TeamGantt Pricing: How does it compare ?

Unlock the full potential of your project management with TeamGantt’s flexible pricing plans. 

Whether you’re a solo planner or a multi-team enterprise, find a tailored solution that aligns with your budget and goals. 

Experience seamless collaboration and control with a package that suits your project’s scale and complexity.Ā 

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Exploring TeamGantt: The Collaborative Scheduling Solution

TeamGantt is a cutting-edge project management tool designed to streamline task management and enhance collaboration. With its user-friendly Gantt chart software, it simplifies project planning, offering unlimited projects and tasks across various pricing tiers. 

Whether for personal projects or large-scale enterprise plans, TeamGantt’s resource management capabilities, including time tracking and file sharing, ensure efficient project timelines and task dependencies. 

Ideal for managers and teams alike, TeamGantt transforms project scheduling with customizable templates and advanced features to suit every project need.

Advantages of TeamGantt’s Pricing Structure

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TeamGantt’s pricing model caters to a range of project management requirements, delivering exceptional value. Here are the key benefits:

  • Tailored Plans for Every Size: Offers suitable plans for individual project managers to large enterprises.
  • Unlimited Projects and Tasks: Supports an extensive number of projects and tasks without restrictions.
  • Transparent Time Tracking: Provides meticulous time tracking for effective resource management.
  • Accessible File Sharing: Enables effortless file sharing to foster team collaboration.
  • Diverse Project Templates: Features customizable templates for quick project initiation.
  • Scalable for Growing Teams: Flexible pricing that aligns with your team’s growth trajectory.
  • Advanced Features Access: Higher plans include advanced tools for comprehensive project management.
  • Free Options for Beginners: Includes a no-cost plan with essential functionalities for newcomers.
  • Comprehensive Support: Varied levels of customer support are available based on the chosen plan.

TeamGantt Pricing: Flexibility Meets Functionality

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Discover a pricing strategy with TeamGantt that scales with your project demands. Offering a spectrum from free to advanced plans, each tier is packed with features designed for efficiency and team synergy, ensuring you only pay for the tools you need to lead your projects to success.

TeamGantt Pro Package: Your Monthly Passport to Project Mastery

The TeamGantt Pro package is a premium monthly subscription tailored to meet the dynamic needs of dedicated project managers. At $59 per manager per month, it opens the door to meticulous project control and unlimited growth possibilities within an organization. 

With the capacity to manage 20 projects per manager, the Pro package stands as a beacon for structured efficiency and is a prime choice for project leaders aiming for success in a competitive landscape.

In the realm of task execution, the phrase ‘sky’s the limit’ takes on a literal meaning with TeamGantt’s offer of unlimited tasks. This feature ensures that every aspect of a project, regardless of its complexity, can be mapped out in detail. It also promotes thorough planning and tracking, which are essential components in achieving project objectives. 

The ability to invite unlimited collaborators is an equally strategic feature, as it opens the communication lines across different tiers and facets of a project, encouraging a truly collaborative environment.

The Pro planā€™s allure is further magnified by a 30-day free trial, presenting a no-obligation test run of its extensive capabilities. This period is critical for teams to experience firsthand the intuitive and powerful core Gantt features, which TeamGantt has meticulously developed. 

The traditional calendar and list views are complemented by a suite of integrations that support a seamless meld with other productivity tools, fortifying an integrated project management ecosystem.

RACI charts within the Pro package establish a clear matrix of responsibilities, ensuring that everyone involved is aware of their roles, further eliminating confusion and overlapping efforts. Project and custom boards provide visual and interactive canvases to track progress, facilitating a proactive approach to project management.

Priority support stands as a cornerstone of the Pro package, guaranteeing that any technical queries or issues receive swift resolution, thus maintaining uninterrupted project progression. This level of support is essential for managers who cannot afford delays or downtime.

The inclusion of workload planning and baseline tracking empowers managers with the foresight to allocate resources effectively and anticipate project shifts. Time tracking and hourly estimating become indispensable for accurately billing clients and managing internal budgets.

Portfolio management becomes less of a challenge and more of a strategic advantage with the Pro plan. It allows for overseeing various projects, ensuring that all are aligned with the organizationā€™s goals. The ā€˜Teamsā€™ feature promotes a healthy, collaborative culture, essential for modern project management where team dynamics can significantly influence project outcomes.

TeamGantt’s Pro package, billed monthly, is more than just a set of toolsā€”itā€™s a comprehensive solution for project managers who are serious about delivering excellence. It caters to the detailed and demanding nature of project management, ensuring that every phase, from inception to completion, is executed with precision and control.

