5 Best Webinar Conference Software

by Scott Max
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The Best Webinar Conference Software

Webinar Conference software enables you to host virtual live events for your audience or set up live conferences with your clients or collaborators. A webinar software that offers live conferencing, webinar hosting and an easy joining experience will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best webinar conference software:

1. BlueJeans 

BlueJeans is a webinar hosting, video conferencing and collaborative platform from Verizon. It helps you plan, manage and analyze your webinars throughout the globe virtually. Moreover, BlueJeans offers 1080p quality video streaming, ensuring your attendees get the best experience. BlueJeans is perfect for event-hosting companies to interact, collaborate and engage with audiences through webinars.

BlueJeans Features

Here are some exclusive features of BlueJeans:

Audience Personalization: With BlueJeans, you can easily create stunning tv quality broadcasts that engage your audience and elevate your brand. Moreover, you can use the studio producer dashboard to customize your stream, improve the graphic quality and add cinematic effects or virtual backgrounds.

Broadcasting: BlueJeans offers producers and streamers complete control over their event hosting. By highlighting who's talking and seamlessly executing presenter transitions, anyone can mimic tv style broadcasts without any extra equipment. Additionally, presenters can share media or device screens on air to deliver presentations.

Integrated Engagement: BlueJeans studio has a suite of integrated engagement features to keep audiences tuned in. You can hear directly from attendees using the chat feature, send polls to gather audience insight or leverage the Q&A feature; to easily prioritize and respond to attendee questions. It ensures you can get real-time feedback from viewers and create a two-way conversation with your audience.

Bandwidth Saving and Command Center Analysis: BlueJeans doesn't strain the network and enhances the video quality by minimizing buffering. Additionally, it eliminates risks and helps you administer webinars for post-event reporting. BlueJeans caches multiple recordings into a single stream to reduce video crashes.

Global Accessibility and Enterprise-grade Security: BlueJeans is a global webinar platform that translates over 70 languages. It automatically captions the videos to ensure the translation and interpretation are done accurately. Moreover, BlueJeans collects audience data and requires the attendees to register to secure the webinar content.

BlueJeans Pricing

BlueJeans offers 2 Pricing options for its webinar hosting and streaming platform.

The "BlueJeans Videos Webinars" plan is priced: at $59.99/month for upto 100 attendees. It offers all studio-level production tools to amp up your webinars and live streams.

The "Large Scale Video Events" plan offers an on-demand pricing quote. You can customize the attendee count from 501 to 150,000.

2. AnyMeeting 

AnyMeeting is a webinar hosting and virtual conferencing platform that helps you create meaningful engagements. It offers a complete webinar solution that lets you invite and promote, share your story, boost interaction and generate analytics. With AnyMeeting, you can expand your business to reach more people and increase your viewer base.

AnyMeeting Features

Here are some exclusive features of AnyMeeting:

Host Controls and One-click screen sharing: AnyMeeting provides complete control over the webinar customization by allowing you to add widgets and promote or remove attendees. Additionally, it simplifies screen-sharing and lets you be more descriptive in virtual events. AnyMeeting is perfect for hosting informative team events or webinars that require audience management.

Cloud Recording and Custom Branding: With AnyMeeting, you can do one-click cloud recording and capture every instance of your webinar, including the extra video clips, screen shares or slides. Moreover, AnyMeeting lets you add custom branding to your recordings and webinars to raise brand awareness.

Audience waiting room and Presenter green room: When your attendees try to join in the webinar or virtual event on AnyMeeting, it redirects them to a waiting room where they can interact with other participants or check their audio and video settings. Similarly, AnyMeeting offers a presenter green room for event hosts one hour before the scheduled webinar time.

Real-time polls and Live audience Q&A: AnyMeeting lets you engage your audience with real-time polls and customize visibility settings to hide the responses from other attendees. You can improve the interactiveness of your webinars by fielding questions, offering the audience a chance to speak and sorting the answers.

Live Attendee Chat and Webinar Analytics: With AnyMeeting, you can set up conversation channels for your attendees so they can interact with each other through quirky emojis or texts. You can disable the chat box when the event begins; to draw attention to your webinar. Moreover, AnyMeeting offers built-in reporting and analytics, helping you evaluate your webinar's success and exposure.

AnyMeeting Pricing

AnyMeeting offers 3 Pricing options for its webinar hosting platform.

The "Webinar Lite" plan is priced at $48.00/user/month and allows upto 100 webinar attendees. Additionally, it offers screen sharing, live audience polls, attendee reports and emoji reactions.

