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Captivate is your podcasts with powerful hosting and analytics. Your voice, amplified worldwide.

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So, you are in the market for a podcast hosting. 

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Largest Podcast Platform

When investing your podcasting for monetizing purposes, it is always a good idea to subscribe to the largest podcast platform. Being the largest podcasting platform means that they have vast knowledge and are dealing with podcasting related problems on daily basis. 

There are many beneficial reasons to opt for the largest podcast platform.  


Soundcloud is the most famous and popular podcast streaming website. You can share your podcast will millions and millions of listeners. With Soundcloud you can discover, publish and share your podcasts instantly at a global level. 

Soundcloud is changing lives by giving direct access to genuine listeners and even more from other platforms. It allows hosting podcasts without any restrictions. The advanced insights provided by soundcloud are quite intuitive and helpful for its users.  

With soundcloud, users can easily share their podcast. They just have to share it in one space and it automatically gets shared on all the related platforms. Another interesting feature introduced by soundcloud is that it lets you interact with your listeners. 

The idea behind this feature is that podcasters get to relate with the audience on a personal level. They get to know instant feedbacks. This allows them to alter and make necessary changes preferred by the audiences. It also ensures that the content produced after getting the feedback is up to the mark and is according the audiences’ taste. 

Through soundcloud, podcaster can grow their audience. The advanced statistics laid down by soundcloud helps in gaining organic listeners. Moreover, the active platform that lets your listeners express their needs online makes them more loyal and devoted towards the podcast. 

You can monetize your podcast along with engaging in healthy user activities. Soundcloud has its own forum where it lets you connect with other podcasters who are doing similar work. It lets you get inspiration from fellow podcasters. 

Soundcloud Pricing 

Soundcloud is offering two plans for its podcasters. The first is the Basic plan that is absolutely free and lets you share your sound with listeners. Since it is basic in nature, you can avail all the primary features. 

Secondly, they are the offering Pro Unlimited package. You can simply go pro by paying $12 per month. It has all the basic features of the previous plan and more. You get unlimited options with it.

Another unique offer by soundcloud is to repost your episode for $2.50 per month and be heard on a global level. 


Podbean is one of the best podcast hosting and monetizing website. It is very easy to use and is in reality a very influential tool. It helps the user in creation, promotion and monetization of their podcasts. 

Podbean is playing a very successful role in creating world famous podcasts. It allows easy publishing while promoting user’s learning process. Publishing a podcast was never as easy and achievable in just a few clicks. 

Moreover, Podbean allows infinite number of podcast hosting. There are no limits for downloads as well.

Podbean is a professional website. It has a variety of customizable themes and features to suit the nature of user’s podcast. Each brand has its own domain. Users can even choose the publishing time of their podcast as per their convenience.

It is a great podcast hosting website that shows the beautiful side of podcasting in terms of visual appearance. 

Podbean is a great space for podcasting distribution. It makes your podcast available in the best places like Apple, Google, Spotify, and more.

It has the feature of embedded players for your podcast. Furthermore, your Podbean account automatically shares new episodes on all the linked social platforms. This gives more access to the organic audience.

Podbean has its own app that lets you publish podcasts on the go. The app is available for iOS and Androids. They integration with email address happens automatically for your podcast subscribers.

Podbean is a famous for offering useful insights to its users. It updates the user about the latest trends. They give better understanding of what users would like to listen and download.  

The website automatically places the top ten episodes on top. This keeps the trends on the run. 

Podbean Pricing 

The Podbean pricing structure is pretty simple and transparent. They offer 4 kinds of plans. They include the Basic, Unlimited Audio, Unlimited Plus, and Business.

The Basic plan is a starter pack which is absolutely free. This is great for newbies. Next is the Unlimited Audio at $9, which is for Audio podcasting with no limits. 

The Unlimited Plus plan is suitable for video podcasting and monetization of the podcast at $29. The Business package is ideal for podcasting networks. Many use it for business purposes which are available at $99 per month.  


