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Modeling agencies are perfect for finding the best female and male models to represent high-quality fashion and corporate events worldwide.

These agencies have a great reputation for choosing top-quality models by conducting intensive screening processes and developing their careers by gaining massive recognition.

Los Angeles is home to the Hollywood industry, where plenty of modeling agencies have a great talent pool of models to successfully promote and endorse different advertising agencies, corporate companies, and successful brands worldwide.

Most of these agencies have over decades of experience connecting the right models to the right companies to showcase their talents.

In this article, you will find a list of the best modeling agencies in Los Angeles to hire the best female and male models for unique shows, editorials, and corporate events both nationally and internationally.

Our Rating Guidelines

AAA Rated Agencies only get this rank if we have sent a client previously and the client has given us positive feedback.

An AAA-rated digital marketing agency demonstrates exceptional expertise, innovation, and results in the field of digital marketing. The agency consistently goes above and beyond to exceed client expectations and industry standards. To achieve this top rating, an agency must exhibit:

  1. Strategic Excellence: The agency devises comprehensive and customized digital marketing strategies that align with clients’ business goals. Strategies show deep understanding of the target audience, market trends, and competition.
  2. Innovative Approach: The agency consistently adopts and implements cutting-edge digital marketing techniques, leveraging emerging technologies and platforms to stay ahead of the curve.
  3. Proven Results: Demonstrates a track record of delivering tangible and measurable results, such as increased website traffic, engagement, conversions, and ROI for clients.
  4. Clear Communication: Maintains transparent and open communication with clients, providing regular updates, performance reports, and insights into ongoing campaigns.
  5. Multi-Channel Mastery: Exhibits proficiency across various digital marketing channels, including but not limited to SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and influencer collaborations.
  6. Adaptability: Has the ability to adapt strategies quickly in response to changing market conditions, algorithm updates, and client needs.

An AA-rated digital marketing agency demonstrates excellent capabilities and consistently delivers strong results for clients. The agency excels in multiple areas of digital marketing and exhibits qualities such as:

  1. Strategic Proficiency: The agency develops effective digital marketing strategies that align with clients’ objectives and show a good understanding of target audiences.
  2. Effective Implementation: Successfully executes campaigns across various digital channels, showing proficiency in both paid and organic techniques.
  3. Measurable Outcomes: Provides clear evidence of positive outcomes, with data-backed improvements in key performance metrics.
  4. Communication: Maintains proactive communication, sharing progress reports, results, and recommendations on a regular basis.
  5. Diverse Skill Set: Demonstrates expertise in several digital marketing disciplines, adapting to new trends and platforms adequately.

An A-rated digital marketing agency performs well and delivers consistent results for clients. The agency meets the industry standards in various aspects, including:

  1. Strategic Planning: Develops solid digital marketing strategies that address client goals and align with target audience needs.
  2. Execution: Implements campaigns proficiently across multiple channels, driving moderate improvements in online presence and engagement.
  3. Measurable Progress: Presents evidence of positive shifts in relevant performance metrics.
  4. Communication: Maintains regular communication, sharing campaign updates and basic insights with clients.

A B-rated digital marketing agency offers satisfactory services, meeting the basic expectations of clients. The agency demonstrates competence in some areas but may lack consistency or innovation:

  1. Basic Strategy: Creates fundamental digital marketing plans that address client objectives, but may not exhibit exceptional creativity.
  2. Execution Capability: Implements campaigns adequately, resulting in modest improvements in online visibility and engagement.
  3. Limited Results: Presents evidence of incremental changes in performance metrics.
  4. Communication: Communicates periodically, sharing basic progress reports without in-depth analysis.

A C-rated digital marketing agency falls below industry standards in terms of service delivery and results. The agency may struggle with various aspects of digital marketing and might need substantial improvement in:

  1. Strategic Insight: Develops basic strategies that may not effectively align with client goals or target audiences.
  2. Execution Challenges: Struggles with consistent and effective campaign implementation, resulting in limited improvements.
  3. Lackluster Results: Demonstrates minimal positive impact on performance metrics.
  4. Communication Issues: Communicates sporadically, often with limited insights and updates.

Ranked: The Best Modeling Agencies In Los Angeles

We’ve shortlisted the best ones for you and made it easy to only contact AAA or AA-rated agencies.

However, before you decide to go with anyone I recommend 2 things:

Either use our agency finder above. Use our expertise and let us help you find the ideal agency for you, from our worldwide contact database.

Or, if you are sure you’d like a local agency, set up meetings with the highly-rated agencies on this list, and test them for clear expectations from you/clear customer qualifications, clear onboarding process, clear long-term focused objectives, and clear communication.

And most important, don’t fall for short-term hacks some poor quality agencies try to sell you on.

Look for long-term strategy, protecting your brand and clear timelines.

1. ZARZAR Models


Founded Year: 2005

Website: zarzarmodels.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Zarzar Models is a top modeling agency in Los Angeles, representing models in print, editorials, film, television, commercials, promotions, and high fashion runways.

