SkillShare, A Simple Review

So, you are considering SkillShare

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you, if its feature set compares well to other options on the market, and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

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SkillShare Features

Skillshare is an online course platform that offers video classes for several creative topics. With unlimited access to a vast array of online lectures, SkillShare provides the perfect balance between concrete skill-building and aspirational learning, helping students flourish in the real world.

SkillShare is the largest online creative education platform, featuring thousands of courses and classes created by professionals from various fields to help budding creators learn new skills. SkillShare classes are curated to work with real-life situations, so you can find inspiration that fits into your schedule and keep moving forward with your creative journey without putting life on hold.

Here are some exclusive features of SkillShare:

Classroom Projects: Maximum SkillShare courses involve classroom projects for students to work on while learning a specific subject or skill. Their workshops are a collection of guided classes and allow skills to be learned: according to the designated program established by the SkillShare team or an instructor. SkillShare is a place for learners and teachers to hone their skills and share experiences since SkillShare provides opportunities to learn and network.

Shared Learning Experience: SkillShare does not offer individual classes, as skillshare is all about a shared learning experience. SkillShare lessons are composed of single lectures, whereas projects combine several related lesson sets curated by either SkillShare or other teachers and users. 

Switch Classes at Ease: One of the advantages of unlimited Classes on SkillShare is if you sign up for one class and do not like it, you can find another course/teacher to study that subject with. Additionally, the quality of lectures and the learning experience are generally top-tier.

Class Creation: Becoming a teacher on SkillShare is simple. In case educators want to spread their passion and skills to learners all over the world, they can do so by creating a lesson, providing a description, and publishing it. With SkillShare’s Class Creation System guide, educators can create classes without much effort. The platform offers step-by-step instructions, from designing and posting the lecture; to advertising it by creating a channel. 

Monetization: SkillShare helps Makers, Professionals, and Business-Inspired Individuals make money. It pays instructors when students sign up for classes and watch their video lessons. In addition, they may earn revenue from every referred student that chooses to subscribe to the Premium Edition. On the other hand, premium users get unlimited access to a catalogue of premium classes. 

SkillShare Pricing

SkillShare offers region-based membership options for its online course platform. You must start with a free trial spanning 7 Days and choose the pricing option in the “Payments” section.

SkillShare Free Trial

SkillShare allows users to start for free by; using its 7 Day free trial. You need to input the card details, but SkillShare won’t charge you before the trial period ends.

SkillShare Discounts and Coupons

SkillShare currently does not offer discounts or coupons for its online course platform.

SkillShare, A short how-to guide

To start using SkillShare, you must sign up for the 7 Days free trial. You can do so by using your Google, Facebook or Apple account.

Once done, you’ll be redirected: to the course section inside SkillShare. Here, you can select between several creative classes and enrol in a course. Once done, you’ll get access to the virtual classroom and can complete assignments or projects to enhance your skills.

Click on “Certifications” to view your completed courses and earned certifications. You can pin your certificates to your SkillShare profile.

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