5 Best Video Editing Software For Instagram

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Filmora is an intuitive video editing software for stunning creations with ease and professional flair.

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Creative animation tool, transforming ideas into vibrant videos, perfect for professionals and beginners alike.

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Instantly craft polished videos. Transform raw footage into engaging, shareable content with ease and style.

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So, you are in the market for a video editing software that suits Instagram.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The best video editing software for Instagram specifically.

Instagram is a growing social media platform that allows you to share pictures and videos. However, Instagram has recently introduced a similar feature to TikTok that allows users to post Reels. A video editing software that offers Templates for Instagram and allows you to add transitions while merging clips will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best video editing software for Instagram specifically:

1. Splice

Splice is a mobile video editing tool with a user-friendly interface and innovative functionalities. It enables you to design and deliver your clip edits with impact, creating a long-lasting impression on your viewers. Splice is highly customizable and allows you to set parameters, enhancing your creative prowess and imaginative thinking.

Splice Features

Here are some exclusive features of Splice:

Intuitive user experience: Splice focuses on providing an intuitive user experience and bringing your ideas to life. It works for you and offers several customizations to help you create the best video edits. Splice is the perfect video editing tool for content creators due to its simple layout.

Advanced Pro-level tools: Splice is an easy-to-learn video editing tool with advanced pro-level tools to help you add effects and design perfect content. It offers a speed ramp which lets you control the frame rates and pace of the video. Moreover, you can fixate on a subject in your video and add a speed-up effect. Splice also provides chroma key technology, enabling you to change colouration and form gradient backgrounds for your clips.

Evergoing Feature Updates: Splice video editor works for the editor community and takes feature suggestions that users prefer in the next update. It constantly adds new updates for the community members, making it an ever-evolving tool.

Automatic Subtitles: With Splice, you do not have to worry about adding subtitle texts to every frame of your video. It offers an automated subtitle feature that understands the speech patterns in your videos and generates accurate subtitle files.

Enormous Music Library: Splice offers an extensive music library for your clip edits. Moreover, it lets you add new sounds or download the content from the Splice community to create perfect musical backgrounds for your footage.

Splice Pricing

Splice is primarily a free downloadable video editing app for iOS and Android devices. However, you can buy a subscription plan and fully utilize Splice’s advanced editing tools. Splice subscription is priced; at $9.30/month.

2. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is quality video editing software from Cyberlink that lets you create exceptional edits and leave lasting impressions on your viewers. Its advanced editing features give you the control to design effect-rich videos with ease. You can work with multiple cameras, apply slick chroma key special effects or create immersive 360-degree videos.

PowerDirector Features

Here are some exclusive features of PowerDirector:

Automated Projects: PowerDirector offers automated project builders built into the program as plugins. It helps newbies start their video editing journey. Slideshow creator provides you with a selection of still images and arranges them into a SlideShare presentation. Moreover, you’ll get several slideshow styles automatically once you upload the graphics. So you can choose the one that fits your project requirements.

Easy Basic Editing: PowerDirector is a capable video editor for users who want to work with clips on the timeline and intermingle stills or music. You can drag and drop your video clips to the video editor and trim them in the timeline section. Moreover, you can overlap 2 Video clips to create a crossfade effect for your final edit.

Media Trimmer: PowerDirector offers a media trimmer, enabling you to perform single trim or multi trim on your video clips. You can determine the starting and ending time frames of your videos. You can do all this by scrolling your mouse pointer over the media trimmer.

Titles and Transitions: PowerDirector’s titling and transitions add a great production value to your videos. You can use motion graphics for titling, adjust the font colours and group graphics to create quality titles for your videos. Moreover, you can use several templated transitions for your video clips and create better crossfades.

Powerful Masking Tool: PowerDirector’s Masking Tool allows you to selectively choose a portion of your image to be displayed: on your editor screen. You can use several shapes to slice your pictures or do custom masking and draw over the greyed out image to pick what you want to have shown in your media file.

