steven furtick’s net worth and biography. Net Worth: Est. $60 Million

Steven Furtick, a living example, and role model for Christians to follow the ultimate spirituality.

Steven Furtick illustrated biography

Steven Furtick illustrated biograohy

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1. Introduction

Steven Furtick is a well-known preacher, author, and speaker in the Christian world.

He is the founder and senior pastor of Elevation Church, known for its engaging preaching style and rapid growth.

Furtick’s sermons often focus on faith, empowerment, and applying biblical concepts in daily life.

Steven Furtick preaching to the people in the catholic church

He has written several best-selling books and is sought after as a public speaker.

While his ministry has faced scrutiny, he remains influential in modern Christianity.

2. Steven Furtick’s early life

Steven Furtick was born on February 19, 1980, in the South Carolina community of Moncks Corner. Little is known about his early years and family history in the public.

He prioritizes his ministry and teachings over his personal life and likes to keep them quiet.

As a young man, he became deeply interested in Christianity and sensed a call to become a preacher. He went to Moncks Corner’s Berkeley High School and afterward attended college.

Steven Furtick as a teenager in the high school

He earned a Communications degree from North Greenville University, a private Christian university in Tigerville, South Carolina.

His devotion to his faith grew during college, and he began to hone his distinctive preaching style.

After his academic career, he followed the path of spirituality and founded Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

3. Steven Furtick’s Career

Steven’s work life revolves around his spiritual path. He has been working as a pastor and speaker, focusing on Elevation Church and working for it.

When he started the church, it had only a few members when it first started meeting in a rented movie theatre, but it swiftly expanded into a thriving community.

Attendees were drawn mainly by his dynamic preaching style and capacity to connect with a wide range of listeners.

Elevation Church’s expansion

Elevation Church expanded significantly under his direction.

The congregation is known for its sermons, contemporary style of worship, and emphasis on engaging younger people and non-churchgoers.

Over the years, Elevation Church has expanded to include branches in different cities throughout North Carolina and other states over the years.

Speaking and Preaching Steven Furtick, the senior pastor of Elevation Church has preached many stirring and motivational lectures.

His sermons frequently center on how biblical ideas can be applied practically to everyday life, inspiring personal development, faith, and bravery in pursuing God’s calling.

Steven Furtick reading the bible in his hands

He is a prolific writer whose novels have found a large readership. His best-known works include “Greater: Dream Bigger.

Begin modestly. Sun Stand Still: What Happens When You Dare to Ask God for the Impossible,” “Crash the Chatterbox: Hearing God’s Voice Above All Others,” and countless others.

His works resonate with people seeking inspiration and spiritual improvement because they incorporate biblical principles, real-world wisdom, and personal tales.

He has been invited to speak at several Christian conferences and gatherings, both domestically and abroad.

He is in high demand as a speaker in Christian circles because of his engaging delivery and approachable style.

4. Steven Furtick’s Awards and Achievements

Steven Furtick has received huge acknowledgment for his work for the church and the Christian community. Some awards Furtick has been nominated for to date are:

  • 2017: Song of the Year credited as a writer and Worship Song of the Year for “O Come to the Altar”.
  • 2018: Worship Song of the Year for “Do it Again”.
  • 2020: Song of the Year for “See a Victory”
  • 2021: Song of the Year for “Grave into Gardens”, Songwriter of the Year for “Himself”, Contemporary Gospel Recorded Song of the Year, Spanish Language Recorded Song of the Year for “Tumbas A Jardines”, Worship Recorded Song of the Year for “Jireh”, Worship Album of the Year for “Graves into Gardens”, and Childrens’ Album of the Year for “Living Colors”.
  • 2022: Song of the Year and Worship Recorded Song of the Year for “Jireh”, Song of the Year for “Rattle”, and Worship Album of the Year, Recorded Music Packaging of the Year for “Lion” is still pending.
Steven Furtick holding the trophy in his hands

Awards he has won are:

  • 2020: Worship Recorded Song of the Year and Song of the Year for “The Blessing”.
  • 2021: Worship Recorded Song of the Year for “Graves into Gardens” and Worship Album of the Year for “Old Church Basement”.
  • He was credited for all these songs as a songwriter.
  • Grammy Awards:
  • He has been nominated for Grammy Awards, which are:
  • 2019: Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for “Hallelujah Here Below”.
  • 2021: Best Contemporary Christian Performance Song for “The Blessing”. 


Numerous publications written by Steven Furtick have been favorably welcomed and widely read by people looking for spiritual inspiration and improvement. Here are a few of his well-known books:

More significant: Dream Greater. Begin modestly. In his 2012 book, “Ignite God’s Vision for Your Life,” he challenges readers to embrace God’s plan for their lives, take risks, and go after their goals, no matter how big or small.

In “Sun Stand Still: What Happens When You Dare to Ask God for the Impossible” (2013), he invites readers to pray boldly and trust God’s ability to do the impossible. The biblical tale of Joshua inspired this book.

Steven Furtick holding his book in his hands

In “Crash the Chatterbox: Hearing God’s Voice Above All Others” (2014), he discusses overcoming negative self-talk and doubts that impede spiritual development and personal progress.

“Seven-Mile Miracle: Journey into the Presence of God Through the Last Words of Jesus” (2017): This book examines the profound significance of Jesus’ final seven sayings on the cross and their influence on Christians’ lives. It focuses on these sayings.

In “(Un)qualified: How God Uses Broken People to Do Big Things” (2016), he emphasizes how God can use flawed and broken people to achieve great things, giving hope and inspiration to those who feel insufficient.

“Crash the Chatterbox Participant’s Guide: Hearing God’s Voice Above All Others” (2014): This resource is a companion to the book “Crash the Chatterbox,” with exercises and reflections that can be used to put the book’s lessons into practice.

5. Steven Furtick’s net worth

Steven Furtick’s net worth as of August 2023 is $60 Million. He receives a pastoral salary from the church depending on the church’s health.

His books have also played a contribution to his net worth. He receives royalties from his book sales.

Steven Furtick's net worth

He is invited to various sermons and church talks and receives honorariums and payments. As a church leader, he receives donations from attendees and organizations.

He generates revenue through his online platforms too.

6. Steven Furtick’s personal life

Steven Furtick keeps his personal life relatively private and does not publicly disclose many details about it. As a prominent pastor and public figure, he likely values maintaining privacy for himself and his family. Some general information about his personal life includes:

Marital Status and Family: Holly Furtick is Steven Furtick’s wife. Having been married since 2002, the pair has a large family. Holly Furtick participates in various church activities and is frequently spotted assisting her husband in his work.

Ministry focus

 His main areas of attention have been his ministry work and his responsibilities as the lead pastor of Elevation Church. He is committed to sharing the gospel and encouraging others to deepen their faith. 

Private life

Information regarding Furtick’s private interests, pastimes, and daily activities is scarce outside his ministry and public appearances. Public persons with leadership positions in religion frequently hide certain facets of their private lives.

7. Conclusion

The Christian community has been profoundly impacted by Steven Furtick, who has inspired and empowered Christians to embrace their faith, face obstacles, and live meaningful lives.

Steven Furtick cyan and white portrait

His writings, sermons, and public speaking engagements have a global impact in addition to his local flock.

Steven Furtick colorful portrait