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If you are looking for ways to boost your business and get more visibility online to attract potential customers, it is important to work with a professional web design company.

Having a credible website with great responsive design and flexibility is the key to increasing your online presence and website traffic.

Chicago is one of the best places to find high-quality web design companies that have a great reputation for designing customizable websites using the latest technology.

They have a creative team of web designers who have experience in designing unique websites with different images, graphics, texts, sliders, and colors to make you stand out from the crowd.

Find a list of the best web design agencies in Chicago to choose the right agency for developing mobile-friendly, customized websites to attract your target audience.

Our Rating Guidelines

AAA Rated Agencies only get this rank if we have sent a client previously and the client has given us positive feedback.

An AAA-rated digital marketing agency demonstrates exceptional expertise, innovation, and results in the field of digital marketing. The agency consistently goes above and beyond to exceed client expectations and industry standards. To achieve this top rating, an agency must exhibit:

  1. Strategic Excellence: The agency devises comprehensive and customized digital marketing strategies that align with clients’ business goals. Strategies show deep understanding of the target audience, market trends, and competition.
  2. Innovative Approach: The agency consistently adopts and implements cutting-edge digital marketing techniques, leveraging emerging technologies and platforms to stay ahead of the curve.
  3. Proven Results: Demonstrates a track record of delivering tangible and measurable results, such as increased website traffic, engagement, conversions, and ROI for clients.
  4. Clear Communication: Maintains transparent and open communication with clients, providing regular updates, performance reports, and insights into ongoing campaigns.
  5. Multi-Channel Mastery: Exhibits proficiency across various digital marketing channels, including but not limited to SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and influencer collaborations.
  6. Adaptability: Has the ability to adapt strategies quickly in response to changing market conditions, algorithm updates, and client needs.

An AA-rated digital marketing agency demonstrates excellent capabilities and consistently delivers strong results for clients. The agency excels in multiple areas of digital marketing and exhibits qualities such as:

  1. Strategic Proficiency: The agency develops effective digital marketing strategies that align with clients’ objectives and show a good understanding of target audiences.
  2. Effective Implementation: Successfully executes campaigns across various digital channels, showing proficiency in both paid and organic techniques.
  3. Measurable Outcomes: Provides clear evidence of positive outcomes, with data-backed improvements in key performance metrics.
  4. Communication: Maintains proactive communication, sharing progress reports, results, and recommendations on a regular basis.
  5. Diverse Skill Set: Demonstrates expertise in several digital marketing disciplines, adapting to new trends and platforms adequately.

An A-rated digital marketing agency performs well and delivers consistent results for clients. The agency meets the industry standards in various aspects, including:

  1. Strategic Planning: Develops solid digital marketing strategies that address client goals and align with target audience needs.
  2. Execution: Implements campaigns proficiently across multiple channels, driving moderate improvements in online presence and engagement.
  3. Measurable Progress: Presents evidence of positive shifts in relevant performance metrics.
  4. Communication: Maintains regular communication, sharing campaign updates and basic insights with clients.

A B-rated digital marketing agency offers satisfactory services, meeting the basic expectations of clients. The agency demonstrates competence in some areas but may lack consistency or innovation:

  1. Basic Strategy: Creates fundamental digital marketing plans that address client objectives, but may not exhibit exceptional creativity.
  2. Execution Capability: Implements campaigns adequately, resulting in modest improvements in online visibility and engagement.
  3. Limited Results: Presents evidence of incremental changes in performance metrics.
  4. Communication: Communicates periodically, sharing basic progress reports without in-depth analysis.

A C-rated digital marketing agency falls below industry standards in terms of service delivery and results. The agency may struggle with various aspects of digital marketing and might need substantial improvement in:

  1. Strategic Insight: Develops basic strategies that may not effectively align with client goals or target audiences.
  2. Execution Challenges: Struggles with consistent and effective campaign implementation, resulting in limited improvements.
  3. Lackluster Results: Demonstrates minimal positive impact on performance metrics.
  4. Communication Issues: Communicates sporadically, often with limited insights and updates.

Ranked: The Best Web Design Agencies In Chicago

We’ve shortlisted the best ones for you and made it easy to only contact AAA or AA-rated agencies.

However, before you decide to go with anyone I recommend 2 things:

Either use our agency finder above. Use our expertise and let us help you find the ideal agency for you, from our worldwide contact database.

Or, if you are sure you’d like a local agency, set up meetings with the highly-rated agencies on this list, and test them for clear expectations from you/clear customer qualifications, clear onboarding process, clear long-term focused objectives, and clear communication.

And most important, don’t fall for short-term hacks some poor quality agencies try to sell you on.

Look for long-term strategy, protecting your brand and clear timelines.

1. 1Brand


Founded Year: 2009

Website: 1brand.design

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: 1Brand is a web design agency in Chicago that helps businesses design high-quality websites with their team of skilled experts. The company can get your brand noticed by designing fully scalable, responsive websites using the latest innovative technology.

They can also train your team to use the website efficiently and build your content, images, and other designs for updating your website to improve the user experience.