Resonate is an ideal, one-stop solution for users who are into podcasting. They started their podcast production company in 2014.  It is an easy way to host your podcasts. They provide podcast hosting and monetizing solutions and more. 

Resonate is not just a podcast hosting platform. It is much more than just a podcast production company. This is a professional podium that makes life for a podcaster much easier.

They fully commit to provide a well curated audio podcasts, integration with top brands, and creative solutions to podcast related issues. Resonate has trained experts in the field who work on podcast related problems on everyday basis.   

These experts are always offering pioneering results so the users can get quality podcast. Even new members can avail the services renders by their professionals. Each podcasts unique in nature thus the solutions suggested fit well with their respective podcasts.

Resonate is always into building a mutual relationship between its podcasters and their listeners. This unique feature makes it all the more special. It urges its user to release the highest quality of content so that the users can establish long term beneficial relationships with their listeners.

Moreover, even new users get to avail all the resources offered by Resonate. They have videos and guiding books that can help you create the podcast that is high in quality content. This will leaves a lasting impression amongst your listeners. 

Resonate is working diligently to combine latest technologies so that it incorporates proficiency with excellence. It is simple yet modern. 

At Resonate they have a full team of producers, writers, audio engineers, software developers, and an at-hand team of experienced podcasters. This makes them stand out for excellency in services. 

Resonate Pricing 

Resonate offers purchase services in the form of episode credits. The pricing page allows the user to choose the Audio Production. It offers standard, premium, enhanced, enterprise and custom audio production at $69, $159, $239, $449, and $750 respectively.

For video production they have two plans basic and advanced for $239 and $359 respectively. For Podcast hosting you can either choose $25 per month for the basic plan or $49 for premium plan. 


Simplecast is setting the world of podcasting a class apart. It is by the best podcast hosting website when it comes to managing and analytical performance of the podcasts.

It is one of a kind, state-of-the-art autonomous podcast hosting website. It surpasses all the other podcasting websites in performance. 

Simplecast is very easy to use even for new users. They can easily publish their podcasts in just a few simple steps. Now, uploading audio podcasts for audiences is easier and fast.

Simplecast allows its users to access all the leading publishing sites like Apple, Google and Spotify. Their integrated list includes many more renowned publishing sites. You can even customize your publishing sites depending on your audiences’ preference. 

Simplecast is in this business of podcast hosting for 7 years now. It has been a source of convenience for podcasters. The inbuilt Simplecast functions deal with publishing, distribution, analyzing, sharing, downloading and accessing podcast in an easy way.

This way podcasters do not have to focus on the business related trivialities. They just have to focus on producing high quality podcasts for their users without the external pressures of dealing with its distribution and hosting.

Simplecast users are just one click away from their listeners. The streamlined way in which Simplecast plays the hosting duty for your podcast is absolutely commendable. It gives a fitting platform for your personal work almost instantly.

It also has a powerful framework. They keep on introducing and adding more to their hosting facilities. The window of keeping improvement in their work loop means that they are operating day and night to better their services. 

Simplecast has one of the most robust infrastructures in the podcast hosting industry. This is why it can reach millions of audiences in a blink of an eye without burdening their servers.

Simplecast Pricing 

At Simplecast you can customize and design a payment plan that suits your needs. Independent podcasters can avail their Basic, Essential, and Growth plans. The Basic is available for $15, Essential is for $35, and Growth is for $85 on monthly basis. 

For large networks and businesses, they can access Professional and Enterprise packages. These packages are customizable depending on the requirements of the company.  


Castos is the only website hosting podcast service that offers everything in need in one place. Podcasting is a great to connect to audience and telling your story in audio format. 

Castos is a complete package that helps the user grow and get the maximum benefit by monetizing it. Creating podcast on Castos is pretty simple because of its user-friendly dashboard. Even a new user can successfully create a podcast because of the automated feature offered by Castos.

Building a podcast was never as simple as this. Castos hosting website is podium that deals with all the aspects of podcast building with automation. It offers all the right kind of tools that allows building a loyal audience by creating a unique connection between the creator and the listener.

