Jen Psaki’s net worth and biography. Net Worth: Est. $27 million

Former White House Secretary Jen Psaki now hosts a television show at MSNBC.  

Jen Psaki illustrated biography

Jen Psaki illustrated biography

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1. Introduction

Popular American political consultant Jen Psaki is now President Joe Biden’s administration’s 34th and current White House press secretary. Jen is well-known as the White House spokesperson, working with the media to deliver daily press briefings.

joe biden portrait

She has served as a political advisor for both Donald Trump and Barack Obama administrations. She has also worked in numerous other communications-related positions as a deputy press secretary in these presidents’ administrations.

donald trump portrait
barack obama's portrait

Psaki also continues to contribute to MSNBC and CNN in their television shows.

The reelection campaigns of Iowa Democrats Tom Harkin for the U.S. Senate and Tom Vilsack for governor marked the start of Jen Psaki’s career in 2001.

Jen Psaki owns leading premium automakers like Jaguar and BMW. 

2. Early life and career

Psaki, the oldest of three daughters, was born in 1978 in Stamford, Connecticut, to psychologist Eileen Medvey and retired real estate entrepreneur Dimitrios R. Psaki.

In 1976, her parents got married. Her father has the Greek name Dimitrios linked to his name because her father’s great-grandfather left the European nation of Greece in 1904. Psaki is also of Polish descent.

jen psaki's mother
jen psaki's father

Psaki earned his high school diploma from Greenwich in 1996. She earned a sociology and English degree from the College of William & Mary in 2000. She belongs to the sorority Chi Omega. Psaki spent two years competing in backstroke swimming for the William & Mary Tribe athletic team.

jen psaki as a teenager competing in a swimming tournament

Gregory Mecher and Psaki were married in 2010; they are the parents of two kids. Mecher is the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s assistant director of finances.

jen psaki with her husband

The reelection campaigns of Iowa Democrats Tom Harkin for the U.S. Senate and Tom Vilsack for governor began Psaki’s career in 2001. Afterward, Psaki took on the deputy press secretary role for John Kerry’s 2004 campaign.

john kerry portrait

She worked as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s regional press secretary and Joseph Crowley’s communications director from 2005 to 2006. After Barack Obama won the presidential election, Jen was chosen to serve as the deputy press secretary.

She was then promoted and appointed Deputy Communications Director on December 19, 2009. She held that post until September 22, 2011, when she was promoted to managing director and senior vice president of the public relations office in Washington, D.C.

white house from above

Psaki started serving as the president’s 2012 reelection campaign’s press secretary. In February 2013, she was the U.S. Department of State, spokesman.

After the Department of State employed her, rumors circulated that she might replace Jay Carney, the White House press secretary.

When Jen returned to the White House in 2015 to take on the role of communications director, she finally felt at home. She held the role up until the presidency of Barack Obama.

3. Rise to fame and significant achievements

Psaki worked at CNN from 2017 to 2020 and joined the Biden-Harris transition team. Psaki was appointed as the White House press secretary for the Biden administration later that month.

Jen did her first work as a press secretary after the inauguration with a briefing on the evening of January 20. In May 2021, she appeared in an interview with David Axelrod, where she revealed that she would be departing as press secretary around a year from now.

david axelrod's portrait

The White House announced on May 5 that she would be leaving the position on May 13 and named Karine Jean-Pierre as her principal deputy replacement. 

MSNBC hired Psaki as a contributor on May 24, 2022; the network announced that she would appear during its coverage of the 2022 midterm and 2024 presidential elections.

Inside with Jen Psaki, a new weekly television program that Psaki will host, was announced by MSNBC in February 2023 and would premiere on March 19, 2023. The one-hour show will air on Sundays at noon and feature “human-interest profiles of politicians, celebrities, and athletes” and a political agenda.

jen psaki as a show host

The former legislator will routinely write to the MSNBC email newsletter and host Inside With Jen Psaki and a show on Peacock when she’s not doing those things.

