Best 5 Podcast Hosting Options for Churches

by Scott Max

So, you are in the market for a podcast hosting. 

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Podcast hosting for churches

When there is a need to make podcasts for churches, it is better to choose a professional podcast hosting. These are dedicated for this specific reason. It is very important for podcasts made for churches to reach as many people as possible. 

Since the nature of podcasting in churches relates to growth more than monetizing, it is a work to choose the right option for podcast hosting.


Spreaker is the new way for podcast and getting the most out of your podcast. Many old and new users are making the switch and shifting to spreaker due to its multiple features. They are capturing and different. 

Spreaker is effectively making its place in the niche of podcast hosting websites. It gives you all under one roof. You can use it for podcast hosting, creating, publishing, distributing, and monetizing. 

There are different kinds of podcasters. Ones who want to use the platform of podcast hosting for making their dream projects to life and others who are mainly using it for flourishing their businesses. Anyone who makes either of the choice can totally rely on spreaker for its exceptional services in the podcast website hosting world.

The spreaker world allows you to be the king of your own podcasting universe. It comes with flexible features so different users can choose different templates, styles, and much more.  

Spreaker has its own app that you can download on Android and iOS. This instantly connects to the podcast creation and you can publish your podcast as soon as you create it. It has all that you may need when recording and publishing a podcast. 

With spreaker you can upload and distribute your podcast at the same time. Reaching far and wide audience was never as easy as it is now with spreaker. 

Spreaker has its own distributing system that is efficient and effective. Once you publish your podcast, spreaker sends it the best and renowned platforms that are famous for podcasting. They include sites like Apple, Google, spotify, and more. 

You can start earning as soon as you upload the first podcast. It is as simple and easy as it sounds. 

spreaker Pricing 

The most beautiful thing about spreaker is that it has a plan for all of you. They have free speech plan that is absolutely free where you can upload 10 episodes. 

Their on-air talent plan is for $8 per month. Their most popular and most used plan is the broadcaster. It costs $12 per month and has all the basic features that one needs to podcast.  

Next is the anchorman, it is slightly advanced costs $50 per month. Lastly, they have the publisher plan. It has 100% features with no hidden charges. It costs $120 per month. 


Captivate is breaking the barriers by making things easy and quick.  It is surely a piece of cake for the users. This is in fact, an ideal place to host your podcasts. They play a major role in storing all the audio data by maintaining the significance of your metadata. 

It is of utmost importance that each and every podcast has its own original website. Every separate podcast website relates to some major benefits.

A separate website helps establish a unique link between you and the user. Moreover, they are accessible to users worldwide. 

Website availability allows listeners to access it, even if they start searching through Google. This is quite beneficial if the website pops up on the top searches of the Google list. It helps achieve more audiences organically. 

It gives you the complete control of how you want to introduce your episode. The availability of website is always a simpler approach for the listeners.

Another added benefit is that it allows the posting because you own the website. This way you can control the web traffic on your website and help the listeners if they want to interact.

Podcasting is becoming a norm over the years. We can’t deny its existence because it has gained plenty of audience of its own. A suitable website like Captivate perfect for hosting podcasts.

Captivate is giving users the liberty of making podcasting as their own. It is helping in creating and distributing infinite number of podcasts.

It is surely offering progressive analytical hosting by monetizing and promoting the podcasts with user-friendly dashboard handle.

Captivate has a built-in marketing suite for podcasting. It makes sharing easier universally by creating opportunities like websites, sponsoring kits, private feeds, and much more. 

Hosting websites like Captivate allows a complete flexible podcasting experience for the user. There are no contracts or commitments thus the user can migrate freely from the podcast. 

Moreover, there is no need for an upgrade- EVER! This is because the website has no hidden features, charges, or any such structures. Each and every user gets everything. 

Captivate Pricing 

Using Captivate is absolutely free for 7 days. In this trial period you can fully understand the potentials and features that Captivate has to offer.

Starting your own podcast or migrating on Captivate is super easy and offers three basic plans. You can either buy a personal, professional, or a business plan.

