The Best Analytics Tools To Use (Free & Paid)

by Scott Max
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Data is an intrinsic part of your business. With the recent advances in machine learning and data algorithms, business data now acts as a cornerstone for ensuring success and profitability.

However, going through unstructured business data is quite complex and simply inefficient. With a dedicated analytics tool, you can process large unstructured data sets and swiftly gain insights to improve your customer engagement and business operations.

Analytics tools empower your business and improve the inner functioning of your workforce by assessing employee strengths and project requirements. You can then allocate the right personnel to the right task for better results.

In this article, we'll enlist the must-have features of an analytics tool. We Will also provide a descriptive list of the best options.


What features to look for in an Analytics Tool?

An analytics tool is crucial for every business to drive faster growth, predict future market trends and elevate the customer experience by harnessing the power of data. Running a successful business requires future revenue generation estimates, optimizing the workforce and making instant decisions. Analytics tools provide you with a complete in-depth overview of your business health by analyzing current and past events.

Any analytics tool worth using should offer data preparation, visualization, process analytics, data modelling and business intelligence.

However, quality analytics tools offer advanced functionalities to accelerate your business growth. Here are some attributes you should consider while buying an analytics tool:

  • Explainability: You should be able to derive quick insights and assess data outcomes.
  • Speech and Text Detection: You should be able to analyze channel-specific conversations with tonal sentiment and detect voice patterns.
  • Data Engineering: You should be able to engineer your data sets before jumping into model creation.
  • Predictive Analytics: You should be able to forecast future market events based on historical data.
  • Composable Analytics: You should be able to personalize the analytics process based on your business needs.

With the above-enlisted features, you'll have all the necessary tools in your arsenal to supercharge your business with data analytics.

What are the Best Analytics Tools?

Honestly, it depends on your business niche and objectives. If you're a surveillance company, you might want to go for a dedicated video analytics tool, while call centres may prefer a simple speech analytics platform. However, we have prepared this guide with all factors in mind to help you pick the best analytics tools.

Here are the best analytics tool options in 2022:


SAP Analytics Cloud brings together analytics and planning to help you derive unique insights. You can accelerate deployments with pre-packaged best practices for your industry. SAP allows you to simulate any scenario and generate plans from predictions. It drives agile business decisions, helping you scale faster.

SAP Features

Here are some exclusive features of SAP:

Analytics and BI: SAP's intuitive self-service analytics helps you explore data across the organization and deliver insights at the decision point. You can use self-service data modelling to set KPIs and hierarchies while automating data. Additionally, SAP offers interactive visualizations to discover insights and inspire audiences.

Enterprise Planning: SAP drives better business outcomes by creating and linking your financial and operational plans. You can use predictive planning to anticipate business needs and stay agile with forecasting and machine learning. Moreover, SAP allows you to modify versions of the planning model for data-driven budgeting.

Composable Analytics: SAP allows you to tailor analytics and planning applications to meet unique business requirements. You can increase application developer productivity with reusable widgets and flexible APIs. SAP enables users to easily customize and compose analytics applications.

Prebuilt Business Content: SAP offers prebuilt best-practice content packages for businesses to quickly help them get started with data analytics. You can leverage end-to-end tailored packages to work with recommended SAP data sources. Additionally, it helps you realize results quickly by accessing documentation of KPIs.

ESG Reporting and Sustainability: SAP helps you deliver environmental, social, and economic impact with actionable insights and accurate reporting. You can deliver automated and auditable ESG reporting by analyzing your business data. SAP allows you to drive targeted action for sustainability performance.

SAP Pricing

SAP offers 2 Pricing options for its data analytics platform.

The "Business Intelligence" plan is priced at $36/user/month and offers automation, actionable insights and augmented analytics.

The "Planning" plan has an on-demand pricing quote and offers integrated planning, forecast automation and scenario modelling.

SAP Discounts and Coupons

SAP currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its data analytics software.

SAP Free Trial

SAP currently offers a 30 Day free trial for its data analytics tools.