The National Women’s Political Caucus named Psaki Outstanding Woman of the Year in 2014. She was also awarded the Golden Dot Award for Excellence in Online Communications by the Campaigns & Elections magazine.

jen psaki winning an award

Psaki received the Presidential Rank Award in 2017 for her work as the Obama Administration’s communications director. This is the highest honor that a civilian government employee may get.

4. Jen Psaki’s net worth

The estimated Jen Psaki’s net worth is speculated to be USD 27 million. Although she denies this. White House Secretary Jen Psaki makes $180,000 a year per the current Biden administration. She made the decision to depart the White House and work on-air for MSNBC.

jen psaki on a 10 dollar bill, jen psaki's net worth

In exchange for signing a three-year deal with MSNBC. Here it is rumored that she will receive an annual salary of $12 million and a $2 million bonus depending on her television ratings. 

The most significant administrative leader in the White House will soon be Jen Psaki. Vice President Kamala Harris and President Biden are beginning to trust Jen Psaki more and more. Jen Psaki’s lobbying income will likely soar to new heights because of her position as White House Secretary.

jen psaki and joe biden

Jen Psaki has all the contacts necessary to increase her lobbying earnings, even if Joe Biden loses the forthcoming elections. So, Jen Psaki’s net worth is predicted to increase at a startling rate of more than 120%.

Psaki recently spent a stunning $145,000 on a brand-new Jaguar. In addition, she owns a Bentley and a BMW. Jen Psaki has well over $2.5 million worth of vehicles in total.

jen psaki's bentley
jen psaki's car BMW
jen psaki's jaguar car

Other than this, she also has a couple of properties throughout the country which sum up to approximately $30 million. Being a woman of good taste, she owns luxurious watches and has a whole collection of them, which sum up to a couple of hundred grand.  

jen psaki in money rain

Karine Jean-Pierre, the successor to Psaki, has an estimated net worth of around $2 million. Kayleigh McEnany, the press secretary before Psaki, also has the same net worth of $2 million. They all earned around $180 000 as salary when in office. 

5. Jen Psaki’s personal life

Greg Mecher is married to Jen Psaki. She and Greg got married on May 8, 2010. Mecher, her husband, previously served as the chief of staff to Joe Kennedy and Congressmen Steve Driehaus. In 2006, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was where the two first met.

Steve Driehaus portrait
joe Kennedy portrait

They have two children together. Despite Psaki and Mercher’s high-profile political careers, the couple has done everything possible to keep their children out of the spotlight. 

She is a strong and intelligent woman who knows how to balance her private and work life well, even though her work is very tedious. She has shown that she is willing to take anything that life throws at her and will get through any obstacles that come along the way.

Psaki is a big supporter of paternal leave and believes that whether it is a man or a woman, both deserve paternity and maternity leave. It can be seen that she is a fan of equality. 

Psaki made her intention to leave the White House in 2022 public in May of 2021. Her desire to spend more time with her kids is a factor in her decision. “I think it’s going to be time for somebody else to have this role, in a year or around a year from now,”

jen psaki with her kids

Psaki said on The Axe Files podcast, “not want to miss anything. I’m aware of not missing anything and don’t want to.” 

“It’s a great job, it will be hard, but I also never thought I’d be here, and I also love my kids a lot,” Psaki later continued. 

The daughter of Jen Psaki is Genevieve Mercher. Astonishingly, she has established a name for herself despite still being a little child. She was born in July 2015, making her eight years old as of 2023.

jen psaki with her daughter

Genevieve is an American of White descent. Psaki has kept the details about both her children very private. We know of one of her children, which is also very limited.

6. conclusion

In conclusion, Jen Psaki has made a remarkable impact on the world of American politics and media. From her early career in campaign politics to her prominent roles in various administrations, including her tenure as the White House press secretary, Psaki’s contributions have been significant and noteworthy.

jen psakiportrait orange and black

Her transition to television as a contributor on MSNBC and host of her own show demonstrates her versatility and continued influence. While her net worth and personal life have garnered attention, it is her dedication, intelligence, and commitment to balancing her roles as a political figure and a mother that truly define her legacy.

jen psaki portrait orange and purple