major role in providing clear-cut statistical analysis to its users. It is very important to keep the users updated with internal insights. It helps them by making betterments in their work and publishes work that is preferred by the audiences.

Podiant Pricing 

The podiant platform is offering 4 plans. The first one is the Starter plan that costs around $19 per month. It is perfect for podcasters who are new in the podcasting business. 

The next plan is the Growth package that costs around $49 per month. This is suitable for podcasters that want to promote their podcast for business purposes. 

The next plan is Pro that is for $99 per month. This is best for podcasters that want to use advanced analytics and produce content for masses. Lastly, they have the Premium package that is for $499 per month. 


Audioboom is a powerful podcast hosting website that is making its name in all the right places. It has created a niche of its own that includes creators as well as brands. It is leading worldwide to its special features. 

Audioboom’s popularity solely goes towards the hard work rendered at the backend of the website. It is successfully powering through the world of podcasting and becoming a globally acclaimed podcast publishing company.

They represent podcasters as well as advertisers. The reason behind this dual representation is very clever and beneficial. Audioboom helps connect podcasters with advertisers and engages them with potential audience. 

All the user needs to do is to create quality content. The expert team of audioboom does the rest of the work. They make sure to distribute it and host it across all important platforms of distributers that include hosts like Google, Spotify, Amazon and more. 

Moreover, the team at audioboom works diligently in providing important insights on the published work. They analyze and evaluate the work so that you don’t have to. This helps them in predicting trends among the listeners. 

Their detailed insights in return help the podcasters in creating content that is exclusively based on audiences’ demand. The more the number of listeners, the more money you can earn. This cultivates better chances of revenue generation for the publishing party.

Advertsiser can also build their brand reliably by engaging audience in creative ideas and techniques. This is perfect for achieving global acclamation. 

Audioboom Pricing 

Audioboom is effectively providing a platform for creators with their simple and straight-forward package plans. 

Their Standard account costs $9.99 per month that accumulates to $99 for a year. The Plus account is for $19.99 per month and $199.99 for a year. These are the start-up plans. If you are new to the podcasting business then these are perfect choice. 

The Podcast Pros account is for the Pros as the name suggests. It is an optimize-able plan thus you can add and delete features. It is more suitable for big business accounts.  


Redcircle is the only podcast hosting website that is conveying their user-made podcasts in simple yet convenient way. It makes the listeners known what the podcasters have created for them.  The simple way in which redcircle conveys the podcasts makes it easier for the listeners to gauge what podcasters want to deliver. 

Even if you are a new user, redcircle has all a detailed guide to get you started. It even has videos that show steps to start podcasting. Their expert tech team makes it even easier for new users to start their endeavors. 

Redcircle is pretty much modest when it comes to user handling. The website is very easy to use thus making it a convenient choice. Now you can publish your podcasts, upload new episodes and get your voice heard in the world in just a matter of seconds. 

If you are already working with another provider and want to migrate to redcircle, then all you need to do is enter all the login and basic information regarding your previous podcasts. It will automatically export your work and make it a part of your new redcircle world. 

Along with providing basic features, redcircle distributes, monetizes and grows your audience. It has links with all the leading websites like Apple, Spotify and Google so that you don’t have to worry about distributing. This way you don’t have to waste time on petty issues and concentrate on the quality of your podcasts. 

Redcircle Pricing 

Redcircle has simply priced plans where they require no contracts or commitments and the user can cancel anytime. Their Core plan is absolutely free and has all the standard features required by new podcasters.

Their most popular plan is the Growth plan that is for $9 per month. It has advanced features that help podcasters grow. The Pro plan is for $30 per month. It has all the premium features for professional podcasting. 

Lastly, they have the Enterprise plan which is suitable for big networks. You can discuss it with their team for further information.  


Captivate is breaking the barriers by making things easy and quick.  It is surely a piece of cake for the users. This is in fact, an ideal place to host your podcasts. They play a major role in storing all the audio data by maintaining the significance of your metadata. 

It is of utmost importance that each and every podcast has its own original website. Every separate podcast website relates to some major benefits.