SAP, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your SAP analytics cloud account, you'll be asked to import data sets relevant to your businesses. You can do so by going to "File" and selecting import.

Once done, click on the imported data set to start analyzing it. You can merge multiple data sets or divide them into worksheets for thorough reporting.

Once you've derived valuable insights, you can export the report and start formulating campaigns.


Knime is used worldwide to solve complex problems around human resources, diversity and talent-related data for the company. Knime helps you productionize data science and implement the strategies faster for better impact. With Knime, you can gain valuable hidden insights by merging or transforming different data sets.

Knime Features

Here are some exclusive features of Knime:

Workflow Builder: Knime lets you create visual workflows for data analytics using its drag-and-drop graphical interface. You can model each step of data analysis, control the flow and ensure your work is current. Knime's workflow builder helps you automate data merging and collection so you can focus on analysis and reporting.

Data Shaping: With Knime, you can derive statistics, including mean, quantiles and standard deviations. You can also clean data through normalization, value handling or conversion. Knime helps you detect out-of-range values with its anomaly detection algorithms. Additionally, Knime lets you extract and select features to prepare your data sets.

Machine Learning and AI: Knime allows you to build machine learning models for classification, regression or clustering. You can optimize the model performance with hyperparameter optimization, bagging or building complex ensembles. Moreover, Knime enables you to validate models by applying performance metrics.

Data Insights: With Knime, you can visualize your data in classic or advanced charts. It displays the summary statistics in the Knime table and lets you filter out irrelevant entries. Additionally, you can store processed data or analytics results and export reports to share them with stakeholders.

Execution Scaling: Knime allows you to build workflow prototypes so you can explore various analysis approaches. You can inspect and save intermediate results to ensure the efficient discovery of new solutions. Moreover, Knime lets you exercise the power of in-database processing on Apache Spark.

Knime Pricing

Knime offers an on-demand pricing quote for its subscription plans. You can click "Pricing" and tap "Contact us". Next, fill out the required form, and Knime's sales team will contact you.

Knime Discounts and Coupons

Knime currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its subscription plans.

Knime Free Trial

Knime offers a free version of its analytics tool. You can download the free Knime software from the official website. If you don't have a subscription, Knime will automatically register you for the free plan.

Knime, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Knime account, you'll enter the dashboard section. Here, you'll see the recent analytical searches, data merges and exports.

Click on a data set to start analyzing it. You can right-click on a set and select combine to superimpose it with another relevant data set. You can save intermediate results by simply exporting the report while analyzing.

Click on "Workflows" to create automation workflows. Here, you can model the data analysis process for a set and put it on autopilot.


Minitab is a powerful data analysis and statistical software that can predict, visualize, analyze and harness the power of your data to solve complex business challenges. Minitab can look at current and past data to discover trends, find and predict behaviours, uncover hidden relations between variables and create stunning visualizations.

Minitab Features

Here are some exclusive features of Minitab:

Discover: Regardless of statistical background, Minitab empowers all parts of an organization to predict better outcomes, design better products and improve processes to generate higher revenues and reduce costs. Only Minitab offers a unique, integrated approach by providing software and services that drive business excellence.

Predict: With Minitab, you can access modern data analysis and explore your data further using advanced analytics. It enables you to skillfully predict, compare alternatives, and forecast your business with ease using Minitab's revolutionary predictive analytics techniques.

Classical Methods: Minitab allows you to use classical methods in its statistical software. You can integrate with open-source languages R or Python and boost your capabilities further with machine learning algorithms like CART TreeNet and Random Forests, now available in Minitab's module.

Graphics: Minitab offers a graph builder and lets you depict data in binned scatterplots, boxplots, bubble plots, bar charts, correlograms and more. Additionally, you can use contour and rotating 3D plots to make data analysis easier. Minitab also offers probability distribution plots and automatically updates graphs according to data changes.

Achieve: Visualizations are critical; to accurately communicate discoveries and achievements. Minitab's new Interactive tool with an easy-to-browse gallery lets you view and explore multiple graph options without re-running your analysis. Minitab makes it easier to choose the best visuals for your insights.

