5 Easiest Landing Page Builder Tools

by Scott Max

So, you are in the market for an easy landing page builder tool.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Easiest Landing Page Builder Tools Specifically

Landing Page Builders are designed to provide you with a no-code platform to create landing pages. A Landing Page Builder tool that provides a simple interface and offers all core features for tracking conversion and creating quality landing pages will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best and easiest Landing Page Builder specifically:

1. OptimizePress

With this tool you can create landing pages to attract subscribers, sales pages and funnels, free courses, webinar registration pages, private areas, a new blog and much more. You can buy it for a one-time payment of $97 (basic plan).  Without a doubt it's one of the cheapest options on the market considering everything it includes.

Optimizepress Features

Optimizepress is essentially a WordPress builder tool that lets you create authentic landing pages and provide a streamlined experience to your visitors. Optimizepress improves your lead generation and conversion by showing personalized landing pages based on the visitor's click patterns, search behaviour and location.

Here are some exclusive features of Optimizepress:

Stripe Payments: Optimizepress supports Stripe integration and allows you to take credit card payments through your websites. It enables you to monetize your visitors and provide a swift checkout experience without troublesome redirects.

Page Revisions: Optimizepress lets you view the past versions of your landing pages. You can see what recent changes have been made to your landing page and whether they are improving the final outlook of your landing page. Additionally, you can save multiple versions of a page.

Overlay Optimizer: Optimizepress offers Overlay Optimizer, which allows you to use opt-in forms, pop-up videos, and different content inside an overlay. It improves your lead generation tremendously by collecting relevant data from the visitors.

Marketplace: Optimizepress offers a dedicated marketplace for templates. You can go through several templates or upload your own designs. Optimizepress Marketplace connects the community and helps you find the perfect layout for your landing pages.

Copy & Paste Row: Optimizepress' live editor offers a Copy & Paste Row feature, allowing you to copy an entire row. You can either paste it further down the page or into an entirely different landing page. It's highly beneficial for inputting the general content of your landing pages like "Introduction" or "About Us".

Optimizepress Pricing

Optimizepress offers 4 Pricing options for its landing page builder tools. You can have unlimited landing page visits with all subscriptions.

The "Essential" plan is priced at $99/year and allows you to use Optimizepress on a single WordPress site. Additionally, it offers 30+ integrations.

The "Suite" plan is priced at $199/year and allows you to use Optimizepress on upto 20 personal WordPress sites. It offers "Optimize Funnels", "Split Testing", and "Metric Dashboard".

The "Agency Standard" plan is priced at $399/year and allows you to use Optimizepress on upto 20 client WordPress sites. It's the starting pricing option for agencies that serve clients.

The "Agency Pro" plan is priced at $599/year and allows you to use Optimizepress on upto 40 client WordPress sites. It offers a lightning page builder "Optimize Urgency" add-on.

2. Landingi 

Landingi offers a swift and simple platform to build optimized landing pages. It essentially focused on page creation and management instead of marketing. With Landingi's intuitive interface, you can create and design landing pages that improve your conversions and generate more traffic.

Landingi Features

Here are some exclusive features of Landingi:

Lead Generation: Landingi allows you to design quality landing pages that capture visitor information. Additionally, you can use autoresponders to answer queries instantly, ensuring your leads are never lost in the sales funnel. With Landingi, your conversion rate increases significantly and your business booms with the increased revenue.

Landing Page Builder: Landingi's page builder tool is entirely customizable and allows you to add personalized sections or elements. It simplifies the user experience and offers swift drag and drop functionality. Moreover, you can use several templates from the library, removing the coding knowledge requirement.

PageInsider: Landingi offers PageInsider that optimizes your landing pages for faster loading speed. With Landingi, you can figure out the hotspots in your landing pages where your visitors are most likely to click or perform an action. Later, you can tweak the layout based on the analytical data and improve the visibility of the call-to-action sections on your landing page.

Integrations: Landingi helps you map out perfect connections and integrates with third-party channels to improve your digital campaigns. Landing supports integration with Pipedrive, Hubspot, Agile CRM, Doppler, Campaign monitor and several other digital marketing tools.

