5 Best Social Media Search Tools

by Scott Max

So, you are in the market for a social media search tool.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Best Social Media Search Tools Specifically

Nowadays, maintaining a visible and growing profile on social media is crucial to implement your digital marketing strategies. A social media search tool that maximizes lead generation and provides management capabilities will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best social media search tool specifically:

1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse keeps teams organized and on top of social media. It offers scheduling tools and clear concise reports for each profile. With Agorapulse, you can craft content once and publish it to multiple networks. Moreover, Agorapulse offers a robust, centralized message box that imports all meaningful interactions and comments from your social media channels.

Agorapulse Features

Here are some exclusive features of Agorapulse:

Intuitive Publishing: Agorapulse optimizes every piece of content you schedule and post to your social media channels. You can use the shared calendar to view the entirety of your scheduled, published, to-approve and rejected content. Moreover, you can reschedule your content posting during a crisis to maximize reach and effectiveness.

Social Listening: With Agorapulse's social listening, you can focus on what counts and block out noise. It lets you organize your strategy by labelling items and customer feedback for easy retrieval and response. Additionally, Agorapulse helps you identify potential new business opportunities with unlimited saved searches.

Insightful Analytics: Agorapulse improves your social content strategy by detecting your best-performing areas and niches, tracking trends and performance and recommending your next social content move. You can design custom reports based on the metrics and date ranges, plus set automatic scheduled reports.

Social Media ROI: With Agorapulse, you can measure the real business impact of your social campaigns. It helps you identify what posts and conversations are driving sales, leads, and traffic, plus prove social media ROI by using stone-cold data. Moreover, Agorapulse automatically pulls data from Google Analytics, so you can easily see the performance of your social media efforts.

Inbox: Agorapulse helps you conquer the chaos in your social inboxes by centralizing your conversations. You can add convenient labels to categorize users and internal notes to provide your team context before contact. Moreover, Agorapulse's inbox captures organic comments, mentions, private messages and reviews chronologically.

Agorapulse Pricing

Agorapulse offers 4 Pricing options for its social media management platform.

The "Free" plan is priced: at $0. It offers 10 Scheduled posts at any time, social CRM tools and a Facebook ROI calculator.

The "Pro" plan is priced: at $99/month. It offers unlimited scheduled posts, reel publishing, listening searches and report exports.

The "Premium" plan is priced: at $249/month. It offers an automated inbox assistant, collision detection, team reports and competitor analysis.

The "Enterprise" plan has an on-demand pricing quote. It offers team workflows, power reports and quarterly business reviews.

2. ZohoSocial

ZohoSocial lets you schedule unlimited posts, monitor valuable aspects and create custom reports to analyze your social media performance. With ZohoSocial, you can visualize your content pipeline and ensure there are no dull moments for your audience. Additionally, its multiple listening columns help you stay tuned with relevant trends.

ZohoSocial Features

Here are some exclusive features of ZohoSocial:

Scheduling: ZohoSocial simplifies your content pipeline with an intuitive social media scheduler. You can customize content for individual networks and ensure optimization for every channel. Moreover, you can make content-recycling a non-task and set your evergreen content to make periodic rounds.

Live Stream and Monitoring Columns: ZohoSocial offers a real-time stream of updates from your audience across all social media channels. You can learn how often your audience is engaging and get a snapshot of their profile. Additionally, you can get in-depth tracking for hashtags, page reviews, and user profiles.

Connections: ZohoSocial offers a contact directory specifically for your brand. You can discover the sentiments of your followers and target prospects on social media. Additionally, ZohoSocial lets you view and filter social connections based on priority. With ZohoSocial, you can ensure maximum engagement with your followers.

Collaboration: ZohoSocial is a social media management platform with smart collaboration features. It lets you discuss popular posts, share custom reports, or plan a campaign together. With ZohoSocial, you can make faster decisions. It enables you to discuss content ideas with your team and get approvals on drafts.

Analyze: ZohoSocial's social media analytics tool measures your brand's crucial aspects. You can analyze the impact of your social media strategy and create insightful reports that help you understand your audience and track performance. With Zoho Social's rich analytics dashboard, you can use custom KPIs to make smart decisions.

