The Best Webinar Software To Use (Free & Paid)

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The premier platform for video webinars, and virtual collaboration, connecting people worldwide.

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High-performance remote support and online collaboration for efficient teamwork and problem-solving.

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Demio is a webinar platform for interactive and engaging online events, boosting audience interaction.

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Every business employs diverse marketing strategies for brand exposure and expansion. With the advanced evolution of technology, the internet now plays a major role in driving audiences into your website and building a strong community. However, what’s the one thing you should surely incorporate into your digital marketing strategies?

The only right answer is Webinar sessions. Webinars allow you; to digitally interact with your audience and have meaningful two-way communication. Your attendees can ask questions, answer polls and engage directly with you in real-time.

A webinar is an effective way to increase your lead generation by presenting a topic relevant to your industry. It helps you build digital experiences for your attendees and makes your brand stand out.

In this article, we’ll enlist the must-have features of a webinar tool. We will also provide a descriptive list of the best options.

What features to look for in Webinar Software?

A webinar hosting platform basically helps you set up your virtual channel for organizing events. It’s largely used by professional businesses to raise exposure levels, circulate informative content and build a loyal and active community. In fact, it won’t be erroneous to say that webinars should be an inseparable part of your marketing endeavours if you prioritize growth.

Any webinar platform worth using should offer HD quality streaming, an easy joining experience for your registrants and audience engagement.

However, quality webinar tools offer advanced functionalities to expedite your expansion. Here are some attributes you should consider while buying webinar software:

  • Pre-recording: You should be able to pre-record your clips and manually add them to your events while scheduling.
  • Targeting: You should be able to target leads with customized follow-ups and landing pages to create an instant impression.
  • Integration: Your webinar platform should be connectable to other business tools like CRMs and marketing software.
  • Community Hub: You should be able to set up a community hub for your core audience so they can interact with you and each other.
  • Monetization: You should be able to monetize your webinars at the minimum transaction fees.

With the above-enlisted features, you’ll have all the necessary tools in your arsenal to host a successful webinar.

What are the Best Webinar Tools?

Honestly, it very much depends on your objectives, budget and existing viewer base. Some streamers prefer an all-in-one platform, while others look for cheaper alternatives that get the work done. However, we have prepared this guide with all factors in mind to help you pick the best webinar software:

Here are the best webinar software options in 2022.


AnyMeeting is a webinar hosting and virtual conferencing platform that helps you create meaningful engagements. It offers a complete webinar solution that lets you invite and promote, share your story, boost interaction and generate analytics. With AnyMeeting, you can expand your business to reach more people and increase your viewer base.

AnyMeeting Features

Here are some exclusive features of AnyMeeting:

Host Controls and One-click screen sharing: AnyMeeting provides complete control over the webinar customization by allowing you to add widgets and promote or remove attendees. Additionally, it simplifies screen-sharing and lets you be more descriptive in virtual events. AnyMeeting is perfect for hosting informative team events or webinars that require audience management.

Cloud Recording and Custom Branding: With AnyMeeting, you can do one-click cloud recording and capture every instance of your webinar, including the extra video clips, screen shares or slides. Moreover, AnyMeeting lets you add custom branding to your recordings and webinars to raise brand awareness.

Audience waiting room and Presenter green room: When your attendees try to join in the webinar or virtual event on AnyMeeting, it redirects them to a waiting room where they can interact with other participants or check their audio and video settings. Similarly, AnyMeeting offers a presenter green room for event hosts one hour before the scheduled webinar time.

Real-time polls and Live audience Q&A: AnyMeeting lets you engage your audience with real-time polls and customize visibility settings to hide the responses from other attendees. You can improve the interactiveness of your webinars by fielding questions, offering the audience a chance to speak and sorting the answers.

Live Attendee Chat and Webinar Analytics: With AnyMeeting, you can set up conversation channels for your attendees so they can interact with each other through quirky emojis or texts. You can disable the chat box when the event begins; to draw attention to your webinar. Moreover, AnyMeeting offers built-in reporting and analytics, helping you evaluate your webinar’s success and exposure.

AnyMeeting Pricing

AnyMeeting offers 3 Pricing options for its webinar hosting platform.

The “Webinar Lite” plan is priced at $48.00/user/month and allows upto 100 webinar attendees. Additionally, it offers screen sharing, live audience polls, attendee reports and emoji reactions.

The “Webinar Pro” is priced at $128.00/user/month and allows upto 250 webinar attendees. Additionally, it offers live HD video broadcast, VoIP/PSTN audio calling and registration form customization.

The “Webinar Enterprise” plan is priced at $298/user/month and allows upto 1000 webinar attendees. Additionally, it offers audience email reminders, an audience waiting room and a presenter green room.

AnyMeeting Discounts and Coupons

AnyMeeting currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its subscription plans.

AnyMeeting Free Trial

AnyMeeting does not offer a free trial for its webinar hosting and live conferencing platform.

AnyMeeting, A short how-to guide

When you login to your AnyMeeting account, you will notice your meeting URL and name at the top left screen. This section provides you with all the necessary details to quickly initiate a meeting.

Use the copy link in the top right corner to copy all meeting-related information to your clipboard for easy pasting into emails, chats or other communication. To quickly schedule a meeting, simply copy this information into a calendar invitation in Outlook or Google Calendar and send it.

Your meeting URL is a simple address for all your meetings hosted on AnyMeeting. You can customize your meeting URL into something personal or connected to your business. Click on the pencil icon to edit your meeting URL. You and your attendees can use the conference pin to join your meetings or events by phone.


BlueJeans is a webinar hosting, video conferencing and collaborative platform from Verizon. It helps you plan, manage and analyze your webinars throughout the globe virtually. Moreover, BlueJeans offers 1080p quality video streaming, ensuring your attendees get the best experience. BlueJeans is perfect for event-hosting companies to interact, collaborate and engage with audiences through webinars.

BlueJeans Features

Here are some exclusive features of BlueJeans:

Audience Personalization: With BlueJeans, you can easily create stunning tv quality broadcasts that engage your audience and elevate your brand. Moreover, you can use the studio producer dashboard to customize your stream, improve the graphic quality and add cinematic effects or virtual backgrounds.

