5 Best Automated Webinar Software

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The premier platform for video webinars, and virtual collaboration, connecting people worldwide.

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High-performance remote support and online collaboration for efficient teamwork and problem-solving.

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Demio is a webinar platform for interactive and engaging online events, boosting audience interaction.

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So, you are in the market for an automated webinar software.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

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The Best Automated Webinar Software Specifically

Marketing and broadcasting a webinar involves many granular technicalities like; designing a landing page and interacting with the attendees. Professionals require webinar software that automates most excruciating tasks and lets you focus on presenting. An automated webinar software that puts your system on autopilot and executes everything swiftly will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best automated webinar software:

1. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web-based tool for presenting and collaborating, so you can instantly share and create content with others via the web. The fact that it is web-based is important because it means that you have a single web address or URL for locating and attending your virtual webinar or classroom session. Additionally, it comes with several built-in tools, allowing participants to present PowerPoints, navigate websites or take pop quizzes.

Adobe Connect Features

Here are some exclusive features of Adobe Connect:

Customizable Experiences: Adobe Connect enables you to create exceptional digital training, webinar and collaborative experiences. You can design a virtual room and create customizations. While most products look exactly the same regardless of your use case, Adobe Connect gives complete control as the meeting host. You can add background images and decide on available functionalities for participants.

Layouts: Adobe Connect’s layouts give you the ability to create preset groupings of pods. They help in structuring the classroom or webinar. You can create multiple layouts unique to each speaker or a separate layout for each part of your agenda. Navigating through multiple layouts with different content types helps in creating a more engaging experience for your participants.

Persistence: Unlike most web conferencing products, the rooms that you design and set up in Adobe Connect persist. Not only can you use the same URL again, but every content piece you add to the room, notations, and layouts will be available for you in future meetings. This makes it easy to reuse your room again. You can even reset your layouts to clean up your rooms for the next session.

Power Features: Adobe Connect includes several powerful features that let you work behind the scenes and give you added confidence as a host. With Adobe Connect’s presenter-only area, you can collaborate privately with other hosts and presenters. You can set up pods before making them available to your participants.

Prepare Mode and Custom Apps: Adobe Connect lets you visit and set up different layouts without affecting the live meeting. Additionally, Adobe Connect offers impeccable support for applications, allowing you to load custom apps into your Adobe Connect room. 

Adobe Connect Pricing

Adobe Connect offers 3 Pricing options for its webinar and video conferencing platform.

The “Adobe Connect Meetings” is priced at $50/month and offers frictionless access to real-time information. Additionally, you can have effective meetings and create virtual rooms for secure information exchange.

The “Adobe Connect Webinars” is priced at $130/month and offer event hosting plus business branding. Additionally, you can drive demand generation by conducting interactive sessions.

The “Adobe Connect Learning” is priced at $370/month and offers learner engagement, instructional controls and practice standardization.

2. Demio 

The audience experience is crucial whenever you’re hosting a webinar. It ultimately reflects; the success of your marketing efforts and the current exposure level of your events. At the end of the day, a webinar is nothing without its audience. With Demio, you can offer an engaging experience to your attendees and provide high-quality streams.

Demio Features

Here are some exclusive features of Demio:

All-purpose Platform: Demio claims to be the most advanced and diverse webinar hosting platform, and rightly so. It offers an event type for every campaign and allows you to give a standard live presentation with real-time HD streaming. Additionally, it offers advanced automation. So you can put everything on autopilot with simulated elements.

Profile Scaling: Demio is designed to improve your results by tweaking your marketing efforts and driving more authentic traffic to your webinars. It offers your registrants frictionless joining without any additional software downloads. Demio helps you grow your business profile and increase exposure by applying branding or logos across your event materials.

Engagement: Audience engagement defines the true success of your webinars. Building a loyal community from your existing clientele is just as important as directing marketing efforts to bring in new viewers. With Demio, you can give your attendees a truly unique experience through a visually pleasing design. Moreover, you can share recordings directly from Demio, so you don’t have to leave the webinar while presenting.

Seamless Promotion: Demio allows you to successfully market your webinars and bring more audience to your events. You can create effective registration pages and collect desirable information from the registrants. Demio notifies the registrants through emails to increase the potential attendance for your live events.

Analysis: Demio understands where your registrants are coming from through source tracking and lets you direct your marketing campaigns accordingly. You can know how people watch your webinar, which intervals saw a drop in attendance, and which parts piqued interest.

Demio Pricing

Demio offers 3 Subscription plans for its webinar hosting platform.

