What is lead scoring?

Lead Scoring is the temperature of a lead. Within Inbound Marketing, Lead Scoring measures the degree of interest or score of a user within the Lead Nurturing process that we have previously defined. In other words, how likely a lead is to convert into a paying customer.

This video will help illustrate the concept:

When the number of leads we generate is very high, we cannot treat all the leads in the same way because they are not all interested in the same type of content, nor do they have the same degree of interest.

Why is lead scoring important?

Knowing about lead scoring will allow you to identify the best business opportunities based on the interest and involvement of the user at any given time. A user will be able to receive different content depending on whether it is a cold lead or a hot one ready for purchase.

Therefore, Lead Scoring is the process by which we determine, in a qualitative way, the level of interest of a lead in our products and/or services, and our own degree of interest in that potential client. Depending on that level, you can carry out segmented and automated actions, and monitor the behavior and activity of your leads, knowing at all times their degree of interest.

To do this, you must use automated marketing tools, either inbound tools (such as Hubspot) or other tools that allow us to do automation without having a large suite (such as Mailchimp).

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