The "Webinar Pro" is priced at $128.00/user/month and allows upto 250 webinar attendees. Additionally, it offers live HD video broadcast, VoIP/PSTN audio calling and registration form customization.

The "Webinar Enterprise" plan is priced at $298/user/month and allows upto 1000 webinar attendees. Additionally, it offers audience email reminders, an audience waiting room and a presenter green room.

3. WebEx 

Over the past years, Cisco has expanded WebEx and rebranded a few other products to be a part of WebEx. It now offers a dynamic meeting experience with integrated audio, high-definition video, and content sharing. WebEx is prominently used; by educational institutions and corporate offices for general team meetings, lectures, project management, and more.

WebEx Features

Here are some exclusive features of WebEx:

WebEx Meetings: WebEx includes several add-ons to basic meetings, increasing accessibility for all users. Its built-in noise reduction and gesture recognition allow for a meeting experience with fewer interruptions. Additionally, you can use screen sharing to emphasize information or whiteboarding; to further illustrate your points. Moreover, you can download the automatically generated transcript from the meeting or distribute the cloud recording of the meeting to your team if anyone misses the meeting or you need to review any discussion points.

Webex Cloud Calls: WebEx cloud calls have a host of features to make business phone calls more convenient and professional. WebEx provides you with a single phone number you can answer from any of your devices to present a unified profile to your clients. Your outgoing calls can come from any of those devices, and you can transfer the calls between devices or to other phone lines as necessary. 

Custom Extensions: WebEx includes custom extensions and upto six-way conference calls. If you need to step things up from a call to a meeting, you can transfer from a cloud call to a WebEx meeting. WebEx offers quality customization, allowing you to personalize the interface layout, screen background and several other parameters.

WebEx Teams: WebEx Teams is the business messenger feature in all WebEx suite plans. You can communicate with people inside and outside your organization with secure file sharing, screen sharing and two-way whiteboarding. The filters and advanced search functions allow you to find content in all of your previous conversations, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Integrations: With OneDrive and SharePoint integration, you can co-edit documents on WebEx within a chat space without downloading or sending files back and forth. WebEx simplifies professional collaboration by offering a seamless platform with a swift and user-friendly interface.

WebEx Pricing

WebEx offers subscription plans for its Suite package and individual products.

The Suite package offers 3 Subscription plans.

The "Basic" plan is priced at $0 and allows you to conduct meetings for upto 50 minutes. Additionally, you can download the meeting recording in the device's local storage.

The "Business" plan is priced at $25/user/month and allows you to conduct meetings for upto 24 hours. Additionally, you get 10 GB of cloud storage to download meeting recordings.

The "Enterprise" plan offers custom pricing and requires a minimum of 100 Licenses. It provides a meeting capacity of upto 1000 users and unlimited cloud storage.

4. Zoom 

Zoom offers a collaborative ecosystem for businesses and educational institutions to host meetings virtually and do video conferencing. It offers high-quality video and audio, enabling you to bring your team together and share ideas. With Zoom, you can create multiple conference rooms and set limits on invitations to restrict the uninvited members from joining.

Zoom Features

Here are some exclusive features of Zoom:

Webinar Registration: With Zoom, you can promote your brand by customizing the registration page. It allows you to easily attract audiences with branded registration pages and event reminder emails. Moreover, you can build your business by monetizing the webinars through paid registration via PayPal.

Integrations: Many businesses already have an existing setup or workflow in place that's essential for their professional work. Zoom connects with applications like HubSpot and Dropbox, letting you use existing workflows to enable more productive lead generation, payment automation, and data collection processes. Zoom APIs allow developers to request information from Zoom, including user details, meeting reports, dashboard data and action history.

Host Controls: Before the webinar, the host and panellists can go into a practice session to prepare for the webinar. It allows you to get familiar with host controls and do a practice run before attendees join in. As a webinar host, you'll have specific controls only available to you. You can manage panellists and attendees during the live session or assign a co-host to help you manage the webinar.

Audience Engagement: Webinars don't need to be boring and sleep-inducing. With Zoom, you can interact and engage with your audience across all levels. You can involve your webinar attendees by using interactive polling and Q&A with the ability to comment or upvote questions.

Live Streaming: Hosts can promote attendees to panellists and allow them to speak or share the video while in session. You can broadcast to an even larger audience by streaming your webinar to Facebook Live, YouTube or other custom streaming services. Additionally, you can make the webinars on-demand so attendees can watch them later.

Zoom Pricing

Zoom offers 4 Subscription plans for its all-in-one collaborative package Zoom One.

The "Basic" is priced at $0 and allows you to set up meetings of upto 40 minutes. Additionally, you can use 3 Whiteboards and invite 100 attendees.