Minitab Pricing

Minitab offers 2 Pricing options for its data analysis platform.

The "Single Named User" plan is priced: at $1610/year. It allows you to visualize, analyze and harness the power of your data to find insights.

The "Single Named User + Predictive analysis module" is priced at $2754/year. It offers automated machine-learning capabilities and tree-based algorithms.

Minitab Discounts and Coupons

Minitab currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its license options.

Minitab Free Trial

Minitab currently offers a 30 Day free trial for its data analytics platform.

Minitab, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Minitab account, you enter the home section. Here, you can import new data sets, do merging and view recently gained insights from data set analysis.

Click on algorithms to use tree algorithms for your data analysis and mining. You can tap on a data set and set the algorithm; to quickly perform the analysis and uncover insights.

Once done, save the insights by exporting reports of your data set analysis. You can then visually depict your findings.


SAS drives confident decisions, maximum value and faster outcomes. With its fully integrated, open-source, cloud-native technology platform, you can predict how to pivot seamlessly and amplify your progress. Moreover, SAS is familiar with practically every business industry and delivers tailored products for each sector.

SAS Features

Here are some exclusive features of SAS:

Advanced analytics: SAS offers data mining within its platform to help you simplify preparation and interact intuitively using dynamic charts. SAS uses composite AI to help you push the boundaries of innovation and solve problems. With SAS, you can easily predict future trends based on your data sets.

Data Management: SAS' data management technology empowers every process within your organization. It's a crucial part of the SAS platform. SAS helps in transforming analytics programs into big opportunities by deriving insights constantly and unleashing the full potential of your data.

Decisioning: Effective decisioning is crucial for every business to scale swiftly. However, most business decisions are data-driven. SAS prepares your data, so every received insight is actually valuable. It helps you make transparent and explainable decisions to build long-term trust. With SAS Reality-tested AI, you can simulate different scenarios.

Risk Management: SAS recently acquired Kamakura Corporation, a leading risk management software provider for the banking sector. SAS has proven methodologies to help you establish a risk-aware culture, optimize capital and liquidity, and meet regulatory demands.

Marketing: SAS reimagines your marketing campaigns with its trusted analytics and powerful decisioning. Adaptive planning, journey activation and a real-time decision engine allow you to create appealing, moments-based customer experiences that boost profitability and brand loyalty.

SAS Pricing

SAS is available for free on the Azure marketplace. However, you have to incur infrastructure costs.

SAS Discounts and Coupons

SAS currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its analytical tool.

SAS Free Trial

SAS offers a 14 Day free trial for its business intelligence and data analytics platform.

SAS, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your SAS account, you'll enter the "Home" section. Here, you can see an overview of your recent analysis. Click on a dataset to start analyzing it.

Once done, you'll enter the preparation stage. Here, SAS prepares your data for analysis by removing faulty entries or leads. Next, you can begin modelling the workflow for your data set.

Once done, you can start gaining valuable insights from your data sets. You can combine distinct sets or break down a data set into multiple sheets for thorough analysis.


RapidMiner recently merged with Altair to provide a superior experience. It helps you make informed business decisions by uncovering hidden patterns or trends. RapidMiner amplifies the collective impact of your data and provides you; with a competitive advantage.

RapidMiner Features

Here are some exclusive features of RapidMiner:

Data Engineering: RapidMiner ensures your data is analytics-ready before jumping into model creation. It allows you to efficiently explore, prep, catalogue and pipeline your data. Moreover, you can use over 30 Interactive visualizations to identify patterns, trends and distributions within your data set.

True Team Transparency: RapidMiner provides a central source of truth for your projects and makes results tangible and comprehensive. Additionally, it simplifies model ops to generate a real and maximum business effect. With RapidMiner, you can instil confidence in your work using explainable AI.

ML Ops: RapidMiner allows you to operationalize your models faster and continuously monitor them over time to maintain performance. You can use RapidMiner's containerized architecture and code-free model ops to avoid deployment friction. It helps you go beyond traditional accuracy stats by quantifying all factors impacting your business.