Broadcasting: BlueJeans offers producers and streamers complete control over their event hosting. By highlighting who’s talking and seamlessly executing presenter transitions, anyone can mimic tv style broadcasts without any extra equipment. Additionally, presenters can share media or device screens on air to deliver presentations.

Integrated Engagement: BlueJeans studio has a suite of integrated engagement features to keep audiences tuned in. You can hear directly from attendees using the chat feature, send polls to gather audience insight or leverage the Q&A feature; to easily prioritize and respond to attendee questions. It ensures you can get real-time feedback from viewers and create a two-way conversation with your audience.

Bandwidth Saving and Command Center Analysis: BlueJeans doesn’t strain the network and enhances the video quality by minimizing buffering. Additionally, it eliminates risks and helps you administer webinars for post-event reporting. BlueJeans caches multiple recordings into a single stream to reduce video crashes.

Global Accessibility and Enterprise-grade Security: BlueJeans is a global webinar platform that translates over 70 languages. It automatically captions the videos to ensure the translation and interpretation are done accurately. Moreover, BlueJeans collects audience data and requires the attendees to register to secure the webinar content.

BlueJeans Pricing

BlueJeans offers 2 Pricing options for its webinar hosting and streaming platform.

The “BlueJeans Videos Webinars” plan is priced: at $59.99/month for upto 100 attendees. It offers all studio-level production tools to amp up your webinars and live streams.

The “Large Scale Video Events” plan offers an on-demand pricing quote. You can customize the attendee count from 501 to 150,000.

BlueJeans Discounts and Coupons

BlueJeans offers a 16% discount for its subscription plans upon annual billing. However, there are no coupons for the monthly cycle.

BlueJeans Free Trial

BlueJeans currently does not offer a free trial for its webinar hosting platform.

BlueJeans, A short how-to guide

Once you open the BlueJeans application, you can set your audio preferences. Login with your BlueJeans account and sync your Google or Outlook calendar to view your scheduled BlueJeans meetings right in the app. 

There are three ways to join BlueJeans meetings from the dashboard. You can join a meeting; by using your personal meeting ID on the top left. Secondly, you can click join on a pre-scheduled meeting from your calendar view. Alternatively, you can type in the meeting ID and passcode.

In all cases, you have the option to join with screen share only if you don’t need your camera or microphone enabled. You can double-check your devices to ensure you have selected the right camera, microphone and speaker options.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web-based tool for presenting and collaborating, so you can instantly share and create content with others via the web. The fact that it is web-based is important because it means that you have a single web address or URL for locating and attending your virtual webinar or classroom session. Additionally, it comes with several built-in tools, allowing participants to present PowerPoints, navigate websites or take pop quizzes.

Adobe Connect Features

Here are some exclusive features of Adobe Connect:

Customizable Experiences: Adobe Connect enables you to create exceptional digital training, webinar and collaborative experiences. You can design a virtual room and create customizations. While most products look exactly the same regardless of your use case, Adobe Connect gives complete control as the meeting host. You can add background images and decide on available functionalities for participants.

Layouts: Adobe Connect’s layouts give you the ability to create preset groupings of pods. They help in structuring the classroom or webinar. You can create multiple layouts unique to each speaker or a separate layout for each part of your agenda. Navigating through multiple layouts with different content types helps in creating a more engaging experience for your participants.

Persistence: Unlike most web conferencing products, the rooms that you design and set up in Adobe Connect persist. Not only can you use the same URL again, but every content piece you add to the room, notations, and layouts will be available for you in future meetings. This makes it easy to reuse your room again. You can even reset your layouts to clean up your rooms for the next session.

Power Features: Adobe Connect includes several powerful features that let you work behind the scenes and give you added confidence as a host. With Adobe Connect’s presenter-only area, you can collaborate privately with other hosts and presenters. You can set up pods before making them available to your participants.

Prepare Mode and Custom Apps: Adobe Connect lets you visit and set up different layouts without affecting the live meeting. Additionally, Adobe Connect offers impeccable support for applications, allowing you to load custom apps into your Adobe Connect room. 

Adobe Connect Pricing

Adobe Connect offers 3 Pricing options for its webinar and video conferencing platform.

The “Adobe Connect Meetings” is priced at $50/month and offers frictionless access to real-time information. Additionally, you can have effective meetings and create virtual rooms for secure information exchange.

The “Adobe Connect Webinars” is priced at $130/month and offer event hosting plus business branding. Additionally, you can drive demand generation by conducting interactive sessions.

The “Adobe Connect Learning” is priced at $370/month and offers learner engagement, instructional controls and practice standardization.

Adobe Connect Discounts and Coupons

Adobe Connect currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its webinar software. However, you can make sizable savings by committing to an annual subscription.

Adobe Connect Free Trial

Adobe Connect offers a 30 Day free trial for its webinar software without any buying obligations. You have to input your email and card details to avail the trial offer.

Adobe Connect, A short how-to guide

The Adobe Connect UI has three main components. At the very top, there is an application bar. Below that is a layout and on the right is the layout panel.

The application bar includes several menus, including the main menu, which enables you to record a session, switch to prepare mode, change roles and manage entries. Besides that is the pods’ menu which allows you to add elements to your Adobe Connect room.

You can include pods inside your virtual room to enable screen sharing, whiteboarding, and several other functionalities for your participants.


BigMarker allows you to host unforgettable webinars and events by delivering data-rich and interactive sessions. BigMarker prioritizes audience engagement and customizes the webinar experience to boost participation from your attendees. With BigMarker, you can design and run fully customizable virtual events for customer conferences, industry meetings or trade shows.

BigMarker Features

Here are some exclusive features of BigMarker:

Professional-quality Streaming: BigMarker offers a broadcast studio that helps you create unique and interactive video experiences and stream them virtually. You can control video layouts to enhance the post-production effects and add custom backgrounds or logos for branding. Additionally, BigMarker is a browser-based studio, and doesn’t require any advanced video editing skills.

Full-service Registration: With BigMarker, you can offer flexible and customizable registration experiences to your participants. You can integrate BigMarker into your CRM system and capture audience data for targeted marketing. Moreover, BigMarker provides built-in landing pages with white labelling and lets you monetize your events.