The personal plan costs $17 per month which includes 12,000 downloads with unlimited storage and podcasts plus offering an extensive distribution list.

The professional plan costs $44 per month which includes 60,000 downloads and the business plan costs $90 per month which includes 150,000 downloads. The rest of the features remain same. 


Simplecast is setting the world of podcasting a class apart. It is by the best podcast hosting website when it comes to managing and analytical performance of the podcasts.

It is one of a kind, state-of-the-art autonomous podcast hosting website. It surpasses all the other podcasting websites in performance. 

Simplecast is very easy to use even for new users. They can easily publish their podcasts in just a few simple steps. Now, uploading audio podcasts for audiences is easier and fast.

Simplecast allows its users to access all the leading publishing sites like Apple, Google and Spotify. Their integrated list includes many more renowned publishing sites. You can even customize your publishing sites depending on your audiences’ preference. 

Simplecast is in this business of podcast hosting for 7 years now. It has been a source of convenience for podcasters. The inbuilt Simplecast functions deal with publishing, distribution, analyzing, sharing, downloading and accessing podcast in an easy way.

This way podcasters do not have to focus on the business related trivialities. They just have to focus on producing high quality podcasts for their users without the external pressures of dealing with its distribution and hosting.

Simplecast users are just one click away from their listeners. The streamlined way in which Simplecast plays the hosting duty for your podcast is absolutely commendable. It gives a fitting platform for your personal work almost instantly.

It also has a powerful framework. They keep on introducing and adding more to their hosting facilities. The window of keeping improvement in their work loop means that they are operating day and night to better their services. 

Simplecast has one of the most robust infrastructures in the podcast hosting industry. This is why it can reach millions of audiences in a blink of an eye without burdening their servers.

Simplecast Pricing 

At Simplecast you can customize and design a payment plan that suits your needs. Independent podcasters can avail their Basic, Essential, and Growth plans. The Basic is available for $15, Essential is for $35, and Growth is for $85 on monthly basis. 

For large networks and businesses, they can access Professional and Enterprise packages. These packages are customizable depending on the requirements of the company.  


Castos is the only website hosting podcast service that offers everything in need in one place. Podcasting is a great to connect to audience and telling your story in audio format. 

Castos is a complete package that helps the user grow and get the maximum benefit by monetizing it. Creating podcast on Castos is pretty simple because of its user-friendly dashboard. Even a new user can successfully create a podcast because of the automated feature offered by Castos.

Building a podcast was never as simple as this. Castos hosting website is podium that deals with all the aspects of podcast building with automation. It offers all the right kind of tools that allows building a loyal audience by creating a unique connection between the creator and the listener.

With Castos, you can create unlimited number of podcast and their episodes regardless of the package you choose.  After committing to Castos, the users can publish as much content as they like at a price charged o monthly basis.

Moreover, with Castos you have the luxury of experimenting. You can record long episode, try new styles and features. It beckons to the user’s creativity to come on surface and create something exceptional.

Castos is breaking all the old norms and gives you more than contract advertising. It lets you gain direct audience and does not interfere in the revenue collection. This is one of the most unique features that make it stand from the other podcast hosting websites. 

The multiple integrations that Castos has to offer are better at letting the user generate revenue and enjoy their podcasting experience while at it. 

Castos offers a platform that can help the user track their performance. They get to have a look at the insights regarding audience behavior towards the podcasts. It is a great way to improve and add more of what the audience wants to listen.

It is a kind of empowerment in itself. You can attain a better understanding of your listener’s choice. This one-on-one connection shows your dedication and support you have for your listener. 

The integrations that Castos has to offer are helping the users in expanding their outreach. The automated publishing via YouTube feature is escalating your visibility to more listeners.

Castos Pricing 

The pricing at Castos is transparent is pretty flexible. They offer equal opportunities to users when it comes to pricing. Castos can accommodate at whichever stage of podcasting you are at.

They are offering three basic plans and a premium plan. The starter pack costs $19, growth pack costs $49 and the pro pack is for $99 monthly. 