The “Starter” plan is priced at $49/month and is limited to one host. It has a 3-Hour session limit and offers standard features.

The “Growth” plan is priced at $99/month/host and is limited to five hosts. It has an 8-Hour session limit and offers registration source tracking, custom branding and automated events.

The “Premium” plan is priced at $250/month/host upon annual billing and has no limits on hosts per account. It offers custom domains, 10-Hour sessions, premium integrations and priority support.

3. BigMarker 

BigMarker allows you to host unforgettable webinars and events by delivering data-rich and interactive sessions. BigMarker prioritizes audience engagement and customizes the webinar experience to boost participation from your attendees. With BigMarker, you can design and run fully customizable virtual events for customer conferences, industry meetings or trade shows.

BigMarker Features

Here are some exclusive features of BigMarker:

Professional-quality Streaming: BigMarker offers a broadcast studio that helps you create unique and interactive video experiences and stream them virtually. You can control video layouts to enhance the post-production effects and add custom backgrounds or logos for branding. Additionally, BigMarker is a browser-based studio, and doesn’t require any advanced video editing skills.

Full-service Registration: With BigMarker, you can offer flexible and customizable registration experiences to your participants. You can integrate BigMarker into your CRM system and capture audience data for targeted marketing. Moreover, BigMarker provides built-in landing pages with white labelling and lets you monetize your events.

Event Badging: BigMarker offers event badging and lead retrieval, helping you create a remarkable event experience for attendees. Moreover, you can print high-quality, customizable event badges on demand and accommodate edits like attendee names. BigMarker offers a seamless self-service check-in experience to your audience.

Networking: BigMarker runs with an AI-powered networking algorithm that quantifies attendees’ social profiles by monitoring the industry, function, seniority and interests. Moreover, you can include questions in your live events or webinars to collect audience data and use it; to aggressively market your future webinars.

Marketing: BigMarker comes with inbuilt marketing tools that help you promote your content and events, drive participation and elevate the audience experience. You can customize every stage of your webinar beforehand to decide what your attendees see before, during and after the event.

BigMarker Pricing

BigMarker offers 3 Pricing options for its webinar hosting platform. All subscription plans come with an on-demand pricing quote.

The “Basic” plan offers 1 Host license and allows upto 1,000 live attendees. Additionally, you can create polls, live stream on YouTube or set up post-session surveys.

The “Enterprise” plan offers 4 Host licenses and allows upto 10,000 live attendees. Additionally, you can create simulive webinars, share upto 64 webcams and use 15 landing page templates.

The “Enterprise+” plan offers 6 Host licenses and allows upto 500,000 live attendees. Additionally, you can create white-labelled domains, do 360-degree streaming and use a custom page builder.

preview your webinar content to make any last-minute adjustments.

4. SpotMe

SpotMe is a virtual event hosting and webinar platform that allows users to create branded and personalized event apps. It sparks engagement by enriching the audience experience with reactions, social feeds and live translation. With SpotMe, you can drive more audiences to participate in your webinars and increase their effectiveness.

SpotMe Features

Here are some exclusive features of SpotMe:

Webinars: SpotMe allows you to design custom-branded webinars and offers an interactive experience to your participants for better engagement. Moreover, all webinars hosted on SpotMe are scalable for upto 5,000 viewers and come with enterprise-grade security. SpotMe helps you nurture a relationship with your audience and enhance the buyer journey; by delivering engaging content continuously.

Hybrid Events: SpotMe lets you create hybrid events to boost audience participation and offers live captioning, streaming, networking and production. Moreover, it provides interest-based matchmaking to help you create networking opportunities and grow the community by awarding active members.

Virtual Events: SpotMe helps you host virtual events and boosts participation by giving your attendees a web and mobile-friendly interface. It turns your event participants into a collaborative community by allowing them to engage through the activity feed. Moreover, you can remove language barriers with the platform’s interpreting, captioning and translation capabilities.

Event Builder: SpotMe allows you to create engaging experiences for your in-person, hybrid or virtual events without coding. You can effortlessly build new events and broadcast live streams. Moreover, SpotMe offers analytical insights into your event performance to help you make immediate strategic decisions.

Engagement and Interactions: SpotMe helps you transform your webinars and live streams into an interactive session by adding polls, Q&A or videos. You can simplify networking for your participants by setting up 1-1 or group conversations. Additionally, SpotMe lets you deploy gamification and increase participation by offering challenging activities or pre-event tasks.

SpotMe Pricing

SpotMe offers 4 Subscription plans for its webinar hosting and event creation platform with an on-demand pricing quote.