Event Badging: BigMarker offers event badging and lead retrieval, helping you create a remarkable event experience for attendees. Moreover, you can print high-quality, customizable event badges on demand and accommodate edits like attendee names. BigMarker offers a seamless self-service check-in experience to your audience.

Networking: BigMarker runs with an AI-powered networking algorithm that quantifies attendees’ social profiles by monitoring the industry, function, seniority and interests. Moreover, you can include questions in your live events or webinars to collect audience data and use it; to aggressively market your future webinars.

Marketing: BigMarker comes with inbuilt marketing tools that help you promote your content and events, drive participation and elevate the audience experience. You can customize every stage of your webinar beforehand to decide what your attendees see before, during and after the event.

BigMarker Pricing

BigMarker offers 3 Pricing options for its webinar hosting platform. All subscription plans come with an on-demand pricing quote.

The “Basic” plan offers 1 Host license and allows upto 1,000 live attendees. Additionally, you can create polls, live stream on YouTube or set up post-session surveys.

The “Enterprise” plan offers 4 Host licenses and allows upto 10,000 live attendees. Additionally, you can create simulive webinars, share upto 64 webcams and use 15 landing page templates.

The “Enterprise+” plan offers 6 Host licenses and allows upto 500,000 live attendees. Additionally, you can create white-labelled domains, do 360-degree streaming and use a custom page builder.

BigMarker Discounts and Coupons

BigMarker does not offer any pricing information on its website. You can contact the sales team to inquire about any ongoing discount offers or coupons.

BigMarker Free Trial

BigMarker currently does not offer a free trial for its webinar hosting platform. However, you can click on “Request a Demo” to connect with the sales team and get hands-on experience with BigMarker’s interface.

BigMarker, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your BigMarker account, you’ll enter the Home section. Here, you’ll see your upcoming objectives or webinars. Click on “My Webinars” to see the webinars you’re currently hosting or attending.

Click on “My Series” to view the existing webinar series in your BigMarker account. You can change the chronological order or add new recordings. Go to “My Videos” to view your previous clips or webinars.

Click on “Lists & Emails” to enter the contact database inside BigMarker or Go to “New Channel” to start a new broadcasting channel for a specific purpose or audience. You can Click on “Integrations” to connect your BigMarker account to outside marketing channels or CRM systems.


CrowdCast is a simplistic video conferencing and webinar hosting platform that lets you run live events with ease and engage your community. Additionally, it lets you monetize your channel by offering integration with Patreon, Stripe and PayPal. At CrowdCast, you get everything, from audience engagement to e-commerce. It’s a modern platform designed to enhance exposure and minimize manual efforts.

CrowdCast Features

Here are some exclusive features of CrowdCast:

Browser-based, no downloads: CrowdCast offers cutting-edge web technology, bringing high-quality video experiences to the browser. You can host unlimited attendees in your webinars and manage everything from your CrowdCast account on a web browser. Additionally, it sets up one intelligent link between registration, watching and replaying to ensure you can perform every action on one page.

Built-in Landing Pages: With CrowdCast, you don’t require landing page builders to design registration forms and Thank You pages. You can customize your URL, media and description within CrowdCast and create highly converting landing pages. CrowdCast ensures you can nurture more visitors towards attending your webinar and increase the viewership.

Broadcasting: CrowdCast allows you to invite co-hosts, guests or attendees on screen. You can broadcast your virtual events on popular streaming platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Periscope. Moreover, CrowdCast offers integration with professional live streaming software like Ecamm Live and Wirecast to improve the broadcasting quality.

Engagement: CrowdCast lets you interact with the audience before the event goes live and offers mid-event activities to keep everyone entertained. You can allow attendees to submit questions or vote on a poll so you can get to know their responses and queries. Additionally, you can use powerful CTAs to send your participants to an external link.

Growth: CrowdCast lets you monetize your webinars and get paid for your efforts. You can build your following on the channel, organize regular events and build a strong community. Moreover, your attendees can share upto 15-second clips of your webinars to drive more traffic and registrations.

CrowdCast Pricing

CrowdCast offers 3 Pricing options for its modern webinar hosting platform.

The “Lite” plan is priced at $49/month and allows upto 100 live attendees. Additionally, you can create upto 2 hours long sessions and do event analytics.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $89/month and allows upto 250 live attendees. Additionally, you can create upto 4 hours long sessions, multistream to 1 Location and customize registration fields.

The “Business” plan is priced at $195/month and allows upto 1000 live attendees. Additionally, you can create upto 6 hours long sessions, multistream to 3 locations and reduce the transaction fee to 2%.

CrowdCast Discounts and Coupons

CrowdCast offers a 30% discount on its subscription plans upon annual billing. However, it currently doesn’t provide any coupons for monthly cycles.

CrowdCast Free Trial

CrowdCast currently does not offer a free trial for its webinar hosting and live conferencing platform.

CrowdCast, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your CrowdCast account, click on the “New Event” button at the topright corner. You can also access this tab via the sidebar by hovering over the CrowdCast logo on the leftmost screen.

Once done, you’ll enter the create an event page. Here, you’ll find the navigation menu for the basic settings like your cover image, registration, multistream and advanced options.

In the basic info section, input your name, scroll down to the schedule section and click on edit. First, choose your event type, date & time, and sessions. In the description section, you can summarize your webinar’s objective and include media for better illustration.


When you visit LiveWebinar’s website, the most striking text on the homepage reads “most advanced webinar software”. LiveWebinar actually fulfils its claim by offering an intuitive platform with easy browser access and unlimited customization capabilities. Additionally, you can embed every webinar under your domain to increase reach and do post-event analysis with audience engagement insights.

LiveWebinar Features

Here are some exclusive features of LiveWebinar:

Branding Tool: LiveWebinar enhances your brand’s image and helps you customize logos, colours or backgrounds for your webinars. It ensures you can build trust and authority over your participants and add extra value to your virtual conferences or meetings with widgets. LiveWebinar elevates your brand visibility among the masses by promoting your content.