TeamGantt Pro Annual Subscription: Elevate Your Project Management Game

The TeamGantt Pro package is an annual subscription designed to supercharge the project management arsenal of professionals at a competitive rate of $49 per manager each month, billed annually. 

This plan is a strategic choice for managers overseeing up to 20 projects simultaneously, providing a breadth of control and flexibility that is unparalleled in the project management space.

With the promise of unlimited tasks, the Pro plan empowers managers to break down each project into detailed segments, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and execution. 

The allowance for unlimited collaborators democratizes the project management process, inviting inputs from various stakeholders, which enriches the project’s development and ensures a more rounded execution.

The 30-day free trial is a testament to TeamGantt’s confidence in their product. It offers prospective users a full-access pass to explore the myriad of features that make up the core Gantt capabilities. 

These features are not just limited to creating Gantt charts but extend to a holistic project management approach with calendar views for scheduling and list views for task management.

Integration with existing systems is seamless, thanks to a wide array of integrations that plug into the Pro package, ensuring that adopting TeamGantt doesn’t mean overhauling your entire ecosystem. The RACI chart feature introduces an unambiguous delegation of responsibility, clarifying roles, and streamlining project processes.

Project boards and customizable boards are visual and interactive, making it simple to track progress and manage tasks effectively. They serve as a centralized hub for all project-related information, providing a clear overview of the project’s health at a glance.

Priority support stands as a premium feature within the Pro package, offering peace of mind that any issues encountered will be swiftly and efficiently resolved, minimizing the impact on the project’s progress. Workload and baseline features give a bird’s-eye view of resource allocation, enabling managers to make informed decisions about staffing and timelines.

The inclusion of time tracking and hourly estimating translates into better financial oversight and more accurate billing, which is crucial for maintaining profitability. 

Portfolio management becomes less daunting with TeamGantt’s Pro plan, as it allows for a consolidated view of all projects, assisting in strategic decision-making and ensuring alignment with business objectives.

Lastly, the ‘Teams’ feature fosters a collaborative environment, crucial for fostering team spirit and collective accountability. In essence, TeamGantt’s Pro annual subscription is not merely about managing projectsā€”it’s about leading them to successful completion with a suite of tools that blend efficiency with innovation, tailored for the discerning project manager.

TeamGantt Unlimited: The Ultimate Annual Project Management Solution

The TeamGantt Unlimited package is the pinnacle of project management solutions, designed to cater to the needs of organizations seeking the highest level of control and collaboration in their projects. 

Priced at $499 per month, this plan is billed annually and exclusively tailored for those who require an extensive range of features and an unlimited scale of operations. 

This comprehensive package shatters limitations by offering unlimited managers, projects, and tasks, providing an expansive canvas for large-scale project planning and execution. Such unbounded resources are indispensable for organizations that manage a multitude of complex, interconnected projects and require a multitude of managers to oversee them.

With the Unlimited plan, users gain access to an extensive array of core Gantt features that are the hallmark of TeamGantt’s offerings. The intuitive calendar and list views allow for meticulous scheduling and task organization. 

These features, combined with the seamless integrations, ensure that TeamGantt fits smoothly into the broader ecosystem of business tools, enhancing productivity without disrupting existing workflows.

The RACI chart is a standout feature for delineating roles and responsibilities clearly, ensuring that each team member knows their specific duties, thus avoiding overlaps and confusion. Project health indicators and custom boards provide real-time insights into the progress and vitality of each project, enabling managers to make informed decisions quickly.

With priority support, users are assured that any queries or technical challenges will be addressed promptly, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. This is complemented by the workloads and baselines features, which aid in managing team capacities and setting realistic project trajectories.

The Unlimited package goes a step further by integrating time tracking and hourly estimating, streamlining the billing process, and ensuring accurate cost management. The portfolio management tool is a strategic asset, offering a consolidated view of all projects and facilitating effective cross-project management.

‘Teams’ is another feature that stands as a testament to the planā€™s emphasis on collaboration. It allows for the creation of a cohesive and communicative environment, crucial for the success of any project. Project health metrics offer a snapshot of the overall well-being of the projects, allowing for preemptive measures to be taken when necessary.

A dedicated account manager and the opportunity for three customized training sessions underscore TeamGanttā€™s commitment to providing personalized service and support. These sessions can be tailored to address the unique needs of the organization, ensuring that the team can leverage the full potential of the Unlimited package.

The security review and uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) are critical for organizations that prioritize data integrity and system reliability. These features guarantee that the platform is not only robust and secure but also consistently available, ensuring that project momentum is maintained.