Next is the Castos Premium that has all the feature of Pro plus. This is ideal of large scale organizations.


Podcasting has become of norm and every person is accessing it in one way or another. It is one of the best publishing platforms for podcasting purposes. Now the users can simply record their audio file and upload them Transistor. 

Transistor gives the opportunities to its users by letting them access Apple, Spotify and Google podcasts. 

Moreover, it has to offer an in-built website for podcasting. They have all kinds of templates that the users can use. Simply choose a design that suits your podcast. Transistor will create a website automatically for you.

They introduced this automatic website building feature in 2022. They constantly update and add new templates regularly. Each podcast can have its own individual website.

The website showcases a homepage, landing pages for every podcast episode, an about page, and a subscribe page. When the user publishes a new podcast episode, Transistor updates the website automatically.  

A single user can start unlimited number of podcasts. There are no additional charges when creating extra podcasts. Unlike other podcast hosting websites, Transistor allows you add, download and host infinite numbers of podcasts at monthly charges. 

Every podcast on Transistor has a unique RSS feed, improved analytics, a webpage foundation, and allows inviting other administrations to help in managing. 

Hosting multiple podcasts facilitates the user by allowing experimentation with formats. More shows mean more audience and dedicated listeners. It is a great way to play with different themes and concepts. You can categorize your listeners and divide them in differently formatted podcasts.

Transistor spontaneously distributes your podcast in all the right places that include high profile websites like Google, Apple, and many more. This increases the popularity of the podcast.

Transistor Pricing 

Transistor categorizes its payment plans into three branches. They include the starter, professional and business plans.

The users can subscribe on a monthly or a yearly basis. When signing up, the users can avail the offer of free trial that lasts 14 days.

The starter, starter, professional and business plans cost $19, $49, and $99 respectively per month. For yearly packages the starter, professional and business plans cost $190, $490, and $99 respectively. An added feature in Transistor is that if you opt for yearly bundles, the user gets two months for free. 

Why use the Podcast hosting for churches?

The podcast hosting industry is all everyone can talk about these days. Podcast hosting for churches is becoming the main source of spreading awareness. They are becoming abundant and the prime source of increasing knowledge. Along with spreading information, these podcast hosting sites offer many more services that are useful for churches. 

These sites direct the users to their most favored facilities so that they get to know what the most feasible choice is for them. Along with prominent services, these hosting sites can be a source of getting your podcast on the maximum number of awareness forums. 

Why choose the Spreaker Podcast hosting for churches?

If you are looking for a podcast hosting site for Churches then look no further. Spreaker is the absolute right choice for making podcasts and getting the most out of it. Since technology is taking over each and every facet of life, churches have also reverted to get in touch with their tech savvy side. 

Spreaker is capturing the essence of the requirements necessary in today's world. They have successfully developed a world of podcasting where people belonging to different sects and genres can relate. Now they have professional services for all kinds of professions. 

Podcast hosting is all the rage and making its round in all different professions. You name it and they have it. All a podcasters needs to do is create podcasts that are high in quality, and spreaker handles the rest. You don’t need to worry about the publishing, distributing, and monetizing the podcast. 

It is an ideal solution for al podcast related problems. Many businesses have given testimonials regarding spreaker and its performance. The most fascinating thing about spreaker is that they prioritize their client. The client is the owner of their own podcasting world through spreaker. 

Another major reason to use Spreaker as a preferable podcast hosting sites is because of its premade templates. They have arrays of different kinds and types of templates. This reduces the workload and boosts the initial making of the podcasts. And now they are also offering their app on all the leading operating systems. It makes podcasting portable and convenient. 

Podcast hosting for Churches, a Summary

Using podcasting services like Spreaker can be a life saver. It is fully equipped with the starter pack that beginners may need when they want to start a career in podcasting. It is also a feasible choice for different professions. It helps spread awareness for multiple reasons. 

Many types of vicinity like churches can use it for bringing in more people with the help of podcasting. Podcasting is becoming the new way of life. It is better to adapt to its facilities and lead the world in a technologically shrewd way.