5 Cheapest Video Editing Software

by Scott Max

So, you are in the market for a cheap video editing software.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

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The best cheap editing software

Video editing software are gaining immense prominence with the growing use of YouTube and vlogging platforms. However, as a newbie, you should not splurge outright for a license fee, whereas the free tools may not offer the advanced features you require to create high-quality edits.

Using cheap video editing software provides you with quality editing features at a nominal price. Have a look at the products below to choose the best cheap video editing software:

1. Filmora

Filmora offers an impressive depth of functionality in its video editing software. Wondershare, the parent company of Filmora, targets the entry-level video editor market. It has a user-friendly interface and a nice layout without any compromises on the features, making it perfect for both newbies and experienced video editors.

Filmora Features

Here are some exclusive features of Filmora:

Speed Ramping: With Filmora's Speed Ramping, you have better control over the video speed. It offers 6 Templates to manage the video speed and also allows you to create customized presets. Filmora offers a graphical view of your speed changes and adjustable keyframes to personalize the templates and perfectly ramp your video speed.

Colour Match: Filmora allows you to duplicate the colouration from a clip and apply it to another video. You can dial back the colouration intensity to perfectly merge two clips. The colour match feature eliminates the need to personally apply edits to similar videos by allowing you to copy the effects.

Dolly Zoom Effect: Dolly zoom is a cinematic technique which adds a motion effect to your background without affecting the subject. Traditionally, movie directors do it by either moving the camera towards an object while panning out or moving the camera away from the subject while zooming in. With Filmora, you can add the dolly zoom effect to create vertigo feel from the editing interface.

Filmora Dissolve: Dissolves are well-known cinematic transitions that slowly gradate from one image into another. Filmora allows you to isolate pannable parts of your clips and add dissolve effects to make your simple footage appear more professional.

Filmora Pricing

Filmora offers 2 Pricing options for its video editing software.

The "Individual" plan is priced at $9.99/month plus offers colour and audio editing. Additionally, it provides a 1 GB Wondershare drive space.

The "Business" plan is priced: at $155.88/user/year for upto 5 User accounts. It offers multi-user control, 1-1 sales report and free tech support.

2. Movavi

Movavi offers personalized recommendations based on your clips to help you choose the best motion graphics, colour grading and animations for your edits. It gives you complete control over its editing tools, ensuring you can mix effects or change video layouts to deliver your best content.

Movavi Features

Here are some exclusive features of Movavi:

Audio Syncing: Video editors often have to deal with several audio and video tracks to create a perfect edit. It requires manual syncing in the timeline section, which involves moving around tracks. In Movavi, if you bring clips to the timeline, you can synchronize them automatically with Audio Syncing.

Scene Detection: Movavi's scene detection feature splits your footage into different scenes ascertained within the entire footage. You can use the slider to determine the minimum duration of any given scene. So Movavi can perform video splitting more accurately. It enables you to create short clips from a video and disregard the unimportant parts.

Beat Detection: Movavi allows you to bring any music track down your timeline. It puts beat markers into your audio track, allowing you to see where the tempo exists. Moreover, Movavi offers the minimum time between beat marker slider functions. You can adjust your audio tracks in real-time and see the required markers.

Noise Removal: Movavi offers a quality noise removal with a variable slider to dial in the required amount of noise separation. White or distorted noises hamper your tool's final edits, and eventually, they affect your post-production effects.

Effects Store: Movavi offers an effects marketplace to incorporate or buy new templates. You can get stunning titles, seamless transitions and several other contents on the edits. Effects store ensures you have all the necessary help to create perfect final footage.

Movavi Pricing 

Movavi offers 2 Pricing options for its video editing tools.

The "Video Editor Plus" is priced at $24.5/year and offers all core features of Movavi.

The "Video Suite'' is priced at $33.5 for a lifetime subscription on 1 Device. You can create effects and animations, timeline markers and keyframe animations.

3. LightWorks

LightWorks is among the best free video editing software available in the market. It's a great tool to perform high-end video editing without paying a dime. LightWorks enables you to import assets and create footage with its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Moreover, it offers all the professional editing tools required to create immersive clips.

LightWorks Features

Here are some exclusive features of LightWorks:

Timeline Time Savers: LightWorks offers proxy workflows, helping you increase your proxy file performance from any media quality. Moreover, you don't have to wait for effect rendering or exports. With LightWorks, you can continue with your video edits while the tedious operations happen in the background. LightWorks automatically saves your progress, ensuring you don't lose your ongoing edits due to an unexpected sudden shutdown.

Creative Control: LightWorks offers you complete control over creativeness by providing powerful timelines and motion graphics. LightWorks' timeline is designed to ease your job and create fast edits. It comes with several preloaded graphic templates that help efficiently prepare quality video edits.

Cloud Connectivity: LightWorks provides cloud connectivity, ensuring your files are always accessible and do not take up your hard drive space. Moreover, you can perform edits directly from the cloud storage by dropping clips into your timeline.

Flexible Layouts: LightWorks gives you freedom over your application's layout. So you can work on an interface that boosts your productivity. It lets you determine the nits and grits of customization to help you speed up the editing process.

VFX: LightWorks offers several creative transitions, colour corrections and filters to help you design videos. You can use titling and OpenFX plugins to play around with the VFX and give a professional outlook to your videos.