Evergreen Webinars: With LiveWebinar, you can offer your audience an authentic live experience and broadcast pre-recorded webinars as interactive events to boost participation. Additionally, you can organize the leads generated from registration forms or events into the webinar funnel to drive conversion. LiveWebinar ensures your content remains timeless and available for your audience.

Tests & Surveys: LiveWebinar allows you to collect intrinsic information from the attendees and research the data or reactions to make effective business and marketing decisions. Moreover, you can equip your surveys with additional widgets, attachments or clips to ensure maximum participation. LiveWebinar helps you understand your audience demographics and interests so you can organize events and create content accordingly.

HD/FHD Webinar Recording: With LiveWebinar, you can offer your recordings as on-demand webinars to extend your exposure. Moreover, you can personalize the frame rate and dimensions of the clips to ensure you embed the highest quality video on your website. LiveWebinar also offers post-processing and recording editing to help you add intros or outros.

Whiteboard: LiveWebinar offers whiteboarding to help you create effective presentations. Moreover, you can collaborate during a live session or ask attendees to illustrate their ideas. LiveWebinar enables you to collaborate uniquely, undo or redo actions on the whiteboard and download your created content.

LiveWebinar Pricing

LiveWebinar offers 4 Pricing options for its webinar hosting platform.

The “Free” plan is priced at $0 and allows you to host upto 5 Attendees. Additionally, you can add polls or surveys and organize 45 minutes long meetings.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $17.99/month and allows you to host upto 100 attendees. Additionally, you can get paid add-ons, create virtual backgrounds and use branding tools.

The “Business” plan is priced at $143/month and allows you to host upto 500 attendees. Additionally, you can create 5 Evergreen webinars, use presence manager and send bulk invitations.

The “Enterprise” plan offers an on-request pricing option with customizable limitations. It provides premium-level support and unlocks functionalities of LiveWebinar.

LiveWebinar Discounts and Coupons

LiveWebinar offers a 20% discount for its subscription plans upon annual billing. However, it doesn’t provide any coupons for the monthly cycle.

LiveWebinar Free Trial

LiveWebinar does not offer a free trial for its pricing options. However, you can use the free plan to use the core webinar hosting features and get acquainted with the platform.

LiveWebinar, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your LiveWebinar account, you’ll enter the Rooms section. Here, you can create a new event or room or join an existing one. Click on “Instant Meeting” to immediately start a live conference with your collaborators or clients.

Click on “Schedule Webinar” and select the event time and date. Once done, LiveWebinar will automatically broadcast the pre-recorded webinar at the set time and date.

While creating a webinar session, you can toggle on the registration form. It ensures your attendees can’t join the event without actually registering for it. Once done, your participants will receive a personal URL for joining the webinar.

Click on “Advanced” to add interactive widgets to your webinars and boost engagement through polls, surveys or mid-event activities.


EverWebinar helps you deliver the perfect webinar presentations without ever being present. It automates your efforts according to your templated pitch and works on autopilot. EverWebinar works seamlessly with any video and helps you generate consistent revenue by increasing the content quality and viewer base.

EverWebinar Features

Here are some exclusive features of EverWebinar:

Flexible Scheduling and On-demand Webinars: EverWebinar offers a unique scheduling experience, letting you customize broadcasting according to time zones and your audience’s preferences. Moreover, it minimizes the waiting time for your attendees plus allows them to replay parts of the live stream.

Live Chat Simulator: EverWebinar offers a hybrid webinar feature, allowing you to blend live chat widgets into your presentations. Your attendees can post live comments or questions, and you can address the queries instantly by activating the live chat feature. Additionally, you can import your chat history so the system can simulate conversations accordingly to increase conversions.

Split Testing: Many webinar hosts drive traffic through affiliate campaigns or advertisements. It’s crucial that you don’t waste any leads and make the maximum conversions. With EverWebinar, you can split-test your landing pages and webinar content to analyze which version enables conversions. Moreover, you can also track the event performance to understand your current audience exposure.

Dynamic Attendance: EverWebinar allows attendees to leave and join at will during a webinar. Moreover, you can mimic live events and predefine attendance peaks during certain intervals. It makes the audience think that many participants are currently watching the event with them, even if they’re the only ones. Alternatively, you can hide the attendance levels from your attendees.

Automated Integrations: EverWebinar connects with autoresponders and CRM systems to provide you with advanced automation capabilities. It enables you to configure new rules based on the registrant’s behaviour and conversions. Integrating your EverWebinar account with a CRM offers high-level granularity, allowing you to segment prospects thoroughly and craft the perfect follow-up message.

EverWebinar Pricing

EverWebinar offers 2 Periodic subscription plans for its webinar hosting tool.

The “Yearly” plan is priced at $499/year and offers automated webinars, flexible scheduling, a live chat simulator, professional page templates, and A/B split testing.

The “Biennial” plan is priced: at $874 for every 2 Years. Additionally, it offers detailed analytics, easy integrations, dynamic display and registration notifications.

EverWebinar Discounts and Coupons

EverWebinar offers 3 Months free for its “Biennial” plan. However, it does not provide any discounts or coupons.

EverWebinar Free Trial

EverWebinar does not offer a free trial for its webinar hosting platform.

EverWebinar, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your EverWebinar account, you’ll enter the “Home” section. You’ll notice the configuration tab asking for an external video file or a previous WebinarJam session.

Once you complete the steps required in the configuration tab, you can schedule the broadcasting time for your event. Next, customize the registration form and landing pages for your visitors.

Once done, set up integrations and customize the notification triggers. Next, set up a Thank You page, see a preview of your webinar and finalize everything.

Click on “Webinars” in the main menu panel to view your previously hosted events on EverWebinar. Go to “Analytics” to see the peak attendance and the periods of low interest. Click on “Registrants” to view all leads captured through your event registration form.


The audience experience is crucial whenever you’re hosting a webinar. It ultimately reflects; the success of your marketing efforts and the current exposure level of your events. At the end of the day, a webinar is nothing without its audience. With Demio, you can offer an engaging experience to your attendees and provide high-quality streams.

Demio Features

Here are some exclusive features of Demio:

All-purpose Platform: Demio claims to be the most advanced and diverse webinar hosting platform, and rightly so. It offers an event type for every campaign and allows you to give a standard live presentation with real-time HD streaming. Additionally, it offers advanced automation. So you can put everything on autopilot with simulated elements.