With Castos, you can create unlimited number of podcast and their episodes regardless of the package you choose.  After committing to Castos, the users can publish as much content as they like at a price charged o monthly basis.

Moreover, with Castos you have the luxury of experimenting. You can record long episode, try new styles and features. It beckons to the user’s creativity to come on surface and create something exceptional.

Castos is breaking all the old norms and gives you more than contract advertising. It lets you gain direct audience and does not interfere in the revenue collection. This is one of the most unique features that make it stand from the other podcast hosting websites. 

The multiple integrations that Castos has to offer are better at letting the user generate revenue and enjoy their podcasting experience while at it. 

Castos offers a platform that can help the user track their performance. They get to have a look at the insights regarding audience behavior towards the podcasts. It is a great way to improve and add more of what the audience wants to listen.

It is a kind of empowerment in itself. You can attain a better understanding of your listener’s choice. This one-on-one connection shows your dedication and support you have for your listener. 

The integrations that Castos has to offer are helping the users in expanding their outreach. The automated publishing via YouTube feature is escalating your visibility to more listeners.

Castos Pricing 

The pricing at Castos is transparent is pretty flexible. They offer equal opportunities to users when it comes to pricing. Castos can accommodate at whichever stage of podcasting you are at.

They are offering three basic plans and a premium plan. The starter pack costs $19, growth pack costs $49 and the pro pack is for $99 monthly. 

Next is the Castos Premium that has all the feature of Pro plus. This is ideal of large scale organizations. 

Why use the Largest Podcast Platform?

The podcasting industry is on a boom these days. Each and every podcast platform offers to cater to their users with maximum benefits. Hence, it gets tricky when making a decision to choose the right podcasting platform. 

The safest bet it to choose the largest podcast platform for your podcasting needs. When you opt for the largest podcasting platform, you are automatically signing in for the best services that are available in the market. Rest assured that the largest platform has great deal of exquisite and unique ideas that can help in growing your podcasting business. 

Why choose the Soundcloud Largest Podcast Platform?

Soundcloud is on the largest podcasting platform which is why you might have heard of it somewhere or another. It has reached their present level of popularity for all the right reasons. It is currently streaming millions of podcasts and representing millions of users at any given time. 

Moreover, it lets the users discover new podcasts every day. As it the largest representative for podcasters, Soundcloud generates revenues by leaps and bounds. Soundcloud is offering more facilities and features when compared with other podcasting platforms. 

With Soundcloud subscription, users automatically receive global representation. One of the most exciting and useful features introduced by Soundcloud is their one-on-one interaction with the audience. This means that users can interface with their listeners. 

When they are able to access to their listeners, users can develop podcasts based entirely on audiences’ favored subjects. These small factors enlighten the user and help them understand the listeners’ criteria. The better they understand the listeners’ mentality and needs, the more they can publish podcasts that can be monetized easily. 

Other than these advanced features, Soundcloud has an intuitive system that collects all the insights. When they collect all the insights, it helps them in figuring about the facts. These facts are useful in understanding the changing market trends and tackle them in an innovative way. 

With Soundcloud, users can upload their podcasts and get them published in all the right places. The distribution of podcasts is pretty systematic and streamlined. This modernizes the entire podcasting business. It serves on both at a professional as well as personal level. The feedback system all helps in improving the content quality drastically. 

Pod Casting Service for Soundcloud the Largest Podcast Platform, a Summary

Being the largest podcasting platform, Soundcloud deserves all the praise and is living up to its name. It is successfully attaining the highest levels of optimization. The podcasters must take advantage and use Soundcloud as their preferred podcasting platform. 

Soundcloud has already taken the podcasting world by storm and assumed a lead role for podcasters at an international level. Many podcasting experts deem it as their number one choice for podcasting. It is a complete package as it offers more than any other similar platform. This is why it helps users develop a sense of accomplishment when they see their podcasting business grow.

What Podcast Hosting Platform would you recommend?

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