BrainSINS, A Simple Review.

by Scott Max

So, you are considering BrainSINS.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you if its feature set compares well to other options on the market and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

Plus, at the end of the article, you’ll find links to alternatives to BrainSINS as well as our top picks for the options in this category.

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Without further ado, let’s get started.

BrainSINS Features

BrainSINS helps e-commerce stores to analyze the browsing data of users and provide recommendations based on the preferences that are likely to persuade buyers towards making a purchase. It invokes clients' interest by showing advertisements and augments the customer base through clever marketing.

Here are some BrainSINS’ features that will boost your sales:

  • Express Integration: BrainSINS simplifies the website integration. You'll be provided: with a code along with a custom JavaScript, and adding it to your website would incorporate it with the CRM service. You can add CMS plugins to ease the task if you don't have programming knowledge.
  • CRM Tools: BrainSINS stores user data to show similar results in the future and boosts your product sales. An E-commerce store thrives on personalized data of customers' preferences as it helps them formulate the marketing and sales strategy accordingly. CRM tools within BrainSINS can help you identify user patterns.
  • Business Analytics: BrainSINS processes the gathered data through CRM activities and provides insights into your sales. It helps you know which products are in demand, identify your target audience and how the visitors are receiving your product. Analytics can help you increase sales by suggesting the areas that require improvements.
  • Real-Time Editor: You can edit the website’s layout and functionality with the Real-time editor in BrainSINS. It allows you to personalize the way advertisements are shown and add creative elements to impress first-time visitors. Moreover, you can send customized wishes to clients and empower the business relationship through this tool.
  • Business Rules: You can choose which product you want to advertise when the pop-ups appear and send notifications according to the client’s recent browsing patterns. BrainSINS allows you to customize the business rules according to your requirements.
  • Multi-Channel Adaptability: BrainSINS recognize the devices in real-time and adapts the marketing solutions accordingly. It alters the visualization depending upon the platform and intrigues the visitors through relevant product recommendations.
  • E-mail Retargeting: Sometimes, your customers may add items to the cart but forget to checkout. BrainSINS automates a targeted e-mail in such cases to remind them about the availability of the product and cart's content. It helps you form a direct connection with the clients and acts as a great marketing tool.

BrainSINS Pricing

BrainSINS provides customized pricing options based on the services offered and monthly visits to your website. For budding online stores with less than 50,000 users per month, BrainCNS offers an "Intelligent" plan for free. You can contact the sales team to get the pricing details for your e-commerce store.

BrainSINS Discounts and Coupons

BrainSINS offer discounts based on your website’s traffic and profitability. You can get customized offers by reaching out to the sales and marketing team.

BrainSINS Free Trial

BrainSINS offers a 14-day free trial to users to understand the functioning and get a customized service plan later. E-commerce stores that receive less traffic can use BrainSINS for free without any obligations till they get more than 50,000 user visits per month on the website.

BrainSINS, a short how-to guide

Getting started with BrainSINS is simple. Go to the "Free Account" tab on the top-right of the screen to sign up as a client. Once done, fill in your "Name", "e-mail address", "Store domain" to get an activation link. You can initiate the client account by clicking on the activation link.

Developers can contribute to BrainCNS’ analytical tools by going to the “Support” section and clicking on “Developers Portal”. You can edit plugins, JavaScript, and tracking tools through GitHub according to your requirements.

Go to the "Support Portal" and sign up with a Facebook or Google account. Here, you can access all the relevant posts by community members, submit queries and find educational material on how BrainSINS works.

Use CMS plugins like Magento or Prestashop to integrate your website. Alternatively, you can include BrainSINS’ javascript to your website's code and get started.

To remove BrainSINS from your e-commerce store, delete the JavaScript code from your website's back end, and all the analytical data related to BrainSINS will disappear.

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