PowerDirector Pricing

PowerDirector offers 3 Pricing subscriptions and 2 Lifetime licenses for its video editing tools.

The “PowerDirector 20 Ultra” is priced at $106.99 and offers intuitive editing tools. Additionally, you get 25GB of cloud storage per year.

The “PowerDirector 20 Ultimate” is priced at $147.99 and offers AI-powered tools, a selection mask and a shape designer. Additionally, you get 25GB of cloud storage per year.

The “PowerDirector 365” subscription is priced at $19.99/month and offers 50GB of cloud storage.

The “Director Suite” subscription is priced at $29.99/month and offers 100GB of cloud storage.

The “PowerDirector 365 Business” plan is priced at $72.99/month and offers an Ad designer plus 50GB of cloud storage.

3. InShot

InShot is a mobile compatible video editor that works with both iOS and Android. InShot is a highly underrated app compared to its competitors. However, it offers all the necessary functionalities to edit your clips and create perfect footage. You can reverse videos or add motion effects and time-lapse to elevate your creativity.

InShot Features

Here are some exclusive features of Inshot:

Keyframes: InShot offers keyframes functionality and allows you to move stickers or graphics across your video. You can create unique animation effects and add distinctiveness to your clips. Moreover, Inshot enables you to customize keyframe settings and expand your graphics.

Filters and Effects: InShot offers numerous filters and effects that you can add to your videos for aesthetically pleasing content. You can add glitches to your clips or do colour grading to create studio-quality footage. With Inshot, you can design capturing video edits at a substantially lower price.

Music effects: InShot is primarily designed for vlogging and offers a rich library of free vlog music. Moreover, you can add your own sound effects, voice-overs or media files and add them to your final edit. Music effects enhance your video’s quality and keep your viewers captivated.

Trimming and Merging: With InShot, you can trim unnecessary or badly shot parts from your videos. Similarly, you can merge 2 Clips to create final footage. Additionally, InShot allows you to delete the middle part from a media.

Blur: InShot offers moving face blur functionality. Several video edits, especially in vlogging, require a face blur to conceal the identity of the subject. With Inshot, you don’t have to add blur in every single frame. Instead, you can recognize a face and add blur in one frame. InShot automatically recognizes the blurred object and remains consistent throughout the video.

InShot Pricing

InShot is primarily free to install for both Android and iOS systems. However, you need to purchase the Premium plan to use all video editing functionalities. It is priced; at $34.99 for a lifetime license and $3.99 for a monthly subscription.

4. Nero Video

Nero Video is a multifunctional video editing software that helps you create studio-level edits. It offers upto 8k resolution and several professional effects that can transform your clips and footage into movies. Nero Video brings together AI-powered tools with its intuitive interface to help editors enhance their creativity.

Nero Video Features

Here are some exclusive features of Nero Video:

Express Editing: Nero Video offers express editing that allows you to use drag and drop functionality for video editing. You can trim clips, add simple effects or create storyboards with a few clicks. Moreover, Nero Video automatically recognizes the gaps between your footage and repositions the tracks.

High-Resolution Videos: Nero Video supports 8k resolution videos, ensuring your clips are of the highest quality and captivate the viewer’s attention. With Nero Video, you can perform Hollywood level edits on your media files, making it perfect for designing a music video, sports highlights or shooting a wedding.

AI media management: Nero Video offers AI-powered media management and identifies the most used clips for your video edits. It automatically shows the relevant videos for your footage, so you don’t have to scour through the entire library.

Advanced Video Editing: Nero Video is infused: with innovative effects and features like video tilting, frame rate optimization, transitions, Keyframe animations and audio mixing. It offers every tool you require to pan out your clips according to your imagination.

Exporting and Burning: Nero is immensely popular for its disc burning tools and has offered the same for its video editing software. With Nero Video, you can export short clips from a movie, design cover themes or create Blu-ray discs.

Nero Video Pricing

Nero Video is currently priced; at €39.95 for a one-time license fee.