Profile Scaling: Demio is designed to improve your results by tweaking your marketing efforts and driving more authentic traffic to your webinars. It offers your registrants frictionless joining without any additional software downloads. Demio helps you grow your business profile and increase exposure by applying branding or logos across your event materials.

Engagement: Audience engagement defines the true success of your webinars. Building a loyal community from your existing clientele is just as important as directing marketing efforts to bring in new viewers. With Demio, you can give your attendees a truly unique experience through a visually pleasing design. Moreover, you can share recordings directly from Demio, so you don’t have to leave the webinar while presenting.

Seamless Promotion: Demio allows you to successfully market your webinars and bring more audience to your events. You can create effective registration pages and collect desirable information from the registrants. Demio notifies the registrants through emails to increase the potential attendance for your live events.

Analysis: Demio understands where your registrants are coming from through source tracking and lets you direct your marketing campaigns accordingly. You can know how people watch your webinar, which intervals saw a drop in attendance, and which parts piqued interest.

Demio Pricing

Demio offers 3 Subscription plans for its webinar hosting platform.

The “Starter” plan is priced at $49/month and is limited to one host. It has a 3-Hour session limit and offers standard features.

The “Growth” plan is priced at $99/month/host and is limited to five hosts. It has an 8-Hour session limit and offers registration source tracking, custom branding and automated events.

The “Premium” plan is priced at $250/month/host upon annual billing and has no limits on hosts per account. It offers custom domains, 10-Hour sessions, premium integrations and priority support.

Demio Discounts and Coupons

Demio offers 30% off on its subscription plans upon annual billing. However, it doesn’t offer any discounts for the monthly cycle.

Demio Free Trial

Demio offers a 14 Day free trial for its webinar hosting platform without any card details and purchase obligations.

Demio, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Demio account, you’ll enter the “Schedule” section. Here, you can see your ongoing sessions and join them by clicking on “Join Room”.

Go to “Events” to sort your existing webinars or recordings by standard, series, automated and archived. Click “Add New Event” to create a new webinar room.

Once done, you’ll be asked to choose between standard, series, and automated. Go with the automated option to offer on-demand availability to your viewers.

You have to input the event name and select the host. Click on customize to take over the registration process, email notifications, prepare webinar room or manage event admins. Go to “Integrations” to supercharge your event through external tools.

Click on “Share” to see your event registration link. Go to “Activities” to get registration analysis or view messages sent by registrants.


ON24 allows you to create engaging digital experiences for every stage of the buyer’s journey. These experiences include webinars, virtual environments, curated content hubs and personalized landing pages. With the power of AI, ON24 turns engagements into real-time insights into your audience’s behaviour and interests. All this data flows into your marketing automation and CRM systems, putting actionable data into your sales team’s possession.

ON24 Features

Here are some exclusive features of ON24:

Webcasting: Webcasting with ON24 enables you to create personalizable online events with your custom branding and logos. You can use interactive tools like live Q&A sessions between presenters and attendees to connect with the audience. Additionally, you can share your webinars on other social media channels to drive more traffic.

ON24 Intelligence: With ON24, you can turn audience engagement into meaningful first-person data that fuel AI-driven personalization across all experiences. It offers real-time dashboards and prospect management profiles, plus allows you to leverage content insights and metrics. ON24 has the best analytical tools among all webinar software available in the market.

ON24 Connect: ON24 seamlessly connects with your CRM, autoresponders and marketing systems. You can synchronize registration and attendance data, integrate behavioural data and buyer data, personalize sales follow-ups or score leads and trigger workflows. ON24 helps you establish the perfect business system to elevate your brand.

Engagement Hub: Unlike its competitors, ON24 lets you set up dedicated content hubs where your community can interact with you and each other. You can link your recordings to the channel or pin the URL for the upcoming webinar session in your profile to increase attendance. Moreover, you can understand content performance down to the individual asset and analyze every audience interaction.

ON24 Target: ON24 Target focuses on empowering personalized content experiences to accelerate buyer journeys and activate your best content. You can drive tailored promotions for your webinars and easily scale your landing pages based on the interest generated. ON24 helps you promote your webinars vigorously without requiring any external tools.

ON24 Pricing

ON24 offers on-request pricing quotes for its webinar platform. You can click on “Request Quote” to get in touch with the sales team.

ON24 Discounts and Coupons

ON24 does not offer any predetermined subscription plans, so no discounts or coupons are available. However, you can inquire with the sales team about the same while opting for a subscription.

ON24 Free Trial

ON24 does not offer a free trial for its webinar hosting platform.

ON24, A short how-to guide

To open your ON24 account, click on the email link. Once done, you’ll enter the presentation manager interface. Here, you can input your details in the form and login as a presenter or producer.

Next, you’ll enter the recording environment. Here, you can attach your PowerPoint or pre-recorded webinar videos. You can personalize the aspect ratio while uploading media.

Once you’re done recording and adding all elements to your webinar, Click on publish and preview your webinar content to make any last-minute adjustments.


SpotMe is a virtual event hosting and webinar platform that allows users to create branded and personalized event apps. It sparks engagement by enriching the audience experience with reactions, social feeds and live translation. With SpotMe, you can drive more audiences to participate in your webinars and increase their effectiveness.

SpotMe Features

Here are some exclusive features of SpotMe:

Webinars: SpotMe allows you to design custom-branded webinars and offers an interactive experience to your participants for better engagement. Moreover, all webinars hosted on SpotMe are scalable for upto 5,000 viewers and come with enterprise-grade security. SpotMe helps you nurture a relationship with your audience and enhance the buyer journey; by delivering engaging content continuously.

Hybrid Events: SpotMe lets you create hybrid events to boost audience participation and offers live captioning, streaming, networking and production. Moreover, it provides interest-based matchmaking to help you create networking opportunities and grow the community by awarding active members.

Virtual Events: SpotMe helps you host virtual events and boosts participation by giving your attendees a web and mobile-friendly interface. It turns your event participants into a collaborative community by allowing them to engage through the activity feed. Moreover, you can remove language barriers with the platform’s interpreting, captioning and translation capabilities.

