What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound Marketing or traditional marketing is the set of actions aimed at selling products or services to users in a single direction, i.e. communication is always from the company to the user and not vice versa.

This video will help explain everything:

Outbound Marketing is characterized by presenting itself in an intrusive way, without expecting it. Think, for example, of the typical ad that pops up while you are playing a video on YouTube or the banner that interrupts you while you are viewing an article.

Nowadays, Outbound Marketing is losing strength to Inbound Marketing. The time available to users is increasingly limited, and they do not want to be repeatedly interrupted by offers in which they are not interested.

Trends in user behavior are moving in a different direction. The user generally does not welcome a cold call, just as he does not pay attention to spam. Similarly, the intrusive advertising that they detect when surfing the Internet fails to capture their attention effectively.

This makes all the sense in the world: why offer the user products or services without knowing if he is really interested in them?

Hence the importance of Inbound Marketing today. Users are eager for content that responds to their needs, content that they expect and that helps them make a decision during the purchase cycle.

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