The "Pro" plan is priced at $14.99/user/month and offers 5 GB of cloud storage per license. Additionally, you can use chats and channels for collaboration and file sharing.

The "Business" plan is priced: at $19.99/month, and you can invite upto 300 attendees. Additionally, it offers unlimited whiteboards and company branding.

The "Enterprise" plan offers on-request pricing and allows you to invite upto 1000 attendees. Additionally, you can use Zoom Phone features and set up single sign-on.

5. Zoho Meeting 

Zoho Meeting is a webinar hosting, live conferencing and collaboration tool from Zoho. It ensures you can work remotely with efficiency and conduct meetings round-the-clock. Additionally, Zoho Meeting lets you add extra context to your webinars through screen sharing and form customization.

Zoho Meeting Features

Here are some exclusive features of Zoho Meeting:

User Management and Security: Zoho Meeting lets you create departments for different user groups and organize your online meetings. You can schedule department-specific meetings and use an action log viewer to see all warnings, errors or actions across your Zoho Meeting account. Moreover, you can anonymize your user data with Zoho Meeting to maintain secrecy.

Webinar Solution: Zoho Meeting lets you conduct interactive video webinars and practice them with co-organizers beforehand. You can enhance your webinar exposure by live streaming on YouTube in real-time and use source tracking to monitor the social media channels producing the highest registrations.

Webinar Cloning and Analytics: With Zoho Meeting, you can clone previous webinars to create new sessions. You can copy the title, description and co-organizer's details from the previous events. Moreover, Zoho Meeting offers webinar reports, helping you analyze the participation, poll results and engagement.

Online Meeting Platform: Zoho Meeting allows you to plan meetings and invite participants with the agenda. Additionally, you can organize professional meetings and share the conference link with your colleagues or collaborators. Zoho Meeting also lets you embed a meeting link to your company's website so your employees can simply join in by inputting the email address.

Moderator Controls: Zoho Meeting diminishes disturbances and drives discussions. You can control the webinar and add or remove participants directly from the activity feed. Additionally, you can eliminate unexpected attendees by locking confidential meetings and getting notified whenever someone tries to access the webinar.

Zoho Meeting Pricing

Zoho Meeting offers 3 Subscription plans for its webinar hosting and live conferencing platform.

The "Free" plan is priced at $0 and offers upto 100 meeting participants. You can conduct 60 minutes long webinars, share screens, customize registrations and include meeting reactions.

The "Meeting" plan is priced at $3/host/month and allows you to conduct 24 hours long webinars. Additionally, you can add a virtual background, embed the meeting widget and do custom branding.

The "Webinar" plan is priced at $19/organizer/month and offers cloud recording storage for 25 webinars. Additionally, you can do source tracking, email customization and embed webinar registration.

Why use Webinar Software at all?

Nowadays, every successful business incorporates webinars into its digital marketing strategies. Mainly because webinars help you establish a community with your viewers where you can interact and do active branding. Additionally, webinars help you provide descriptive content to your audience and do a product launch virtually.

Webinar software hosts your virtual events and webinars while prioritizing audience engagement. You can include live chat widgets, polls or fun activities to entertain your attendees during breaks and collect meaningful data. You can further integrate your webinar software with a CRM or marketing platform to unify business data.

Why should you use Webinar Conference Software?

In recent years, most businesses have switched to online working mode due to the pandemic. Things have started returning to normalcy, but many offices still prefer the virtual working mode. A webinar conference software allows you to set up meetings with collaborators virtually.

It ensures you can share ideas through whiteboards and share screens to offer descriptive content. Moreover, webinar conference software allows you to host events with a large audience too. It drives more registrants towards attending your webinar by offering timely notifications.

Webinar conference software offers an all-in-one solution for webinar hosting and live conferencing. Additionally, you can customize the landing pages to improve the conversion rate. Webinar conference software lets you lock the meetings or events. So uninvited members don't get in the virtual room.

Whenever you create a meeting or webinar, webinar conference software will generate a shareable meeting code. Similarly, when your registrants register for the virtual event, they'll get a meeting invite code in their inputted email address.

Webinar Conference Software, A Summary

Webinar conference software is perfect for collaborating, hosting meetings and presenting live events to your audience. It generates a single meeting link which is shareable with the other invited participants. Moreover, you can ensure no unregistered attendees get into the event by locking the webinar.

BlueJeans offers live conferencing and webinar hosting within its platform. Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface and offers a fun and interactive experience; to your attendees. BlueJeans is our suggested pick for webinar conference software. Visit the website to get started.

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