Event Builder: SpotMe allows you to create engaging experiences for your in-person, hybrid or virtual events without coding. You can effortlessly build new events and broadcast live streams. Moreover, SpotMe offers analytical insights into your event performance to help you make immediate strategic decisions.

Engagement and Interactions: SpotMe helps you transform your webinars and live streams into an interactive session by adding polls, Q&A or videos. You can simplify networking for your participants by setting up 1-1 or group conversations. Additionally, SpotMe lets you deploy gamification and increase participation by offering challenging activities or pre-event tasks.

SpotMe Pricing

SpotMe offers 4 Subscription plans for its webinar hosting and event creation platform with an on-demand pricing quote.

The “Starter” plan includes upto 2 Virtual, hybrid or in-person events, unlimited participants and 80+ engagement features. Additionally, it also offers streaming, breakouts and a studio for speakers.

The “Business” plan includes upto 5 Virtual, hybrid or in-person events. Additionally, it offers Marketo and Cvent integrations.

The “Advanced” plan includes upto 25 virtual, hybrid or in-person events. Additionally, it offers app single sign-on and a branded App Store/Google Play app.

The “Enterprise” plan is completely customizable and offers 24/7 support with a 30-second response. Additionally, it provides CMS single sign-on.

SpotMe Discounts and Coupons

SpotMe currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its webinar hosting and event creation platform.

SpotMe Free Trial

SpotMe does not offer a free trial for its webinar tool. However, you can request a demo by clicking on the Red tab on the top right corner of the website’s homepage.

SpotMe, A short how-to guide

Once you contact the SpotMe sales team and buy a subscription plan, you’ll receive an invitation link for your account. Click on the received template, and you’ll be redirected: to the “Home” section in the SpotMe interface.

Your dashboard will be automatically customized; according to your branding requirements. Click on “LiveStream” to broadcast live events to your audience. Go to “Speakers” to manage who can engage with the participants in the event.

Click on “Agenda” to see your upcoming objectives or goals. Go to “Sponsors” to view the sponsorship deals for your webinar or event.


Over the past years, Cisco has expanded WebEx and rebranded a few other products to be a part of WebEx. It now offers a dynamic meeting experience with integrated audio, high-definition video, and content sharing. WebEx is prominently used; by educational institutions and corporate offices for general team meetings, lectures, project management, and more.

WebEx Features

Here are some exclusive features of WebEx:

WebEx Meetings: WebEx includes several add-ons to basic meetings, increasing accessibility for all users. Its built-in noise reduction and gesture recognition allow for a meeting experience with fewer interruptions. Additionally, you can use screen sharing to emphasize information or whiteboarding; to further illustrate your points. Moreover, you can download the automatically generated transcript from the meeting or distribute the cloud recording of the meeting to your team if anyone misses the meeting or you need to review any discussion points.

Webex Cloud Calls: WebEx cloud calls have a host of features to make business phone calls more convenient and professional. WebEx provides you with a single phone number you can answer from any of your devices to present a unified profile to your clients. Your outgoing calls can come from any of those devices, and you can transfer the calls between devices or to other phone lines as necessary. 

Custom Extensions: WebEx includes custom extensions and upto six-way conference calls. If you need to step things up from a call to a meeting, you can transfer from a cloud call to a WebEx meeting. WebEx offers quality customization, allowing you to personalize the interface layout, screen background and several other parameters.

WebEx Teams: WebEx Teams is the business messenger feature in all WebEx suite plans. You can communicate with people inside and outside your organization with secure file sharing, screen sharing and two-way whiteboarding. The filters and advanced search functions allow you to find content in all of your previous conversations, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Integrations: With OneDrive and SharePoint integration, you can co-edit documents on WebEx within a chat space without downloading or sending files back and forth. WebEx simplifies professional collaboration by offering a seamless platform with a swift and user-friendly interface.

WebEx Pricing

WebEx offers subscription plans for its Suite package and individual products.

The Suite package offers 3 Subscription plans.

The “Basic” plan is priced at $0 and allows you to conduct meetings for upto 50 minutes. Additionally, you can download the meeting recording in the device’s local storage.

The “Business” plan is priced at $25/user/month and allows you to conduct meetings for upto 24 hours. Additionally, you get 10 GB of cloud storage to download meeting recordings.

The “Enterprise” plan offers custom pricing and requires a minimum of 100 Licenses. It provides a meeting capacity of upto 1000 users and unlimited cloud storage.

WebEx Discounts and Coupons

WebEx currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its conferencing and collaborative platform. However, you can opt for an annual subscription and make sizable savings yearly by paying less.

WebEx Free Trial

WebEx offers a free subscription plan for its “Suite” package. It allows you to host meetings for upto 50 minutes and use the basic functionalities of WebEx.

WebEx, A short how-to guide

Once you visit the WebEx website, you can join an existing meeting through an invite or sign up for free to create your own meeting. Joining does not require you to sign up for anything. You can simply input the meeting ID.

Once you login to your WebEx account, you’ll notice a Green tab labelled “Start a Meeting”. Click on it and select between “Desktop app” and “Web app”. Once done, you’ll enter a personal room where you can test the audio and video.

Click on “Start Meeting” to enter the conferencing page. Here, you’ll see a text saying “Waiting for others to join” until the participants enter the meeting or conference call. Click on three dots to lock the meeting, copy the meeting link, invite and remind or connect to a device.

Click on the upward arrow icon to share the screen from your device.


WebinarGeek lets you create webinars and events that reflect your corporate identity. You can visualize your story with slides and go live once you’re ready. WebinarGeek helps you step into the spotlight and offer live stream or pre-recorded content to your viewers. Additionally, WebinarGeek lets you invite guests or team members into your webinars to bring more expertise to the table.

WebinarGeek Features

Here are some exclusive features of WebinarGeek:

Integrations: WebinarGeek seamlessly connects with leading business tools like ActiveCampaign, Autorespond, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Facebook Pixel, Stripe, Mailchimp and Pipedrive. It helps you maximize the lead generation from your virtual events or webinars. So you can improve the participation rate for future events. Additionally, WebinarGeek offers REST API, allowing you to design unique integrations.

