The Best Free Podcast Hosting Sites

by Scott Max

So, you are in the market for a podcast hosting. 

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Best and Free Websites for Podcast Hosting

Being a podcaster means relaying your message to the world with the help of podcasts. In order to do so, one needs a good platform like a podcast hosting website. 

The abundant availability of such websites for free is making podcasting simpler and effective. It is indeed an efficient way of embracing the world of technology. 


Soundcloud is the most famous and popular podcast streaming website. You can share your podcast will millions and millions of listeners. Without Soundcloud you can discover, publish and share your podcasts instantly at a global level. 

Soundcloud is changing lives by giving direct access to genuine listeners and even more from other platforms. It allows hosting podcasts without any restrictions. The advanced insights provided by soundcloud are quite intuitive and helpful for its users.  

With soundcloud, users can easily share their podcast. They just have to share it in one space and it automatically gets shared on all the related platforms. Another interesting feature introduced by soundcloud is that it lets you interact with your listeners. 

The idea behind this feature is that podcasters get to relate with the audience on a personal level. They get to know instant feedbacks. This allows them to alter and make necessary changes preferred by the audiences. It also ensures that the content produced after getting the feedback is up to the mark and is according the audiences’ taste. 

Through soundcloud, podcaster can grow their audience. The advanced statistics laid down by soundcloud helps in gaining organic listeners. Moreover, the active platform that lets your listeners express their needs online makes them more loyal and devoted towards the podcast. 

You can monetize your podcast along with engaging in healthy user activities. Soundcloud has its own forum where it lets you connect with other podcasters who are doing similar work. It lets you get inspiration from fellow podcasters. 

Soundcloud Pricing 

Soundcloud is offering two plans for its podcasters. The first is the Basic plan that is absolutely free and lets you share your sound with listeners. Since it is basic in nature, you can avail all the primary features. 

Secondly, they are the offering Pro Unlimited package. You can simply go pro by paying $12 per month. It has all the basic features of the previous plan and more. You get unlimited options with it.

Another unique offer by soundcloud is to repost your episode for $2.50 per month and be heard on a global level. 


Spreaker is the new way for podcast and getting the most out of your podcast. Many old and new users are making the switch and shifting to spreaker due to its multiple features. They are capturing and different. 

Spreaker is effectively making its place in the niche of podcast hosting websites. It gives you all under one roof. You can use it for podcast hosting, creating, publishing, distributing, and monetizing. 

There are different kinds of podcasters. Ones who want to use the platform of podcast hosting for making their dream projects to life and others who are mainly using it for flourishing their businesses. Anyone who makes either of the choice can totally rely on spreaker for its exceptional services in the podcast website hosting world.

The spreaker world allows you to be the king of your own podcasting universe. It comes with flexible features so different users can choose different templates, styles, and much more.  

Spreaker has its own app that you can download on Android and iOS. This instantly connects to the podcast creation and you can publish your podcast as soon as you create it. It has all that you may need when recording and publishing a podcast. 

With spreaker you can upload and distribute your podcast at the same time. Reaching far and wide audience was never as easy as it is now with spreaker. 

Spreaker has its own distributing system that is efficient and effective. Once you publish your podcast, spreaker sends it the best and renowned platforms that are famous for podcasting. They include sites like Apple, Google, spotify, and more. 

You can start earning as soon as you upload the first podcast. It is as simple and easy as it sounds. 

Spreaker Pricing 

The most beautiful thing about spreaker is that it has a plan for all of you. They have free speech plan that is absolutely free where you can upload 10 episodes. 

Their on-air talent plan is for $8 per month. Their most popular and most used plan is the broadcaster. It costs $12 per month and has all the basic features that one needs to podcast.  

Next is the anchorman, it is slightly advanced costs $50 per month. Lastly, they have the publisher plan. It has 100% features with no hidden charges. It costs $120 per month. Check here!


Podbean is one of the best podcast hosting and monetizing website. It is very easy to use and is in reality a very influential tool. It helps the user in creation, promotion and monetization of their podcasts. 

Podbean is playing a very successful role in creating world famous podcasts. It allows easy publishing while promoting user’s learning process. Publishing a podcast was never as easy and achievable in just a few clicks. 

Moreover, Podbean allows infinite number of podcast hosting. There are no limits for downloads as well.

Podbean is a professional website. It has a variety of customizable themes and features to suit the nature of user’s podcast. Each brand has its own domain. Users can even choose the publishing time of their podcast as per their convenience.

It is a great podcast hosting website that shows the beautiful side of podcasting in terms of visual appearance. 

Podbean is a great space for podcasting distribution. It makes your podcast available in the best places like Apple, Google, Spotify, and more.

It has the feature of embedded players for your podcast. Furthermore, your Podbean account automatically shares new episodes on all the linked social platforms. This gives more access to the organic audience.

Podbean has its own app that lets you publish podcasts on the go. The app is available for iOS and Androids. They integration with email address happens automatically for your podcast subscribers.

Podbean is a famous for offering useful insights to its users. It updates the user about the latest trends. They give better understanding of what users would like to listen and download.  

The website automatically places the top ten episodes on top. This keeps the trends on the run. 

Podbean Pricing 

The Podbean pricing structure is pretty simple and transparent. They offer 4 kinds of plans. They include the Basic, Unlimited Audio, Unlimited Plus, and Business.

The Basic plan is a starter pack which is absolutely free. This is great for newbies. Next is the Unlimited Audio at $9, which is for Audio podcasting with no limits. 

