Chumlee’s Net Worth And Biography. net worth: $5 million

Chumlee is a reality TV personality best known for his role on the show “Pawn Stars,” which follows the day-to-day operations of a Las Vegas pawn shop.

Chumlee illustrated biography

Chumlee illustrated biography

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1. Introduction

Chumlee, whose real name is Austin Lee Russell, is a well-known TV personality and businessman.

He gained popularity through his role on the TV show “Pawn Stars” and became famous for his humorous personality.

In addition to his television career, Chumlee has had success in various business ventures, including his own clothing and accessories line and a candy store on the Las Vegas strip.

Chumlee acting in a movie

People are curious about his net worth and biography to understand his financial success and accomplishments.

This article will provide a detailed discussion of Chumlee’s net worth and give insights into his personal and professional life.

2. Chumlee’s Early Life and Career

Chumlee was born on September 8 1982, in Henderson, Nevada.

He grew up in a family of 6 and went to school in Las Vegas. His father had a pretty exciting career because he was a DJ.

However, his mother worked at a local casino. Chumlee was very interested in collecting and selling items, which was his passion.

Later it became his career as well. Once they finished High School, then, he started working at the golden silver pawn shop. 

This was why he was later featured on the “Pawn Stars.” Initially, he was just a janitor, but people started seeing his talent and praising him for his talent.

Chumlee in high school as a teenager

He ended up making deals with the customers.

Later in 2009, he and his colleagues were approached by the producers of “Pawn Stars.”

Chum Lee was also part of some business ventures with a Merchandise line. He also once had a candy Store, but he also has a partner in that business. 

Only some things have been smooth for him so far because he has also seen some challenges in his life.

It might be the same as he has had a lot of success from the beginning, but there are some challenges that he has faced in his life and his career.

In 2017 he was arrested on drugs and weapons charges, which is when he was all over the media. Later, he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge and was sentenced to probation.

It was not a good time for him, but he remained passionate about his career and was never disheartened.

3. Chumlee’s Rise to Fame and Major Achievements

Chumlee got lot of Fame on the hit TV show “Pawn Stars.” This show came on TV in 2009, and it became trendy at that time.

This show was indeed a cultural phenomenon, which is also the reason behind the fame he got.

He had a very humorous personality and was always famous among his fans.

Chumlee did not get all of his fame from this TV show because he also appeared on other TV shows and movies, which include iCarly, Baking with Chumlee, and Counting Cars.

You also played a small role in The Polka King in 2016. The name of the prominent actor in this movie was Jack Black. 

Chumlee got a lot of recognition and awards in his career.

In 2011 he won a BMI TV music award for his work on Pawn Stars.

Chumlee winning an award

He also got nominated for a daytime Emmy award for his role on this famous TV show.

Chumlee got a lot of success because of the charitable work that he has done.

It was the annual Ante Up for Autism in 2014 when he raised a lot of awareness and money for autism research.

He has been very charitable throughout his life and has donated to various charities for different causes. 

Chumlee did not only succeed in television because he got a lot of business success as well.

He is a well-known businessman with a net worth of around 5 million.

He has been very successful in his career, and his merchandise line and candy store are also quite successful.

Chumlee got a lot of Fame and success but still faced problems.

He has also seen challenges along his journey, but what matters the most is that he is always determined to achieve what he wants in his career.

4. Chumlee’s Net Worth

Chumlee’s primary source of income has been his role and work that he has done on the popular TV show Pawn Stars.

His net worth is around 5 million dollars, and he has a very successful television and business career.

Other than that, he has a clothing line and accessories line, which is another source of income for him. Chumlee owns a Candy Store located On The Last Vegas strip.

Chumlee's net worth, money background

It is a very famous tourist destination, and it is an excellent source of income for him as well.

Comparing them with other top business people, his network is relatively modest.

However, he has achieved a lot of success, and all of this is because of his hard work and determination. 

The fascinating part about his success is that he has not inherited any from his family.

He has worked hard for everything he has today, and all of it is due to his determination and not because of someone else.

When you compare his net worth with other people in the industry, you find it impressive that he has made such a big name from scratch. 

He began his career just as a janitor at a pawn shop, and he did not have a lot of recognition back then. He started from scratch, which is why he deserves much praise today.

Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon and has a more than 100 billion dollars network.

When you compare Chumlee’s net worth with his, it is relatively less, but it is awe-inspiring because he has spent a shorter time in the industry than any other businessman.

5. Chumlee’s Personal Life

Chumlee got married twice in his life.

He got married for the first time in 2019 to Olivia Rademann.

Unfortunately, their marriage did not last for a long time. It only lasted for a few months. After that, they got divorced.

He got married again to his long-time girlfriend and his first wife, former chef and friend Katelyn JAE.

They got engaged in May 2019, and after that, they married in a private and small ceremony in Las Vegas.

Until now, he has no children but has talked about his desire to start a family somewhere. 

You want to have children in the future, but he does not have any right now.

He not only has a successful television career but is also very famous for the charitable work that he has done for different organisations.

He has donated to different causes and purposes in the past. Its charitable work also includes the epilepsy foundation of Nevada and the Boys and girls clubs of America.

Other than that, he has also been involved in other charitable events, such as the Ante up for Autism poker tournament. 

Chumlee playing poker tournament

His personal life could have been better because he got divorced from his first wife after a couple of months.

However, he got married early, so much cannot be said about his personal life because he has kept it private.

However, he had a very successful business and a television career.

He is well known for his philanthropic efforts, and it demonstrates the kind-hearted water person he is.

You always believe in giving back to the community and do not measure the chance to impact the world positively.

Chumlee is a dedicated individual who is never afraid of giving back to the community because he believes in IT truly.


Chumlee, a successful TV personality and businessman, has achieved his wealth through hard work and dedication. He started from scratch and did not inherit any money. Despite facing challenges such as prison, he has built a successful network and businesses, including a merchandise line and candy store. In his personal life, he has been divorced but remarried.

Chumlee portrait, colorful

Chumlee is known for his generosity, donating to charitable organizations and participating in charity events. He is passionate about promoting education and encouraging young people to pursue their dreams. His story serves as a lesson in determination and never giving up.

Chumlee blue and red portrait


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