ZohoSocial Pricing

ZohoSocial offers 3 Pricing options for businesses and 2 Plans for agencies.

The "Standard" plan is priced at $9.99/month and offers multi-channel publishing and content scheduling.

The "Professional" plan is priced at $29.99/month and offers repeat posting, bulk scheduling and post insights.

The "Premium" plan is priced at $49.99/month and offers a reports dashboard, content approvals and UTM parameters.

The "Agency" plan is priced at $249.99/month and offers portal customization and 10 Brands.

The "Agency Plus" plan is priced at $349.99/month and offers 20 brands, agency-branded reports and client invitations.

3. eClincher

eClincher offers a value-rich end-to-end social media management powerhouse at the nucleus of your digital marketing strategy. It helps you quantify your social ROI and increase productivity. Additionally, you can streamline posting with the visual calendar and suggested content feeds, improving your brand reach.

eClincher Features 

Here are some exclusive features eClincher:

Publishing & Advertising: eClincher offers instant access to brand mentions across social, news, blogs and forums. You can uncover trends and conversations of any keywords, hashtags and phrases across the web. Additionally, eClincher helps you understand your brand perception and discover how your audience really feels through sentiment analysis.

Visual calendar: eClincher offers cross-network publishing, editing and filtering. You can complete post customization per channel while curating new content. Additionally, eClincher lets you visually plan and schedule your posts with drag-and-drop functionality. It offers swift methods to edit or reuse content and workflows.

Competitor Benchmarking: With eClincher, you can analyze your competitors' social media posts and audience sentiment. You can benchmark their performance to enhance your content and improve visibility. eClincher helps you deliver better content at a faster rate.

Advanced Analytics: eClincher offers advanced reporting tools that let you analyze your market segments and engagement rates. It ensures you only post content that's actually received well by your audience. Moreover, with eClincher'a social listening, you can identify any potential issues in advance and delay your posts.

Engagement: Engagement is crucial to turn your fans into followers on social media. With eClincher, you can see the latest and top-rated comments on your posts and reply instantly. It ensures you stay connected with your audience and make them feel important.

eClincher Pricing

eClincher offers 3 Pricing options for its social media management platform.

The "Basic" plan is priced at $65/month and offers a publishing schedule, content suggestions and social listening.

The "Premier" plan is priced at $175/month and offers post approval workflows, inbox sentiment, and custom reports.

The "Agency" plan is priced at $425/month and offers a media library, team productivity reports and smart queues.

4. Buffer

Buffer helps you manage your social media and create perfect posts for every platform. You can optimize your posts with powerful analytics and invite team members to collaborate on posts with you. With Buffer, you can grow your audience organically by using engagement tools and automated publishing.

Buffer Features

Here are some exclusive features of Buffer:

Publishing: Buffer lets you plan and publish your content on multiple social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. It helps you design the perfect post for social networking sites and takes your Instagram marketing a notch above. You can set up direct scheduling to auto-publish your posts and drive more traffic to your shop.

Analytics: With Buffer, you can gain in-depth insights to grow your brand on social media. You can measure social media performance, create gorgeous reports and get recommendations to expand reach, engagement and sales. Buffer provides you with a broad understanding of your performance across multiple accounts and white-labelling capabilities.

Engagement: Buffer helps you build a loyal and engaged audience in social media, turn followers into fans and stay on top of important interactions. Its familiar grid view allows you; to quickly jump from post to post and see unanswered comments. Additionally, you can prioritize important conversations and see negative sentiments or comments about a purchase.

Start Page: Buffer's start page is a beautiful and flexible "link in the bio" page that gathers your best content and showcases it in one place. You can build a completely free microsite to start selling your products and services, plus stay in touch with your clientele by adding your preferred messaging platform.

Content Library: Buffer offers actionable advice for your social media marketing and several resources to level up your brand. It helps you effectively communicate your content and story to boost audience participation. Additionally, Buffer helps you boost your social media profiles by showing trending niches and hashtags.

Buffer Pricing

Buffer offers 3 Pricing options for its social media management platform.

The "Free" plan is priced at $0 and offers basic publishing tools plus a landing page builder.