LightWorks Pricing

LightWorks offers 3 Pricing options for its video editing software.

The "Free" plan is priced at $0 and offers core video editing features. You can create edits without Watermarks and do background processing.

The "Create" plan is priced at $9.99/month and is OFX compatible. It offers a digital audio workstation, 4K resolution and advanced transitions.

The "Pro" plan is priced at $23.99/month and offers audio EQ and mixing. Additionally, it supports several camera formats and provides advanced metadata.

4. Splice

Splice is a mobile video editing tool with a user-friendly interface and innovative functionalities. It enables you to design and deliver your clip edits with impact, creating a long-lasting impression on your viewers. Splice is highly customizable and allows you to set parameters, enhancing your creative prowess and imaginative thinking.

Splice Features

Here are some exclusive features of Splice:

Intuitive user experience: Splice focuses on providing an intuitive user experience and bringing your ideas to life. It works for you and offers several customizations to help you create the best video edits. Splice is the perfect video editing tool for content creators due to its simple layout.

Advanced Pro-level tools: Splice is an easy-to-learn video editing tool with advanced pro-level tools to help you add effects and design perfect content. It offers a speed ramp which lets you control the frame rates and pace of the video. Moreover, you can fixate on a subject in your video and add a speed-up effect. Splice also provides chroma key technology, enabling you to change colouration and form gradient backgrounds for your clips.

Evergoing Feature Updates: Splice video editor works for the editor community and takes feature suggestions that users prefer in the next update. It constantly adds new updates for the community members, making it an ever-evolving tool.

Automatic Subtitles: With Splice, you do not have to worry about adding subtitle texts to every frame of your video. It offers an automated subtitle feature that understands the speech patterns in your videos and generates accurate subtitle files.

Enormous Music Library: Splice offers an extensive music library for your clip edits. Moreover, it lets you add new sounds or download the content from the Splice community to create perfect musical backgrounds for your footage.

Splice Pricing

Splice is primarily a free downloadable video editing app for iOS and Android devices. However, you can buy a subscription plan and fully utilize Splice's advanced editing tools. Splice subscription is priced; at $9.30/month.

5. Nero Video

Nero Video is a multifunctional video editing software that helps you create studio-level edits. It offers upto 8k resolution and several professional effects that can transform your clips and footage into movies. Nero Video brings together AI-powered tools with its intuitive interface to help editors enhance their creativity.

Nero Video Features

Here are some exclusive features of Nero Video:

Express Editing: Nero Video offers express editing that allows you to use drag and drop functionality for video editing. You can trim clips, add simple effects or create storyboards with a few clicks. Moreover, Nero Video automatically recognizes the gaps between your footage and repositions the tracks.

High-Resolution Videos: Nero Video supports 8k resolution videos, ensuring your clips are of the highest quality and captivate the viewer's attention. With Nero Video, you can perform Hollywood level edits on your media files, making it perfect for designing a music video, sports highlights or shooting a wedding.

AI media management: Nero Video offers AI-powered media management and identifies the most used clips for your video edits. It automatically shows the relevant videos for your footage, so you don't have to scour through the entire library.

Advanced Video Editing: Nero Video is infused: with innovative effects and features like video tilting, frame rate optimization, transitions, Keyframe animations and audio mixing. It offers every tool you require to pan out your clips according to your imagination.

Exporting and Burning: Nero is immensely popular for its disc burning tools and has offered the same for its video editing software. With Nero Video, you can export short clips from a movie, design cover themes or create Blu-ray discs.

Nero Video Pricing

Nero Video is currently priced; at €39.95 for a one-time license fee.

Why use Video Editing Software at all?

Video editing software are perfect for enhancing your video graphics and creating studio-quality clips. Whether you're doing a professional movie edit or designing a YouTube video, video editing software helps you elevate the artistic element of your clips with eloquent motion graphics and captivating transitions.

Video editing tools are essentially the core of your video design. They help you create high-quality videos for your viewers, helping you build a loyal audience. Moreover, you can do branding by adding your watermark or logo to the video.

Why should you buy cheap video editing software?

Video editing tools generally provide a license instead of a monthly or annual subscription. So if you're a beginner or a professional on a stringent budget, you cannot keep switching your video editing tools because it's not cheap.

With advancements and updates rolling out constantly, you may find that your video editing tool's interface has completely transformed from the time of your purchase.

However, now you're stuck with a complicated tool that's not to your liking just because you splurged too much on the license.

The brand name is the primary difference between high-end and cheap video editing software. Top video editing brands offer free editing tools, but they come with several limitations, which don't let you perform to your maximum creative abilities.

Buying a cheap editing software ensures you can switch your tools if the latest updates are not to your liking. Moreover, it usually offers all the core features you require; to create high-quality edits.

Cheap video editing software, A Summary

Cheap video editing software are a better alternative to free or branded tools for beginners because, they don't have any watermarks or export limitations. You might have to be more creative to design certain effects that are pre-built in high-end software, but it's certainly feasible and better for your learning curve.

Filmora offers a quality video editing tool at affordable prices. Moreover, it offers 4k resolution, helping you create Hollywood level movies. Filmora is our suggested pick for cheap editing software. Visit the website to get started.