CRMBase, A Simple Review

by Scott Max

So, you are considering CRMBase.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you if its feature set compares well to other options on the market and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

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Without further ado, let’s get started.

CRMBase Features

CRMBase is a splendid platform for new users to get acquainted with CRM software. It also provides CRM consultancy services for start-ups looking; to boost their sales by providing marketing strategies and high-powered solutions. CRMBase is a user-friendly platform and offers discrete features to businesses and individuals looking for a career option in the CRM sector.

CRMBase for career options: CRM software is used- by businesses worldwide to gain more clients and organize the workflow efficiently. It has unlocked several career opportunities in the sales and marketing sector, which has led to a surge of individuals looking to explore how CRM works. Here’s how CRMBase can help you to make a career in sales and marketing:

  • Bootcamp: It contains relevant courses which can be very beneficial to understand CRM software. You can learn Salesforce online through a 12 weeks course with no coding knowledge. CRMBase constantly adds new content according to the latest requirements in the CRM category.
  • Community Forums: Here, you can connect with professionals and ask queries regarding CRM tools. You also get access to several CRM related topics and learn to unlock the true potential of CRM software.
  • Learning Paths: CRMBase makes learning fun and easy by giving hands-on experience along with the study material. You can track your progress through Learning paths and earn badges that are highlighted: in your Profile. 
  • Short Courses: You can get a crash course under the supervision of instructors and earn certifications by passing the exam. It’ll increase your profile level and soar the chances of getting employed through CRMBase.

CRMBase for Start-ups: CRMBase can help corporate organizations with the recruitment process and manage CRM related activities such as lead generation and AI tools initiation. Here are the specialized features exclusively for new businesses:

  • Corporate Training: CRMBase provides customized CRM educational programs as per your company’s requirements. It’s a great tool to condition new employees virtually and promote CRM adoption across your organization.
  • CRM Consultancy: CRMBase can help start-ups manage the leads and marketing across various CRM platforms by providing skilled professionals who are well-versed with the CRM work. It can vastly improve your company’s ROI through CRM implementation.
  • Progress Tracking: You can check your employee’s progression on the CRMBase and assign tasks accordingly. CRMBase continuously updates the profiles based on the evolvement and boosts productivity.

CRMBase Pricing

CRMBase has different payment plans for businesses and individuals looking to make a career in CRM. 

Learners residing in the US can opt for a “Deferred Tuition agreement” and pay a fixed amount once they bag a $40k/year job through CRMBase or go for the “Upfront Tuition or Instalments” and pay $12k to cover Bootcamp costs.

Businesses looking for consultancy services can choose between the "Starter" plan, which costs $2000 per month, the “Optimize” plan priced at $4000 per month and the "Enterprise" plan, where you can get customized services. The “Enterprise” plan’s cost depends upon your company’s CRM service requirements.

CRMBase Discounts and Coupons

CRMBase currently does not offer any discount for educational material. However, it is subject to change with the addition of new courses. Also, as a US citizen, you can make the payments in installments amounting to as low as $500. 

Businesses get an “extra hours” discount on the consultancy services depending upon the plan they choose. For the "Starter" plan, you get a 5% off. It increases to 10% for the "Optimize” package and 15% for the “Enterprise” plan.

CRMBase Free Trial

Since CRMBase does not have a personal CRM tool, There’s no free trial available for businesses. You can contact CRMBase for a guide on their consultancy services.

 US citizens can access the education material without paying a cent; till they get a job in the CRM niche. However, you have to make a fixed payment after it, which depends on the services you acquire from CRMBase.

CRMBase, a short how-to guide

You can access the CRM courses on CRMBase by signing up for an account through LinkedIn, Google or other email address. Once done, go to the “Bootcamp” and pick any course you want.

CRMBase continues to add new courses, and all of them will be accessible in the Bootcamp. You can enrol for the curriculums; by entering minor details and will be notified once it starts.

Head to the “Community Forum” for any inquires regarding educational content or CRM related problems. You’ll need to fill in “Name”, “Email address” and mention what content you’d like to see. CRMBase will contact you upon verifying the details and give access.

For Business related queries, click on the "For Companies” tab and choose between “CRMBase for start-ups” and “Corporate Training”. The former option mentions the Consultancy packages and services, whereas the latter reveals the corporate training process. 

You can access your Profile and track progress from the Green coloured tab on the top right corner of the screen. It’ll show your certifications, and you can send joining requests to CRM teams. You earn badges after course completion, which determines your Profile level. It is also accessible within the Profile section.

In case you face any trouble browsing through the website. You can use the search tab to navigate freely. Go to the “Payment” tab to go through subscription offers for the educational content.

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