What is Share of Voice (SOV)?

Share of Voice is the level of participation of an actor (a brand, a company, a user, etc.) in a given channel.

This video should help clear up all doubt:

In Online Marketing it is very important to know the repercussion at the level of participation that we have in our actions. If we are participants, if users mention us, how they do it, how often they do it, if they talk about positive or negative aspects, etc.

How do we measure the Share of Voice?

We can measure this impact thanks to the Share of Voice, which is basically the level of participation of a user in a given channel.

It is a metric that tells us how relevant we are, what percentage of the conversation revolves around us and how much attention our content generates.

In online marketing, the Share of Voice indicates the percentage of participation of an advertiser in a given market over a period of time.

Let's assume that the conversation about gins on Twitter during the month of August is 1,000 tweets, and that our brand is present in 500 of them: This gives us a Share of Voice of 50% on twitter.

To know if the figure is positive or negative, we will analyze the different participations of other gins in the same period of time and with the same segmentation. This metric is fully applicable to all channels, both offline and online, and what we value is the presence of the brand.

We must not forget that measurement and analysis are a fundamental aspect of any Inbound Marketing strategy. Choosing the right metrics to measure our actions will be the basis for the success of any campaign.

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