5. KineMaster

KineMaster is a mobile video editing software that lets you edit and create promotional videos. It helps you discover creativity and manage video editing projects for any business niche. You can use your media library to create transitions between videos and perfectly crafted content for your social media.

KineMaster Features

Here are some exclusive features of KineMaster:

Social Media Logos: KineMaster lets you add png files and social media logos to your video edits. You can add animations, fades and texts to these logos to present your social media information to your viewers. KineMaster automatically removes the background from your png files and lets you drop the logo anywhere on the video.

Trimming: KineMaster offers trim presents to help you swiftly edit out the unnecessary parts of your media files. Alternatively, you can grab the end of a clip and drag it with your mouse for trimming. However, it is not calculative, and you may end up trimming out parts that you didn’t intend. With presets, you can move your KineMaster playhead and line it up to the trimming point.

Pan and Zoom: KineMaster’s pan and zoom features allow you to control the zooming effect between the clip’s beginning and ending points. When you add the pan and zoom effect to a video, the clip slowly starts zooming in to the focal point, making your video edits more immersive.

Colour Correction: KineMaster provides colour grading capabilities within its video editing tool. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and vibrance of your clips. It helps you get a professional looking style for your videos by customizing the colour grading according to your video type.

Cinematic Bars: KineMaster lets you add black bars to make cinematic looking videos. You can download png files and add them to your video edits to create a professional outlook for YouTube videos.

KineMaster Pricing

KineMaster offers 1 Pricing option for its video editing tool.

KineMaster Professional edition is priced at $4.99/month and offers access to premium assets. It removes the watermark and adds new library files every month.

KineMaster Free edition is priced at $0 and offers core video editing tools. However, you cannot remove the KineMaster watermark from your videos.

Why use video editing software at all?

Whether you’re a movie designer, Youtuber, vlogger, social influencer or business professional, video editing tools are essential for creating high-quality captivating clips. Unedited videos often include camera shakedowns and frame drops, reducing the overall standard. With video editing software, you can optimize your clips perfectly.

Moreover, video editing software offer several effects and complete freedom over its interface. You can use keyframe animations, time-lapse, gradient backgrounds and floating texts for designing high-end videos.

Why should you use video editing software for Instagram?

Instagram is the go-to platform for businesses and top brands to approach social influencers for sponsorship deals. With the addition of Reels, users can now make TikTok like videos by merging multiple clips.

However, Instagram does not offer many editing features on its platform. The most you can do is add filters and split videos. To create top quality reels for Instagram, you require an additional tool that offers more advanced features.

Video editing software offers several functionalities and templates to help you build exciting videos and reels. You can create and add animations, picture-in-picture effects and transitions; to smoothly switch between clips and maintain uniformity.

Video editing tools perfectly align with Instagram and offer pre-built resolution and aspect ratio templates. Moreover, you can use the drag and drop functionality to add clips directly from your library.

Video editing software for Instagram, A Summary

You have to post high-quality content on Instagram to attract more followers and increase your account’s reach on the platform. Businesses only contact high-profile social media influencers with loyal followings to do brand deals.

Using video editing software for Instagram allows you to upload better quality reels with seamless transitions between clips.

Splice video editor is a mobile based tool that offers templates and effects for improving your Instagram videos. It is our suggested pick for a video editing software that suits Instagram. Visit the website to get started.

What Video Editing Software would you recommend?

In short, It’s Filmora.wondershare.net Software

Filmora is an intuitive video editing software, offering creative tools for everyone. From beginners to professionals, it enables users to craft stunning videos with ease. With a vast library of effects and features, Filmora transforms raw footage into compelling, cinematic stories effortlessly.

“🚀Try Filmora.wondershare.com For Free, It’s my favorite Video Editing software to use and recommend.” -Scott Max

It’s your gateway to cinematic storytelling. Empowering creators with user-friendly editing tools, it transforms videos into captivating narratives. Effortlessly add effects, transitions, and music, ensuring professional-grade results for beginners and experts alike. Craft your vision with Filmora’s intuitive interface.

For more details, read our Filmora.wondershare.com Review.