Dynamic Content: Landingi allows you to regulate pages for your target audience by preparing dynamic content. Your landing page's design modifies according to the visitor's click patterns and intentions, improving your chances of making a conversion.

Landingi Pricing

Landingi offers 4 Pricing options for its landing page builder tools.

The "Core" plan is priced at $35/month and offers 1 Custom Domain. You can create unlimited landing pages, perform unlimited conversions and have upto 1000 unique visits every month.

The "Create" plan is priced at $79/month and offers 2 Custom Domains. You can use the migration service and have upto 20,000 unique visits every month.

The "Automate" plan is priced at $109/month and offers 4 Custom Domains. You can have upto 40,000 unique visits every month.

The "Agency" plan is priced at $129/month and offers 5 Custom Domains. You can have unlimited subaccounts and upto 50,000 unique visits every month.

3. Elementor

Elementor offers tons of enhancements to improve your website's existing capabilities and increase your lead generation through landing pages. It enables you to create rich content websites and customize your online store. Additionally, you can design buttons, leveraging Elementor's button design capabilities and seamlessly direct your visitors.

Elementor Features

Here are some exclusive features of Elementor:

Custom CSS: With Elementor, you can give your websites a CSS class sticky header and decide its action. Elementor's Custom CSS enables you; to add new functionalities to your website and make it attractive for your visitors.

Sticky Elements: Elementor allows you to add sticky elements to your landing pages and websites. Additionally, you can add motion effects to your elements and upgrade the outlook of your pages. Elementor enables you to add scrolling and mouse effects to your websites.

Kits Library: Elementor allows you to import complete websites and duplicate them to create multiple versions. Additionally, you can go through the kits library to add new designs and graphics to your websites. Elementor simplifies the content editing and image additions for your website and landing pages.

Dynamic Content: Elementor offers Dynamic Content functionality, allowing you to decide what sections should be displayed: on your webpage and where. With Dynamic Content, you can create the perfect descriptive website and landing pages for your visitors, enticing them to make a purchase. 

Theme Builder: Elementor enables you to build new themes for your WordPress website and add an array of widgets that simplify the browsing experience for your visitors. Moreover, you can customize existing templates to create a completely new outlook for your landing pages.

Elementor Pricing

Elementor offers 1 Cloud website plan and 4 Plugin subscriptions for its landing page builder tools.

The "Cloud Website Plan" is priced at $69/year and offers CMS tools plus Hosting.

The "Essential Plan" is priced at $49/year and offers premium support plus website kits. You get 1 Pro website activation.

The "Advanced Plan" is priced at $89/year and offers 3 Pro website activations.

The "Expert Plan" is priced at $159/year and offers 25 pro website activations.

The "Agency Plan" is priced at $399/year and offers 1000 pro website activations.

4. Visual Composer (now as WP Bakery)

If you have WordPress and do not want to pay much for an external tool I recommend the Visual Composer plugin. With this tool you can quickly create the pages you want. Its system works with drag & drop and allows you to customize everything quickly.

WPBakery Features

WPBakery page builder is a simple and powerful drag and drop page builder plugin that works with any WordPress theme and content, including pages, posts and custom post types. With WPBakery, you can drag and drop ready to use content elements or templates into your page, enabling you to build any layout.

Here are some exclusive features of WPBakery:

Front End Editor: WPBakery offers an intuitive front end editor for WordPress that lets you organize your content and website freely. You can develop the entire front end of your WordPress website without any coding knowledge. Additionally, WPBakery lets you preview your landing pages on several devices to ensure optimization.

Template Library: WPBakery offers quality templates for landing pages without any limitations. You can build your WordPress pages within WPBakery by selecting the page or post type. Moreover, you can preview each template before you start customizing it to ensure the selected template suits your website.

Content Elements: WPBakery allows you to add or remove content elements in your landing page presets. You can include text blocks, pie charts, post sliders, tour sections, widgetized sidebars and text separators on your landing pages.

Skin Builder: WPBakery allows you to add colour themes to your website with its skin builder. You can create skins on WPBakery and combine them with your existing WordPress pages to give a unique outlook; to your website and landing pages.

WPBakery Pricing

WPBakery offers 2 Subscription plans for its landing page builder tools.

The "Regular" plan is priced at $56 and offers free updates. You can use it on a single WordPress site.