Model Building: With RapidMiner, you can empower everyone in your organization to create machine-learning models through a visual or automated approach. RapidMiner offers over 1500 algorithms and functions that support your business analytics requirements and helps you uncover new techniques.

Collaboration and Governance: With RapidMiner, you can promote real-time communication and the widespread reuse of networks. RapidMiner's project-based framework allows you to structure and organize all the work relevant to a given use case. RapidMiner facilitates collaboration regardless of your team member's data science skill level.

RapidMiner Pricing

RapidMiner offers an on-demand and customizable pricing option for its platform.

RapidMiner Discounts and Coupons

RapidMiner currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its data analytics platform.

RapidMiner Free Trial

RapidMiner does not offer a free trial for its data analytics software.

RapidMiner, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your RapidMiner account, you must input the data sets you want to analyze. Next, you have to prepare the data for analysis by removing faulty entries.

Once done, you can model the data set for analytics. You can export reports at every interval to store the progress you've made with your analysis.

Click on "Model Building" to create new data analytics workflows or techniques for future data sets.


With PowerBI, you can quickly connect to data and prepare, remodel or visualize it. PowerBI mainly works on business intelligence and helps you create amazing data experiences. You can get the most out of your big data investments by connecting your data sources and sharing insights across the organization.

PowerBI Features

Here are some exclusive features of PowerBI:

Unify Self-service and Enterprise analytics: PowerBI meets both self-service and enterprise data analytics requirements. You can access powerful semantic models, an application lifecycle management toolkit, open connectivity framework and pixel-perfect paginated reports. PowerBI is a flexible platform that serves all business industries.

Industry-leading AI: With PowerBI, you can take advantage of the latest advances in Microsoft AI to build machine learning models. It helps you swiftly find insights from structured or unstructured data. PowerBI has the best-in-market AI capabilities and amplifies your business decisions through quality data insights.

Improved Publishing Efficiency: PowerBI allows you to quickly identify differences and move content from development and testing to production with confidence. Additionally, it ensures your datasets are ready for analysis by preparing them beforehand. PowerBI provides unrivalled publishing efficiency.

Analytics Streaming: PowerBI provides you access to real-time analytics from factory sensors or social media sources. It helps you anticipate negative sentiments around your business or uncover hidden trends so you can make timely business decisions to improve your brand image.

Actionable Insights: PowerBI connects with the Microsoft business ecosystem to help you turn your data into a competitive edge. With PowerBI, you can connect, combine and analyze your entire data estate. Additionally, PowerBI offers unparalleled Excel interoperation by connecting excel data models and reports to its dashboard.

PowerBI Pricing

PowerBI offers 2 Pricing options for its business intelligence and analytics platform.

The "Pro" plan is priced at $9.99/user/month and offers live dashboards, self-service analytics and insight sharing.

The "Premium" plan is priced at $20 /user/month and offers all available features of PowerBI.

PowerBI Discounts and Coupons

PowerBI currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its business intelligence and analytics platform.

PowerBI Free Trial

PowerBI does not offer a free trial for its pricing options. However, you download the PowerBI desktop for free and create interactive reports.

PowerBI, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your PowerBI account, you'll be redirected to the dashboard section. Here, you'll see the insights from your connected sources. You can import new data sets by clicking on the "Import" tab.

Click on a data set to input the workflow instructions during analysis. You can create several triggers by combining multiple data sets to gain quality hidden insights.


QlikView claims to be the pioneer of the modern analytics era. It has since transformed by incorporating the game-changing associative analytics engine for better data analysis. QlikView augments and enhances human intuition with AI-powered insights, helping businesses move from passive to active analytics.

QlikView Features

Here are some exclusive features of QlikView:

Visualization and Dashboards: QlikView's one-of-a-kind associative technology brings unmatched power to the core of its industry-leading analytics experience. QlikView empowers your users to explore freely at the speed of thought with hyperfast and contextual calculations. With QlikView's interactive dashboards, you can create stunning reports and uncover hidden patterns or trends.