The Unlimited Plus plan is suitable for video podcasting and monetization of the podcast at $29. The Business package is ideal for podcasting networks. Many use it for business purposes which are available at $99 per month.  


Redcircle is the only podcast hosting website that is conveying their user-made podcasts in simple yet convenient way. It makes the listeners known what the podcasters have created for them.  The simple way in which redcircle conveys the podcasts makes it easier for the listeners to gauge what podcasters want to deliver. 

Even if you are a new user, redcircle has all a detailed guide to get you started. It even has videos that show steps to start podcasting. Their expert tech team makes it even easier for new users to start their endeavors. 

Redcircle is pretty much modest when it comes to user handling. The website is very easy to use thus making it a convenient choice. Now you can publish your podcasts, upload new episodes and get your voice heard in the world in just a matter of seconds. 

If you are already working with another provider and want to migrate to redcircle, then all you need to do is enter all the login and basic information regarding your previous podcasts. It will automatically export your work and make it a part of your new redcircle world. 

Along with providing basic features, redcircle distributes, monetizes and grows your audience. It has links with all the leading websites like Apple, Spotify and Google so that you don’t have to worry about distributing. This way you don’t have to waste time on petty issues and concentrate on the quality of your podcasts. 

Redcircle Pricing 

Redcircle has simply priced plans where they require no contracts or commitments and the user can cancel anytime. Their Core plan is absolutely free and has all the standard features required by new podcasters.

Their most popular plan is the Growth plan that is for $9 per month. It has advanced features that help podcasters grow. The Pro plan is for $30 per month. It has all the premium features for professional podcasting. 

Lastly, they have the Enterprise plan which is suitable for big networks. You can discuss it with their team for further information. Access the pricing plans here!


In 2016, pippa podcast hosting website came into existence. To extend their reach and make podcasting simpler and smarter, they became a part of the Acast team. Acast is an ambitious podcasting platform that is turning dreams into reality. 

It is a technologically built platform that allows users to build high-quality podcasts for their listeners. More and more users are becoming a part of the pippa team and transforming it into a globally acclaimed podcasting platform. It is essentially helping its user become more know at an extensive range. 

Since pippa is now Acast, it has all the features that pippa had and more. It helps in hosting and distributing user made podcasts on each and every visible website. It automatically creates a customized website for your podcast and launches it individually in a unique, beautiful style. 

You can expect all the world-class tech and tools from pippa/Acast. Users have the facility to host unlimited episodes simply by subscribing with pippa/Acast. If you were already a member of pippa, then there is no need to panic. Just use the same log in as before on Acast and you are good to go. 

As a user, you do not need to hire a third party for promoting your episodes or podcasts. Acast does all the promotion work for you. All you need to do is, produce equality content. It also creates opportunities for its users to find and grow their audiences organically. Their all packages include an SEO-optimized website, with social media representation, and usually small clips of what the episode entails. 

Pippa Pricing 

They have three plans for their clients. The Starter plan includes all the important tools for beginners. It is ideal for users who want to make a switch from other podcast hosting websites. And the best part is that this plan is absolutely free, no strings attached. 

The Influencer plan lets you extends your podcast reach in a wider filed. It gains more audience for you and shows significant growth in podcast reach. It costs $14.99 per month. 

Last of all, the Ace plan is perfect for teams and helps in wide distribution of podcasts. It costs $29.99 per month. 

Why use a Podcasting Service?

Podcasting is one of the many ways of getting your word out in your audience. Using a podcast hosting service is extremely beneficial in many ways. It improves the quality of work produced. This is due to the reason that such services incorporate statistical analyzing methods. 

Moreover, podcasting services do more than just provide a simple platform for podcast hosting. In fact, it increases the reach and distributes it to more potential podiums like Google, Apple and more. It is leading a way of spreading businesses worldwide.

Why should you use a Soundcloud Podcast Hosting Service?

There are many prominent reasons for using a podcast hosting service. Other than the obvious reasons that include extreme efficiency in work performance, it entails many other benefits. To reap its rewards, one needs to sow its beans in the podcasting business. 

Using a podcast hosting service is the ultimate optimization of your work. These websites are very competent and resourceful in providing statistical analysis regarding podcasts. They have a comprehensively detailed analysis that lays down the reality right in front of your eyes.  

Moreover, these podcasting hosts have inbuilt systems that specialize in real-time reporting. They track the number of downloads, number of times the podcast is listened to, and more of such strategic breakdowns. On top of all these services, the podcast host provides you with a personalized website for each podcast. 

Although the internal working of such hosting websites is quite elaborate but the external face or the user-end of the website is pretty simple. It design enforces faster work speed and least amount of interruptions. It helps in building a healthy attention span. You can also request for their custom services so that you get to choose and be your own boss. 

Spreaker also offer multiple packages and plans that are sorted into categories. Each category offers different amount of features. Thus, beginners as well as pros can use these podcasting features. Some even allow you to import your previous work and showcase it to new audiences. Some common and popular choices are Captivate, Castos, Souncloud, and Audioboom.

Pod Casting Service for Podcast Hosting, A Summary

Amongst all the popular podcast hosting websites, Soundcloud is our top recommendation. The reason we are stressing on adapting this podcasting site is because of its reach. It has hundreds and millions of subscribers already.

Once you join hands with them, rest assured that your podcast will reach all the right places for free. You won’t have to worry about distributing and publishing. Just submit your podcast and they will do the rest. Join them now for availing all they have to offer sooner than later.