Interaction Tools: WebinarGeek understands that audience engagement drives the viewership and success rate of webinars. It offers several interaction tools like live chat, polls and quizzes to keep your attendees occupied. You can even create surveys to collect audience data for marketing and use call-to-action buttons during webinars.

Webinar Statistics: WebinarGeek offers more insights into your impact on viewers and audience. You can visualize all webinar statistics and evaluate the attendee’s responses to gain extensive information. Moreover, WebinarGeek lets you see who dropped out prematurely from your virtual event and when they joined in.

Marketing Tools: WebinarGeek helps you use the data collected from polls or mid-event activities; to aggressively market your future events. You can send follow-up emails after the event to ask for feedback or provide a discounted deal for the next webinar. With WebinarGeek, you can build meaningful relationships with your viewers by understanding their interests.

Live and Automated Webinars: WebinarGeek lets you broadcast live webinars or pre-recorded clips. You can get your viewers to engage with you on a personal level with WebinarGeek’s quality interaction tools. Additionally, WebinarGeek lets you create a channel for your events so your viewers can access content anytime.

WebinarGeek Pricing

WebinarGeek offers 3 Subscription plans for its webinar hosting platform. The pricing quote goes up with the number of viewers.

The “Starter” plan is priced: at $19/month for upto 25 viewers per webinar. Additionally, you can include 2 Presenters and create a webinar channel.

The “Premium” plan is priced: at $69/month for upto 100 viewers per webinar. Additionally, you can include 4 Presenters, do custom branding and use marketing Integrations.

The “Advanced” plan offers a custom pricing option. Additionally, you can include 6 Presenters and unlimited moderators and create multiple workspaces.

WebinarGeek Discounts and Coupons

WebinarGeek offers 29% off on its “Premium” subscription plan upon annual billing. However, there are no discounts or coupons for the monthly cycle.

WebinarGeek Free Trial

WebinarGeek offers a 14 Day free trial for its webinar hosting platform. You can avail the offer by inputting your email and tapping on “Start a free trial”.

WebinarGeek, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your WebinarGeek account, you’ll see the webinar channel statistics like subscriber count, emails and viewers. Click on “create new webinar” to start a new virtual event.

Once done, you can choose when you want your webinar to be broadcasted. It’s advisable to join the webinar room 5 minutes before it starts so you can make sure everything is tuned perfectly.

Click on “Statistics” to see the webinar analytics and audience participation rate in your virtual events. You can understand what content generates positive feedback from the attendees and include similar interactive sessions in your future webinars.


WebinarNinja is a webinar hosting platform for creators and coaches, helping them interact with the audience, give automated presentations and conduct Q&A sessions. Moreover, you can choose to broadcast live in real-time or pre-record a webinar and host it later. WebinarNinja handles everything that goes into administering a webinar and helps you simplify the registration process for the attendees.

WebinarNinja Features

Here are some exclusive features of WebinarNinja:

Marketing Tools: Marketing your webinar is essential to increase participation, and with WebinarNinja, you can achieve that easily. It offers registration form customization, social sharing, automatic email notifications, Facebook ad tracking and evergreen replays for your new subscribers. With WebinarNinja, you can see how many people connected live, watched replays or registered for the event to gain a clear picture of your webinar.

Studio-Quality Editing and Widgets: WebinarNinja allows you to upload presentation slides, share screens, include comment sections for feedback, create polls or show attractive deals and offers in between the event. Additionally, you can set up conversation channels to help attendees connect with each other and create a lively digital community.

Integrations: WebinarNinja is highly adaptable and connects with leading marketing tools to help you maximize your webinar’s exposure. It integrates with MailChimp, Hubspot, Zapier and InfusionSoft. Additionally, you can monetize your webinars by connecting your WebinarNinja account to Stripe.

Landing Page Creation: WebinarNinja allows you to build landing pages with pre-built templates to maximize conversion. Additionally, you can view the analytical details regarding clicks and conversions by connecting your WebinarNinja account with a CRM or marketing software.

Training & Support: WebinarNinja offers round-the-clock support through email or chat. Additionally, you can access the WebinarNinja academy to go through resources and learn all functionalities. WebinarNinja helps you learn and grow by providing monthly coaching sessions where members can get updates or ask for tips.

WebinarNinja Pricing

WebinarNinja offers 3 Pricing options for its webinar hosting and live conferencing platform.

The “Basic” plan is priced: at $29/month for 50 live attendees. It allows you to invite 1 Guest presenter and host upto 2 hours long webinars. Additionally, you can monetize your webinars with no extra fees.

The “Pro” plan is priced: at $99/month for 100 live attendees. It allows you to invite 4 Guest presenters and host upto 4 hours long webinars. Additionally, you can automate events, get a custom branded URL and do 1-on-1 onboarding calls.

The “Business” plan is priced: at $199/month for 100 live attendees. It allows you to invite 10 Guest presenters and host upto 8 hours long webinars. Additionally, you can offer paid webinar coupons, send unlimited emails and get priority support.

WebinarNinja Discounts and Coupons

WebinarNinja currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its webinar hosting platform. However, you can get 2 Months free upon opting for an annual subscription.

WebinarNinja Free Trial

WebinarNinja offers a 14 Day free trial for its subscription plans without any buying obligations or card details. 

WebinarNinja, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your WebinarNinja account, you’ll be redirected to the Dashboard section. Here, you’ll see your upcoming events and analytical information from your last webinar.

Click on “Create New Webinar” and select between “Live”, “Automated”, “Series”, and “Hybrid”. Once done, input the title, host details, and event time and invite co-hosts. You can monetize the webinar by selecting the “Paid” option.

Once you’ve inputted the intrinsic details, WebinarNinja automatically completes all aspects of your planning by creating registration, landing and Thank You pages. Moreover, it also sends automatic email reminders to your registrants.

Zoho Meeting 

Zoho Meeting is a webinar hosting, live conferencing and collaboration tool from Zoho. It ensures you can work remotely with efficiency and conduct meetings round-the-clock. Additionally, Zoho Meeting lets you add extra context to your webinars through screen sharing and form customization.