They have plenty of female models representing global fashion and modeling networks in and around the United States.

The company has great relationships with corporate companies and multinational agencies in the fashion industry, where they recruit hundreds of female fashion models with transparent recruiting processes.

Case Studies: Pending submission

2. LA Model Management

LA Model Management

Founded Year: 1985

Website: lamodels.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: LA Model Management is a leading modeling agency in Los Angeles with a large talent pool of men, women, juniors, and new face models for representing different magazine covers, commercials, advertisements, and fashion shows.

The company has decades of experience managing models in the international fashion industry. They have good relationships with fashion designers, photographers, and professionals in the beauty business and cast models for commercial and theatrical opportunities.

Case Studies: Pending submission

3. Otto Models

Otto Models

Founded Year: 1993

Website: ottomodels.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Otto Models is a knowledgeable modeling agency in Los Angeles with a wide variety of women and men models for representing the lifestyle industry and posing for swimsuit, beauty, and runway fashion shows.

They also have fitness modeling services and help plenty of newcomers become successful models. The company helps their models secure top shows, films, movies, and commercials in the entertainment industry.

Case Studies: Pending submission

4. OMG Model Management

OMG Model Management

Founded Year: 2011

Website: dev.omgmodelmanagement.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: OMG Model Management is a vibrant modeling agency in Los Angeles, scouting and booking the best fashion models for their partner agencies and clients worldwide.

They have highly experienced agents who can relate to the models on a personal level and have experience casting them in many professional shows, commercials, and advertisements.

They don’t charge models for any services and take the privilege to develop their careers with long-term commitments.

Case Studies: Pending submission

5. Nous Management

Nous Management

Founded Year: 1998

Website: nousmanagement.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Nous Management is a premier modeling agency in Los Angeles that develops good relationships between a model and their agency by providing full-service model management.

The company has great experience in developing the careers of male and female models by discovering their talents and casting them in fashion shows, films, movies, and advertisements worldwide.

Case Studies: Pending submission

6. The Dragonfly Agency

The Dragonfly Agency

Founded Year: 2011

Website: la.thedragonflyagency.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: The Dragonfly Agency is a professional modeling agency in Los Angeles with an experienced team that uses an innovative and proactive approach to develop the individual career paths of their models.

The company works with national and international high-fashion clients and agencies to cast their models. Their creative team is selective in the scouting process and chooses male and female models according to industry standards.

Case Studies: Pending submission

7. Ford Models

Ford Models

Founded Year: 1946

Website: fordmodels.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Ford Models is a prominent modeling agency in Los Angeles with a large pool of men and women models perfect for representing different magazine covers, editorials, print, commercials, films, movies, and advertisements.

The company has great relationships with agencies in the beauty and fashion industry and chooses the best models through an extensive recruitment process.

Case Studies: Pending submission

8. Genetic Models Management

Genetic Models Management

Founded Year: 2011

Website: geneticmodelsmanagement.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Genetic Models Management is a renowned modeling agency in Los Angeles that scouts and represents the most preeminent models in the fashion industry.

They have experience providing models for clients in the entertainment industry and developing the careers of their talents efficiently. The company has a great reputation for providing personalized modeling services, which has set a trend in the modeling industry.

Case Studies: Pending submission

9. Closeup Models Agency

Closeup Models Agency

Founded Year: 2016

Website: closeupmodelsagency.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Closeup Models Agency is a reputed modeling agency in Los Angeles with a variety of models such as males, females, body doubles, eyes, lips, children, hands, feet, and legs.

The company has featured its models in the top organizations worldwide. They have great experience in scouting the best models and representing them in reputable advertising agencies, production companies, and casting units.

Case Studies: Pending submission

10. Aston Models

Aston Models

Founded Year: 2011

Website: astonmodels.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Aston Models is an experienced modeling agency in Los Angeles committed to providing great modeling management services for global and local markets.

The company has a team of experienced industry professionals who have a personalized management style in developing the careers of new generation models. They can represent male and female models for reputed brands across the globe.

Case Studies: Pending submission

11. Vision Los Angeles

Vision Los Angeles

Founded Year: 1999

Website: visionlosangeles.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Vision Los Angeles is an innovative modeling agency. Los Angeles is a high-fashion beauty agency with unique women’s and men’s models representing high-quality brands across the fashion industry.

The company has great experience in recognizing the best models and talents and making them get good opportunities in editorials, magazine covers, films, movies, and commercial projects.

Case Studies: Pending submission

12. Natural Models LA

Natural Models LA

Founded Year: 2011

Website: naturalmodelsla.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Natural Models LA is an excellent modeling agency in Los Angeles that chooses high-quality models of different ages, sizes, and ethnicities according to industry standards.

The company has a team of industry experts who can help empower models in fashion and media by placing them at different fashion shows and events. They place the models in the limelight by making them represent the top companies worldwide.