A separate website helps establish a unique link between you and the user. Moreover, they are accessible to users worldwide. 

Website availability allows listeners to access it, even if they start searching through Google. This is quite beneficial if the website pops up on the top searches of the Google list. It helps achieve more audiences organically. 

It gives you the complete control of how you want to introduce your episode. The availability of website is always a simpler approach for the listeners.

Another added benefit is that it allows the posting because you own the website. This way you can control the web traffic on your website and help the listeners if they want to interact.

Podcasting is becoming a norm over the years. We can’t deny its existence because it has gained plenty of audience of its own. A suitable website like Captivate perfect for hosting podcasts.

Captivate is giving users the liberty of making podcasting as their own. It is helping in creating and distributing infinite number of podcasts.

It is surely offering progressive analytical hosting by monetizing and promoting the podcasts with user-friendly dashboard handle.

Captivate has a built-in marketing suite for podcasting. It makes sharing easier universally by creating opportunities like websites, sponsoring kits, private feeds, and much more. 

Hosting websites like Captivate allows a complete flexible podcasting experience for the user. There are no contracts or commitments thus the user can migrate freely from the podcast. 

Moreover, there is no need for an upgrade- EVER! This is because the website has no hidden features, charges, or any such structures. Each and every user gets everything. 

Captivate Pricing 

Using Captivate is absolutely free for 7 days. In this trial period you can fully understand the potentials and features that Captivate has to offer.

Starting your own podcast or migrating on Captivate is super easy and offers three basic plans. You can either buy a personal, professional, or a business plan.

The personal plan costs $17 per month which includes 12,000 downloads with unlimited storage and podcasts plus offering an extensive distribution list.

The professional plan costs $44 per month which includes 60,000 downloads and the business plan costs $90 per month which includes 150,000 downloads. The rest of the features remain same. 

Why use the WordPress Podcast Hosting?

There are many reasons for using a wordpress podcast hosting site. The top most important reason is to attain more audiences. Podcasting sites are self-sufficient when it comes to spreading the ethnicity of user’s work. In fact, it is an excellent way of reaching new peaks of success. 

More importantly, when wordpress users integrate their work with podcasting sites they sign up for a whole new world of advertising and reach. Using modern techniques and facilities offered by podcasting sites can improve the quality of work and enhance business productivity. 

Why choose the bcast WordPress Podcast Hosting?

Bcast is a famous wordpress podcasting site and is rapidly becoming a popular choice for many podcasters. Over the years, it has successfully paved a path for many companies where they have experienced the benefits of using podcasting sites. It is playing a major part in steady growth and development of individuals as well as at corporate levels. 

Although there are many podcast hosting sites available in the market, bcast is a constant choice for pro and new users. Many found it useful when they want to engage large number of audience and grow their podcast progressively. With bcast, users get the option of using their automated features. 

Using bcast is very beneficial for several reasons. Bcast has an advanced screening system. This system allows it to screen the podcasts available with the listeners’ demand. It showcases the entire related search right on top for the convenience of the listener. It limits the horizon so the listener can get what they actually want to listen to in a matter of seconds.

With bcast, users can experience the audio inserts. It is the kind of flexible work integrities that users need in the world of podcasting. It allows the user to incorporate audio changes anywhere in the podcast. 

More importantly, it cuts the creation and editing time by half. Easy edits make it an ideal choice for making a success. It also includes the transcription of podcast episodes for easy location and reach. Bcast has enlisted all the major directories that help in distributing the podcast in all the right places. 

WordPress Podcast Hosting, a Summary

The bcast world of wordpress podcast hosting is very vast and benefitting for various reasons. It is in fact an epitome of classic podcasting with modern twists. Its effectiveness has led to flourishing gains and profiting achievements. They are able this level of success with mindfulness and awareness of their clients’ requirements. 

Bcast is a package of excellence in itself. It is a useful and valuable tool for the podcast hosting. It helps in growing attentive audience. This helps in satisfying all the aspects that a listener wants from thier podcast.