Zoho Meeting Features

Here are some exclusive features of Zoho Meeting:

User Management and Security: Zoho Meeting lets you create departments for different user groups and organize your online meetings. You can schedule department-specific meetings and use an action log viewer to see all warnings, errors or actions across your Zoho Meeting account. Moreover, you can anonymize your user data with Zoho Meeting to maintain secrecy.

Webinar Solution: Zoho Meeting lets you conduct interactive video webinars and practice them with co-organizers beforehand. You can enhance your webinar exposure by live streaming on YouTube in real-time and use source tracking to monitor the social media channels producing the highest registrations.

Webinar Cloning and Analytics: With Zoho Meeting, you can clone previous webinars to create new sessions. You can copy the title, description and co-organizer’s details from the previous events. Moreover, Zoho Meeting offers webinar reports, helping you analyze the participation, poll results and engagement.

Online Meeting Platform: Zoho Meeting allows you to plan meetings and invite participants with the agenda. Additionally, you can organize professional meetings and share the conference link with your colleagues or collaborators. Zoho Meeting also lets you embed a meeting link to your company’s website so your employees can simply join in by inputting the email address.

Moderator Controls: Zoho Meeting diminishes disturbances and drives discussions. You can control the webinar and add or remove participants directly from the activity feed. Additionally, you can eliminate unexpected attendees by locking confidential meetings and getting notified whenever someone tries to access the webinar.

Zoho Meeting Pricing

Zoho Meeting offers 3 Subscription plans for its webinar hosting and live conferencing platform.

The “Free” plan is priced at $0 and offers upto 100 meeting participants. You can conduct 60 minutes long webinars, share screens, customize registrations and include meeting reactions.

The “Meeting” plan is priced at $3/host/month and allows you to conduct 24 hours long webinars. Additionally, you can add a virtual background, embed the meeting widget and do custom branding.

The “Webinar” plan is priced at $19/organizer/month and offers cloud recording storage for 25 webinars. Additionally, you can do source tracking, email customization and embed webinar registration.

Zoho Meeting Discounts and Coupons

Zoho Meeting offers 15% off on its subscription plans upon annual billing. It also offers additional discounts for nonprofit and educational institutions.

Zoho Meeting Free Trial

Zoho Meeting offers a 14 Day free trial for its webinar and live conferencing platform. You can continue using the “Free” plan upon the expiration of the trial period.

Zoho Meeting, A short how-to guide 

Once you login to your Zoho Meeting account, you’ll enter the Home section. Here, you can start a new webinar or conference call and add or remove participants.

Once you create a new meeting or webinar, you can input the title and description to give your participants an overview of what to expect.

Click on “My Webinars” to view your previously hosted webinars on Zoho Meeting. You can clone a webinar by right-clicking and selecting “Clone”. Once done, Zoho Meeting will create a new session with the same intrinsic details as the original one.

Go to “My Recordings” to view your pre-recorded events or webinars. You can share these recordings with your participants by exporting them to Youtube, embedding recordings on your website or sharing screens during a live event.


Zoom offers a collaborative ecosystem for businesses and educational institutions to host meetings virtually and do video conferencing. It offers high-quality video and audio, enabling you to bring your team together and share ideas. With Zoom, you can create multiple conference rooms and set limits on invitations to restrict the uninvited members from joining.

Zoom Features

Here are some exclusive features of Zoom:

Webinar Registration: With Zoom, you can promote your brand by customizing the registration page. It allows you to easily attract audiences with branded registration pages and event reminder emails. Moreover, you can build your business by monetizing the webinars through paid registration via PayPal.

Integrations: Many businesses already have an existing setup or workflow in place that’s essential for their professional work. Zoom connects with applications like HubSpot and Dropbox, letting you use existing workflows to enable more productive lead generation, payment automation, and data collection processes. Zoom APIs allow developers to request information from Zoom, including user details, meeting reports, dashboard data and action history.

Host Controls: Before the webinar, the host and panellists can go into a practice session to prepare for the webinar. It allows you to get familiar with host controls and do a practice run before attendees join in. As a webinar host, you’ll have specific controls only available to you. You can manage panellists and attendees during the live session or assign a co-host to help you manage the webinar.

Audience Engagement: Webinars don’t need to be boring and sleep-inducing. With Zoom, you can interact and engage with your audience across all levels. You can involve your webinar attendees by using interactive polling and Q&A with the ability to comment or upvote questions.

Live Streaming: Hosts can promote attendees to panellists and allow them to speak or share the video while in session. You can broadcast to an even larger audience by streaming your webinar to Facebook Live, YouTube or other custom streaming services. Additionally, you can make the webinars on-demand so attendees can watch them later.

Zoom Pricing

Zoom offers 4 Subscription plans for its all-in-one collaborative package Zoom One.

The “Basic” is priced at $0 and allows you to set up meetings of upto 40 minutes. Additionally, you can use 3 Whiteboards and invite 100 attendees.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $14.99/user/month and offers 5 GB of cloud storage per license. Additionally, you can use chats and channels for collaboration and file sharing.

The “Business” plan is priced: at $19.99/month, and you can invite upto 300 attendees. Additionally, it offers unlimited whiteboards and company branding.

The “Enterprise” plan offers on-request pricing and allows you to invite upto 1000 attendees. Additionally, you can use Zoom Phone features and set up single sign-on.

Zoom Discounts and Coupons

Zoom currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its video conferencing platform. However, you can opt for annual billing to make sizable savings on the Zoom One subscription plans.

Zoom Free Trial

Zoom offers a free subscription plan for its Zoom One package. It comes with time limitations for meetings but is ideal for hosting lectures or getting acquainted with the platform.

Zoom, A short how-to guide

Once you visit the Zoom website, click “Join” and input the meeting ID to enter the meeting. You can login or signup to set up a new meeting. Click on “Host” and select between “With Video Off”, “With Video On”, and “Screen Share Only”. 

Once done, you’ll enter the meeting and can share the invite code with all relevant participants or audiences through email. You can kick out a participant by right-clicking on the title name and selecting “Remove Participant”.

The Best Webinar Software, A Conclusion

Now that you’ve seen our suggestions for the best webinar software, we’d love to know your opinion.

Have you used any of these tools? If yes, what was your experience? Did we miss any quality webinar software?

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