Sidenotes: Pricing and Billing Structure

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As a sidenote, it’s noteworthy that the TeamGantt Unlimited plan, while now available at an attractive rate of $499 per month, was previously offered at $799 per month. This adjustment represents significant savings for organizations, making it an even more enticing option for those looking to expand their project management capabilities.

Additionally, it is important to emphasize that the TeamGantt Unlimited plan is billed annually, not monthly. This billing structure is conducive to organizations preferring a long-term commitment, ensuring uninterrupted access to TeamGantt’s expansive suite of features for an entire year. 

This annual billing model is reflective of TeamGantt’s dedication to fostering sustained partnerships with its clients and understanding the necessity for continuous project management support.

Maximize Savings with TeamGantt’s Annual Billing: A 20% Discount Advantage

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Opting for TeamGantt’s annual billing presents a financially savvy choice for project management teams looking to maximize value. A notable 20% discount is applied when customers choose the annual over the monthly billing cycle, a strategic benefit that can translate into significant cost savings over the course of a year.

This discount incentivizes long-term planning and commitment, aligning with the foresight required for effective project management. It also demonstrates TeamGantt’s commitment to supporting sustained project success and organizational growth. 

The 20% reduction effectively lowers the total cost of ownership of the project management tool, making the annual billing option a smart investment for teams dedicated to continuous improvement and long-term project efficiency.

Furthermore, the annual plan discount aids budgeting efforts by providing a predictable expenditure for the financial year, allowing for more accurate financial planning and resource allocation. This can be particularly advantageous for organizations where project management is a central aspect of their operations.

By offering this discount, TeamGantt not only rewards customer loyalty but also encourages a stable and enduring partnership, which is foundational to achieving project milestones and driving organizational success.

Why Opt for TeamGantt’s Pricing: A Strategic Investment for Project Success

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Choosing TeamGantt’s pricing plans is a decision that aligns with the strategic goals of any results-driven project team. Their flexible pricing structure caters to a variety of project scales, from personal endeavors to large enterprise plans, ensuring that there is an appropriate tier for every need.

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for TeamGantt’s pricing is the unlimited projects feature. This allows project managers to expand their portfolios without worrying about hitting a ceiling, fostering an environment where growth and scalability are not just possible but encouraged. 

For personal projects or those of a smaller scale, TeamGantt’s pricing offers cost-effective solutions that do not compromise on functionality.

Time tracking is a key component of project management, and TeamGantt’s integrative time sheets and real-time tracking ensure that every minute is accounted for, paving the way for accurate billing and resource management. This, paired with task management capabilities, allows for detailed oversight of individual tasks and overall project progress.

Advanced features such as RACI charts and project health metrics empower teams with clarity and insight, while task dependencies are handled with ease, ensuring that complex projects are managed with precision. 

Project managers benefit from unlimited tasks and collaborators per manager, which is critical for larger teams and complex project requirements.

For enterprise plans, TeamGantt offers advanced plans with additional features like dedicated account managers, security reviews, and uptime SLA, ensuring enterprise-level customers receive the support and reliability they require. 

The advanced tier also includes advanced sharing functions and application integration, which are essential for complex projects and larger organizational structures.

TeamGanttā€™s project management software is renowned for its core Gantt features, including Gantt charts, calendar views, list views, and drag-and-drop functionality, making it a favorite project management app among professionals. 

Customizable templates, whether premade or plug-and-play, provide a quick start to project planning, while the chart software offers visual timeline features that enhance project scheduling and tracking.

Notably, opting for TeamGantt’s annual billing options, as opposed to monthly billing, can yield significant cost savings. This is especially advantageous when considering the premium plans, where the savings can be substantial over the course of a year. For those who prioritize long-term project management strategy, this pricing model is an astute choice.

In conclusion, TeamGantt’s pricing options are designed to provide project managers and their teams with the tools they need to succeed. 

From unlimited access to tasks and collaborators to advanced project management tools and preferred billing options, TeamGantt understands the multifaceted needs of modern project management and offers a pricing plan that is both competitive and comprehensive.

Summary of TeamGantt’s Comprehensive Pricing Options

TeamGantt’s pricing offers a flexible, tiered structure, accommodating everything from personal to enterprise-level projects. 

With options for unlimited projects, tasks, and collaborators, users benefit from comprehensive project management tools like Gantt charts, time tracking, and advanced features. 

The annual billing option provides significant savings, reinforcing TeamGantt as a cost-effective solution for sustained project success. 

It’s an investment that equips teams with the necessary tools for effective collaboration, planning, and execution across all project dimensions.