27 Pinterest statistics you need to know

In 2023, Pinterest, the visual discovery and bookmarking platform, is evolving and growing. Marketers, businesses, and users should stay informed with the latest Pinterest statistics.

These numbers provide insights into user behavior, trends, and opportunities. Here are 27 key Pinterest statistics for 2023:

Pinterest Marketing Statistics

Delve into the world of Pinterest marketing with up-to-date statistics and trends to enhance your brand’s online presence.

Pinterest’s Massive Pin Collection: 240 Billion and Counting

Pinterest users have a penchant for collecting and saving content they find inspiring or valuable. With over 240 billion pins saved, it’s evident that Pinterest serves as a digital repository of ideas, making it a treasure trove of inspiration for its vast user base.

Pinterest’s Rank: 15th Among Social Media Platforms

While giants like Facebook and Instagram dominate the social media landscape, Pinterest holds its own as the 15th most-used platform. Its unique focus on visual discovery and creativity sets it apart from the crowd.

Boards on the Rise: A 35% Yearly Surge in Monthly Creations

Users on Pinterest are increasingly creating boards to organize and categorize their pins. This 35% year-over-year increase indicates a growing desire for curated content and personalized collections.

Affluence on Pinterest: 45% of U.S. Users with $100k+ Income

Pinterest attracts a higher-income demographic, with almost half of its U.S. users reporting an income of over $100,000. This makes it an attractive platform for businesses targeting affluent consumers.

Pinterest User Statistics

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Pinterest’s user base, exploring demographic and behavioral insights to target your audience effectively.

Pinterest’s Global Reach: 450 Million Monthly Active Users

Pinterest’s user base continues to expand, with 450 million monthly active users worldwide. This impressive number highlights its widespread appeal.

Pinterest’s Steady Growth: A 7.5% Year-Over-Year Increase

 The platform’s consistent year-over-year growth demonstrates its ability to adapt and evolve, keeping users engaged and attracting new ones.

Pinterest’s Growth Trends: A Closer Look at Annual User Figures

While Pinterest continues to grow, the rate of growth has been decreasing in recent years. This could indicate a more mature user base and a need for innovative strategies to maintain growth.

Mobile Dominance: 85% of Users Prefer Pinterest’s Mobile App

Mobile accessibility is crucial for Pinterest, with 85% of users accessing the platform through its mobile app. This highlights the importance of optimizing content for mobile devices.

Pinterest Demographic Statistics

Uncover the demographics that make up Pinterest’s user community, helping you tailor your content and advertising strategies.

U.S. User Base: 84.6 Million Strong on Pinterest

The United States boasts a significant portion of Pinterest’s user base, with 84.6 million users. This presents an excellent opportunity for businesses targeting the U.S. market.

Demographic Insights: 76.2% of Pinterest Users Are Women

Pinterest’s user base is predominantly female, with approximately 76.2% of users being women. This demographic information is valuable for businesses tailoring their marketing efforts.

Prime Audience: Pinterest’s Top Segment – Women Aged 25-34

The platform’s largest audience segment comprises women aged 25-34. This demographic sweet spot should inform content strategies aimed at engaging this group.

Millennial Magnet: Pinterest’s Popularity Among the Millennial Generation

Millennials find Pinterest appealing, likely due to its visual and creative nature. This generation’s interest provides businesses with opportunities to connect with a tech-savvy audience.

Gen Z Impact: Pinterest’s 23 Million Users from the Younger Generation

Gen Z, the youngest demographic, is also present on Pinterest. This user base represents the next generation of consumers and should not be overlooked.

Pinterest Search Statistics

Explore the power of Pinterest’s search feature and learn how users discover content and products on the platform.

Visual Search Powerhouse: 2 Out of 3 Users Turn to Pinterest for Discovery

Pinterest’s role as a visual search engine is evident, with two out of three users relying on it for searching and discovering new ideas and products.

Pinterest Advertising and Marketing Statistics

Get insights into Pinterest’s role as a shopping hub, including trends in product discovery and purchase behavior.

Pinterest’s ROI Advantage: A 32% Better ROAS Than Competing Platforms

Pinterest’s return on advertising spend (ROAS) outperforms many other platforms, making it an attractive choice for advertisers.

Search Volume King: Over 5 Billion Monthly Searches on Pinterest

The sheer volume of searches on Pinterest makes it a valuable platform for businesses aiming to boost their visibility and reach.