Case Studies: Pending submission

2. Flamingo


Founded Year: 2015

Website: flamingoagency.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Flamingo is a web design agency in Chicago with the experience to design and update fully responsive websites according to industry standards for small businesses.

The company can design WordPress websites and offer maintenance and optimization support at affordable prices.

They have a team of web designers who specialize in a more personalized and strategic approach to providing the best custom web design solutions for companies in various industries.

Case Studies: Pending submission

3. Alpha Efficiency

Alpha Efficiency

Founded Year: 2010

Website: alphaefficiency.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Alpha Efficiency is a web design agency in Chicago with an SEO-first approach to designing excellent, user-friendly websites to gain a profitable edge over competition.

The company helps small and large businesses grow their businesses by empowering them with high-quality web designs. They have a team of web designers and experts who deliver fresh ideas for designing beautiful, SEO-friendly websites for businesses of all sizes.

Case Studies: Pending submission

4. Overflow Local

Overflow Local

Founded Year: 2009

Website: overflowlocal.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Overflow Local is a web design agency in Chicago using state-of-the art technology to develop captivating web designs for building a business’s reputation and online presence among target customers.

The company excels in conceptualizing and designing different websites by meeting the business’s expectations. They have a talented staff who can improve website visitors and conversion rates by designing high-quality, fully scalable websites.

Case Studies: Pending submission

5. Affordable Web Design Chicago

Affordable Web Design Chicago

Founded Year: 2002

Website: affordablewebdesignchicago.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Affordable Web Design Chicago is a web design agency in Chicago specializing in designing stunning websites for revamping your existing web presence at cost-effective prices.

The company has experience in custom web design, smartphone-friendly web design, and WordPress web development.

They have a team of professional web designers who can take your business to the next level by designing fully functional websites that meet your unique needs.

Case Studies: Pending submission

6. Solid Digital

Solid Digital

Founded Year: 2007

Website: soliddigital.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Solid Digital is a web design agency in Chicago that specializes in designing high-quality websites that reflect your brand personality by setting you apart from competitors and impressing your target audience.

They have a team of creative web designers who use a research-based strategy to align your website with your brand objectives and improve engagement with your potential customers.

The company excels at learning about your business market competition and developing strategies to create website templates for growing your business.

Case Studies: Pending submission

7. Comrade


Founded Year: 2008

Website: comradeweb.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Comrade is a web design agency in Chicago specializing in performance-oriented web design services for increasing the online presence of small and large businesses.

The company can help increase your website traffic, lead generation, and sales by designing fully scalable and user-friendly websites.

Their professional web design services include UI/UX design, landing page design and optimization, corporate design and branding, custom WordPress web design, custom mobile-friendly websites, eCommerce web design, Shopify web design, and website support.

Case Studies: Pending submission

8. Millennial Web Development

Millennial Web Development

Founded Year: 2014

Website: millennialwebdevelopment.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Millennial Web Development is a web design agency in Chicago experienced in creating unique website designs with a great contemporary and informative approach to help businesses stand out of the crowd.

They understand your business requirements and target audience behavior to develop fresh web design ideas to reach your business objectives. The company provides comprehensive website design and maintenance services at reasonable prices for businesses of all sizes.

Case Studies: Pending submission

9. Wizspeed


Founded Year: 2021

Website: wizspeed.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Wizspeed is a web design agency in Chicago that designs high-quality websites according to recent trends and strategies for boosting website traffic and increasing qualified leads.

The company can build a new website or update an existing one by implementing the latest web design and development technology.

They have a team of experienced web design specialists who can meet the needs of different companies with customizations and maintenance support services.

Case Studies: Pending submission

10. AppMe Solutions

AppMe Solutions

Founded Year: 2006

Website: appmesolutions.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: AppMe Solutions is a web design agency in Chicago that excels in complex website designs using modern tools and the latest technology to take your company to the next level.

The company develops interactive websites to increase sales website traffic and conversion rates for small and large businesses. They have a team of skilled professionals who can meet your expectations by designing fully scalable websites at reasonable prices.

Case Studies: Pending submission

11. They Do Agency

They Do Agency

Founded Year: 2018

Website: theydoagency.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: They Do Agency is a web design agency in Chicago that specializes in enhancing your user experience by increasing conversion rates and organic traffic to your website.

The company has a team of experienced web designers who seamlessly work on different projects with creativity, innovation, and a faster turnaround time.

They ensure that your business website reflects your brand personality to generate more sales, leads, and customers through their tailored web design services.

Case Studies: Pending submission

12. Cybernautic Design

Cybernautic Design

Founded Year: 1998

Website: cybernauticdesign.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Cybernautic Design is a web design agency in Chicago that is excellent at custom web design by understanding the behavior and demographics of your customers in order to keep you ahead of the competition.

They understand your business goals and use the latest technology to maximize your website’s conversion rates by delivering customized web designs.

The company provides web design, web development, website maintenance, support services, and optimization to provide aesthetically pleasing experiences for your customers.