Case Studies: Pending submission

13. DT Model Management

DT Model Management

Founded Year: 2012

Website: dtmodelmanagement.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: DT Model Management is a dependable modeling agency in Los Angeles with a distinguished talent pool that represents plenty of high-fashion editorials and covers for different companies in the country.

The company has plenty of experience in developing the careers of the most prominent male and female models. They specialize in artist management, concert promotion, and choosing the perfect models for promoting different brands.

Case Studies: Pending submission

14. Q Management

Q Management

Founded Year: 1998

Website: qmanagementinc.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Q Management is a top-notch modeling agency in Los Angeles with plenty of high-quality models who can represent the top international brands, magazines, and advertising agencies worldwide.

They have great relationships with the world’s most successful brands and choose the best models for promoting their products and services. The company has great experience in choosing the right talent according to the project requirements.

Case Studies: Pending submission

15. NEXT Management

NEXT Management

Founded Year: 1989

Website: nextmanagement.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Next Management is a credible modeling agency in Los Angeles with great relationships with prominent international brands, fashion agencies, and the entertainment industry.

They have a large pool of models who represent prominent editorials, fashion shows, and endorsements to showcase their specific skills and gain recognition globally. The company excels at fostering the best projects based on their high-profile talent in the digital arena.

Case Studies: Pending submission

16. Select Model Management

Select Model Management

Founded Year: 1977

Website: selectmodel.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Select Model Management is an established modeling agency in Los Angeles that shapes the talent and career of procedure models by making them represent high-quality lifestyle and fashion brands around the world.

They have built an exceptional pool of male and female models and artists by making them represent projects across the world. The company has over 40 years of experience in choosing the right models for endorsements, covers, films, commercials, and editorials.

Case Studies: Pending submission

17. Bounty Models

Bounty Models

Founded Year: 2022

Website: bountymodels.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Bounty Models is a distinguished modeling agency in Los Angeles with a professional team of fashion models who work with both national and international companies.

The company has great relationships with fashion companies and the beauty industry, where they hire fashion models for different fashion shows and runways.

Case Studies: Pending submission

18. Eleven Model Management

Eleven Model Management

Founded Year: 2016

Website: elevenmodelmanagement.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Eleven Model Management is an esteemed modeling agency in Los Angeles that represents models, artists, and creative professionals by placing them in plenty of international fashion shows, corporate events, and runways.

They choose highly professional models and train them according to the clients’ requirements. Aspirants can apply to their agency by sending photos and contact information online.

Case Studies: Pending submission

19. Ideal Fit Models

Ideal Fit Models

Founded Year: 2012

Website: idealfitmodels.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Ideal Fit Models is a well-known modeling agency in Los Angeles that has chosen the best ideal models for each product by understanding their unique talents.

The company has a team of highly knowledgeable experts who train the models according to the project needs for making their career successful.

Case Studies: Pending submission

20. Scout


Founded Year: 2010

Website: scouttm.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Scout is a skilled modeling agency in Los Angeles, representing a diverse group of models from all over the world. They develop the careers of the models by transparently choosing the right projects according to their skills.

The company has a professional team of experts who can place models with the top model and talent agencies for fashion events and runway shows.

Case Studies: Pending submission


Modeling agencies help aspiring males and females become high-quality models by choosing them for different projects through auditions and the online application process.

These agencies have plenty of connections with successful brands across the world where they can secure high-paying modeling contracts for their talent pool.

Choosing a reputed modeling agency can help you get reputed male and female models as well as child models for casting them in advertisements, editorials, magazine covers, fashion events, and runway shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do modeling agencies do?

Modeling agencies represent models by selecting them according to their talents. They have a professional team of model management experts who can connect these models to the top fashion brands, international magazines, and advertising companies.

They will train these models for runways, fashion shows, editorials, magazine covers, photoshoots, commercials, films, movies, and documentaries.

What are the benefits of choosing a model agency?

The benefits of working with a model agency are immense, as they help in landing different projects for the most successful brands both nationally and internationally.

They train the models for fashion events, corporate events, photo shoots, and magazine covers and develop their careers by gaining a reputation and strong individuality.

How do I choose a reputed modeling agency?

When you’re planning to join a modeling agency, it is best to conduct research about the reputation and experience of the agency in hiring high-quality models and talents for different projects.

Most of these agencies will have transparency about their application process and the different screening techniques they use for choosing the models. A reputed modeling agency will not charge any fee for applying by sending your resume and photos.

These agencies will contact you directly when they find opportunities as a model for companies both nationally and internationally.

How can I get signed by a modeling agency?

Most high-quality modeling agencies will recommend that you submit your photos and resume through an online application process.

They will have relationships with plenty of top agencies worldwide and will inform you about any event or fashion show by contacting you directly. These agencies will guarantee you a spot by giving you a modeling contract once they like your profile.

How do modeling agencies get paid?

Modeling agencies take commission from the model when they get contracted for a particular job. Some modeling agencies will also get payments from different fashion brands and advertising agencies when they have a long-term relationship to find the best models for different projects.