Augmented Analytics: QlikView uses AI to help hour users understand and utilize data more effectively, minimizing cognitive bias, amplifying discovery, and elevating data literacy. QlikView combines a real-time data pipeline with action-oriented analytics capabilities, creating active intelligence that provides in-the-moment insights.

High-Performance SaaS: With QlikView, you get unmatched analytics performance and flexibility. You can deploy a full enterprise SaaS solution or use QlikForts. QlikView is committed to giving you full control of your data and analytics, supporting any combination of public cloud, private cloud and on-premise sites.

Mobility: QlikView is built for mobility, with responsive design and touch interaction native to the platform. You can easily create and explore analytics through QlikView's responsive web client or native applications. QlikView enables you to build an analytics app once and get fully interactive offline analysis.

Reporting: QlikView lets you easily subscribe yourself and others to QlikView's sheets and individual analytics for scheduled PDF delivery routinely. You can create reports using QlikView analytics, with highly flexible design and formatting control. QlikView simplifies data reporting by offering swift distribution and customization.

QlikView Pricing

QlikView offers 2 Pricing options for its data analytics platform.

The "Business" plan is priced at $30/user/month upon annual billing and offers augmented analytics, an associative engine and group collaboration.

The "Enterprise SaaS" plan offers a custom pricing option. Additionally, it provides multiple user types, increased capacity enterprise governance and best-in-class modern analytics.

QlikView Discounts and Coupons

QlikView currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its pricing options.

QlikView Free Trial

QlikView offers a 30 Day free trial for its "Business" plan without any buying obligations.

QlikView, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your QlikView account, you'll see the dashboard section. Here, you can see different data sets and recently gained insights.

Click on a data set to start visualizing it in graphical form for better comprehension of data. You can store insights by creating and exporting reports from the data sets you analyze.

Moreover, you can combine different data sets or eliminate certain entries that are faulty or not required.


SiSense essentially lets you embed analytics into any application or workflow to make critical business decisions. With SiSense, you can build customized experiences leveraging code-first, low-code and no code to create transformational workflows. SiSense provides you with actionable insights to empower your business journey.

SiSense Features

Here are some exclusive features of SiSense:

Data Modeling: SiSense lets you join and blend data together without specialized data engineering teams or platform-specific technologies. It enables data teams to easily ingest, prepare, transform, visualize and augment complex data using cloud data warehouse and development workflows.

Visualization: With SiSense, you can track metrics or embed dashboards, widgets and filters into applications. Its intuitive dashboard exploration empowers everyone to build, explore and deliver insights. SiSense offers smart calculation and charting options based on your data set.

Explainability: SiSense takes the guesswork out of your analytic insights, helping you quickly assess your data outcomes with easy-to-interpret analytics. You can visually summarize statistically powerful insights and surface them via new automatically created widgets. Exploration paths leverage machine learning to uncover new insights that otherwise would remain hidden.

Embedding: SiSense lets you embed analytics within your products and applications to create a seamless analytical experience. You can embed dashboards and widgets with an iFrame HTML tag if you have no coding knowledge. Additionally, SiSense helps you rapidly build an integrated user experience that embeds analytics.

Actionable Intelligence: With SiSense's powerful AI-enhanced analytics, infusing intelligence into your business workflows is simple. You can do predictive analysis through forecasting and understand patterns in your data. Moreover, SiSense's machine learning algorithms continuously run to detect anomalies and variations in your business.

SiSense Pricing

SiSense offers custom pricing options for its platform. It claims to be committed to "no-surprise" pricing to create a customized solution for your budget and business needs.

SiSense Discounts and Coupons

SiSense currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its data analytics platform.

SiSense Free Trial

SiSense offers a 14 Day free trial for its analytics and business intelligence platform.

SiSense, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your SiSense account, you'll enter the dashboard section. Every dashboard in SiSense creates different data sets.

Click on "Warehouse" to open a SQL development environment for your data sets. Go to the "Data" section to access your data sets or merge two subsets.

Click on "Analytics" to do predictive analysis or uncover future trends that might affect your business decisions.


