What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a way of tagging content in social networks. It was popularized all over the world by Twitter. However, its use has spread to all areas of the Internet.

This video will help explain:

It consists of putting a hashtag before a term or sequence of terms to generate a conversation around it. In some social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn or Instagram it is widely used by users to group all content published around a particular topic.

How can I use hashtags in my business?

It is, without a doubt, a great marketing tool since it adds value to campaigns by creating conversation about brands and their messages.

In fact, they are much more than just a way of labeling a conversation or a topic, as they have revolutionized the way consumers communicate with each other and with brands. These are some of their many advantages:

  • They help spread a campaign and even turn it into a viral phenomenon.
  • They create and concentrate conversations about the brand.
  • They allow the transmission of events and news in real time.
  • They provide very valuable content from the user side.
  • They help the brand to spread its message more easily.

What should my hashtags be?

  • Concise: If it is brief it will be read much better and thus can be integrated more easily into any type of format, channel and conversation.
  • Simple: Do not include very long numbers, initials or complicated words.
  • Social: It will only be effective if it allows you to generate and concentrate conversation around it.
  • Unique: Create a unique and original hashtag for your brand that reflects its personality.
  • Ubiquitous: The hashtag must become another element of brand communication, it must be part of it.

Tools to monitor a hashtag

1. Hashtracking

Hashtracking offers you charts, graphs, tweets and retuits, reach or impressions of the hashtag you are looking for.

2. Hashtags.org

On Hashtag.org you will see all kinds of analysis on the most used hashtags in the last 24 hours. Besides offering you the most popular hashtags, you'll also be able to see what kind of users are using them.

3. BundlePost

BundlePost allows you to create different sections for each of your campaigns in which you assign the hashtags you want to use for each of them.

4. Hashtagify

In the free version of Hashtagify you will be able to analyze related hashtags, the 6 most influential users, variations in the use of that hashtag and a list of the latest popular tweets where it was used.

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