What is an Ebook?

An ebook is a book in digital format that is offered to the user for free or for payment, usually through a download on the Internet.

This video will help explain everything:

In Inbound Marketing not all the importance lies in the content or strategy. Giving the user a diversity of formats is a great help to conquer our target audience. This format is one of the most used, do you know why?

Why create an ebook?

The purpose of creating a content with this format is to give our user a deeper content about some topic of their interest. An ebook is a good way to convert our user, who has read a post, into a lead.

Creating an ebook is a complex process that requires a lot of planning: What is our objective? Who do we want to reach? What is the topic to be dealt with? The more questions we ask ourselves, the better the planning of the digital book will be, and the easier it will be to decide such important aspects as whether it will be a free or paid ebook or how to distribute it.

It is just as important to know what content our user demands as it is to know how to offer that content. The format, once again, becomes a fundamental aspect in Inbound Marketing.

If you want to know more about this format see this post about the difference between whitepapers and ebooks.

How to create a good ebook

  1. Why have you decided to make an ebook? What are you going to talk about? Who is it aimed at? Have you looked at other types of ebooks of your style? These are the key questions you have to ask yourself before starting.
  2. How do you look for an eye-catching title for your ebook? That's the big question. What am I going to call it? Remember that a great title should present the benefits of the ebook, be short and explicit, reach the heart of the reader and be easy to remember.
  3. Collect all sorts of questions from customers and your target audience, and create an ebook to give answers. This way, you will create a very useful ebook in a compilation format.
  4. Before you start writing... Do your research! Check out all sorts of blogs, websites and other reference content to help you shape your ebook, read and re-read. This simple gesture will help you catch up on what's going on and see what you can really bring to others with your ebook.
  5. Make an outline of what you want to explain in the ebook, it will help you organize the information you want to tell. It is essential to create a small outline of the content you are going to put in and to create a small index that will serve as an outline. Remember that an ebook must have some fundamental points such as the introduction, enter the problem, give the solution, offer tools, include other types of recommendations and end with a good conclusion and mentioning your sources.
  6. What tone are you going to use in your ebook? Make it close, like a conversation from a friend giving you advice. Your main goal is to connect with the user and the best way to do that is to create a close link with them. Get away from that "boring" tone that keeps the reader away from you. You have to put yourself in their shoes and try to explain things so they understand. Clarity and simplicity of language are fundamental.
  7. Tell testimonials, examples, case studies and experiences. Many of the successful ebooks are those that are useful to the user and help them understand a certain topic through case studies.
  8. Design does matter. Whether we like it or not, there are thousands of things that enter our eyes, and the ebook is one of them. Design an attractive cover and content that is also attractive. Take care of everything in detail.
  9. Better to launch a free ebook to generate expectation and virality than to launch a paid one and not have anyone download it. You have to think about what you prefer, everything has to go slowly, and it is better to hook the user with a good free content, create that anxiety of purchase for little by little loyalty and profit with your ebook.
  10. Move your ebook in all kinds of websites, social networks, blogs, platforms, etc. It is clear that an ebook does not move just like that. It is essential to create a strategy in which you contemplate how you are going to move that ebook to get downloads.
  11. Surround yourself with interesting people who can contribute to it. Why not make an ebook collaborative? It can contribute a lot, and above all you can get more impact online. The authors of the ebook will move it in social networks, and among their contacts.
  12. Don't forget to link it to provide an extra dose of information. If within the ebook you want to go deeper into a subject something more than what you have explained, give your ebook an added value using links that can lead the user to expand their knowledge.
  13. If it is a paid ebook, create a small free appetizer. It doesn't cost you anything and besides serving as a letter of introduction, if your ebook has a hook it will encourage downloading.
  14. The visual content is a must. Once you have started writing and putting all your knowledge into this project, don't forget to give it an attractive shape. Make it visual, create reading breaks and above all try to add visual content such as images, diagrams, computer graphics and all kinds of content that makes your ebook more attractive to read.
  15. Check, check and... Check! Once you have finished your ebook, don't forget to check it thoroughly. The spelling, the topics you've covered, the table of contents, the conclusions and the sources. Don't leave anything to improvisation.
  16. Say thank you and leave a wake-up call. Bear in mind that you don't know everything, and that the people who read you can give you a lot. A good way to end your ebook is to say thank you and connect with your reader. Ask for their feedback, it will help you keep improving.
  17. How should you viralize your ebook? Ask your contacts for help. Move it through posts, create a specific landing page to download it for free or for payment, use email marketing to make it known among your users, publish it on your social networks, etc.
  18. Once you have launched the ebook and created a strategy to move it, don't forget to analyze how it has worked. Monitor each of the actions you have done, the downloads achieved, where they were made from, the visits to the landing page of the download, etc.
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