Splunk is unified security, analytics and observability platform that takes you from visibility to action. Splunk's extensible data platform unlocks innovation, drives resilience and enhances security. Moreover, it helps you use business data to tackle problems and discover game-changing opportunities.

Splunk Features

Here are some exclusive features of Splunk:

Cloud Platform: Splunk is hosted on the cloud and offers cutting-edge capabilities to tackle evolving use cases. You can use real-time stream processing to collect, process and distribute data to Splunk. Additionally, Splunk lets you trigger and correlate searches across your diverse data ecosystem.

Advanced Threat Detection: Splunk helps you prevent security incidents before they cause irrevocable damage through early and rapid behaviour-based detection. Splunk lets you monitor data for malicious behaviour and identify anomalies. You can then utilize the latest threat research to uncover stealthy adversaries.

Application Modernization: With Splunk, you can measure the impact of software changes, understand service health and consistently deliver great customer experiences. Splunk's real-time, directed troubleshooting ensures you get end-to-end visibility without any dead ends or blind spots.

SOC Automation and Orchestration: Splunk empowers your security teams to work smarter, boost productivity and respond faster by automating and orchestrating security operations processes. With Splunk, you can stop being reactive and use automation to create a proactive security operations team.

IT Modernization: Splunk helps you accelerate IT innovation without compromising service reliability. You can use Splunk's AIOps to maximize impact. It offers 360-degree monitoring with KPI-driven dashboards and predictive alerting to prevent outages from affecting end users.

Splunk Pricing

Splunk offers 4 Business solutions to help you incorporate data analysis and business intelligence.

The "Splunk Security Solutions" offers custom pricing and modernizes your security operations with advanced analytics and automated response.

The "Splunk Observability Solutions" is priced at $15/host/month upon annual billing and helps you deliver high-performing applications and better customer experiences.

The "Splunk Cloud Platform" has custom pricing and lets you search, analyze and act on your data insights.

The "Splunk Enterprise Platform" has custom pricing and offers private cloud or on-premise deployment.

Splunk Discounts and Coupons

Splunk currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its analytics tool.

Splunk Free Trial

Splunk currently does not offer a free trial for its analytics tool.

Splunk, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Splunk account, you'll enter the home section. Here, you'll see insights from different data sets and analytical workflows.

Click on import to input new data sets into your Splunk database. Click on a data set to start processing and analyzing it for insights.

Once done, you'll see a visual depiction of your data that is easier to comprehend. Here, you can devise future strategies by predicting audience behaviour and trends.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a modern self-service business intelligence and analytics platform that helps you create stunning data visualizations. Moreover, Zoho Analytics lets you search for trends to deliver deep insights based on business data. With Zoho Analytics, you can maximize your data to formulate and implement successful business strategies.

Zoho Analytics Features

Here are some exclusive features of Zoho Analytics:

Data Preparation: You can use the self-service data preparation and management app Zoho DataPrep to get your raw data cleansed and enriched for better analysis. Zoho Analytics automatically identifies data types and offers suggestions for joining datasets. Additionally, you can improve the data quality by removing invalid entries.

Visual Analysis: Zoho Analytics allows you; to effortlessly create meaningful reports and dashboards using a drag-and-drop designer. You can use several interactive options like contextual filters and drill-downs to perform ad-hoc exploratory analysis. With Zoho Analytics, you can compare and measure key metrics across countries, regions or states.

Augmented Analytics: Zoho Analytics augments your data analysis with AI, machine learning and NLP/G for faster insights. With Zoho Analytics, you can get actionable and contextual insights that go beyond visualizations. Additionally, you can engage in colloquial conversations with Ask Zia and get relevant reports.

Unified Business Insights: Zoho Analytics enables you to unify business data across your organization. You can automatically blend data from multiple apps, define metrics that span across data from multiple departments, plus create reports and dashboards with those metrics.

Data Storytelling: Zoho Analytics allows you to tell engrossing stories with your data. You can use ZohoShow to craft immersive analytics presentations by adding rich narratives in text, images and shapes, along with reports and dashboards. Additionally, you can create purpose-built analytics portals for your users.