The "Essentials" plan is priced at $6/month/channel and offers analytical, planning and engagement tools.

The "Team" plan is priced at $12/month/channel and offers draft collaboration tools plus clear exportable reports.


If you're searching for a platform that simplifies social media management and handles everything from posting to all your profiles, and recycling evergreen content, to automating content curation, SocialBee is the perfect tool for you. It enables you to get more leads with less effort. With SocialBee, you can grow your online presence and improve your content quality.

SocialBee Features

Here are some exclusive features of SocialBee:

Content Curation: With SocialBee, you can turn your articles into social media posts by importing feeds from blogs with the RSS functionality and letting SocialBee generate social media content whenever a new blog post gets shared. Additionally, you can reuse your top-performing content by creating different variations of your evergreen post.

Scheduling: SocialBee maximizes your performance by scheduling and repurposing your content for all social media channels. You can organize your posts in diverse content categories and create evergreen posting sequences. Moreover, SocialBee lets you visualize and fine-tune your posting system.

Publishing: SocialBee optimizes your social media posting strategy with its all-in-one publishing tools. It enables you to diversify your social media posts and keep your audience engaged. Moreover, you can evaluate your entire posting strategy with SocialBee's built-in content calendar that provides a clear overview of your upcoming posts.

Analyze: You can use SocialBee to inform your social media strategy by tracking page growth, audience demographics, and post analytics for every network. It helps you identify opportunities and winning patterns. You no longer have to worry about manually gathering data, as SocialBee provides a 360-degree view of your social strategy.

Campaigns: With SocialBee, you can run successful social media campaigns and achieve your marketing goals. It allows you to audit your social media performance by evaluating every aspect of your strategy through visually appealing charts. Moreover, SocialBee offers heat and bubble maps to provide a thematic representation of how and when people interact with your content.

SocialBee Pricing

SocialBee offers 3 Pricing options for small businesses and 4 Subscription plans for agencies.

The "Bootstrap" plan is priced at $19/month and offers content approval and historical data access upto 3 Months.

The "Accelerate" plan is priced at $39/month and offers 50 Content categories and historical data access upto 2 Years.

The "Pro" plan is priced at $79/month and offers unlimited content categories and 5 Workspaces.

The "Pro25" plan is priced at $79/month and offers report exporting and upto 25 Social profile connections.

The "Pro50" plan is priced at $149/month and offers 10 Workspaces and 50 Social profile connections.

The "Pro100" plan is priced at $279/month and offers 20 Workspaces and 100 Social profile connections.

The "Pro150" plan is priced at $379/month and offers 30 Workspaces and 150 Social profile connections.

Why use Social Media Management Tools at all?

In today's world, building an online presence on social media channels is crucial for brand loyalty and lead generation. However, managing and maintaining your social profile across different networks is a highly complicated process. You need a dedicated tool that automates your content curation and lets you schedule posts in advance.

Social media management tools rejuvenate your social profiles by drawing in crowds and offering new chances to expand. You can analyze the engagement rate on your posts to see which content works best on various channels. With social media management tools, you can keep your social profile active even when you aren't.

Why should you use Social Media Search Tools?

When you're curating new content for your social media channels, the main objective is to maximize engagement by connecting with your followers. However, you need a dedicated tool to locate your follower demographics and build relationships.

Social media search tools help you generate more leads by gathering engagement data. Additionally, it enables you to identify the trending niches. So you can deliver content that's most likely to pique the interest of your audience.

Social media search tools offer performance analysis and let you analyze the success of your social media posts. You can see the consumer sentiment around your content or products and reach out to the viewers to close deals.

Social media search tools are crucial for every influencer or business professional looking to elevate brand loyalty. It enables you to recognize the hidden trends or factors that affect the engagement rate of your social media posts.

Social Media Search Tools, A Summary

Social media search platform amplifies your profile and brings more visibility to your content. It helps you identify your target audience by constantly monitoring the behaviour patterns of your followers. With social media search tools, you can forget worrying about gathering your leads and automate the entire process.

Agorapulse helps you discover the sentiments around your content and moments of crisis. So you can avoid getting bogged down by negative marketing. It is our suggested pick for a social media search tool. Visit the website to get started.