Case Studies: Pending submission

13. Intelligent Advertising

Intelligent Advertising

Founded Year: 2015

Website: goinad.com

Reputation Score: AA

About the agency: Intelligent Advertising is a web design agency in Chicago that provides one-of-a kind experiences for small and large businesses by designing high-quality, fully responsive websites.

They can create beautiful websites and optimize them to generate more website traffic and conversion rates for your business. The company has a professional web designer team who ensure that your websites create the best first impressions on your target audience.

Case Studies: Pending submission

14. Pixel People

Pixel People

Founded Year: 2016

Website: pixelpeople.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Pixel People is a web design agency in Chicago with an experienced team of web designers who can design customized websites according to your unique business needs.

They can build dynamic, flexible websites to increase conversion rates and website traffic at affordable prices.

The company has a team of talented web designers who provide modern, responsive web designs with customizations to attract potential customers and increase sales and revenue.

Case Studies: Pending submission

15. Site


Founded Year: 2017

Website: sitefromchicago.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Site is a web design agency in Chicago that helps small businesses and established brands gain a competitive edge in their industry by developing customized websites using the latest technology.

They specialize in web design and web development using different strategies according to your business objectives and target audience. The company has a team of creative experts with great experience in designing beautiful and fully functional websites at cost-effective prices.

Case Studies: Pending submission

16. PopArt Studio

PopArt Studio

Founded Year: 2009

Website: popwebdesign.net

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: PopArt Studio is a web design agency in Chicago with a decade-long experience in designing high-quality websites for domestic and international clients.

The company has a team of professional web designers who use state-of-the-art technology to improve your online presence through custom-made, optimized web designs at affordable prices.

They specialize in unique layouts, wire frames, color palettes, and site elements to increase the response of your web design.

Case Studies: Pending submission

17. Iceberg


Founded Year: 2005

Website: icebergwebdesign.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Iceberg is a web design agency in Chicago that impresses your target customers by building custom web designs with an advanced user experience.

The company uses the most effective ways to streamline your website design according to your business goals to attract more potential customers and increase website traffic.

They have experience in designing creative, responsive, and professional websites that can increase your conversion rates at cost-effective prices.

Case Studies: Pending submission

18. Nova


Founded Year: 2010

Website: inovawebdesign.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Novais a web design agency in Chicago that crafts beautiful professional websites to elevate your brand reputation and personality among target customers.

They have a team of experienced web designers who specialize in UX/UI responsive designs and graphic designs for improving online visibility.

The company uses the latest technology to optimize your website performance for a better user experience and to generate more qualified leads.

Case Studies: Pending submission

19. Intechnic


Founded Year: 2014

Website: intechnic.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Intechnic is a web design agency in Chicago with a creative team of talented web designers with great experience transforming your online presence through customized responsive web designs.

They use the latest technology to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes in designing high-quality websites at cost-effective prices. They ensure that the customized websites provide the best return on your investment.

Case Studies: Pending submission

20. Shkalix


Founded Year: 2010

Website: w33.shkalix.com

Reputation Score: A

About the agency: Shkalix is a web design agency in Chicago that builds amazing websites to establish a strong online presence and attract more customers for your business.

They have talented web designers who can efficiently design websites that connect with your brand personality and communicate your brand message to the target audience in an effective way.

Web design services include UX design, user interface design, graphic design, brand identity development, and rapid prototyping.

Case Studies: Pending submission


Web design is the process of creating and designing websites that provide a good impression on customers and increase the user experience.

Working with a web design company can help small, medium, and large businesses develop brand loyalty by establishing a strong online presence.

Choose a reputed web design company from our list to stay ahead of the competition and reach a larger audience through a mobile-friendly customized website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a web design company?

Suppose you want to increase website traffic and stand ahead of the competition in your industry. In that case, it is important to work with a web design company to build professional and scalable websites.

These agencies will have an expert team of designers and developers who use the latest technology to design beautiful websites to create the best first impressions on your website visitors and improve conversion rates.

How long does it take to design a website?

A reputed web design agency will take at least 1-4 months to design a website from scratch by understanding your business objectives and the target audience’s behavior.

They will use different creative templates and functional elements with customizations to make your website stand out from the competition.

What are the benefits of web design services?

Web design services are important for startup companies and established brands to create a better brand identity by designing a professional website that reflects their brand personality to the target customers.

It helps create good first impressions on website visitors and convert them into paying customers. It is one of the most cost-effective options for building a new website or revamping an existing one to generate more qualified leads, sales, and revenue.

How much does web design cost?

The price of website design will depend upon your business objectives, competition, and target customers.

It can also vary greatly according to the complexity of the project because a website needs plenty of unique pages and layouts that can be developed according to your business requirements. It is best to consult the website design agency for a free estimate of your project.

Will web design companies offer website maintenance and support?

Most web design companies will provide regular and adequate website maintenance services to ensure the good functioning of your web presence.

They will have a team of professional web experts who can update different pages and publish content to increase your Google search rankings and website traffic.