Best Podcast platforms to Make Money

by Scott Max

So, you are in the market for a podcast hosting. 

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Best Podcast platform to make money

Choosing a podcasting platform to make money can be very tricky since the market is flooded with websites that claim to do this exactly. 

But, it is important to make this decision wisely in order to monetize the podcast so that it gives maximum benefit to its owner.


Rss.com is making podcasting easier for its users. Many deem it as a perfect website for growing and monetizing the podcast.

Rss.com gives several opportunities and options to it users. It is a complete package. With Rss.com users can avail the opportunity to access unlimited audio storage. 

Rss.com is successfully linked with all the famous podcasting directories. Thus, it effectively distributes user podcasts automatically. It creates a fair sponsorship distribution. 

It also enables the users with a cross referencing analytics. Users can switch to Rss.com today and enjoy podcast hosting for free. Many users find it quite beneficial and effective for making episode schedules. 

Rss.com is an excellent platform for showcasing your podcasting skills on all the elite forums like Apple and Spotify. It includes many more major directories that can make the podcast a hit.

It allows unlimited prospects for succeeding. The website has built-in tools and features that helps create world-class podcasts. The excellent schedule setup of for episodes keeps the podcast on updated terms. This helps in growing organic and healthy audience.

Rss.com has done all the homework for its users. It determines the nature of your podcast and perfectly links it with the relative sponsors. It gradually builds up the path that helps monetizing your growth to the full extent. 

Building a podcast was never as easy. Rss.com has made podcasting easier and fun. The dynamics of the website are pretty simple and unique. Users that already have a podcast get a unqiue offer of switching to Rss.com and avail 6 free months.

Rss.com Pricing 

The pricing at Rss.com is easy and simple. You can simply choose the plan that suits your budget. The steps involve creating the podcast, uploading the episodes and access all the features for free.

The plans include a Student and NGO package which starts from $4.99 per month. Next up is the All in One podcasting package. This costs $12.99 per month. 

And lastly, they have the Pro and Enterprise package. Since it is a customized package as per the client’s requirement, the final costs are different. You can contact the team at Rss.com for details.


Simplecast is setting the world of podcasting a class apart. It is by the best podcast hosting website when it comes to managing and analytical performance of the podcasts.

It is one of a kind, state-of-the-art autonomous podcast hosting website. It surpasses all the other podcasting websites in performance. 

Simplecast is very easy to use even for new users. They can easily publish their podcasts in just a few simple steps. Now, uploading audio podcasts for audiences is easier and fast.

Simplecast allows its users to access all the leading publishing sites like Apple, Google and Spotify. Their integrated list includes many more renowned publishing sites. You can even customize your publishing sites depending on your audiences’ preference. 

Simplecast is in this business of podcast hosting for 7 years now. It has been a source of convenience for podcasters. The inbuilt Simplecast functions deal with publishing, distribution, analyzing, sharing, downloading and accessing podcast in an easy way.

This way podcasters do not have to focus on the business related trivialities. They just have to focus on producing high quality podcasts for their users without the external pressures of dealing with its distribution and hosting.

Simplecast users are just one click away from their listeners. The streamlined way in which Simplecast plays the hosting duty for your podcast is absolutely commendable. It gives a fitting platform for your personal work almost instantly.

It also has a powerful framework. They keep on introducing and adding more to their hosting facilities. The window of keeping improvement in their work loop means that they are operating day and night to better their services. 

Simplecast has one of the most robust infrastructures in the podcast hosting industry. This is why it can reach millions of audiences in a blink of an eye without burdening their servers.

Simplecast Pricing 

At Simplecast you can customize and design a payment plan that suits your needs. Independent podcasters can avail their Basic, Essential, and Growth plans. The Basic is available for $15, Essential is for $35, and Growth is for $85 on monthly basis. 

For large networks and businesses, they can access Professional and Enterprise packages. These packages are customizable depending on the requirements of the company.  


Podcasting has become of norm and every person is accessing it in one way or another. It is one of the best publishing platforms for podcasting purposes. Now the users can simply record their audio file and upload them Transistor. 

Transistor gives the opportunities to its users by letting them access Apple, Spotify and Google podcasts. 

Moreover, it has to offer an in-built website for podcasting. They have all kinds of templates that the users can use. Simply choose a design that suits your podcast. Transistor will create a website automatically for you.

They introduced this automatic website building feature in 2022. They constantly update and add new templates regularly. Each podcast can have its own individual website.

The website showcases a homepage, landing pages for every podcast episode, an about page, and a subscribe page. When the user publishes a new podcast episode, Transistor updates the website automatically.  

A single user can start unlimited number of podcasts. There are no additional charges when creating extra podcasts. Unlike other podcast hosting websites, Transistor allows you add, download and host infinite numbers of podcasts at monthly charges. 

Every podcast on Transistor has a unique RSS feed, improved analytics, a webpage foundation, and allows inviting other administrations to help in managing. 

Hosting multiple podcasts facilitates the user by allowing experimentation with formats. More shows mean more audience and dedicated listeners. It is a great way to play with different themes and concepts. You can categorize your listeners and divide them in differently formatted podcasts.

Transistor spontaneously distributes your podcast in all the right places that include high profile websites like Google, Apple, and many more. This increases the popularity of the podcast.

Transistor Pricing 

Transistor categorizes its payment plans into three branches. They include the starter, professional and business plans.

The users can subscribe on a monthly or a yearly basis. When signing up, the users can avail the offer of free trial that lasts 14 days.