Zoho Analytics Pricing

Zoho Analytics offers 4 Pricing options for its cloud-based data analytics platform.

The "Basic" plan is priced at $30/month and offers 250+ data connectors, along with unlimited reports.

The "Standard" plan is priced at $60/month and offers 5 User accounts, data snapshots, advanced slideshow and group support.

The "Premium" plan is priced at $145/month and offers 15 user accounts, Zia insights, advanced data preparation and logo rebranding.

The "Enterprise" plan is priced at $575/month and offers 50 user accounts, 5× performance and an analytics portal.

Zoho Analytics Discounts and Coupons

Zoho Analytics offers a 20% discount for its subscription plans upon annual billing.

Zoho Analytics Free Trial

Zoho Analytics offers a 15 Day free trial for its "Basic", "Standard", and "Premium" subscription plans.

Zoho Analytics, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Zoho Analytics account, you'll enter the dashboard section. Here, you can view results from recent analyses or merge data sets to uncover hidden trends.

Click on "Designer" to start preparing reports and visualizations for your analysis. You can use drag-and-drop functionality; to swiftly create attractive reports.

Go to "Advanced Analytics" to upscale your data analysis with artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Verint surfaces meaningful insights across voice and text channels to improve customer experiences and lower costs. It combines speech, text, and desktop analytics to empower your business. By extracting insights from structured and unstructured customer interactions, Verint gives you all the prerequisites to understand clients and support your workforce.

Verint Features

Here are some exclusive features of Verint:

Speech Analytics: Verint's speech analytics solution provides unrivalled transcription and comprehension accuracy. It enables you; to accurately process voice with complete speaker-separated transcription for customer interactions. Moreover, Verint's speech analysis offers AI-driven conversational themes, visual maps and sentiment analysis.

Text Analytics: Verint provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions across channels by using two different purpose-built engines to process speech and text. It enables you to offer channel-specific conversational analytics like chat duration, overtalk and idle time.

Process Analytics: Verint's desktop and process analytics give you the context to fully understand which interactions need improvement and what actions must be taken to drive those improvements. Process analytics are necessary for supercharging your derived insights with context.

Application Visualizer: Verint Application Visualizer gives contact centre managers objective, real-time data on application usage to manage agents, provide feedback and increase the capacity and productivity of on-site and work-from-home employees. With Application Visualizer, you can see the best practices of top-performing employees.

Cloud Platform: Verint is a cloud platform connectable to other data analysis solutions for better insights. With Verint's interaction context, you can improve and automate quality management. Additionally, it enables you to leverage data for multi-modal, omnichannel interaction management.

Verint Pricing

Verint does not offer any pricing information on its official website, as it offers personalized subscription plans. You can fill out the customer engagement transformation form to get in touch with Verint's sales team.

Verint Discounts and Coupons

Verint currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its interaction analysis platform.

Verint Free Trial

Verint currently does not offer a free trial for its speech and text analysis platform.

Verint, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Verint account, you'll enter the dashboard section. Here, you can see where intervention is needed and what's working best. Additionally, you'll get real-time information for all key stakeholders.

You can upload an audio clip and derive insights by using Verint's speech analytics. Once done, you can use the insights in performance scorecards. Similarly, you can analyze text messages by uploading the data file and running an analysis.

You can visualize your findings and analysis by using representations and graphs to clearly depict the uncovered patterns or trends.


Tableau is a visual analytics platform that helps you comprehend data and solve problems. Founded in 2003, Tableau is the leading data analytics software in almost every industry. With Tableau, you can formulate successful campaigns and business forecasts. It helps you derive maximum critical information from your data records.

Tableau Features

Here are some exclusive features of Tableau:

Tableau Desktop: Tableau delivers everything you require to access and analyze your business data. You can uncover hidden business insights to make faster impactful decisions. Additionally, Tableau powers real-time data exploration by quickly building calculations from existing data. You can combine and clean data within Tableau without any coding.

CRM Analytics: With Tableau, you can find patterns and experience actionable insights specific to your business. You can then infuse these insights into every process. Tableau drives faster decisions with AI-powered predictions and recommendations. It allows you to auto-scale across all users and leverage permissions.