Cost-Effective Conversions: Brands Witness 2.3x More Efficient Cost Per Conversion

Pinterest offers cost-efficient advertising solutions, with brands experiencing 2.3 times more efficient cost per conversion compared to other platforms.

Pins’ Lifespan: Insights Into Their Three-Month Longevity

Pins have a longer shelf life than other social media posts, which are ephemeral. This extended lifespan allows content to continue generating engagement and traffic.

Weekend Wisdom: Optimal Posting Days – Fridays and Saturdays

For optimal engagement, posting on Fridays and Saturdays is recommended. These days, we see higher user activity and interaction.

Pinterest Shopping Statistics

Analyze the traffic patterns and engagement metrics on Pinterest to optimize your content and advertising for maximum impact.

Shopping Haven: 50% of U.S. Users Engage in Shopping on Pinterest

Half of Pinterest’s U.S. users engage in shopping activities on the platform, making it a prime e-commerce destination.

Purchase Planning: Nearly 9 in 10 Users Use Pinterest to Plan Purchases

Users come to Pinterest with the intent to plan purchases, emphasizing its role as a shopping and inspiration hub.

Shopping Time: Over 25% of User Activity on Pinterest Devoted to Shopping

Pinterest’s focus on shopping is evident, as users spend a significant portion of their time browsing and buying products.

Pin-Powered Purchases: 85% of Users Buy Based on Brand Pins

Users trust the content from brands on Pinterest, with a vast majority having made purchases based on brand-promoted pins.

Pinterest Traffic and Engagement Statistics

Explore the dynamics of traffic and engagement on Pinterest, including metrics that reveal how users interact with content on the platform.

Pinterest’s Traffic and Engagement Landscape: 945.3 Million Monthly Visits

Pinterest enjoys a substantial monthly traffic volume, indicating its importance as a source of inspiration and information for users.

U.S. Web Traffic Share: 44% of Pinterest’s Web Traffic Originates in the U.S.

The U.S. remains a key driver of web traffic to Pinterest, underlining its significance in the American market.

Pinterest Business Statistics

Gain insights into the impact of Pinterest on businesses, including case studies, success stories, and strategies for leveraging the platform for brand growth and customer engagement.

Pinterest’s Business Impact: Ranked 5th Among Social Commerce Platforms

Pinterest ranks fifth among social commerce platforms, making it a pivotal channel for businesses looking to sell products online.

Catalog Magic: 5x More Impressions for Brands Using a Pinterest Catalog

Utilizing a Pinterest Catalog can significantly boost product visibility, resulting in five times more brand impressions.


In summary, Pinterest is still a dynamic platform with a wide, engaged user community. Being aware of these 2023 Pinterest statistics can help businesses and marketers make informed choices, craft engaging content, and tap into the platform’s growth potential.

Whether you’re a long-time Pinterest user or new to the platform, these stats provide useful insights for navigating Pinterest effectively in the year ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Pinterest unique among social media platforms in 2023?

Pinterest stands out by focusing on visual discovery and organization. It’s a hub for users to find inspiration, curate content, and plan purchases.

Unlike other platforms, Pinterest thrives on its users’ creativity, allowing them to create boards, save pins, and explore diverse interests.

How can businesses benefit from Pinterest’s 2023 statistics?

Pinterest offers businesses a unique opportunity to reach a highly engaged and diverse audience. With 450 million monthly active users, it’s an ideal platform for brand exposure.

The 2.3x more efficient cost per conversion and 32% better return on advertising spend (ROAS) demonstrate its advertising efficiency.

Is Pinterest primarily for women?

While Pinterest does have a significant female user base (76.2%), it is not exclusively for women. In 2023, it has been steadily growing among male users.

How can brands extend the lifespan of their content on Pinterest?

Pins on Pinterest tend to have a longer lifespan compared to other social media posts. To make the most of this, brands should create evergreen, high-quality content that remains relevant and useful over time.

Why should businesses consider Pinterest in their marketing strategy for 2023?

Pinterest’s 2023 statistics reveal its significant potential as a marketing platform. Its 450 million monthly active users, efficient cost per conversion, and better ROAS are compelling reasons.

Moreover, the platform’s emphasis on inspiration and discovery aligns well with businesses looking to engage users through visually appealing content.