The “Starter” plan includes upto 2 Virtual, hybrid or in-person events, unlimited participants and 80+ engagement features. Additionally, it also offers streaming, breakouts and a studio for speakers.

The “Business” plan includes upto 5 Virtual, hybrid or in-person events. Additionally, it offers Marketo and Cvent integrations.

The “Advanced” plan includes upto 25 virtual, hybrid or in-person events. Additionally, it offers app single sign-on and a branded App Store/Google Play app.

The “Enterprise” plan is completely customizable and offers 24/7 support with a 30-second response. Additionally, it provides CMS single sign-on.


5. CrowdCast

CrowdCast is a simplistic video conferencing and webinar hosting platform that lets you run live events with ease and engage your community. Additionally, it lets you monetize your channel by offering integration with Patreon, Stripe and PayPal. At CrowdCast, you get everything, from audience engagement to e-commerce. It’s a modern platform designed to enhance exposure and minimize manual efforts.

CrowdCast Features

Here are some exclusive features of CrowdCast:

Browser-based, no downloads: CrowdCast offers cutting-edge web technology, bringing high-quality video experiences to the browser. You can host unlimited attendees in your webinars and manage everything from your CrowdCast account on a web browser. Additionally, it sets up one intelligent link between registration, watching and replaying to ensure you can perform every action on one page.

Built-in Landing Pages: With CrowdCast, you don’t require landing page builders to design registration forms and Thank You pages. You can customize your URL, media and description within CrowdCast and create highly converting landing pages. CrowdCast ensures you can nurture more visitors towards attending your webinar and increase the viewership.

Broadcasting: CrowdCast allows you to invite co-hosts, guests or attendees on screen. You can broadcast your virtual events on popular streaming platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Periscope. Moreover, CrowdCast offers integration with professional live streaming software like Ecamm Live and Wirecast to improve the broadcasting quality.

Engagement: CrowdCast lets you interact with the audience before the event goes live and offers mid-event activities to keep everyone entertained. You can allow attendees to submit questions or vote on a poll so you can get to know their responses and queries. Additionally, you can use powerful CTAs to send your participants to an external link.

Growth: CrowdCast lets you monetize your webinars and get paid for your efforts. You can build your following on the channel, organize regular events and build a strong community. Moreover, your attendees can share upto 15-second clips of your webinars to drive more traffic and registrations.

CrowdCast Pricing

CrowdCast offers 3 Pricing options for its modern webinar hosting platform.

The “Lite” plan is priced at $49/month and allows upto 100 live attendees. Additionally, you can create upto 2 hours long sessions and do event analytics.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $89/month and allows upto 250 live attendees. Additionally, you can create upto 4 hours long sessions, multistream to 1 Location and customize registration fields.

The “Business” plan is priced at $195/month and allows upto 1000 live attendees. Additionally, you can create upto 6 hours long sessions, multistream to 3 locations and reduce the transaction fee to 2%.

Why use Webinar Software at all?

Nowadays, every successful business incorporates webinars into its digital marketing strategies. Mainly because webinars help you establish a community with your viewers where you can interact and do active branding. Additionally, webinars help you provide descriptive content to your audience and do a product launch virtually.

Webinar software hosts your virtual events and webinars while prioritizing audience engagement. You can include live chat widgets, polls or fun activities to entertain your attendees during breaks and collect meaningful data. You can further integrate your webinar software with a CRM or marketing platform to unify business data.

Why should you use Automated Webinar Software?

Hosting a webinar is not as simple as it seems. You need to create a registration page for interested attendees, interact with the audience during events and offer an HD quality streaming experience. Executing everything manually increases your workload and is not the most efficient way of converting leads.

Automated webinar software comes with automation and AI capabilities. It helps you with repetitive procedures and ensures you can focus entirely on presenting. Additionally, automated webinar software allows you to customize the generated landing pages and add custom branding.

Automated webinar software handles every aspect of webinar hosting with minimal guidance. You can put the system on autopilot by inputting the instructions for audience engagement. It ensures you don’t have to; manually process each registrant and can interact with your participants even when you’re not active.

Automated webinar software simplifies the hosting and marketing experience for businesses; by supporting integration with other professional tools like CRM and marketing. 

Automated Webinar Software, A Summary

Automated webinar software designs the perfect landing pages and registration forms, boosting your conversion rate. Moreover, it lets you set instructions for engagement, and the system will automatically interact with the audience. Automated webinar platforms are a must for hosting a large virtual event successfully.

Adobe Connect offers automation and scheduling to help you host multiple events and manage attendees. It is our suggested pick for automated webinar software. Visit the website to get started.

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