The starter, starter, professional and business plans cost $19, $49, and $99 respectively per month. For yearly packages the starter, professional and business plans cost $190, $490, and $99 respectively. An added feature in Transistor is that if you opt for yearly bundles, the user gets two months for free. 


Redcircle is the only podcast hosting website that is conveying their user-made podcasts in simple yet convenient way. It makes the listeners known what the podcasters have created for them.  The simple way in which redcircle conveys the podcasts makes it easier for the listeners to gauge what podcasters want to deliver. 

Even if you are a new user, redcircle has all a detailed guide to get you started. It even has videos that show steps to start podcasting. Their expert tech team makes it even easier for new users to start their endeavors. 

Redcircle is pretty much modest when it comes to user handling. The website is very easy to use thus making it a convenient choice. Now you can publish your podcasts, upload new episodes and get your voice heard in the world in just a matter of seconds. 

If you are already working with another provider and want to migrate to redcircle, then all you need to do is enter all the login and basic information regarding your previous podcasts. It will automatically export your work and make it a part of your new redcircle world. 

Along with providing basic features, redcircle distributes, monetizes and grows your audience. It has links with all the leading websites like Apple, Spotify and Google so that you don’t have to worry about distributing. This way you don’t have to waste time on petty issues and concentrate on the quality of your podcasts. 

Redcircle Pricing 

Redcircle has simply priced plans where they require no contracts or commitments and the user can cancel anytime. Their Core plan is absolutely free and has all the standard features required by new podcasters.

Their most popular plan is the Growth plan that is for $9 per month. It has advanced features that help podcasters grow. The Pro plan is for $30 per month. It has all the premium features for professional podcasting. 

Lastly, they have the Enterprise plan which is suitable for big networks. 


Blubrry is a brilliant podcast hosting website that is serving its purpose with utmost diligence. It is a great platform for publishing, analyzing and growing your podcast business.

In fact, it is playing a major part in connecting podcast to all the leading retailers like Google and many more. It is not doubt making its niche in todays’ world and making it easier for podcasters to publish their content.

Blubrry has a very smooth and streamlined work ethics. This makes the publishing process very efficient. Moreover, it has a live support team that stays in action 24/7. It helps users in getting live feed and help from the team at blubrry. 

Even if you are a regular podcaster and want to switch to blubrry then it is a stress-free process. There are no hidden and complicated settings. Thus, it makes the migrating process easier.

Blubrry is in the business of podcast hosting since 2005. They have several tools and tips that is feasible to use.

They have plans for everyone whether you want to upload a single episode or a series of them. The variety in podcast hosting plans work for everyone. It is more than just a publishing website for podcasts.

Blubrry helps you connect with the audiences and maximizing your monetary value of your podcast. This dedication allows them to serve the users and get the most out of your podcast.

Blubrry is playing a major part in giving its users valuable insights. It helps in analyzing the podcast and providing in-depth details. This is important for users. It gives them insight to better themselves and provide their listeners with exactly what they want to listen.

blubrry Pricing 

Blubrry has various pricing plans that cater to all its users. Rest assured that there is no requirement for credit cards. The membership is not based on contracts. Thus, you can cancel the membership any time you want. 

The Standard plan costs $12 per month or $10 on annual payments. It has 125 MB monthly storage capacity. The Advanced plan is for $20 per month and $17 on annual payments. It has a capacity of 400 MB monthly storage. 

Lastly, the Pro Hosting plan costs $100 per month is ideal for large-scale businesses. 

Why use the Best Podcast platform to make money?

Nowadays, podcasting has become a full-fledged industry. This is becoming a part of the booming industry of technology. Podcasting platforms are abundant and readily available in the market. This is why it becomes hard to zero in on the one site that truly serves the purpose of a podcaster to the fullest. 

There are many brands that are serving this purpose and can help the users in making money. They get to live their podcasting dreams and make money out of it as well. It is a great way to reach desired audiences all around the world. 

Why choose the Rss.com as Best Podcast platform to make money?

The Rss.com site is prominent in the market due to various reasons. The most important one of them all is their vast platform that helps podcasters in growing. By growing they accentuate the importance of gathering desirable audience. It is always important to attract loyal audience. And that is only possible by providing them with content that is high in quality.

Rss.com makes sure that users grow their audience organically with the help of their distribution channels. Rss.com associates with all the leading podcast distributors. This means that your podcast will reach to all the right people who are willing to invest in your podcast.

This affects the growth of the podcast in a positive way and monetizes the user’s efforts. Other than their large distributing network, there is more to Rss.com. It provides unlimited audio storage to the users and access to all the opportunities that can help them make money.

With Rss.com, users get a chance to experience fair distribution of sponsorships. Furthermore, it helps in generating an analytical analysis for the convenience of their users. This analysis helps them in performing better than their previous podcasts. The users can also schedule the time and date of release for their podcasts. This inculcates the sense of passion amongst the audience. 

Rss.com is offering free trials for its users so they can test it for themselves and vouch for the efficiency of it by themselves. Users can always customize their features for the greater benefit of their podcast. It is offering many facilities along with making the podcast hit and grow the revenue generation. 

Pod Casting Service for Rss.com as the Best Podcast platform to make money, a Summary

The podcasters that are in business always look for options like Rss.com where benefits exceed their expectations.  Rss.com is a leading source of income for billions of people. Whether the user is at the beginner level or the pro level, they give equal opportunities all its users. This way it is fair and trustworthy.

Hence, it is important that users have this kind of platform to grow and monetize their work. It is a foolproof way of attaining the devotion of their audiences so they can perform to the highest extent of their abilities.