Tableau Prep: Tableau Prep Builder offers a modern approach to data preparation, resulting in swift combining, cleaning and shaping. It provides 3 Coordinated views to show granular details. With Tableau, you can see immediate results while analyzing data and combine multiple data subsets for deeper analysis.

Advanced Management: Tableau offers server and cloud hosting options, allowing you to manage every aspect of the platform. With Tableau's highly configurable abilities, you can pass tough security requirements without compromising on the end-to-end experience.

Data Management: With Tableau's virtual connections, you can design and share a central access point to your data source rather than connecting several workbooks independently. It enables you to curate relevant tables for analysis and simplifies management by consolidating your data.

Tableau Pricing

Tableau offers 3 Pricing options for its data analytics platform. All subscription plans have a custom pricing option.

The "Creator" plan offers a prep builder, Tableau Desktop and one creator license on the cloud server.

The "Explorer" plan offers advanced management and data exploration through self-service analytics.

The "Viewer" plan allows you to interact with dashboards and create data visualizations.

Tableau Discounts and Coupons

Tableau currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its pricing options.

Tableau Free Trial

Tableau offers a 14 Day free trial without any restrictions for its data analytics software.

Tableau, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Tableau account, you'll be asked to import data. Once done, you can start analyzing the data set.

Next, Tableau will read the data and show worksheets so you can switch easily. You can create relationships between worksheets; to deeply analyze your data sets.

You can click on the "Connections" tab to access your data set, sort entries or get additional information.


BriefCam is a video analytics platform that offers actionable insights through deep learning solutions. It drives the exponential value from surveillance systems by making video clips searchable, reviewable and quantifiable. With BriefCam, you can accelerate investigations and attain situational awareness.

BriefCam Features

Here are some exclusive features of BriefCam:

Deep learning-driven video analytics: With BriefCam, you can leverage existing video surveillance networks to derive actionable intelligence from live or recorded video content. BriefCam processes the raw video to understand the context of the entire scene and its background and creates a structured database out of the video data. Next, it empowers users with smart alerting and comprehensive reporting to gain insights.

Facial Recognition: BriefCam utilizes your existing video surveillance infrastructure to provide best-in-class face matching. You can rapidly pinpoint people of interest, create predefined watchlists and rule configurations or extract digital images. BriefCam offers the ability to track, extract, classify, catalog and alert on points of interest in video surveillance footage.

Video Synopsis: BriefCam provides a video synopsis solution that allows businesses to review long surveillance footage in minutes. The video synopsis tool superimposes objects on a stationary background, simultaneously displaying events that have occurred at different times.

Architecture: BriefCam's comprehensive and flexible video analytics can be leveraged for both safety and security to support business drivers. It ensures scalability, distributed processing, centralized administration and unmatched accuracy by providing customers with a personalized architecture.

Operational Intelligence: With BriefCam, you can uncover patterns, drive strategic decision-making and optimize operational and business practices by aggregating video data. BriefCam visualizes object movement, demographic segmentations and object interactions to provide interactive, accurate and intuitive data analysis.

BriefCam Pricing

BriefCam does not offer any pricing information on its official website, as it provides personalized solutions. You can click "Request a Demo" to get in touch with their sales team.

BriefCam Discounts and Coupons

BriefCam currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its video analytics platform.

BriefCam Free Trial

BriefCam currently does not offer a free trial for its video analytics platform.

BriefCam, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your BriefCam account, you'll be asked to connect your video surveillance units. Once done, you'll enter the dashboard section. Here, you'll see the insights from your videos and analysis.

Click on a video clip and set the point-of-interest and fitting parameters to perform video analysis. Once done, you can identify suspects by seeing every person who's interacted with the point of interest throughout the clip.

Similarly, if you're a merchandising brand owner, you can use video surveillance networks to analyze which stores see more customer walk-ins and identify the leading factors.

You can share insights by creating comprehensive reports with stunning visualizations that depict your findings and analysis by clicking on the "Reporting" section.

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