The "Extended" plan is priced at $299 and offers theme integration. You get premium support and can use WPBakery in a single SaaS application.

5. Optimizely

If you want a tool that allows you to test different landing pages, to optimize the results, Optimizely is the platform you are looking for. 

With this tool you will be able to create variations of a page and discover which of the versions is the one that works best. One of the most interesting data that this platform offers you is the heatmap to find out in which areas users click most frequently.

Optimezely offers you a 30 day trial, after which you should contact their sales team to find out the price of the annual plans.

Optimizely Features

Optimizely is a landing page builder and conversion tool that improves your website through A/B testing. It offers an easy-to-use visual interface that allows you to create variations of your website. Optimizely simplifies the landing page designing and enables you to get higher conversions.

Here are some exclusive features of Optimizely:

Feature Flags: Optimizely offers Feature Flags that allow you to launch features to your users with a simple toggle. It ensures all your visitors see the latest updates or features available on your landing pages and websites. Additionally, you can easily toggle off a newly added feature if it's not appreciated; by your visitors or causes optimization problems.

Random and Targeted Rollouts: With Optimizely, you can launch targeted features for your internet traffic based on their click patterns, browsing behaviour or location. It helps you analyze how the latest rollouts are affecting your lead conversion. So you can make a definitive decision.

Content Management: Optimizely understands that content is the lifeblood of a website or landing page. It doesn't matter how good your landing page design is if you don't offer descriptive content about the services you're offering. With Optimizely, you can centralize and optimize your content to expedite delivery and increase sales conversions.

Web A/B Testing: Optimizely offers swift experimentation with split A/B testing. You can analyze multiple versions; of your website and publish the most optimized one. A/B testing removes the guesswork and improves your website's performance by increasing the load speed.

Visual Editor: Optimizely offers a Visual Editor that allows you to build landing pages and optimized websites with a few clicks. Optimizely is a no-code platform that enables you to design perfect websites without having any proficiency in CSS or HTML.

Optimizely Pricing

Optimizely offers pricing quotes on request for its landing page builder tools.

Alternatively, you can go for the "Welcome" plan. Here, you get 2 Predetermined subscription plans and 2 On-request pricing options.

The "Starter" subscription is priced at $0 and offers the core landing page builder tools.

The "Manage" subscription is priced at $79/user/month and offers brand compliance plus content proofing.

The "Create" and "Orchestrate" subscription plans offer pricing quotes based on your business requirements.

Why use a Landing Page Builder at all?

Your digital marketing strategies are directed; towards increasing the lead generation and sales conversions for your business. Landing pages help you gather important lead information and use it to perform targeted marketing or promotional efforts, increasing your sales numbers.

Landing Page Builders help you create thematic landing pages designed to incline visitors towards performing a specific action. Additionally, they integrate with your website, helping you maximize your email marketing promotions and website traffic.

Why should you use an Easy Landing Page Builder?

Landing Page Builders are a part of your digital marketing inventory and help you build an email database. You must choose the one that actually simplifies your lead capturing and marketing-related work without overloading your marketing team with baseless leads.

Landing Pages are usually the first page your visitors see when they follow the link provided in your promotional emails. They do not offer descriptive content and only aim to make your visitors signup for opt-in emails or register for a promotional event.

It is a confusing step and phase of building your digital business. So it's best to choose an easy and intuitive, ensuring your landing page builder is actually beginner-friendly. Easy Landing Page Builder tools offer templates that are quite optimized for high conversions.

Moreover, Easy Landing Page Builder tools do not require coding knowledge and offer drag and drop functionality. So you can input custom elements into your layouts and improve the effectiveness of your landing pages.

With an easy landing page builder, you're more likely to understand your leads and your visitors have a better chance of actually signing up for the services you're providing.

Easy Landing Page Builder Tools, A Summary

Your digital marketing tools should be designed to reduce your workload and increase the output of your promotional endeavours. Having an easy landing page builder ensures; that you can get familiar with all the facets of lead capturing through landing pages.

Optimizepress offers an intuitive interface and no-code platform to create highly converting landing pages, tempting your visitors to perform the required action. It is our suggested pick for the best and easiest landing page builder tool. Visit the website to get started.