Simply.Coach, A Simple Review

So, you are considering Simply.Coach.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you, if its feature set compares well to other options on the market, and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

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Simply.Coach Features

Simply.Coach stands as a distinguished platform in the coaching industry, meticulously designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of coaching professionals. Its suite of features offers a comprehensive solution, streamlining the coaching journey from initial client engagement to the culmination of coaching outcomes. This section will explore the core functionalities that position Simply.Coach as a pivotal tool for coaching businesses.

Comprehensive Client Management

Central to Simply.Coach’s offerings is its robust client management system. The platform facilitates a seamless intake process with customizable forms, enabling coaches to gather essential information from potential clients efficiently. Once onboard, coaches can manage client workspaces, maintaining organized records of session notes, goals, and progress tracking. This integrated approach ensures a personalized and effective coaching experience for each client.

Streamlined Session Scheduling

Efficiency in scheduling appointments is crucial for coaching practices. Simply.Coach incorporates a sophisticated appointment scheduling feature, fully integrated with popular calendar systems like Google Calendar. This ensures that coaches and clients can easily find mutually convenient times, reducing administrative overhead and focusing on the coaching itself.

Enhanced Payment Processing

Financial transactions are handled with ease on Simply.Coach. The platform supports various payment plans and online payment options, including credit card processing. This flexibility simplifies the billing process for coaching services, allowing coaches to focus more on delivering value and less on administrative tasks.

Goal and Progress Tracking

A unique selling point of Simply.Coach is its goal and progress tracking features. Coaches can set clear, measurable objectives with their clients and monitor their journey towards these goals. This not only motivates clients but also provides tangible evidence of the coaching outcomes, enhancing the credibility and effectiveness of the coaching process.

Rich Resource Libraries and Session Notes

The platform offers extensive libraries for resources and session notes, enabling coaches to share materials and insights that complement the coaching sessions. These resources are easily accessible, providing clients with the necessary tools to support their development and ensure continuity in learning and application.

Customizable Templates and Integrations

Simply.Coach’s customizable templates for contracts, email communications, and intake forms allow coaches to maintain a professional and standardized customer experience. Moreover, its ability to integrate with other platforms, including CRM systems and payment gateways, through Zapier APIs and workflows, amplifies its utility, making it a versatile tool for coaching businesses of all sizes.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

To aid in the evaluation of coaching effectiveness, Simply.Coach offers premium analytics. Coaches can derive insights into client engagement, session outcomes, and overall business performance. These analytics empower coaches to make data-driven decisions to optimize their practices and enhance client satisfaction.

In conclusion, Simply.Coach emerges as an all-encompassing platform that addresses the end-to-end requirements of a coaching practice. Its thoughtful integration of client management, scheduling, payment processing, and analytical tools, amongst others, makes it an invaluable asset for coaching professionals seeking to elevate their practice and deliver impactful coaching outcomes.

Simply.Coach Pricing

Simply.Coach introduces a versatile pricing structure designed to accommodate the varying demands of coaching professionals, from solopreneurs to large coaching businesses. With an emphasis on affordability and scalability, Simply.Coach’s pricing model ensures that every coaching practice, regardless of size, can find a plan that aligns with their business needs.

For solopreneurs, the pricing begins with the Starter plan at $9/month (paid annually), ideal for individual coaches focusing on 1-1 coaching sessions. It supports coaching up to 5 individuals and includes essential features like unlimited lead capture and a calendar booking page. The Essentials plan, at $29/month (paid annually), expands capabilities to coaching 10 individuals and introduces team/group coaching and progress check-ins.

The Growth plan, recommended for expanding practices, is priced at $49/month (paid annually), supporting up to 30 individuals with additional branding options and comprehensive program templates. For those seeking unlimited scalability, the Leap plan at $69/month (paid annually) offers an unlimited coaching capacity, a whitelabelled platform, and enhanced branding features, including your domain and unlimited digital contracts.

For businesses, Simply.Coach tailors its offerings with CoCreate, Surge, and Enterprise plans, starting at $79/month, featuring advanced access management, unlimited program templates, and dedicated support options, ensuring a fully customizable and branded coaching experience.

Simply.Coach’s competitive pricing and extensive feature list make it a compelling choice for coaching professionals looking to scale their operations while providing exceptional value to their clients.

Simply.Coach Discounts and Coupons

Simply.Coach incentivizes long-term commitments by offering substantial savings of up to 52% on annual plans, compared to monthly billing. This strategic pricing approach encourages coaches to opt for annual subscriptions, significantly reducing their operational costs over time. Such discounts not only make the platform more accessible to a wider range of coaching professionals but also underline Simply.Coach’s commitment to supporting the growth and sustainability of coaching practices.

By choosing an annual payment plan, coaches can unlock the full potential of Simply.Coach’s features at a fraction of the cost, ensuring both affordability and comprehensive support for their coaching journey.

Simply.Coach Free Trial

Simply.Coach offers a generous 14-day free trial across all its pricing plans, allowing coaches to explore the platform’s extensive features without any financial commitment. This trial period is designed to give coaches a comprehensive understanding of how Simply.Coach can streamline their practice, from client management to session scheduling, without the need for a credit card, ensuring a risk-free introduction to its digital coaching solutions.

Simply.Coach, A Short How-To Guide

Embarking on your coaching journey with Simply.Coach is a seamless process, designed to enhance your coaching practice through digital innovation. Here’s a concise guide to help you get started and navigate the platform efficiently.

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Trial

Begin by visiting the Simply.Coach website and signing up for a 14-day free trial. This initial step requires no credit card information and grants you full access to the platform’s features, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your coaching needs.

Step 2: Customize Your Profile

Once registered, the first order of business is to customize your profile. Upload your logo, if applicable, and personalize your dashboard to reflect your coaching brand. This step sets the tone for your professional presence on the platform.

Step 3: Set Up Your Coaching Offerings

Navigate to the ‘Solutions’ or ‘Features’ section to outline your coaching services. Whether you’re focused on 1-1 coaching, group sessions, or a mix, Simply.Coach allows you to define and organize your offerings. Here, you can also create and customize programs, contracts, and session templates.

Step 4: Manage Your Calendar and Bookings

Integrate your calendar to synchronize your availability across platforms. Set up your booking page to allow clients to schedule sessions with you directly, minimizing the back-and-forth typically associated with appointment setting.

Step 5: Engage With Your Clients

Utilize the client management features to onboard new clients, create dedicated workspaces, and start engaging through chat and collaborative tools. Share resources, manage action plans, and track progress to keep your clients motivated.

Step 6: Analyze and Grow

Leverage Simply.Coach’s analytics tools to monitor your coaching impact, client progress, and business growth. Use these insights to refine your offerings and expand your practice.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing the potential of Simply.Coach, streamlining your coaching practice, and delivering impactful coaching experiences to your clients.